Live with Lisa - Week 65

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Live with Lisa - Week 65-Plymouth Cards


Hey there. Good afternoon. I hope you're doing well today. I am Lisa here at Plymouth Cards and we are more than just a card. It started out as cards, and now we have a lot more. Everything's made in the US and everything is eco-friendly if it's possible. And I just want to welcome you. I'm here in Plant City, aFlorida. And I'd love to have you say hi, let me know where you're watching from. It's always fun to see where people are watching from. Because I feel like I'm in this little bubble and then all of a sudden, someone's like, they're in Wisconsin, they're in California. And it's really cool just to see the reach of our little family company. 


So today, I have some awesome new things. I spent last night getting them all on the website so that after this live, I'll post the links. Maybe I'll post them as we go, I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that today. But, let me know what you think. And I think that's what we got. We had a busy week. So that's where I'm going to start. I got everything up on the wall. So let's see. 


I'm going to show you some of our new oven mitts and potholders. So check this out. This is one of them. This is a retro kitchen pattern, and it says yum on it. And check out how cool this is. These are called mini-mitts. And I will admit that I left my baking pan at home. So I zipped into the store, because I wanted to be able to demonstrate this to you. So this is how they work. And then you can just hold your pants does grab it out like that. And then they also work, you could use them to put the hot pan on them, kind of like a pot holder, or what's it called? A trivet, something like that, so you put them on. But I just love that we have like little sets. How cute is that, with the little mini-mitts. I think this would be really fun as a housewarming gift, someone just bought their brand new home or a bridal shower. I think those would be really fun. And then oh, each one I got little towels to go with them. So this one is a measuring equivalence because I don't know about you, I'm always trying to think okay, it calls for this, how much does that equal. So these towels are really cool. They're really nice quality. They are flour sack towels, so they're not that thick terry cloth. These are thinner, they get softer as you wash them, which is really cool and what else do I want to tell you about them?  Every single one is a little bit different in side. So they say they're 28 inches by 29 inches, but it will vary based on how the fabric wears over time. But I am looking for terrycloth towels because I know people have asked for those. But the thing is, they're really hard to find made in the US, so I am working on that. I just haven't gotten there yet. So if you know a place that makes them, let me know. I would love that lead. But the flour sack towels are really cool because they dry your glasses without leaving lint on them like a terry towel does. So that's the cool thing about that. So that's the retro oven design. 


And what I thought I would do is make some gift sets so that, if you do have something coming up, you will be able to give them something. Oh my gosh. Tell me this isn't awesome. It's pumpkins. Oh my God. I love this pattern. I'm kind of secretly hoping someone doesn't buy all of them, they don't all sell, so I get to keep one for myself. I just love this. And yes, they had a towel to go with it. So yeah, 100% cotton. They're really nice quality. It's another small company that makes all the products. So I love that. So that is the pumpkin. But let me know what you think of everything as I'm showing you. I'd love to have your feedback. So there's the pumpkin. 


And then I know Christmas is a long way away still, but I couldn't resist buying the Santa set. Oh my gosh. Isn't that adorable? I am sold on it. And then here's the mini-mitts that I was just showing you a minute ago. You put your hand in each side, the fingers in one side, your thumb on the other, and then it makes this really cool little grab.  Where did I put my pot, my pan? So you can just grab it out of the oven like that, which is really cool. So I really like them. When I tell you, they're nice, they are nice quality. Just like everything, I'm a real stickler for quality, if you haven't learned that yet about me, so they're really great. And I will be posting links. Maybe I'll just do that. I'll try to zip over right now and I will come back. And let's see if we can get that posted. But the towel too -- the cool thing about the towels from this company is that the pattern is 100% on the towel. One of the other things I'm going to be showing you it's just on the front, which is totally fine. But I think it's fun that it's this particular pattern, the pumpkin one I just showed you and the Santa is 100% throughout the towel. But let me just put the oven mitts link here. And that's everything that you will see. So that's all from one manufacturer and then, oh my god, I think you're just going to love these. 


Look at the dog. Look at this dog. Isn't he adorable? Or aren't they adorable? Because there's so many different ones. So these this is from a different company, they print on the design here in Colorado and this has the silver backing. It almost feels like they're fleece lined, they're really soft inside. Not that the other ones aren't soft, these are soft as well. They're just soft inside. And I should mention that all of them have hooks so that you can hang them, which I like. It just makes it work better. And they're all machine washable. But it's recommended that you don't put them in the dryer and that you just let them dry flat - air dry to prolong their life. And then there's a potholder that matches. Isn't that adorable? But it gets better, just so you know. Let me show you some more of this because it's just -- I couldn't even believe it. I had issues, not issues. I had a hard time stopping the spending because I just thought the things were so cute. Who doesn't like a cute little dog? 


