Live with Lisa - Week 57

June 30, 2021 0 Comments

Live with Lisa - Week 57-Plymouth Cards

 Hey there! Happy Wednesday. I hope you're having a great day. I know I'm a little bit later than usual. I know we're usually here at 3 o'clock, but I had some work being done so I didn't want you to hear banging and sawing. So I just held off for a little bit since they were almost done. So I hope you're doing well.

Let's see, I have some new products to show you, which is really exciting. They just came in, and then I want to see how everything else is going. So I hope you had a great weekend, we had a great weekend. The space, I would say we're probably 85% - 90% done. There's just some boxes that need to be put away and a few things that I still need to get because -- you'd laugh right now. Right now my laptop is sitting on top of a post office bin, because I'm looking for a rolling desk so that I can wheel it and we can be in different locations every week, instead of you just seeing the same old same old. I'm sure you want to see something else behind me instead of just the pegboard. So I'm working on that. But again, you know, I'm doing my whole made in the USA thing or the other option is to buy something second-hand; because then I wouldn't feel bad about buying something that wasn't made in the US as long as it's second-hand. So that's what I've been working on. I've been finding some really great things and I can't wait to give you all a tour when it's done. Hopefully in another couple of weeks.

So let's see, what do I got today? Today I wanted to show you -- and then I'll post the links to the products. So the first thing is the Beechwood Serving Spoons came in, they weren't supposed to be here till the week of July 12th, which is so exciting. So every pre-order has been shipped, so I think that's fabulous. I wanted to show you them up close, since I have them all. So here's the first one. Where's the food. So look at that. It's laser engraved. And then there's the back, they're nice and thick. You shouldn't put them in the dishwasher, wash them by hand, because the dishwasher it's too much and it will crack them. So here's one. Happiness is homemade. Got to I love that. Oh, let me show you the handle too, so there's that. Okay, life is short, lick the spoon. This is actually my favorite. I know, I know you're not supposed to do it, but after all the cookies are in the oven and I've put the extra in the freezer. I make little cookie balls in advance so that when ever -- so what I do is I don't know if you do this, but I'll give you a little tip on what I do with chocolate chip cookies, or cookies in general. So for example, the Nestle Toll House, the batch is big enough. It's too big for us to eat the whole batch in one night. But we all in my family prefer them to be hot out of the oven. So like what do I do, I try to figure out what I should do about that to solve that problem. So what I came up with is I make the whole batch in the bowl, I don't cook it. And then what I do is I cook what we want for that night and then I make the cookie balls, I use a scoop, and I put them in then I put them in the freezer. So then the next day or whenever we want more cookies, I just take out the cookie balls and put them on a tray. You don't even have to defrost them, which is fabulous. It just takes a few extra minutes for them to cook. And they come out just like I had whipped up the batter fresh that night. So great tip, in case you're wondering. So I think that's fabulous.

And let me know where you're watching from today. I'd love to know, say hi. I'm not doing Stream Yard today, so I can't -- I don't know if I can see. I know, I am learning so I just wasn't sure what time I was going to be able to get on today, so that's why. So Life is short, lick the spoon. That's my long winded story. But really try it with the cookie balls. I'm telling you it's amazing. The Nestle Toll House cookies by far the best. And yeah, I'll sometimes I eat them frozen right out of the freezer, not even cooked, but I know they're not supposed to but they're really good. So stirring burns calories. Love that one too. So they're all yeah, so those are the four that I have right now that are all in stock. Like I said they weren't supposed to be here till July 12 and now they're here. Oh, hey, Kristen. How are you today? Hope you're doing well. Hope it's nice there. It's Florida, obviously everyone knows I'm in Florida, but it's Florida weather here. It's very warm and it's been raining today. So it thunderstorms every afternoon here because it's so hot during the day, so every afternoon it thunderstorms. And I didn't realize that about Tampa that when we were looking for property or to move, Vinny did a hard sell for this area. And I am petrified of lightning and I did not realize that it was the lightning capital of the country. So there we go. And here I am, living it up. My neighbors make fun of me because as soon as you see lightning I like run inside. I'm done with it. I hate it. So here's the link, I'm going to post that. Oh, it's too bad. Oh, sorry. But I guess you know what Kristen, I would much rather be hot than cold personally, and there's no snow. You don't have to shovel it. So yeah, my parents got me a little sign a few years ago that says you don't shovel sunshine. That's one of Vinny's little things he's saying all the time, so we have that on our mantel. I do not ever complain about the heat, bring it on. The cold is the worst for me. So I hope you're all doing well where you are. I know back at home in Boston its very, very warm there. So I've gotten the deets from my family.

