Live with Lisa Week 17: Picture Frames, Gift Tags & More!

September 16, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 17: Picture Frames, Gift Tags & More!-Plymouth Cards


Hello, happy Wednesday, my name is Lisa DiVasta and I'm the owner for Plymouth Cards. Good morning or good afternoon, I'm not sure where you're watching this Live right now. Feel free to say hello and let me know where you're watching this video from. I hope you're having a great day because I'm having a wonderful day. I've been working like crazy because I'm getting all of your orders and that is great. If you have any questions throughout, please write them, you know, post them on here and I will answer your questions. If I don't see your question pop up, I will go back and reply to your questions. So, you will get an answer today. I will post a link in the comments so that you can easily find the products, and I think that is all we have for housekeeping today.

I think a few weeks ago, or last month, I asked everyone what they thought about some picture frames, because I had the opportunity to receive different styles of Farmhouse picture frames similar to a rustic style. I like the rustic style, and hopefully you would like it as well. So, I want to show you that we have a few in stock and I'm excited to reveal it to you. The new style we're naming is Farmhouse. So, on our website we're saying black, brown, white, and gray Farmhouse. That is how you can find them, and I will show it to you today. So, this is the brown one, but before I show it to you, I need to turn the light off. Hold on a second, I should have learned this from last week. There, you shouldn't get so much of a glare. Again, this is the brown one and look at the texture and the ridges. What's great about this picture frame is that it's not too thick. Well it depends what you will use it for, such as hanging it on a wall. I love the frame because it's not too thick. It's three quarters of an inch thickness here, and it does fit a Plymouth Card. So, all of our cards hold a 4” x 6” photo and the card itself is a 5” x 7”. It will fit into these frames, and I will demonstrate that in a minute. I just wanted to show you all four colors that we got in. So, this is gray, brown, and white. White isn't really what I would consider the color to be. I think it's more of an off white, or a natural white, but they called it white. Then we also have black.

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I like all of these and they're made by a small company I found in the US. I prefer to collaborate with other small businesses that are similar to us. We need to support each other. Everything is made in the US with the exception of two types of paper that we had to buy because it was made in Europe. Other than that, everything was made here in the US. I will show you all of the four colors and their thickness, which are three quarters of an inch. This is the back, there is no hanger on it, but we provide the hanger so that you can decide if you want to put the picture horizontally or vertically. So, I'm prying up the little tabs, then I will pop the foam backing out, and I will put the Plymouth Card right into the frame. I should also mention that this is one of our booths or photos. Her name is Annalies, and you can look at the photos in our booth, on our website. They're all photographers who are wonderful people, and they're selling their photos in our Plymouth Cards website right now. So, if you go to our website on the top, it will say shop and then next to shop, it will say booth, and that is where you will see all 10 of them. So, it'd be great if you could support them too. We love supporting small businesses.

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So, the next thing is the ornaments. The Clarence is becoming very popular and I know most people who originally bought the ornaments, also bought it in a gingham bag with a little twine and tag. Good news and bad news is that we're selling so much better than we anticipated, and we don't have the bandwidth anymore to put the twine and the tag on the bag. So now, Clarence is coming in his gingham bag just like this. He fits in here nicely. I'll show you in case you're not really sure. So, this is Clarence, that's the original color. This is where it all began and I'm sorry, but we had to make a decision. We either had to get the ornaments out, get some sleep, or continue back with this enormous backlog. So, we decided that we couldn't do it anymore and I apologize to anyone that I'm disappointing. I hate doing that and I struggle with it because I want to make everyone happy. However, we had minimal sleep last week, and we had to make the decision that we couldn't continue any longer.

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Moreover, what I want to show you is that we sell the tags for $3.99 for 12 tags. They come in a little bag because everything we try to do is Earth friendly and we use less plastic. This is 100% recycled bag, and you will see our little gift tags of snowmen. You can choose what color twine you want. We have 17 options, which is pretty amazing. So, if you have a color that you need, we should have something that will work for you. So, you can take one of these tags, and then take a hole punch. I think most people have a hole punch in their home. You will need to punch two holes, and one tip I will advise is to make sure that the ribbon that is Clarence and is all the way down. You don't want it to get stuck in the hole, that would be a problem. So, what I'm doing is feeding the twine into each hole, and tying it in the back, similar to tying a shoelace with a bow.

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The tag is in the front and the bow is in the back. When you receive your ornaments, they will be in the gingham bag and the twine and tag will not be there. I'm sorry, please don't be mad at me. That is what we need to do at this point in time, and if things change, I'll be sure to let all of you know. We sell gift tags on our website and it's under the section of other products. We have snowmen, stockings, hearts, Christmas trees, flowers, and butterflies. We have every state, and if you have something going on in your state that you want to use, we can do that. We can also create it in any of our Plymouth Card colors. Make the tags in which is really cool, so you will have your own custom tag on white and ivory cards. On paper, we can custom print anything for you. For example, if you have an event coming up and you wanted something custom printed, we could do that for you. So, the tags are $3.99 for 12, with your choice of coordinating twine. If you need custom tags, those are $12.99 for 12 and that is it because there are no other setup fees or anything like that.

All gift tags can be found here

The other exciting thing is, we've been working on our new catalog. We put out a catalog once a year, and we mail it to everyone in our entire mailing list that has grown exponentially this year. This is our catalog from last year and the really cool thing about our catalog is, in the early spring, we asked customers to submit their photos to be considered to be used in our catalog and we chose eight or nine pictures this year. So, this entire cover is our customer photos from last year. If you're not sure if you're on our mailing list, please let us know so we can get you our new catalog. It'll be out in a few weeks. It's on the printing presses right now. So, I'm really excited this year, it's 36 pages and I don't want you to miss out on our catalog. Therefore, you can send us a direct message through Facebook You can also send an email to us at and say hello to either Sandy or Donna.

You can send your orders to if you're not sure that you're on our mailing list, or if you think you've moved since the last time you placed an order. You can give us a call at our number which is 877-830-3405. I would love to chat with you at any time. So, check out the picture frames, and if you haven't signed up for our email, you can sign up right on our website. You will receive new announcements and special offers. In the beginning of October, we will open up our less than perfect section on the website. We only open it a few times a year because there are products that have imperfections. I don't feel comfortable selling them as first quality products, because they're not. So, what we do is we put them in the less than perfect section on our website, and we will keep it closed until we have enough inventory to sell to our customers. I know we have a lot of cards coming up in there, but I also know that we have some ornaments that have some wonky masks, or you know, something on the scarf that just didn't look right. So, if you want to do that on our website, you can go under products, then photo note cards, and then it will say photo insert note cards. You will see clearance, and underneath clearance, it will say less than perfect. You can click on there and sign up to be the first to be notified to receive the best selections. So, that will be great for you to get first dibs. I will post the link when I get off this live video in a little while.

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So, if you ever have any questions, please leave them in the comments. I'm happy to answer any of your questions. So, picture frames, I'll show you them one more time because I love all of them. So, that is one of them and I will show you the back a little bit more because I don't think I showed the back as much. But this is the back of the picture frame and it has the tabs on the back that holds it in place. I moved them up to put the picture in. So, I told you the hanger comes separately, and you can hammer it in yourself because it takes two taps on each side. You can place it vertical or horizontal, however you choose. Thank you all for watching and being here with me this week and I will be here next Wednesday, if not sooner. I hope you have a great rest of your day. Thanks bye.