Live with Lisa - Week 58

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Live with Lisa - Week 58-Plymouth Cards

Hey there, Happy Wednesday. I hope you're all doing well today. My name is Lisa, here at Plymouth Cards, and I have some new ornaments to show you. I have all the Clarence’s in, so I wanted to show you all of that. But first, I wanted to just say hi, see how you've been? How was your week? A tropical storm blew through last night, but thankfully, it was totally fine. I slept through it, so that was great. Things are good here. I hope you had a great 4th. I'll admit that we worked. We had so many things to finish up here in the new space that we just wanted to get it done. 

Vinny is amazing! He's built more pieces of furniture over the last week than he probably cares to have built. But he's amazing. So he's got that all built and I'm hoping to have everything finalized so that I can do a tour next week. You can see probably behind me, the wall of card colors, its coming along. So that's been really exciting. 

Say hi, let me know where you're watching from. I'm in Plant City, Florida. It is 85 degrees and sunny here today. So hopefully it's nice and warm where you are too. So let's jump into it. So I'm not sure if I should do Clarence and show you all the scarf colors or show you the two new ornaments. So what do you think? Do you have any suggestions? 

Well, that I'll do is I think I'll show you a few of the Clarence colors and then I'll introduce the two new ornaments. I think that might be a fun way to do it. I just wanted to show you up close all the different scarf colors so you can see them because sometimes the computer-generated images make it look different than it really is. So I'm going to do my best to show them to you. So here we go. 

So that's the white. And then maybe I'm just going to show you them hanging. Nope, I don't think that's going to work. Here is the green. And we have many, many different colors of -- let me show you up close, there's the green. Before I get sidetracked here, many different ribbon colors. So there is Maroon. So that's a new color that we introduced this year, we did it for that class of 2021 grad cap ornaments, and it was so well received that we thought we would do maroon for a scarf. So we have maroon, and then black was a request by many, as you can see. The colors really make the 2021 on the scarf really, really pop. So there's that. Then we have our light blue; it's a little bit different than the medium blue we had last year, so just keep that in mind. It's a little bit lighter, so that's why we're calling it light blue. If I'm going too fast, please let me know. And if you're watching live or even if you're not watching live, if you're watching later, say hi. I'd love to know who's watching and who's here. Let's see, I'm going to show you a few more and then I will show you -- I'm just separating these. And I apologize if that's loud. So please, I want to ask you, so I've been watching some live videos just to get some tips and pointers on things and I never realized how distracting it is when the people that are doing the videos are opening packaging. So if I'm ever doing anything that the noises are loud, or I don't think of it, please let me know. Because my goodness, I will never open a plastic, not that we carry plastic here so much, but oh my gosh, I couldn't believe how loud and distracting that was. So here's orange. 

And just like last year, we will be donating $1 of every orange scarf sale to the scholarship sale to the scholarship in Allen's mother's name at Oklahoma State University. So last year we donated $1,000 to the scholarship, so I'm hoping to do that at least this year, which would be amazing. And the scholarship is for non-traditional students. Kathy went to college when she'd already had Allen, so it's just supporting a non-traditional graduate from high school and go right into college student, which I think is a great thing. So that's the orange. And let's see, have I gotten to the halfway point yet? I will get here. Here's another one, here's yellow. So I hope you like them as much as we do. And here is, oh my gosh, I have to look at it first, lavender. So there's the lavender one. So there's that. 

So now here are our two new ornaments. Vinny's dad is the one that got the family into It's a Wonderful Life. He's since passed; he passed many years ago in oh my gosh, 1996. But the family has just loved It's a Wonderful Life. And it just brings us all so much happiness watching the movie. And that's how Clarence got his name, and how George and Mary got their name. So we thought that this year, we would honor Vinny's parents, and we have Benny, which is his father's name and so we have that one. And that's where our daughter Bennie got her nickname from, from him. And so, I love him. If you can see up close, here I'm going to try this. Trying not to get my hands in it, but it's not working. So he has a green bow tie. There's no option on the bow tie, it's all green right now. And he has a cool vest on, I don't know if you can see the detail in that. And then he has a Holly leaf on his top hat, which I think is really cool. So his name is Benny. I don't have the dual monitors today, so after this live is over, I will post all the links to all the products that I'm mentioning so that you can see them all. 

And then Vin's mom, her name was Louise. So here's Louise, and she has on a really fun big red neck scarf. Louise was very exuberant, you knew she was in the room. So here they are, here is Benny and Louise; so these are just like all our other ones they're $11.99 -- I'm going backwards. You think I have learned how to use this. There we go, Benny and Louise. So those are brand new for this year, and they are now live on the website but I will post the direct link so that you can see them. 

Then I will continue going on with the other colors. Just to show you all the different Clarence scarfs up close and personal. This is original. So it's actually more like a turquoise color, but original because I wanted to make sure people knew that if they bought the original Clarence last year that this would be a complimentary, the coordinating one. So there's that. We have the pink one, the pink scarf. 

