Live with Lisa Week 18

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Live with Lisa Week 18-Plymouth Cards


Just trying to get all set up. Sorry, I guess I should have fixed that beforehand. Happy Wednesday, I'm Lisa DiVasta at Plymouth Cards. So, I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday. I've had a productive day and I'm excited to show you new products. I cannot believe it's fall, and I'm not sure if it's fall at your place of location, however, it doesn't feel as if it's fall in Florida. It is hot and humid here, which is great. So, let me know if you're here and feel free to say hello in the comments. I will introduce you to a new Clarence, and I'm excited to show it to you. If you want to be the first person to order it, please write in the comment section by asking me to send you the link to order the new product. After I post the link, you will be the first person to receive it.  Again, my name is Lisa at Plymouth Cards, and thank you for being here today. I want to talk about a few things really quick. A lot of people have asked me about the newspaper that we use to wrap our cards because we use it as a filler in our packaging.

Our company is eco-friendly, and we try to reduce waste by recycling. We were fortunate enough to connect with our local newspaper, the Osprey Observer located outside of Tampa, Florida. They give us their unused and unread newspapers. So, when the newspapers are overrun, they will give us their unused and unread newspapers. I want to show you how the newspapers look like when we receive them. The newspapers look like this, they're still bundled up, and they have never been used. I know some people have said that they're concerned about us using newspapers, therefore, I wouldn't want to receive another person's read newspaper in my mailbox, and we would never do that. Therefore, I want to show you firsthand as to how we receive unused and unread newspapers for this company. This is how I pick it up from the Osprey Observer once a month. So, what we do is include a note that explains the company receiving unused and unread newspapers in our packaging. So, we cut the newspapers, lay them out flat, wrap your cards, and use it as a filler in the boxes.

We test our packaging before we ship the cards out to our customers. We package the cards and send them to our friends and family members. We send damage free products; however, they sometimes have minor infractions or marks on them, and we do not want to sell them to our customers. So, what we do is ask our friends and family members if the cards were damaged, or if the corners were ruined, and how did the product arrive to their location because we need to know that they're in good shape. So, we need the newspaper because we weren't using cushions and the cards were being damaged. We don't want that to happen again because it's a big problem. We want you to be happy with your order when you receive it. So, that is why we use newspapers, and this is how we receive it. The newspapers are brand new, unread, and unused.

Clarence, we only have 12 for each of these. I'm not sure if we will receive more of these, however, I'm excited to show all of you. Look at the glitter mask on these Clarence. They will be on our website in a couple of hours. I want to show you our new Clarence ahead of time and you're the first person to see these. Look at these, aren't they adorable? I don't know which one you like better. Do you like the silver with the red? Or do you like the red with the white? Yeah, aren't they amazing? These will be a little bit more because they cost more money to create. These will cost $12.50 because they're more labor intensive to create. So, therefore, we will charge $12.50 for them. Look at these, oh my goodness, I love them. I know everyone is thinking that it's a little early for Christmas. Honestly, it is Christmas here because many people have been buying Christmas cards. Oh, check this out, we created a card with Clarence and his family on it. I don't know if anyone knew that we had a Christmas card with Clarence and eight of his family members on it. You can slide a picture right into the front of it. Sorry, I should have been prepared to show you this demonstration. I am not going to do the best demonstration because you need to have the card on a flat surface when you insert the picture. You should not have the picture in the air, but to give you a semi-visual, the card has a slot right here for your photograph, artwork, or anything that is a 4” x 6”. You will need to slide it in, like I said, I'm doing a bad demonstration because I don't have my rubber fingertips or latex gloves on. As you can see, it's staying, and you don't need glue or tape. This is Clarence’s family that we offer, and this is the inside of the card. The inside of the card says “Happy Holidays” with different types of snowmen including Clarence’s family.

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This year, we're offering it, but it's not on the website yet. It will be on the website by Friday. If you don't want the message to say “Happy Holidays” inside the card, we will make a card that will have nothing inside. Furthermore, we provide custom printing for our customers. So, if you want your own message printed inside or your family's names, it's 25 cents a card and we will create it for you. There's no minimum, and if you only need 10 cards, we will create 10 cards for you. The cost is 25 cents and there's no fluctuation in the pricing. This is one of our holiday cards and we also have Snowflakes, Season Greetings, and Candy Canes. This is actually a picture from a couple weeks ago, and I told everyone about our new Booth we recently opened. In the Booth, we have 10 photographers that are selling their photographs on the Plymouth Cards website. So, when you go to our website, you will see the tab that says shop, then on the right side you will see the tab that says The Booth. When you click on the tab that says The Booth, you will see the 10 photographers and all of their amazing work. You can purchase their photos that will be in the cards while packaged in our traditional cardboard wrap with the twine and the tag. It's a great way to support small photographers and small businesses because the places where they traditionally sell their cards are not open right now. This is their busiest time going into the holidays. So, we uploaded more cards and we thought it would be a great way to support other businesses. The photographers will add more pictures over the next month. For right now, each photographers have 20 pictures on the website. Anything from nature, inspirational, lightning, lighthouses, and many more. I wanted to bring that to your attention, and if you have any questions, we will respond as soon as possible.

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You can write a write a message on this Facebook Live, by making the message private to us if you don't want the world to know what you're asking, which is fine. We receive a lot of messages, and you can call us at this number 877-830-3405. I typically answer and I love speaking to you. So, please feel free to give us a call and you can also email to

These are all the ways you're able to get in touch with us, and we're very responsive to our customers. However, if we do not respond to an email within 24 hours, it means we did not receive your message, and you need to send it again.

We've been asked why we only have four color ribbons for the ornaments, and the reason is I spent a significant amount of time researching because we need it to be thick with an 1/8” wide, which is hard to find to begin with. We only need to find a ribbon that was made in the U.S. So, that was another project, and we found one company that provides four color options. The options are red, white, black, and gold. That is why we only offer four ribbon colors. I know people have asked why we do not have green and silver as a color option, however, I feel strongly about only carrying ribbons that are made in the USA. Products that are made in the USA is our first priority, our first go to for everything. There are some rare circumstances where we had to go elsewhere for non-made in the USA, and it is indicated on our website because we don't want to hide anything from our customers. Green is a Christmas color; however, red is also a Christmas color as well. So, we had to compromise for the color options. If you don't like red on red, like this one for the glitter, then you can do red on white. Oh, these glitter ones are amazing. Can you see those? I hope you can. So, that is what I wanted to talk to you about.

We are fully stocked with all Clarences and the only pre-orders right now are greys. However, we will add black, brown, and teal. So, those four colors will be pre orders that will arrive next week and a half. However, everything else is in stock. Once something is out of stock, we will put a red banner on there, wait, not a red banner, but red letters. When you get to that color, it will say, this is a pre order and then it usually takes us about a week and a half to sometimes two weeks to get the colors. My brother-in-law Allen (All American Pewter) is busy making these for us. So, I hope everyone's happy with them. If you have a special color request, we will be happy to work with you.

Maybe the opportunity to create a glow in the dark might be a good or a bad idea. Let me know what you think. Do you think you'd like that? Do you think that's creepy. I don't know, it looks pretty cool, but I don't know how to feel about that. So, we have all of the holiday cards if you need them. All of the cards are made in Florida, and the paper is made in the US. Everything is made from recycled products because we're trying to be eco-friendly. All of our cards are made from recycled papers as well. So, I'm glad that you were able to be here and I appreciate you for watching. If you have questions, let me know. Otherwise, I hope you're having a beautiful Wednesday. Bye.