So I have this brand new product. I just put it on the website today. I got it from the same company where I got the Beechwood spoons, everything is from this little company is made in Texas, and it's coasters. And there I go. I always get messed up with the camera. Well check these out. So this whole set of coasters, there's four in each set. These are made from cork. I should keep them up here. They're made from cork. And what else was I going to say? Each one is different, of the set which I think is kind of cool instead of having all that so. So this is called the Positive Coaster Set. Focus on the good is one. I'm trying really hard to get this to work. Here we go. So you can see them, there we go. Laugh more, worry less. Choose kindness, courage, love. And don't overthink today. So that's the whole positive coaster set. Let me show you, they're about 3/16 of an inch thick, so there's that; and they're 4''x4'', so you can see that.

And then this set that I got, I had to get for all our camera lovers, all our photographers, I think you're going to love it. So this is what brought me to the product to start with. It's vintage cameras and they're all laser engraved on cork. So there's one camera, there just so adorable. I love cameras. I have some old cameras that we found at flea markets and such throughout the years. And actually, now that I'm thinking about that, I should put those on the wall here. That would be a good idea, so there's that. And here's this one, so let me know what you think about them. They're really cute. And let's see, I'm going to put those on. So each set of four is $11.99. So I just got two different ones to start just so that we could just, you know, I don't like to overwhelm you and me so that's it. Here, I'm going to just type this in quick, coasters. There, so now you can see those. And let's see what else did I want to tell you? Yeah, I just really love these. They're just really, really cute. I don't know if you had any cameras growing up or whatever. I've had so many different ones through the years. Remember the ones with a bulb that would make that big flash and burnout. I forgot what kind that was, and then the bulb would turn you only got four bulb uses per bulb. I'm going to have to go look that one up because that one I remember, and then I had the one that you put the circle film in, a disc camera, I think that was called, what kind did you have? So I've had a bunch of different cameras through the years. Now I have a digital Canon and Nikon and then I have my phone. So I use all that for all that but we did that up for all our cards, and such.

So what else was I going to show you? Oh, I just wanted to let you know today's June 30th, 2021, in case you forgot what year it is. And today is the last day to get the special June collection. So I just wanted to show you one more time. There's four colors in the set altogether, oops, you only can see three, four colors. So there they all are. So we have cyan, we have lime, magenta, and fun dots. So be on the lookout, because the next time I talk about the collection, it'll be for the July month. And it's really fun, I just finished photographing it and getting it all set. So that'll be here, I'll talk about it next week but you can watch the Facebook page too. And if you are interested, just so you know, if you get our email, it'll be announced there tomorrow. So if you've signed up for our email, you'll get to see it first. I think that's -- I'm trying to think what else.

So yeah, so I talked to you about the spoons and next week, I think I will show all the Clarence’s because they've been coming in every day. Tomorrow, I get three more colors that we've been waiting on, and then next week, I should be getting glitter. So we're going to have glitter red and glitter green. So if you got Clarence 2020 -- Oops, sorry about that. So if you got Clarence 2020 in like the glitter option, which is really adorable, it just adds that little bit of pizzazz, I guess for lack of a better word. They're available right now on the website but I don't actually have them in my physical possession yet. So they'll be here, hopefully, next week.

So that's what I've got for you. I hope everything else is going great. And I thank you for being here and watching. And if you have any comments, pop them in the comments, and I'll respond, I do check them. And if I miss your comments, if I don't respond to you within a day or two -- What was I going to say? You know, say hey Lisa, I'm looking for an answer, whatever. Sometimes Facebook doesn't notify me when you do a comment. So then I don't know, to comment. And so that's what happens. I'm not ignoring you, I promise. Let's see.

And it's the 4th. I hope you all have a great 4th, we are just going to be chilling at home. So not doing anything crazy this year for sure. Yeah, try not to work this 4th, but we just took vacation. So we're still behind from that. So hopefully we're going to be caught up in the next few days. So then we can take Sunday off but -- Oh, and just so you know, there is no mail or UPS or FedEx or anything like that on Monday delivery. So we are going to try to get everything out that we possibly can by Saturday, so at least it gets in the system. So I think that's all I got for you. I appreciate you. Thanks for watching. And you can always call me at 877-830-3405 if you have questions or you want to place an order. You can always order on our website 24/7 plymouthcards with an and then what else? you can email me and ask me a question. So I will see you next week. I have some more fun things to show you and yeah, have a safe 4th. Be careful. I know I'm a baby. Scared of fireworks too.