Introducing Wine Bottle candles

September 02, 2021 0 Comments

Introducing Wine Bottle candles-Plymouth Cards

 Hey there, Lisa here. I know it's a different day, it's not our typical Wednesday afternoon, but I just got in a shipment. It's a prototype, samples of a new product, and I thought I would do a box opening while I'm here. Hopefully, my signal is good and you can see everything I'm going to do. I'm down on the floor because the box is heavy. I think I told you yesterday that I save all these packing noodles now for a woman named Laura who lives right around the corner.

So this is a brand new product that we're just getting in right now. And I honestly am one of the most impatient people I know. So anyway, I just couldn't wait until next Wednesday to share this with you. So I don't know if you can see this but I'm just going to go through this box real quick. Hopefully I'm not disappointed because I honestly just cut the box open and thought, ooh, I think I'm going to go live and see if anyone else is going to like this. Oh my gosh, they're amazing!

It's our brand new Plymouth Card Candle line. So the cool thing about these new candles that aren't on our website yet, but will be soon -- That smells so good -- Is that they are in a recycled wine bottle. How amazing is that? So I love that about them. Okay this one says Embrace. I was trying to figure out what to do for names.

Oh my gosh. Alright. This one, Hope. They smell so good, I can't wait to share. So let me get back on this. So I'm just opening up this box of my first samples of these new candles that we're getting. They sent me one of each so that I could have time to photograph them for our new catalog. And I'm on the floor. I don't know, in case you didn't start right when I got on. I am on the floor because this box is heavy and I wanted to be able to show you them all.

So our new candle line will be photographed in the next few days and on the website. Oh they smell so good. So they're made in recycled glass wine bottles, which is so amazing. And what else is amazing about them is that -- oh my gosh. Here's another huge box. I guess I made the mistake. I'm sorry if the bubbles are loud. I'm so sorry if that's making noise. Let me get my scissors. I thought they were all loose in this box but they're not. So what I found, because we do have the ones that are made in the tins, those rustic tins and I found out recently that those tins are not made in the US. Although the candle is made in the US the tins are not. And I'm trying to make everything eco-friendly, made in the US. So this company is making the Plymouth Card, so it has our name on them no less. And oh my gosh, look at this whole box. I don't know if you can see that. Those are all our different scents. Every name has a different scent and they're all positive words, because I thought you know, we all need positivity right now. And so I thought it would be great to name all the candles, after all the positive words that eventually we will be having as ornaments.

So we have love and we try to match their scent to what they are going to smell like. That smells really good. That's a very lemony smell. Can you see? And there's our labels. So I think they came out really great, let me know what you think. I don't know if I should go through them all now. Do you want me to show them to you all now? If you're watching live let me know. I don't want to bore you all but I just thought it would be fun to open this box. So you can see my reaction; hopefully, this is what you're expecting. So I have not seen any of these labels yet.

Chasing lilacs - So this is a really cool little story. Oh, it smells so good, it smells like a lilac bush. My grandmother loved lilacs, she had bushes in her backyard. They were amazing. My grandfather always tried to cut them down on her but she wouldn't let him do that. But my mom took a piece of the lilac tree from my grandmother's backyard and planted it in our backyard. My parents have lived in their house for over 40 years, so we have lilac bushes there. Unfortunately here in Florida, lilacs don't grow, but I just love lilacs. It reminds me of my grandmother and my parents’ home, and everything. So the reason why we called it chasing lilacs is my grandmother, their house was on Chase Street. So I just thought that would be a way to honor my grandmother by naming it Chasing Lilacs. Hopefully you like that little story too.

Let's see. Oh my gosh, there's so many. Family. Let me know what you think. Do you like the label design? Do you like the bottle? The wick is also more eco-friendly than the wood wick. It's a soy hemp wick. This is Wicked. Can you guess what this scent is going to be? Any New Englanders have a guess? So we decided to call that one Pumpkin. And let's see what else I got. Blessed. In hindsight, kneeling on a concrete floor, probably the wasn't the best way to present these or open this box, but it is what it is. So that's blessed. I have not been disappointed yet with the scents.

Back in June, we went home, home being Boston where my whole entire family and Vinnie's whole family still lives. We went back for a family wedding. And I brought all the wax melt samples of I think we had 25 different wax melts or so to choose from. And I put them out and we did a market research, I guess you could say. And everyone smelled them and put tally marks on the ones they liked and didn't like. And it was really fun. And it was fun seeing my nieces and nephews who are 11 and up. Everyone went through, my parents, siblings, and stuff. So that was really cool.

So here's another one, Breathe. So you're seeing all the ones that were chosen. But I am absolutely loving these vessels. I don't know about you, but check them out. Recycled wine bottles. And I like it too because if you don't want the label to be shown, which some people might not want that, you can do the back and you won't be able to see the label which is fabulous. And there's no seam, that's what I was trying to say, there's no seam. Joy, makes me happy.

So I guess you figured out, I think I just mentioned, all of these eventually will be -- Oh my gosh, that smells so good, Because. That smells like a tobacco caramel kind of smell. I love the boxes too, that they come in. They're eco-friendly, they're recycled boxes, so that's awesome. They're chipboard, and then they're recyclable as well. So I think that's really great, so then you could just pop a little bowl in them or you can get one of our little gift bags. It's a wonderful life, of course we had to have a candle named It's A Wonderful Life. And this will be with Clarence and his whole family - George, Mary and Benny and Louise.

Sorry, I just have to not put so much pressure on my knees. Peace, so let me know what you think. Say hi, don't be shy. I'm just here. I was just really excited to open this box and I honestly couldn't wait till next week to show you all. Thankful. This one smells so good. This will be wonderful to bring to someone's home if they have you for Thanksgiving dinner or anything like that, that would be nice. Aww, it smells so good. Sorry if this is too loud, opening this box. I try not to make noise, I try to pre-open everything but I didn't want to open all the candles and then smell them all before I got on live.

Oh my gosh, this is absolutely amazing Believe is Christmas. Oh my god that just smells like -- I'm so sorry I just put it up like you're going to be able to smell. Anyway so believe is -- Oh my gosh. I have to like get a hold of myself, get a grip Lisa. Believe smells like a Christmas tree. It's amazing. I think I'm actually going to need to get some matches. I don't have any matches here at the shop. So I have to get some and burn -- oh that smells so good. I'm so glad that was the last one I opened because that's my most favorite one. And so believe.

Anyway, that was it. I just wanted to open those real quick and show you all what I have. Now I have a big box of packing noodles for my new friend Laura, who I save all that stuff for so that it doesn't go into a landfill. Alright, well, I hope you have a great rest of your day and thanks for just popping in. If this isn't live when you're watching it if you have any questions just pop them in the comments and I'll answer. Alright, thanks so much, bye.