Live with Lisa Week 32: Greeting Cards, New Year Ideas

January 08, 2021 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 32: Greeting Cards, New Year Ideas-Plymouth Cards


Hello, Happy Thursday. I know, I usually hop in on Wednesdays but yesterday was a little crazy. So I decided I would wait until today and get on today and talk to everybody. So I hope you all had a great holiday, a Happy New Year. I'm happy to be here in January. We're getting everything ready and we have some exciting things coming in the works throughout the year that we've been planning, which I'm really excited about. So I just wanted to hop on today and talk about a few things and see how you're all doing. So feel free to say hi. Tell me what's going on. Did you have a great new year or anything you want to share? And I will do my best, I'm still kind of... The whole phone thing with it scrolling through sometimes I miss comments. I can't read as fast as it scrolls through. So if I miss it, I will reply after I get off the live. Anytime you have a question you can post it here on Facebook, you can private message me through Facebook, you can email me at or you can always call me at 877-830-3405. I love chatting with you, so you're never a bother. Let's see. 


We still are taking pre-orders for Clarence snowman ornaments. I know it's after Christmas but we've had so many requests for people that still want them. So we are taking pre-orders. And Allen, in case you don't know who Allen is, he's my brother-in-law. He's the one that makes the pewter ornaments in Massachusetts for me. And so he's busy making them and we will be shipping by January 22nd. So if you want to be guaranteed in the next batch, I suggest you place an order now so that we can get your order fulfilled by then. Otherwise, you can wait. And as soon as I do have them in stock, because I know some people are uncomfortable pre-paying for something. So if that's you, which is fine, like I get that, you can watch Facebook and sign up for our email list. And once they are 100% in stock I will be noting that as well.


So one thing I wanted to mention that we're going to be adding this week, it's already Thursday, my gosh. So I guess by tomorrow, I will get it on there is that we're going to be introducing boxes. So I've introduced them for the pins, I just haven't had a moment to do them for the ornaments yet. So you'll be able to have an option. And this will be going forward for all our ornaments, not just... I just did a Clarence example. But the boxes are made from 100%, recycled board paper. And they're made here in the US just like everything else that we like to do. And the tag is made from recycled paper as well. So I'll make sure that the tags coordinate as best as possible with whatever the ornament is. So for example, I bet you're going to be able to guess what color mask this ornament has. 


We have over 17 options for twine. So that's really helpful. So we'll be able to match it with whatever you are buying. So that's really cool. I'll just show you. So this is what the box is going to look like. They're about 3 1/2 * 3 1/2 * 1 inch thick. It will be $5 extra for this option. Obviously it's an option. So the ornaments are $10 and then if you choose this, that would make it $15. So I'm just going to open it up so you can see what it looks like inside. So we will have it all wrapped up for you. But I won't tie it in such a way that you won't be able to open it and check it. Because I get it if you're going to be giving it as a gift to somebody, you probably want to open it and make sure that it's right and unfortunately, we're human. Sometimes you ask us for original and we send you orange, who knew. But we do our best here and so that way it works. It will be tied so that you can open it without damaging it and then be able to re-tie it up, just like tying the shoe. And then inside this is what it will look like. I just had a decal Clarence that I grabbed real quick and it will have the cotton. And then one thing I'm considering doing, which I think I will do is include the little story about Clarence in the gift wrapping box as well. So that will be there. I think that might be a nice idea. Let me know if you love that or hate that idea. But yeah, so that's what the box will look like. And if you have any other packaging ideas, I love hearing everyone's suggestions and comments because it helps. You might say one thing and then that will just spur thought into so many other exciting opportunities for us to offer to you. So that's where I'm going with that. 


Yesterday evening I posted on Facebook that we're starting to take pre-orders for the Hope pin. I don't have a sample to show you right now. Hey, Cindy, thank you. Oh, good. Oh good. You like the idea of that being included in the box. Perfect. Thank you. I wasn't sure if people would like that or not. So that's good to know. The hope pin, I just introduced it real quick last night, but before next week's live which will be on Wednesday, assuming everything goes well here, I will be able to show that to you. But it's a beautiful pin. If you haven't seen it you can look back. And I will also post it here in the comments when I'm off so that you can check that out too. So that's also $10. It's beautiful. I love, love, love the font, the style. We'll be adding more words this year. The other day I asked people to give suggestions of words that they were interested in. Because I've received so many requests. I just I didn't expect such a positive response to the word hope. I guess I didn't know what to expect. So that was really great having so much positive feedback from that and people were wanting so many different words. So I wanted to narrow it down to hopefully three of the ones that people want the most. I think I'll do a poll soon and let everyone vote through a poll. So then we can see which ones are the most desirable. Because I'd hate to pick a word that no one is interested in. So there's that. So that's the hope pin


Valentine's, I know it's crazy. And you're thinking it's only January. But if you're going to be sending Valentine's cards, especially photo ones, it's time to start thinking about getting them now because you'll need to get them shipped to you so that you can get them and put your pictures in and everything. So I just wanted to show you a couple different options that we offer in case that's something you'd like to send. I love sending them like to my mom or my kids now that they don't live here. I like sending them mail. So this is one of our Greetings from the Past. And the cool thing about our Greetings from the Past is, maybe you don't know this about me, but I love nostalgia. I love vintage things and I love the old... I just love all that kind of stuff. Just very nostalgic, I guess. So all our Greetings from the Past they're called, they are made from vintage... They're reprinted vintage postcards. 


