Live with Lisa 31: New Clarence the Snowman PIN!

January 08, 2021 0 Comments

Live with Lisa 31: New Clarence the Snowman PIN!-Plymouth Cards


Hey there, Lisa DiVasta here, owner here at Plymouth Cards. Wanted to pop in on Wednesday, our usual day to get together. It's later than I usually get on but the day just got away from me for whatever reason because we're packing so many orders for all of you. So I just wanted to jump in and say hello and give you a few things that I'm working on.


So let's see. Oops, I just dropped one of my things. So what I wanted to talk about first was shipping. A lot of people have asked questions. We've gotten some emails and some calls about shipping of products. So everything is going to ship. We're actually placing... As order are even placed today, we're getting all orders out by December 19th. Sorry, my hair is a mess. So that's the plan. Even if you place an order today, our plan is to have your orders out by December 19th in the mail. If you chose to get priority shipping, your order will go priority mail. If you chose standard shipping, your order will go first class mail. At this point, there's really no guarantees that it will be there by Christmas, unless you choose to get expedited shipping. In order to get expedited shipping, you need to reach out to me and we can add it on there. I think we can fit up to -- well, we just did one today and it was 28 ornaments in one priority shipping pack express and it was $26.95. So that's something we can do for you. Up to 28 ornaments we've learned, can get into this pack. So if we do that, then it's that $26.95 fee for overnight shipping. The post office guarantees it within... It's not overnight overnight. Depending on the area that you live in, it could be up to two days but it is guaranteed meaning if they don't do it as promised, then we get our money back. So at least there's that guarantee. And so it will get to you quicker that way. So if that's something you're interested in, please feel free to reach out. 


Anytime you reach out to me about an order, I please ask you to include your name and your order number. Those two things help make it go easier when I'm trying to look up your order and see what's going on with it. So orders are going in first in first out. And that's how we're doing everything. We've been packing non-stop, we go to the post office twice a day. Well actually, Tim picks up, I shouldn't say we go. Orders go to the post office twice a day. Tim picks up around lunchtime every day and then our post office here by the airport, which is about a 20-minute drive from here, is open till 10pm. So we've been making late night dropoffs too. Just to help get everyone's packages into the system quicker for you. Because I know everyone's anxious and excited to get their orders. And so that's what we are doing. We're going to the post office - pickups and deliveries twice a day. 


So the other thing... Let's see what else I wanted to share. So today is a special day here for me at Plymouth Cards. I'm not sure if everyone knows  but I'm the owner here. Before I was the owner of Plymouth Cards, I had my own bookkeeping company for 20 years and Plymouth Cards was one of my clients. And I purchased it 6 years ago today. So I'm really excited to be celebrating six years of greatness here at Plymouth Cards. I just love everything about it. I'm just so excited to have been the proud owner for 6 years today. So that's a really exciting thing. So I just wanted to share that all with you. 6 years yay!


I know we're talking about Christmas but in between packing orders or while I'm packing orders, I think about 2021 and what we should be doing and what we should be adding to our product line for you all, so that we can offer you the best products. So everything I want to -- thank you-- everything I want to offer, it has to be made in the USA. That's my number one thing with our product line, is that it has to be made in the USA. And the second important thing to me is eco-friendly. So I try to find everything that is eco-friendly whenever humanly possible. There are exceptions to that, sometimes there just isn't an option that is eco-friendly.


Hi, Nancy! Hi Becky! Thanks for being here. 


I just announced that it's my 6 year anniversary today. So yay! Of owning the company. So that's been exciting and fun. 


