Live with Lisa - Week 66

September 01, 2021 0 Comments

Live with Lisa - Week 66-Plymouth Cards



Hey! How are you today? Happy September. Oh my goodness, right? Can you believe it's already September. I hope you're doing well. I have some really great new things to share with you today. Things that customers have requested. We have pins, soaps, wax melts, yes, a new September collection. I'm so excited to share everything with you. And I hope you're excited to see it, like I am to share it with you.


So let's see. I am here in Plant City, Florida today. It is raining, raining, raining. We have the rainstorms every afternoon, but rarely do we have a full on rainy day. It's miserable out there and then there's like these crazy storms that went through. So yeah, it's rainy. So let me know where you are today, where you're watching from? How are you? I'd love to chat with you today. Don't be shy. So let's get into it.


Okay, so the first thing I want to show you is -- Oh it's right here. I'll never get the mirrors and all that. Here's our new pin. Oh my gosh, Clarence pins are now available. We have five options available right now to start. So we have the glitter green scarf. Look at that he has this little snowman card and very small bandage on the back. And then on the back is the story like we put with all the ornaments now this year. And so there's that. So we have the pin in that color. And then we have it in red. Of course we have glitter red, because how could we not and it's been our most popular selling color, glitter red. And then we have it in mint. Because I'm sure people have heard about our little oops. The ink dried a different shade than we expected, so now we have a new color called mint. So there's that. So that is a limited edition, the mint. Because we probably won't recreate that, so it's while supplies last. So there's that. 


I was running around this morning. I needed to get paper for our printer. And I know I've talked many times about my made in the USA project that I've been working on this year. Because our products I source are made in the US. And that's really important to me, to work with other small businesses with made in the US products, which you'll see more featured in a few minutes. But I went to Staples, it's right around the corner to get the paper because paper is made in the US and I walked around staples, and I just couldn't even believe that I couldn't find anything else made in the US. 


Oh shoot! I wanted to show you; my usual let me go grab something because I forgot it. Now I don't know where it is. Anyway, well, that was a fail. Shoot. 


Anyway, I wanted to show you how -- I'll pull it up on my phone so you can see it there. I just couldn't believe how misleading some of the packaging is at stores, by companies. So I'm going to have to pull this up on my phone. But you know, you're looking at it and you see an American flag. So you assume that it's made in the US. But look at it. So I see the little American flag and hopefully you can see that. But it says made in China, designed in the US. I could not find anything, other than the paper in the entire Staples store that's made in the US, which is kind of crazy. Now I know why I'm having so much trouble finding products that are made in the US. So there we go. But I digressed. Let me know if you know of any really cool made in the US products or stores or places to get things, I'm always searching. 


So I showed you the 2021 pins. We still have the 2020, well, not the 2020 but the masked Clarence I should say, and we have a bunch of those. And we are going to be making more because the demand has been increasing for the masked Clarence. So I just wanted to pop in and show you a few. I think we might do a little set of the two so that you could get that. So let me know if you think that's a good or a bad idea. 


So next we've got cards. So the September collection which is available as you know, you would think just for the month of September. What I do is every month I pick 2-6 cards depending on what I feel like that month and put them together in a set, similar to our other collections but this is only available for the month of September or whatever month it may be. So the September collection is Melon -- sorry, it's so dark, I needed to use the ring light today. So I didn't look like I was in a cave. So there's the Melon. And then we have White, just our white. Our white they don't use bleaching agents, so it's more of an off white than white. I apologize for the confusion. If you want to bright white, you should get snow, that is our brightest white. Then Forest Green. And I'll show you all four of them together in a moment. And then Barnwood. So this is our specials, exclusive, limited time I guess is a better word, collection for the month of September. So those are the four colors. I think they look fabulous together. I really love pulling the card colors from the shelf and then seeing what kind of combinations you can come up with. It's always so cool. Very unexpected what I would come up with. So let's see. 


So I know Mel, I don't think she's watching today, right now live. But if you are Mel, say hi, I have a surprise for you. I know you've been asking and I finally finally finally have some wax melts in stock. So I have five scents to start. I have another, I can't remember, maybe a half a dozen or so more coming in. But this is what I was able to get to start. So the first one is espresso. And I bet you know what that smells like. Yes, it smells like coffee. And there are six little cavities of wax that you can put in your warmer and use. So it's three ounces of wax, soy wax melt. It's made here in Florida -- Well, the wax isn't made here in Florida, but the actual wax melts are made in the US, the wax itself was made in the US but the wax melts, these ones are made in Florida. I do have some others coming from another state in the next few weeks. So gingerbread; starting to feel like fall maybe? No actually, September makes you think it's supposed to start to feel like fall. So gingerbread, it smells so good. Peppercorn and pomander, I think I said that right. So there's that one, and I'm going to keep showing you the back, but that's that one. And that smells -- it has like a hint of pepper in it but it's got a little bit of fruit, but it's just refreshing, I guess that's the best word I could use.  Cinnamon buns, of course, you know what that one's going to smell like. And then the last one is Grapefruit Bellini and those basically is Sangria. Like a nice fruity sangria. Oh my gosh, it smells so good. I don't even want to open it because then you'll see me making a -- well here I'll show you. Oh my gosh, it smells -- It just not so fruity and delightful. So that's how I'm going to describe Grapefruit Bellini. 