So there's coasters. So we're selling them in sets of four. I'm going to show you real close up of the coaster. Isn't that adorable? I love the one with the spot around his eye. It's just so cute. So let me know what you think. So the coasters will be four-packs, and then we're going to wrap them in twine and put a little dog bone on it. I'm trying, let's see. So then the towel. The towel is like this and it is on just the front bottom third, the design. Let's see if I can take this off, okay, I just didn't want to ruin the packaging, but I think I can get the sticker off and still be able to put it back. There we go. Now you can see the whole towel. So that's where the design is, you can see it all. So I'd love to know your thoughts. I think they're cute. You won't hurt my feelings if you're not a fan. 


But then this one is perfect for the holidays. And I know it's only August, but we actually have to start planning for Christmas in March. We give ourselves January February to kind of like relax and figure out what we kind of want to do, and then March we're all in Christmas, buying, making, designing. But check out this one. I love it because it just has the one little Santa hat, it makes me laugh. It's just so adorable. It is so subtle, not in your face. But I like that. So that's the whole... 


But wait, there's more dogs. So then they also had -- These are not manufactured by Plymouth cards. We actually found a company that this is their product that we're able to buy and then resell. But they have little notepads with the same pattern on them. Same design. I love the little paw prints at the top, they have a magnet on the back. So that way you can just put it on your fridge, and as you think of things that you need to get at the grocery store, or your to-do list, there you go, it'll be right there for you. So I think those are cute. I love it. I think I already said that, I'm going to put things together in gift sets. So I think that'll be nice so as the holidays get closer you can get something for that dog lover in your life. 


And then they only had a few of these left. But oh my gosh, I wish they weren't discontinuing this. This is phenomenal. It's a spiral top bound, which is great because it's perfect for righties or lefties, so you don't have to worry. And it is really solid chipboard. It is hand screen printed, so that's what it says on the back, in Denver, Colorado. So there's that. And then you can flip it, and can you see the line? There we go. It has lines on it with little boxes here, so that you could check things off. So if you use it for your grocery list, or your shopping list, or whatever, your errands and such, you can check it off as you go, which I think is really cool. It almost reminds me of a library card. You know the library cards that you use when you took out a book and they would put the date on it. That's kind of what this reminds me of, because there's space at the top, and then the boxes along the side. So I guess I'm showing you how old I am. And they have the chipboard on the back too. So it's really sturdy. I'm putting some pressure on here, and it's not moving. So this would be great for your purse. So those are all the dogs. So yes, I bet you know what's coming next. 


There is the cat. The cat is adorable too. He seems or she, they seem so serious. But say hi, don't be shy. I say it all the time. It's just nice when you say hi, so then I know I'm just not talking to a computer screen. And even if this isn't live, if you're watching it after the fact, because I know not everyone's available at 3 o'clock Eastern Time on a Wednesday afternoon, you can say hi, after and I will reach out to you. 


So we have the potholder in the cat design. And then we have the oven mitt in the cat design. And again, it fits perfectly, it has silver in the back and it has the lining on the inside. I should probably do that, so you can see better. There's that. But then yes, I got the towel to match. And they did have the cat version with the one Santa hat just like we did for the dog, which I thought was so cute. We got that. Then they had coasters also.  I'm trying to think of an idea of what kind of gift tag to make when I make the coaster set. Do you have any ideas? Because what the dog ones we did the dog bone. I'm just trying to figure out you know, do you want a mouse? Should I do a cat head? A fish? I don't know I'm just trying and I'm kind of stuck with that. So it'd be really cool if you had any ideas to let me know what you think. So this is the cat coaster and they are sets of four. And they're nice, they're circle, the other coasters we have are square. So I thought it would be nice to have some circle for those that have an affinity to circles. So those are that. And so that is Oh, and I didn't show you the cat... They didn't have the cat with the spiral, they only had this one but it's still really cute. Because it gives you all the different color cats, because there isn't just one color cat, which is adorable. And then they have the magnet on the back just like the dog ones. So I think those are really cute. And then the paw prints right there in the top corner. So I think those are adorable, and they'll be great little extra gift to stocking stuffer. If you're starting your Christmas shopping, I know a lot of people that have already started. A lot of customers are telling me they're almost done, which they're my hero because every year I honestly think I'm going to get my act together. And then you know, two weeks before Christmas, I'm running around buying gift cards for my kids. So I think they're probably happier with that because I always end up feeling guilty so I probably give them more than I probably would have if I'd bought everything in August or September like originally planned.  I don't know if you have that issue too, or not that it’s an issue just life, how it works. I always have the best of intentions and then, yeah, we get that. 


