Live with Lisa - Week 64

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Live with Lisa - Week 64-Plymouth Cards


I had the best day or the best afternoon. And I wanted to share with you some new products. But I wanted to tell you, I just made in the nick of time here. I know we're supposed to start at 3, and I'm a few minutes late because I went and checked out a new product. And it's so exciting when the company is local-ish. So it's just an hour drive, which isn't bad at all. So I'm really excited for it. And it'll be here next month. So I guess I can tell you a little bit about it, some new soaps and it's some candle wax melts. So I know, people have been asking for those. So I'm really excited to be able to show you those. 


So today, I'm just going to take a sip of water because like I said, I just ran in. Sorry, I got in my car and it said I was not going to be here until 3:05. But thankfully, some of the traffic that they predicted didn't end up happening. So I got here and enough time to grab my laptop and get on here. So yeah, let me know where you are today, where you're watching from. Even if you're not watching live, just let me know. I'd love for you to say hi. 


So I know I posted a little teaser picture of what I was going to show you today. And they just came in. They're made in Arkansas. So I don't know if you saw the post I did the other day of all the states that the products are coming from. So far had 17 of the US states. Isn't that exciting? Well, I don't know if you're excited as I am. 


So here we go. These are wooden bowls. They come in from Arkansas. They're not to be used with wet things, I wouldn't put anything wet in them. It’s not what the purpose is. It's a decorative wood bowl. Every single solitary one is different. So the sizes range. And I’m just going to show you, I've got my ruler here. So this one is just about nine inches long and it's about seven inches wide, and about two inches tall. But they range; they can be anywhere from 9 - 10 inches long, 6-8 or six to eight inches wide, every single one is different. So you have to be flexible when you buy this product, because they are all hand carved in Arkansas. So I just want to show you this. They can hold all kinds of cool stuff. I just grabbed some key chains. Like I said, I have never been this like this before. Usually I'm here all day. But I really wanted to get to check out that new company I was telling you about. So that is one of the bowls. And here just to show you that I also have it in a rustic white. Again, it's not perfect. If you want perfect, this isn't the bowl for you. Every single one is different. It has that rustic-ness to it. So there's the bottom. And I would not use this for anything wet. This is more for something decorative on your table, you put napkins in it, if you wanted to store some pretty soaps in it, not for use but just to have a pretty display. You could put Christmas ornaments in them as a table centerpiece. I think that'd be really cute. You could put it on your table, your entry table for your keys. So there's all different uses for them. These are the ovals or rectangle, whichever you want to call them, are in two different colors. Those are $13.99. And I'll post links to everything. But if you have any questions about the products while I'm talking, feel free to post them in the comments and I can answer you live. So that'd be awesome. And what else was I going to say? And even if I'm not live, feel free to post a comment and I will see it within the next day and be able to respond back. But this one, check this one out. It's a heart hopefully you can see that glare. Okay. Yes. So there is the heart. And I love this one, I love hearts anyway, so I really like it in the heart. I took notes -- $15.99, because sometimes I know, I forget how much everything is. There's so many prices to remember. Again, it's solid wood, you can hear that. And I just love them. So I'll put my ruler up here so you can see exactly how big it is. Just so you get an idea, because I know it's hard when you see things, how big they are. So there's the heart. And this one is, let's see. Let's see, it's about two inches tall. But just, you know, every single one is different, which is something I really like. So let me know what you think. Do you like things to be different? I just I love rusticness. I know I say that probably every week or almost every week. But this was a cool find in a small business in Arkansas. So I was really excited to find them. And I hope you like them as much as I do. 


So man, I'm so... It is warm out there today. I don't know where you are, but I was driving here back from the other side, it was like an hour. I already told you that it's an hour away. So its 96 degrees out there and it was hot, hot, hot. So I'm outside on the farm, just checking out-- So what it is, is the new soaps I'm telling you about is they're made with goat milk. And so it's a farm and they have goats and chickens and all kinds of stuff like that. So it was really cool to go and see the goats in person and meet the owner. And so I really I will get all that next month.


I'm going to tell you some of the wax melts, I got six different scents. Of what I ordered, one of them you guys are going to go crazy over. It is so good. I think as I was driving back, I was like I just didn't order enough. I'm going to get more. So oh my gosh, it's just amazing, I can't wait to smell it and describe it to you next month. So there's that. 


So, let's see, what else was I going to show you? So on the business of soaps, I found another company here in Florida, where his business makes soap rests. Now you're going to see them and first thing you'll be like, they're plastic. But they're a quart and I have all my notes so I can make sure I tell you everything that's proper. They are corn, and soy based, and they are 100% recyclable. And they keep your soap so it doesn't get all gross, I guess for lack of a better word, because I hate it when your soap gets all mushy. That's the word I was looking for. So these soap rests are really cool. I have them in a dozen different colors. And then I actually have another bunch of different shapes that I want to show you all too. So they're all $4.99. They're made in Florida, like I said, they're BPA free, they're anti-microbial, they oh my gosh.


