Live with Lisa Week 15: Picture Frames, Grand Opening & More!

September 02, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 15: Picture Frames, Grand Opening & More!-Plymouth Cards


Hello, happy Wednesday. It's Wednesday, September 2nd. Yes, it's Christmas here, but it's definitely been busy. I want to first apologize for missing last Wednesday's live and canceling last minute. I ended up having a dental emergency and I spent Wednesday at the dentist from 11 to 5:30. I apologize, my mouth is still a little swollen there, but we're getting better. So, a lot to talk about today, but I want you to say hi in the comments. Let me know where you're watching from and how everything is going for you.

So, we've working nonstop with ornaments, Clarence the snowman, and getting Booths ready for Tuesday, September 8th. So, I want to talk about that real quick. For The Booth we had photographers apply to be part of our inaugural Booths, and they're selling their photography or art in our cards on our website. So, you'll be able to see them, and all of their artwork. I want to show you a sneak peek, oops it's upside down.  It's all these colors on The Booth I'm working on right now. We'll get that up later on today. You’ll get to see some of it, but The Booths are all hidden right now. We're going live with The Booths, and I'm going Live on Tuesday, September 8 at 10am. We're going to do our big Grand Opening for The Booth, and I hope you join us for that too. There is an event so you can always say that you're interested or that you're going, so you would be reminded. Also, the ornaments, people are learning about Clarence as much as we are. So, that's really exciting because when you come up with a new idea, you'll never know how it will be received. Some questions I've been receiving about Clarence is how big is he? People are asking, so I'm going to put them up on my hand. So, you can see he's 2.5 inches wide from arm to arm. He is 2.5 inches tall, and then he is about an eighth of an inch thick. He weighs one ounce. I had to think because I thought to myself, how much is an ounce? You will never know what it really equates to. So, five quarters, if you put five quarters together, that's how much he weighs. So, I'm going to show you what it looks like in my hand. So, you can see, why isn't he bigger? Well, we didn't want people to have to pay a lot of money. We felt like $10 was a good price point for an ornament. So, this is the size and we think he's perfect the way he is. I personally like things that are smaller. I tend to like less than more, and that is why we came up with the price and the size. So, those are the questions we've been getting. The shipments are coming in, my brother-in-law Allen and I are working as fast as we possibly can. I appreciate everyone's pre orders and patients. We are shipping as quickly as we can. Take this phone, I want to show you. Hopefully, I can do this properly on the table that has all the orders that we're working on right now. There you go, that whole table is covered with all your orders.

See all the Clarence the Snowman ornaments here

If you have questions about what I'm talking about, and you want to know where it is on the website, write a comment in the section down below. Or you can message us, and we will get back to you promptly. So, a couple months ago, I asked everyone about their opinion of a picture frame that I was really interested in and we did end up getting some but now I found another picture frame and I want to get your feedback on those as well to see if you will like it better or less than the others. I want to know if we should purchase them for our picture frames. We buy them only from small businesses like ourselves. We like supporting other small businesses that are made in America. So, the original picture frames that we have, come in six or seven different colors and they are rustic wood, farm wood. It's really thick, and it's about an inch and a half thick. It has a Deep opening, and it fits right on your shelf. You don't need to hang it up, but it comes with a hanger. So, this is the first one that we have, and a gentleman in Maine makes these bars and ships them down to us. They're fabulous, and I love them so much. I realized that not everyone likes a really thick frame, especially if you want to hang it on your wall, it might jet out too much for you. So, I found this other option, and these are made from another small business. I'll put them side by side so you can see. So, this new one is a farmhouse wood base, and I think that is what they call it. Anyway, Vinny said he will put together a reel of bloopers for you, so you guys can all see all of my craziness when I do things here on these videos. You can see the thickness and it is a little bit bigger in its size, but it does hold our card. Our card holds the 4” x 6” photo and it fits the 5” x 7” frames. So, these frames have a 5” x 7” opening, and they would be the same price point $19.99. I'm wondering, do you think this is something you'd be interested in the thinner frame? They have a multitude of colors, the two that I have as samples to see was white. However, it's more of a natural color and I will show you that one. This one is the woodgrain that looks like an espresso brown. It's really pretty. They also have a few other colors, but I want to get your feedback on what your thoughts are about these. Please feel free to send me a message because I love receiving feedback. These are the ones that we have in stock on our website, and I love them. Another question, because I love receiving your feedbacks, and all of you are always generous with your thoughts to guide my business in the right path for all of you to receive what you need and what you'd like.

Picture frames and other wall hangings are here

So, we have this one and it's a faux wood pallet. It comes with a jute hanger, and we put a bulldog clip on it so that your card can be used, either horizontally or vertically. So, I love that this is interchangeable. However, I want to show you that there is not a gap with this one. When they say it's a pallet, I feel as if it's not a true pallet. So, I'm wondering, do you like it like that? Or would you prefer it to be the actual separate pieces of wood, where you would see an opening gap like a pallet? I would love to know your opinion. That is what I've got for today and I appreciate you for watching. Again, I continue to say it, but I do appreciate you for watching and I would love to know what you think about Clarence because we love him. I'll take another minute and show you a few more. So here, and he's in crimson. We have crimson and pink in stock. What we're doing with the pink one is we're donating $1 of every sale to a local nonprofit here to support women with breast cancer and in honor of my mom, who is a breast cancer survivor. So, we're donating one dollar because that's the breast cancer pink color on that one.

For the orange one, we're donating $1 to a different organization. Allen is my brother in law whose company makes these ornaments for us in Massachusetts. It's All American pewter like us, and it's a small business. We love supporting small businesses, and the orange one represents his mom who died seven years ago. He started a scholarship at Oklahoma State University for a non-traditional student. Meaning a single mom or someone going back to teaching after taking time off from college. So, it's the Cathy Adams scholarship, and we will donate $1 of every orange one sold to that scholarship to support him in her memory. What else do we have that I can show you really quick. This is our original Clarence, and we will receive more in the next week and a half. So, you can go to our website and it will say big red, and once you click on that ornament. If we're in stock or out of stock for some colors, you can choose the ones you like and save money while we ship everything at once. We don't think it's right to ask you to pay more on individual shipments. So, we're going to hold them and ship your entire order. Lastly, I appreciate you for watching, and I am looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 8 at 10am for our Grand Opening. I'll most likely do my usual Wednesday, Facebook live videos. I'm not sure what time you have as a preference, and should I make it noon? We're eastern time here, and I don't know if the news works for you. I might film in the evening, or whatever time works for your schedule. I'd love your feedback on that as well. I hope you have a great day and a great week. I'll talk to you soon, Thanks, bye.