So these are all our new wax melts. I was going to post links as I went along and here I am not doing what I thought I was going to do. So here is the link, I will put that in right now, to the wax melts, and then I'll put the pins in in a moment. So that you can see them. I wanted to do it as I spoke, listen to me, I can't even type and talk at the same time. So those are the wax melts. And in case you're just joining, I am going to have more of more scents available. Those are just the beginning scents that I got in. And I have some more holiday scents coming in, and oh my gosh, I can't -- I really shouldn't try to type and talk. I don't know why I can't do this. But I guess it's true that you can't multitask. Can you type and talk, I want to know because I don't want to feel like I'm the only one that has issues I guess. Okay, so I've got that. Now let me just put the link for the September collection, and then we'll move on to our next product. So hopefully you're going to like the wax melts. If there's a scent that you're dying to have that I didn't mention, please let me know. I would love to know what you're thinking. If you're looking for that Christmas tree like Frasier Fir it's coming, I just don't have it yet but I will have that very soon. Hopefully I spelled collection correctly. So there's that. But, but say hi, please. It's fun picking out all these products for you. 


The last thing I have today, I think the last thing, is I found -- I think I shared with you one or two weeks ago that I went to a goat farm here in Florida, to look at her soaps and wax melts and other products. And it was amazing. It was so fun. It's only an hour from here, so it wasn't a long drive at all. And so that's what those wax melts, they actually I don't know if you saw they have Plymouth Cards on them. So I'm feeling very fancy, which is exciting. And the new soaps have Plymouth Cards on them too. 


So I will just show you all the different scents. We have lavender dreams, it smells so good. I can't even tell you how much I love these. And in honor of September 1st, Pumpkin Chai and you got it, it smells like pumpkin. So that one's really awesome. Actually, they're all good. Midnight, midnight is a more masculine, a musky scent. So there's that. Winter Gardenia, it's like a winter flower. So I love them, the colors and sizes can vary, but they're about four ounces each. Endless Weekend is another it's more on the masculine side, or unisex. It's not too florally. So if you're not into floral, that would be a good one for you. And I have Honey, Oatmeal and Milk and I can -- actually I see someone popping in. And then I have The Grind and Cherry Blossom. So I'm going to wrap up my live because I see someone popping in right now. And I will talk to you next week. 


Oh wait, hold on one minute, actually. No, that's okay. I'm doing my live. Thanks so much, Laura. Oh, there we go.


Anyway, so I just wanted to finish. So who that was, in case you're wondering is, sometimes my products get wrapped in bubble wrap when I get orders in and I don't use bubble wrap and I don't use those air pillows, I'm really into using the eco-friendly products for my packaging. So what I do is I save them instead of throwing them away, and a woman here her name is Laura and about once a month I email her and say I have some boxes for you. Yesterday, she picked up six boxes and she said I was going to bring you a dozen eggs because she has 22 chickens on her farm, which is amazing. And so she just dropped off a dozen eggs for me for saving her the recycling bubble wrap and extra boxes that I can't use, which is kind of cool. I wasn't doing it to get eggs. I just did it because I really didn't want to going into a landfill. And so that was exciting that she just dropped those off. So that's what that awkward little moment was all about. 


But let's see what else was I going to tell you about? Oh my gosh, I've been overwhelmed with people joining the Mayflower Club. So that's been really exciting. In case you don't know what the Mayflower Club is, you pay $39.99 and you get 10% - 15% off, mostly 15%. There are a few items that are 10%, for an entire year. And then throughout the year there will periodically be special offers. For example, this upcoming week's email which is coming out this upcoming week, I'm not going to say what it is, but there is going to be a sale in it and all our customers are going to get one price but our Mayflower Club members will get a special, extra little bonus for being part of the club. So that's how that works. And so I will post the link to the Mayflower Club too, and  I don't have that link ready, and I don't want to fumble any more than I've already fumbled, so that's that. And I will talk to you all soon. 


I hope you have a great long weekend if you have Monday off, and you can reach me at 877-830-3405. You can email or what else? How else can you get me? I think those are the two honestly best ways to reach me. Emails, I try to respond within a day or two. But please know I'm only one person. So sometimes it takes me a little bit longer. If you don't hear from me within two days you won't offend me, just follow up say, hey, Lisa, haven't heard back in a nice way. Don't yell at me. And then I will you know -- Sometimes I get so many emails that they get buried. So there's that. So I hope you enjoyed everything I showed you today. And I'm just going to keep adding some more things and showing you stuff. I can't believe we're in September. So lots of holiday things I'm going to be putting together for you. So I will talk to you soon. And be safe. Thanks so much for being here and watching. I really appreciate it.