So this is one of our Valentine designs, we have close to a dozen Valentine designs, I can't remember exactly how many. They are $2.99 each. And so inside the card is blank, just like that. And the back is blank with the exception of our logo, which is right there. Small and in a discreet location so it doesn't take over the card. But what I want to show you that's really cool about our cards, is that you can slide out this right. So your recipient can slide this out, if they choose that they don't want to hold on to the card for the life of the card or as long as they want, then they can flip it over and check that out, it's a postcard on the back. So it's a two for one, which is really cool. And if you wanted to you could actually put a stamp on it in advance so that when they pull it out that they could think that then send you a note or send someone else a note, which I really love that about all our Greetings from the Past. So they all have this postcard back on it. And it's made from 100-pound paper. It's actually 110-pound paper so it's not flimsy. I don't know if you can tell by me just moving it, but it's not a flimsy cardstock. It's a nice quality cardstock so when it gets mailed just like this, it will hold up. They won't be... Obviously the machine is probably going to put marks on it and stuff but it's not going to arrive at the recipient's home in tatters. So that's some of our Greetings from the Past which have, what I said. And I will put a link to all those in the comments when I get off. 


And then I just wanted to give you an example of a photo one. So this is just like all our other cards. Whoops! It isn't a facebook live without me dropping something. So anyway, with our photocards that the image just slides in and it's really... You don't need any glue, you don't need any adhesives or anything like that. They're made to stay in place, you can see. And they slide in; I recommend when you slide them in that you do it on a flat surface and you use either rubber fingertips. We sell a pair of rubber fingertips for $1. Or if you have latex gloves or if you have those rubber gloves that people use sometimes to wash dishes, anything that has some stickiness, not stickiness, but just grip, that's the word. Anything that has some grip to it will help in two ways. One, it will help grip your photo to slide it in. But it will also prevent fingertips from getting on your photo. So I just wanted to show you how you can just slide out like that. 


I love this pattern. It's called rustic hearts. And it's very subtle, it's not in your face, over the top Valentine. I just feel like it's just a nice subtle design. We actually had people buy this, this year for their Christmas cards, which surprised me. I just didn't expect that which it was really cool doing that and writing the messages inside. So just like all our other cards, the design is on this side. And then the left side where you could write it or leave it blank if you choose, however you'd like to do it. But that is two of our Valentine cards, but see right there your photo will just slide right in, right to the other side. And so we include instructions for how to put your photo in, in every order. We also have a video that Beni my daughter did. She did that when she was in college, so we have that video. And when your email comes that the order has shipped there's a link to that video. So you can watch it in advance. It's not anything high tech, but we just thought some people read and learn that way and some people are more visual. I'm a more visual person, I have to kind of watch something. So we wanted to give customers both options of how you want to see. Again, it's just you put it on a flat surface, you lift it up, you slide your picture in and it goes all the way through. So that's really cool. So I just wanted to mention the Valentine's cards. 


So the Greetings from the Past are $2.99 you can buy as many or as few designs as you'd like. And the photo insert, no cards, which are blank, where this is empty, are $1.49 or if you buy 10 of the same design, they would be $13.99. And if you buy 30 of the same design, they're $40.99. And we charge $5 shipping, no matter how much you order. You can buy one thing, you can buy a thousand things and it's $5. So I think that's good, a good deal. And I'm not sure if you have any questions but feel free to ask away. I'm happy to answer anything as long as I see it as it scrolls by so fast. I don't know. I'm trying. I think it's week 31 I think of me doing these Facebook lives, which is great. 


So that's that and then what I'm also working on is the graduation 2021 ornament, which I will be showcasing. Yesterday or one day this week I asked everyone for feedback on a few designs that I had and we got your feedback and it was like 10 to 3 or something three. So we went with the one that most people had requested. So that was that and we'll get that going. But hopefully I will have a physical sample to show you in the next few weeks. Allen's working on that too. And we're keeping him busy with all these things. 


So I have the Clarence pin, I don't know if you've seen that, me wearing that. He is so cute. So the Clarence pin, we're getting those they'll be shipping by the 22nd and ornaments that we're taking pre-orders for. We actually have officially sold out of all colors. So every color is a pre-order now. But they will be shipping by January 22nd. Unless of course they get lost via UPS and then we'll cry and have to send you all emails apologizing but I don't anticipate that happening. 


We have the best UPS drivers I just love... They are Pam and Barry and they're just awesome. I'm going to post a picture of them I took the other day, they're so fun. So that's them but that's what when be getting all that. 


If there's any other products that you think of like man, I wish you know, you had a pewter this or a card for that, let me know. I really have fun. That's the really fun part, its creating new products and new designs and working with customers for ideas. So I love doing that. So feel free to reach out to me anytime. And so I think I'm going to sign off now. 


I so appreciate you watching and oh, I should just mention one more time, 877-830-3405 is the phone number. Email is or you can always private message me through Facebook if you're not comfortable posting on Facebook where everyone can see. Anything works. Alright, I hope you have a great rest of your day and I will see you next Wednesday. Thanks so much. Bye.

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