So I thought too, that it might be really cool when I'm making these sets to pair the cards. But I thought it might be fun to pair the card with the oven mitts or that the different things. So let me know if you think that's a good idea too. So the Santa sleigh with that. And I don't know, maybe we'll come up with our own design to put inside that we'll pair so that could just send it or I don't know, maybe we'll do it blank so that you can put your own pictures in. But I thought that Santa sleigh would be good with the Santa one. And then I thought maybe, but if you have a better idea, please let me know. The vintage flair with the retro oven. I thought that might be a good fit. With the pumpkin one, I think I like the pumpkin spice better than burnt orange. Do you agree or disagree? But this is burnt orange and this is pumpkin spice. So I'm kind of thinking that the pumpkin spice matches better, and I think that would be fun. 


And we are working on some new candle scents. So those are great. And our rustic tin candles -- oh, I should grab one. I actually have some right here. Not on purpose --That come with the wood wick, they're on sale right now. So you can get two, buy two get 25% off, which I think is a great deal. I'll post a link to that too. But oh my gosh, [inaudible 17:01] smells amazing. It's not too floral and it's not masculine either. It's really really pretty. I like it. Wonder what it says? Let's see what it says because I don't remember. Apple, peach, grapefruit, cherry blossom, hydrangea, vanilla powder. Yeah, it's really nice. It's a really nice, really nice scent, I like that a lot.


So the candles, I don't think I've mentioned that yet. They're 25% off when you buy two. But we do have some new scents that we're working on, hopefully they'll be here next month, and I can't wait to show you the whole thing, the whole candle thing that we're working on. It's pretty amazing. So I think that's what I have today. 


So we've got the oven mitts, and then I have the kitchen towels. So those are really cute to see. Oh, I did it. Hopefully, you can still see me. Kitchen towels, I put that link here. And please let me know your thoughts even if you're not watching live. If you're watching live, don't be shy. I love talking to you when you're there. And then the coasters. So here's all the new things that I just showed you for today. Not spelling coasters right. There we go. Giving me a little alert saying you're not spelling that correctly. And there's all the coasters. So those are today's new products. I probably have, I think, probably another three weeks, maybe four weeks of new products. I might have to just do more than one live a week just because I want to be able to show you everything before we get to October so that you have time to ponder and do your Christmas shopping. 


The Mayflower Club is open in case you didn't know about that. What it is it's you pay $39.99 and you get 15% off almost everything in the shop for a whole entire year. You get a gift up to $10 value with your first order. And what else? And you get 10% off on the sampler’s collections and gift sets. And then I think we're going to add some perks throughout your year, do that'll be fun. So if you're interested in the Mayflower club, it's right on the top of our website. It will say photo insert no cards, etc. etc. keep going to the right and then it will say Mayflower club and that's where it is. And it gives you all the details about the pricing and how it all works. It's really easy now, we closed it down for a while because it was very cumbersome. But now it's really cool, I had someone who is much better at Tech, that's what she does. So she was able to build it in the back end, so that all you have to do is have an account with us, which is free. And then you pay for the $39.99. And it will even work on your first order, which is amazing, because what you used to have to do, which was awful, was that you had to buy it and then wait 24 hours for us to email you a secret code. And that just was annoying for you the customer. I don't mind doing that at all. But I felt like it was just annoying for you to have to do all that. You wanted to buy it, and you didn't want to have to wait. So now it's all set up and it's really cool too. Because when you're on each page of the website, it will tell you how much you'll save if you are a Mayflower club member. And you're wondering, why is it called the Mayflower Club? It's because we're from Plymouth, or from the area. The company started in Plymouth, Massachusetts, so we just thought it was only fitting to have it be called the Mayflower Club. So that's why I'd kind of try to keep with the theme of Plymouth and where our roots are from. So that's what I've got. But really, I lost my mouse. Not that you needed to know that but I use my mouse. 


So if you have any questions, don't hesitate to pop them in the comments. You can call me at 877-830-3405. If I don't answer or someone else doesn't answer, please leave a message. We only have the one phone line. We are a small company. So you just leave a message and we call people back typically within 24 hours. And if you prefer to email it's I think that's all I got. So I hope you have a great rest of your day and I will see you next time. Thanks so much for watching. I really appreciate you being here.