Now just like again, like last year, we donated $1 in my mom's name, who is a breast cancer survivor, to two different organizations. So this year right now, we are going to be donating $1 to breast cancer research. We're going to figure out exactly the charity, we haven't decided which one yet. But that is $1 for each of those. And last year we donated over $1500 to breast cancer research last year. We gave some to a local charity here in Florida and then we gave some to the Mass General Hospital where my mother received all her treatment. So successful, it's been over six years now. So um, so that was great. So that's what we did last year. And we have one more new charity that we're adding this year and I'll talk about that in a moment. Here is brown. This is brown, we had the brown scarf last year. And of course, we have to have red because who doesn't have red for Christmas? 

There's Purple, purple is kind of hard to see because right now I'm looking at it on my monitor, it kind of looks a little blue. I don't know if that's what it looks like to you. The ribbon actually looks kind of blue too but it is more purple than blue. Just so you know that interesting why that happens. I don't understand the monitors and all that. We also have crimson, so we've got crimson. And all Clarence’s just like all our other pewter ornaments are $11.99. 

And we do have plenty of the mask Clarence with the toilet paper scarf if you're interested. So this is teal, one of our wonderful customers Cindy requested to teal last year as a mask color, and man, people really loved it. So we added it this year as well for this scarf. And you can see the 2021 right here, it pops. So there's that. So here's the last year's mask, one with the toilet paper scarf. So we have these in stock. And we do plan on carrying them for most of this year as well. They've been in such great demand throughout the year. So we figured we would keep it all. 

And then last but not least we have our blue which is -- here we go the blue. And we're going to donate $1 for every blue one that we sell to the Watertown Boys and Girls Club. The Boys and Girls Club is where Vinny and his friends and some of his siblings went and it kept them out of trouble when they were growing up. So he has a great affinity for the program, great memories. So we thought that that would be a great place to make an impact this year. So for every blue one we sell, we're going to make a donation to them and think we're going to make it in his parents' name. So that's that story for that. 

Feel free to ask me any questions. I'm here I can see your questions with the Stream Yard, it's kind of cool. And I was going to show you one other thing and now I don't see it on my table. I don't know where I --  oh, I see it. 

So the last thing I wanted to show you is, the July collection, it’s here. And I just wanted to show it to you real quick so you can see all the colors. And I'm sure you can tell or guess what it's going to be since it's July, but here are our colors. So what we're doing for the July collection, the collection is only good through the end of the month $31.99 for a 24 pack, or $45.99 for the 36 pack. And I will just hold all the colors so you can see them. 

Here's our Navy, and then we have blueberry. So for the 24 pack, it's three of each of the colors I show you. We don't usually do an eight card pack, but I just thought there was so many fun colors for July, I thought it'd be cool to do that. So we have red. And then I put this picture in, here is a picture of Luke on the Fourth of July, many years ago. So that's in our Candy Red. So you can see him waving to us, he was so excited. That was 2000, he was so excited to be sitting in that stroller as Vinny pushed him for the annual road race in our little town. He had so much fun. And then we have white because of course you need white; and then shimmer white, we have the smooth one in this collection. I don't know if you can see I'm going to hold it up. But it has this iridescent-ness to it; it really, really makes the pictures pop or your artwork. It's really fabulous. I love it so much. So there's that one. And then of course, you have to have Stars and Stripes. So we have the white stars on the blue background. We call this one blue stars; I know, not very creative.

Oh, hey June, let me see what you got. Let's see. Oh, I'm going to -- Oh, thank you so much June, I'm so happy you love everything. That makes me so happy. Yay! Thank you for your order. I really appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you. So that makes me so happy. Let's see. Oh, and then Sorry, I got sidetracked with the note. 

And then we have the red and white stripe. You know you can use this for the summer, for your holiday Fourth of July photos or you can also save it and then use it a Christmas for Christmas pictures, call it Candy Cane. So that's the 24 pack or 36 pack for our July collection. They get all wrapped up and then they're going to have a firecracker gift tag on the front of them, which is really adorable too. And so those will be available through the end of this month and unless we run out sooner, but I don't anticipate that. I got plenty for everyone. 

And yeah, so I don't know -- What was I going to say? I think that's what I got for today. I hope you enjoyed seeing all the Clarence’s up close and personal and Benny and Louise, I'm really excited for them. And I will be posting all those links as soon as I get off. If you do have any questions, if you're not watching this live and you think of something or you want to tell me an idea of product or whatever, just pop it in the comments. I'd love to hear from you. Or you can always email You can give me a call at 877-830-3405 or you can, like I said, pop a message here. 

So I hope you have a great rest of your day. I hope you have a great weekend, we plan on finishing up. I have two more piles of stuff to go through and then I will be ready to give you a tour and one more piece of furniture for Vinny to build, but hopefully he is okay with that. So I will see you next Wednesday and I hope you have a great rest of your day. Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you. Bye!