How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Decrease Waste!

October 01, 2018 0 Comments

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Decrease Waste!-Plymouth Cards

As people become more and more conscious of the carbon footprints we leave on the environment, it can sometimes be daunting to feel as though we can actually make a difference as individuals. Recently I have been on a mission to try and create less waste and reduce my carbon footprint, and it doesn't have to drastically affect you or your everyday life! Here are my 5 simple and easy tips on how you too can help the environment and produce less waste easily!

1. Use reusable grocery store bags:

Whenever you go to the grocery store just think about all the plastic you come home with. One super simple thing you can start with is bringing reusable grocery store bags with you to the store! This can also translate well to other stores, most stores even give you a discount for using your own bags! These bags are super cheap and easy to have around. I like to keep some in the trunk of my car so I don't forget. It doesn't cost me anything but it can help the environment a ton! If you don't bring enough bags with you or forget, ask for paper bags instead of plastic at the grocery store! You can use these to take out your recycling or even repurpose as a book cover or anything else you can think of!

2. Say no to plastic straws:

This is such a small step and can make a huge impact! By skipping on the plastic straws you are saving plastic that is hurting the environment. If you're drinking in the restaurant you can even forego your lid as well. These little decisions can add up!

3. Recycle:

While this may seem super obvious some people still do not recycle. See if there are any community recycling programs or dumpsters in your area to take your recycles to. Another great way to reduce your trash and recycling is to reuse things more than once, plastic containers from the store are a great example of this. 

4. Carpool when you can:

Carpooling or walking and biking are huge helps to the environment because they decrease the number of chemicals being released into the environment, not to mention it will save you  a ton on your gas bill!

5. Turn off your lights and water!

When you aren't in a room turn off the lights! And when you aren't using the sink turn the water off, especially when you are brushing your teeth! These can not only reduce your water and electric bills but they can drastically help the environment as well. It won't affect you at all and it can make a difference!

I hope you are able to see how simple these ways of conserving energy, the environment and reducing your carbon footprint are. We all have to start somewhere but if we all did these five things it could make a big difference in how it affects our environment! How do YOU reduce your carbon footprint either big or small? Let me know in the comments below any tips you have!