6 Fun Photo Card Ideas

September 21, 2020 0 Comments

6 Fun Photo Card Ideas-Plymouth Cards

Are you ready for some summer fun? Is your creative side looking for a unique craft project that will make your friends and family “ooh” and “aah”? Then check out these 6 fun ideas to keep, give away, or send to that certain someone who truly appreciates your whimsical sense of nostalgia.

  • Step away from the birthday card aisle and into the “way back” machine in your old photo albums. Find a silly, teenage-awkward, fashion faux-pas photo of your sibling and send it as a birthday card to their teenage kids for lots of laughs! Payback from the way-back time machine is original and unexpected.
  • Do you have a way with rhyming and creating your own poems? Maybe there’s a favorite song verse or motto that you and someone special share. Wouldn’t they love to get a custom printed photo note card letting them know you’re thinking of them? Or, send them their old Christmas holiday card photo that you kept all these year. This poem is so fun!


  • Announce an engagement or save-the-date wedding cards by using old photos of the bride and groom when they were young. Who can resist the romantic idea of two people destined to find true love from an early age? Add a special glow with their names in metallic ink for a timeless finish.


  • Back-to-school or off-to-college well wishes can be captured as a journey with that first Kindergarten photo and/or one from the present. Add a fun note remembering their favorite food, toy, TV show, or movie from that year. They may not remember how they ate the same meal every night for two months when they went through their picky-eater phase, so shake the memory tree with fun tidbits from the past that brought them to who they are today.


  • Anniversaries of all kinds can be celebrated with photo note cards! A first car, their “brace face”, that first formal event, or the last day of summer vacation at the beach are all memories we treasure for different reasons. Our note cards make beautiful matting to include in one of our new pictures frames or wood pallet wall hanging. Keep them up year-round or mix them up and change them out as the seasons change. (https://www.plymouthcards.com/collections/picture-frames).


  • Personalize a baby or child’s room with photos of their favorite color displayed in every item you find in that color (red umbrella, red truck, red flower, red tomato, etc.). Spell their name with photos of each letter from a different location sign or business name while out on a summer adventure. Help them learn their numbers with a picture of one flower, two dogs, three chairs, and four cupcakes displayed on their wall. Let your creativity spark the ideas that help little minds grow!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big impression with your creative style. Check out all our made in the USA, recycled paper note cards in a wide range of colors that will suit your photo perfectly. Or, if you want to add volume to your style, try one of our designer borders that capture the moment and message uniquely yours. Our online catalog is sure to delight and inspire your summer fun muse! https://www.plymouthcards.com/