Joy and Clarence the Snowman - Live with Lisa - Week 115

August 31, 2022 0 Comments

Joy and Clarence the Snowman - Live with Lisa - Week 115-Plymouth Cards

Hello today. How are you? I'm Lisa here, Plymouth Cards and our new shipment came in, so I wanted to chat and show you all that. And before I do that, I just wanted to say hi. See how you're doing. I'm doing great. You know, look at my table. It's all filled with. All kinds of, all kinds of ordinance. It's definitely gonna have to start playing Christmas music soon because there's so much of it here.

Yeah. So how has everything been going with you? Things have been going great here. Say hi. Let me know where you're watching from. I'm in Plant City, Florida today, and I'm hoping that it's not gonna be severe thunderstorms this afternoon because that's what it's been doing on my way home. So, I don't know if you guys have thunderstorms where you are every afternoon, but in summer in Florida, every afternoon we get severe thunderstorms.

So yeah, so I'm really excited to show you the new, Let me take 'em all outta my pocket siren, cuz I know I've just been showing Crimson, so, you know, let me know what you think as I show them. Don't. Oops. And there I go. First drop of the day, . So let me know what you think right in the comments.

Hopefully I'll be able to see them. But here is Clarence with a green suitcase. And I don't know, I'm gonna hold it up as close as I can. Hopefully you can see he's got a little passport here. It says 2022 on his scarf and check out his suitcase. It's, I don't know if you, it says Clarence as the gift tag traveler bust.

Yeah. So, and I, I I did variety of ribbon colors just so you could see all the different ribbon colors or some of the ribbon colors we have. So there's that one. Let's see what's.

Oh, I should show you, I got joy and also isn't that gorgeous? So that's our word of the year joy not just for Chris. Then we have red, and this is the gold ribbon and yeah, but feel free to say hi. Let me know where you're watching from. If you have any questions, put it in. I love answering them. And if you're not watching, That's fine too.

Just, you know, say hi afterwards. I definitely monitor the page. And so here's orange. Can you see that? If you missed a color and you want me to show it again, if you're watching live, I'm happy to reshow you. Oh, and this is our, I should show you. That's our silver gray ribbon. I didn't wanna call it just gray, cuz it does have a little bit of a shine to it, so that's why I.

It's like shiny gray. So I figured I'd call it silver gray. And let's see what else we have. Ooh, we have black with a purple ribbon. So I was so excited to get these. And then the rest of them are coming in early next week. And I, if you have placed a pre-order, because I have over a hundred pre-orders right now.

So what I will do is, Oh, hi June. How are you today? , thanks for saying hi. I'm being here. So like I was saying, I have over a hundred pre-orders, so first thing tomorrow I'm gonna start packing them and you'll get notifications as soon as yours. I was, I gonna say it has shipped or not shipped. When I pull the label, you get an email when, and then you'll get then you'll be able to track it.

Usually they pick it up within 24 hours of when I pull the label. So just so you know that, that's Crimson, that's what I've been showing with a black ribbon. I hope you're doing great June. The storms have been vicious, haven't they? And here's blue. So. with the white ribbon. So that's what I have for today.

Next, I'm getting in, in the next few days or early next week, I will be getting in purple and the glitter red, the glitter green, and the, the original, which is basically a turquoise color. The original is, You know what, what it all started with. So if you know, if you want me to, I'll definitely show those next week when they're here.

And do you have any questions on anything, let me know. Oh, let me show you. I'll walk over and show you all our other ribbon colors. Cause I just showed you a few of the ribbon colors, but, oops. Okay, let me get outta the way. Where's, here we go. See? So we have all these other ribbon colors here. Yeah. So that's what I've got for you today.

Lots of cards have been coming in, but I've already showed you all those colors. So it's a quick one today. If you have any questions after I get. Just put in the comments. You can always call me too. The number is 8 7 7 8 3 0 3 4 0 5. You can also hop on the website and then the bottom right, bottom right hand corner, there's a chat with us button.

You can chat with me and if you do choose to chat and I don't respond right away, you are supposed to get an email response, but I'm not sure that that really happens. So if you come back to the website at another time, it's the response will be there. . Well, that's what I've got. I've just been packing. Oh, let me show you.

I've been working on this. I got this custom order. And it's for a North Carolina gift tag. It says custom printing, celebrating 25 years. So I do have that and I've been working on that. They ordered, it's a company in North Carolina and they ordered almost 2300 of them. So that's been a project that I've been working on.

So there's that some, If you ever have a custom tag that you want, let me know. We can work out. All right, well, I'm gonna get back to cutting gift tags and I need to start packing all those ornaments so that you can get all your pre-orders. I thank you so much to everyone. That pre-order that's, that's, you know, it's great to just get those and get them all out to you.

All right. I hope you have a great rest of your day. Thanks so much for being.