Live with Lisa Week 16: Fundraisers, Ornament FAQ's

September 09, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 16: Fundraisers, Ornament FAQ's-Plymouth Cards


Hey everyone, Lisa here from Plymouth Cards. Happy Wednesday, I wanted to jump in today to say hello on our usual Wednesday. The Booth response has been amazing and I'm excited with all the email messages I've received. Everyone is also excited about it, which is great. I did not want to miss our usual Wednesday, and I hope everyone is doing well. Now, if you want to pop in and say hi, and tell me where you're visiting or where you live because it will be great to know where you're watching this live video. As always, if you have questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section or you can DM and call me. I will definitely try to quickly respond to your questions.

So, today I want to talk about a couple of things. One thing is, I've had a lot of questions if the ornaments say 2020 on it? No, it doesn't. Why doesn't it say 2020 on it? Well, the reason it doesn't say 2020 is because I'm old fashioned. In the sense that I personally prefer handwritten messages on the back of ornaments because I like the way they look. They have a nostalgia to it and the ornaments I love the most are handwritten. Originally, when we first started selling these, people asked us to customize ornaments for them, and we did. Honestly, the volume is a lot for us to handle. We're a small family business and we couldn't keep up and deliver ornaments in a timely fashion. Right now, we have more of the colors coming in, and we're hoping to get all orders out by next week. They will be in late September colors that will come in. I hope I'm explaining everything properly to you.

See our pewter ornaments here

I want to demonstrate to you on how we use our favorite markers that we use to write on our ornaments. You can use the same markers on your ornaments because we offer it on our website. So, I wanted to show it to you first before I demonstrate how easy it is to use. So, this is an Industrial Sharpie, and it's made to work on metal, which is what we need because the ornaments are pewter. In demonstration, I wrote 2020 on one of the ornaments and you need to let it dry for a few minutes. I don't want to touch the second one after I do it, but I want to show you how easy it is to use. I personally like fine tips and not the thick tips of an Industrial Sharpie because I don't write as nicely with the thick tips. Again, we're selling the Industrial Sharpie on our website, and the price is $2.49. We added a link on every ornament for our Industrial Sharpie. We made it simple for you to purchase the sharpies. Or you can go to the pens and pencil section, it will be there as well. So, hopefully you will not be seasick today, and I will move this down for you to see.

See the Industrial Sharpie here

So, this is the one I've written 2020 on, and this is the one I will write 2020 to show you as a demonstration. This one is for Luke and look how easy it is to write on it. So, I did this one yesterday, and I had to show you how easy it is, and the ink is not going anywhere. You can scrape it all you want, and nothing will happen. So, that is the beauty of an industrial marker. I'll hold it up for you to see it better. You can purchase the Industrial Sharpie from us for $2.49.

The other thing I want to discuss today is the amount of inquiries we received for our fundraising programs, and it is great. I love supporting local charities and charities throughout the country that are small. I used to volunteer while my children were in school, and I was on the PTA board and other organizations. I understand fundraising is difficult, however, I to come up with something that would hopefully be easy for everyone. So, we thought of an idea, that we should give up to 40% of the sales to your organization. There are two options you could choose from. If you look at our website, you'll see there's an example of Penn State Watershed doing the same thing. They had someone donate artwork, and then we matched it with our carry colors. We made them into six packs, and for every six pack that sells, they will sell it for $14.99. We will give 40% back to Penn State Watershed, which is cool. So that's one option. The six packs are great because it keeps the price at $19.99 when you add our $5 shipping. That is a great price point. They're getting $6 from every sale, and it doesn't include the shipping. The other option is providing a code for you, and the code will take a penny off the order for us to know that it was attributed to you. What it does is to allow your organization to shop through our website, and there's a whole tier, so you will get 10% off some products, or 20%, 30% and up to 40% depending on the products. You can read our grid that we have on our website that will be updated today in the afternoon. If you're interested and want me to email it to you personally, as soon as it's available this afternoon, feel free to DM me your email address, or write, send it to me and I will message it to you as soon as it's ready. So, those are the two opportunities that you can choose from. I'm excited that we're supporting other organizations by having a fundraiser because everyone do not need to leave their house to shop and support other organizations, which is really cool. Our customers can shop on our website and purchase the products. How easy is that? Obviously, you'll have to do promotion of your product of the fundraiser to have customers shop and purchase them. I think this is the perfect time of year because the holidays are approaching. We sell many holiday cards, we now have the ornament line, we have gift tags, we have gift bags, and there are many different products that everyone would like to purchase. So, if you know an organization that could benefit from this fundraiser, I would like you to pass this information to them.

See Fundraising details here

I want to mention the 2020 writing on the ornaments and why we don't have the year on it. We did not think we need to have the year on the ornaments because it's a mask and it's a distant unusual toilet paper scarf. Again, I like the handwritten messages on the ornaments.

I appreciate you watching and taking the time to spend a few minutes with me. I'm not sure if you're having your morning coffee, lunch, or mid snack. However, I appreciate you, and I hope we could chat soon. I'll be here next Wednesday, and I might pop in again if I have other exciting information to pass on to you. If you have time right now, you could check out The Booth. There are 10 artist who are selling their artwork and photography on our website. So, I will see you soon. Thanks, bye.