And so like all the products we sell I try everything first to make sure that I like it and that it works as they say. So I want to show you them. So this is our lilac color. So they're about a quarter of an inch. Again, these also range in thickness by a quarter of an inch. So some are a quarter of an inch, some are three eighths of an inch, but they're really cool. They're very flexible. The kids, if you have little ones, they can put these in their mouth and they will be okay. It is BPA free. Like I said, he told me that they are safe for your baby. So I don't have any babies right now, so I was not able to test that but I was able to test them and they're really cool. Oh here, I'm just showing you one color over and over. I'll keep showing you different colors. So there's orange. But they're really cool because when they get -- I got white because I just didn't know what people's bathrooms were like. 


Let me know where you're watching from. I would love to know. 


They're cool because when they get a little bit of soap on them, all you have to do is hold them up to the shower, if you're in the shower or in your sink, just under the water and it rinses off very quickly and easily. So they're really cool. So I've been testing one for about since May. So May, June, July, August, three months, and I'm very happy with it. I'm happy with how they're holding up. So then I feel comfortable buying them to share with everyone here. So like I said they're $4.99. Oh, I should tell you the actual size, just so you have a better idea. They're about just over four inches long, just over three inches wide and like I said, they range from a quarter of an inch to three eighths of an inch thick. And let me grab -- I was supposed to have a bar soap ready to show you. Here we go. So let me show you. So the soap fits right on there perfectly. Now in light of the fact that I just found this new soap vendor that's really close to us, I will be doing a sale on our current soaps. So look for that later on. I'll be posting that on Facebook. Once I get all the new prices, the sale price figured out and everything. 


So just so you can see. I feel like it's our cards, we just have so many different colors. But it was hard because I wasn't sure what colors everyone's bathroom is. What colour is your bathroom? I guess I could have posted that as a question and said, hey, what color is your bathroom? But just to show you that they're all there. I think I have a wide variety. So you know, pinks and red and oops, and then green. So there's all these great colors, you should be able to find something that matches your bathroom. 


And then he also had some cool ones that have an inlay. So look at that a mermaid, how adorable. So I tried to get some fun ones, flamingo. And let me know which one you like best. I'd love to know. I'm having a hard time deciding, and then snowflake. I did have to buy -- Oh not have to, I bought a few for planning ahead for the winter seasons. And then there's some that are shaped like a dog bone. How cute is that for the dog lover in your life. And this is a rubber ducky. Adorable right? I think that's so cute. And they all hold your bar soap. They work on that. So that's the rubber ducky, we've got a little fish. I got some just thinking of kids in the bath thought that they would be a good thing to hold your soap instead of something that could be dangerous for kids. They're very flexible. So a sea turtle. And let's see oh, and then I got a seashell. So I think that these are all great. And then I guess I'll show you, I got a couple for planning ahead, like I said with the snowflake. I got pumpkin, so I see this in a gift set in the very near future. And then, a Christmas tree. So those are all the soap rests. They are $4.99 each, and just to recap, they're corn and soy based bioplastic. They're 100% recyclable, they're BPA free and he makes them. He's a retired veteran, and he makes them in Florida, a few hours south of where I am. And so that's really cool. I really like that, supporting another small business just like me. 


I think I've finally cooled off from that crazy, crazy afternoon. I really, really think you're going to like the wax melts that I'm getting and the soaps. So they'll be here next month, I will be picking them up probably in the middle of the month. And so that'll be exciting. But as soon as I get them, you'll be the first to see them. And I will post the link to the soaps that will be on sale later on until we run out of them just to make room for all these new amazing scents that I think you're really going to like. But if there's a particular scent in a wax smell that you would like or a particular scent in a soap that you would like, please let me know. I can make changes to the order up for a week and then I'll have to finalize it. So you know like I said, I've already decided. I have to order of one of these scents. This Christmas scent is amazing. She makes it in bulk, like I said the wax melts and the soap it's just so good. 


Oh, just to show you too. Just so you can get it more visual of a size, I wouldn't use it to use with wet soap, I would only use it with dry soap. But you can make a really pretty display in your bathroom with some soaps and it will make your bathroom smell so nice. So those are out there. I will post links to the the new wooden bowls. They're $13.99 and $15.99. I just love that they are in Arkansas. So I'm here in Florida. I hope you're having a great afternoon. And whenever you watch this, please pop in and say hi. I'd love to know what you think about everything I just showed you. And next week, I'll be back with some more stuff. And if you need to reach me I like to just always give you how to reach me. The number here is 877-830-3405. You can always email me at And yeah, those are the two best ways. You can try to leave a message on Facebook. But those first two methods are the best ways to get in touch with me. Oh, and you can actually post a comment on this video, and I will definitely see that. I get notifications for that and check those couple times a day. So anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon and the upcoming weekend and I will...