And let's see. So a new product idea for 2021 is a wall decor kit. We had it about 5 years ago and then I don't know it just didn't... It wasn't the right fit at that point in time. But I really feel like I didn't do a good job marketing it is more what think it was. But anyway, the wall decor kit is something I'd love to bring back for 2021. And what it is, is it's five of our cards. So I'll show you for example, five cards, you get to pick -- and this is all new for 2021. So you'll get to pick two of one color and three of another color. And it will be all on the website for you to choose from. So here's five colors or five cards. I appreciate you guys hanging out with me while I always say something dumb. So it will be five cards. And then what it will also include is four feet of jute twine, jute cord, and it'll include five little clothespins. So the thought is this, these are going to be great for college kids or someone that just has their first apartment, or it's a quick and easy way to decorate. So you'll take your twine, and I know it probably should stand further back so you can get a better visual here. And then your card will clip and hang with this mini-clothes pin right on to the twine. Then you put your pictures in it. You can change out the pictures, so that would be how it would work. And then the clips will work in both orientations. And I just think that will be such a great addition to the product line. So what you'll be able to do is pick two card colors -, three of one, two of another. And this is all for 2021. I just wanted to kind of get your feedback and see what you're thinking about it. If you think it's a good idea. If it's something you'd be interested in. So I think it would be really great for graduation gifts for kids to look at, to use this in their dorm rooms. Hopefully next year, there'll be at their dorm room, so they'll be really excited to decorate. So that's one combination I grabbed. And then I just grabbed another combination that we can do. So that would be grays too. And then I think it'd be great for the kids because they take so many pictures. And this will give them a reason to print out some pictures and display them in their in their living place. So that's how it will work. And then I'm going to take a picture of it it once I get one hung up on the wall. So then you'll actually get a better visual of what I'm talking about. But it will just be four feet of this really cool jute twine and then five of these mini clothespins. You can see those, not too blurry and then five cards. So I'm thinking it'll probably be $12.99, in that range, could be up or down but that's what I'm shooting for. And it will have instructions on how to put your picture in the card that we have done up that shows people because it's... Not that it's tricky but sometimes people try to put their pictures in our cards without it being on a flat surface. And when you try to put a picture in a card like this, it just it doesn't work well, you need to have it on a flat surface. And then you need to either have rubber fingertips or a latex glove. Something that will grip the picture and help it slide in. So that's just it. So those are the two. That's what I was just thinking about for 2021. And then I wanted to ask all of you if you had any other ideas of what else you would like to add. 


One other idea I have is notebook journals. Beni, our daughter is a lefty, so I wanted to make them lefty friendly and have the spirals be at the top instead of at the side, which is very difficult for a lefty. So I wanted to do that. So I don't know what are your thoughts about that. I don't want to give too much away on that but that's something in the works. 


And working on a class of 2021 ornament. I know, can you believe it's almost here? Yeah, but I'd love love love you to... Even if you think it's a silly idea or something you've always wanted, but never could find to let me know and I'd love to work with you and see if we can make it happen. 


So I hope you're all doing well. And just the update on the post office. I did stop down there. I don't know if I already said that I'm like, sorry, I 100% lost my train of thought here today. But I stopped down the post office because I have gotten some inquiries, people are upset that their package hasn't arrived yet, even though it's shipped six days ago and whatnot. Sometimes one or two is a little bit longer. But they just said that they're doing the best they can. They're working as fast as they can, just like we are. And if it's scanned, it'll get to you eventually. Maybe it won't get to you by Christmas but just patience and kindness will win on this. I know it might be disappointing if your order doesn't get to you by Christmas because you wanted to give it to someone but I think they'll be understanding. 


And honestly, when my kids were little, they would get so many gifts for Christmas that I would keep some of them aside that they would... And they know this now so this isn't a secret. But what I would do is I would just put some of them aside that they got that they didn't even know they got. And I would bring them out periodically throughout the year and be like, oh, this is a present from grandma and they would be so excited. So they didn't need to have everything all in that day. So it's okay to be a little flexible. I used to call it the surprise closet. And every once in a while, I would just go, let's go see what's in the surprise closet. I would pull out something and it would just give them hours of entertainment with this little present that they got for Christmas but they didn't even know. I know that probably sounds terrible. But I think they got a lot of stuff that it was just too overwhelming. It was overwhelming for me. They have grandparents that spoil them. So that's the story behind that, it wasn't me. 


So anyway, I hope you're all doing well. I hope you're all safe sound right now. And everything's going well and you're going to have a good holiday. You can always reach me 877-830-3405, You can Facebook message me. I try to get back to people within 24 hours but I'll be honest, man, I've got a lot of emails. And sometimes I --- can no named our company. I can't read that. I'm sorry. It's going too fast for my reading ability. Sorry, Leah. I will read that when we're done. Too much for my... I can't be that. But what was I saying? Yes, I've been getting a lot of emails. So it's a little bit hard to keep up. I'm trying to get back to everyone at 24 hours. But again, please be patient with me. I appreciate your kindness on that. I am doing oooh, you've got snow coming. I know. I know. Our son, he's in DC and said it's going to be snowing there. He's 25. And I said, Luke, do you have winter boots? And he says, no, I do not. So I think we know one of the presents Luke is getting for Christmas this year. Hopefully it'll get there but not for this storm. So I hope you stay safe, Carol. I hope you're all warm and cozy. So that's my story for today. Just please be patient with me. I'm not ignoring you. I am doing it as fast as I can. And I really appreciate all of you being here, being part of Plymouth Cards. I really appreciate being part of the family and I think that's it for today. I hope you have a great rest of your evening and I will see you soon. Thanks so much. Bye.


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