Live with Lisa - Week 59

July 14, 2021 0 Comments

Live with Lisa - Week 59-Plymouth Cards

Hey! Happy Wednesday. I hope you're having a great day. My name is Lisa in case you haven't met me before, and I am here at Plymouth Cards. And we're going to do a tour today of the new space. 

So I know at the beginning when we first got the space, I showed you a little bit about it. And let me first apologize for the lighting. The skies just opened up and it is crazy rain here right now, and if you hear thunder and lightning, I apologize in the background. So we're going to just go with it. 

So I was going to start this tour outside so you could see the door, but unfortunately, mother nature isn't going to allow that so we're going to just go with it. So there is our sign on the door. So I thought that was really cool. Yes, I did it myself, so I was really proud of myself. And stay tuned to because at the end, I want to show you the two new Clarence’s that just came in. So alright, so today, we're going to take a tour of Plymouth Cards. And what I've done is I have a moving cart now, so I'm going to be able to show you different things. And please let me know where you're watching from. If you have any questions about anything you see, feel free to ask. I'm here to answer questions. I love talking, obviously, about postcards, that's just my life. So not in a bad way, in a good way, my family will attest to that. 

So alright, so here we are, that's the door that people will come in. And we just got this, hopefully you can see it. Maybe not, I'm going to turn it totally like that. There is our welcome rug and the paint that you can still see that still there, but that's okay. So here we are. So I'm going to just roll around. And on our entrance wall right there, you'll see it's a really cool -- I know people that watch a lot know that they know that I like vintage and rustic, and antique, and you know repurposing. So I took this old shutter and made it into a wall hanger. So there you go, there's some of our cards displayed there. And then up even further up on this wall, let me see if I can get you to see it better, that on the bottom here, I'm going to walk over here. So this piece right here and right above it in the frame that shows the glare that is the plate, the dye that makes the card. So I'm going to try and move it up closer so you can see. So isn't that cool. So that's the dye that they put in the machine. And then above it is the sheet of paper that they put in the machine on a different side of the machine. And then they roll and cut .it. We actually made a video of Plymouth Cards, you don't need to see the top of my head anymore. Sorry, I got so distracted. But we actually made a video and I think I'll post it again this week so you'll see it. 

Now the black circles in the little frame that is an ornament. And that is the mold to make the ornament and the master. So I don't know if you can see that. So that's what those are out there on the wall. So there's that. 

Let's continue on the tour. So I feel like my family's coming to visit I cleaned up everything so you would see everything nice and neat and organized. So here is the back wall that shows all our -- this isn't the biggest space ever. It's a great space, so I just had to be creative with how we displayed and stored our products. So all our gift bags are on this special pegboard wall that Vinnie built for me. And yeah, so let's keep going. We'll move down further. So there are all our pens on the wall; got these little cute little cups that hold them all on our pegboard. And then these, I know last week I spoke about all the bookshelves Vinnie has been building. So that's what those are right there on the wall. So it's a great wall divider between the front office space and the back warehouse. So there's that. So you can see the new coasters are up there on the shelf. We had this spinning racks, and now I can put my Greetings from the Past there because what ends up happening is I used to get them, make them and then they just get misplaced. So now I have a rack to store them all. 

So here's the backside of the shelving. So we actually doubled it so that way, we have twice as much storage. And on this side you can see papers and -- Sorry, if I keep cutting myself off. All our new notebook journals and there's probably some fun things there that you haven't learned about yet. So there's that. This is one of my favorite things that we did, I'm going to show you. Photographing, so I do all the photography for our products, and sometimes it gets boring with the same old, same old backgrounds. So what we did is we went antiquing to the salvage place. And checkout, I'm going to move out of the way, but I just wanted to show you. I'm going to move back this way, this wall that we did. It's amazing! So if someone comes in there, they look at it, they give it a double take, because they're like, what is that usual display, but there it is. I don't know if you can see it, I'm going to move up a little closer, so maybe you can see. So here is one window right here, and then here's another shutter background. And then the cool thing is, is that Vinny put them on metal hangers for me, and they're reversible. So I can have two different designs for the windows, two different designs for the shutters and I actually we bought two shutters, so I'll be able to afford different colors. And then we have this really cool dresser back there that we can also use to stage photos. And yes, we have a Christmas tree displaying all the time. So you know, we have to do the ornaments. 

But if you have any questions, please let me know. This is my first time with the wheel cart pushing things along. So if I forget to mention something, and you have a question, please shout it out. And if you're watching somewhere fun, let me know that too, or even if it's not fun. 

So there's that piece. And so I'm just really excited how the space came out, and hopefully I'm not making you seasick, I'm trying to go slow. So on the back wall, now you're seeing is the card wall. So what we do is we have all the cards -- Just to keep things organized, we start with red, the pink family, and along the top, and then it goes down. So it goes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purples, and then we get into the whites, the tan, browns, grays, blacks. So that's how that all works. So you can see, I'm going to pull it back. So you can see, look at that. Those are all the card colors that we have. And then the bottom row is all the collections that we have ready. So when you order them, they're ready to ship. So there's that we try to keep a fair amount of those ready. Obviously, the sampler is our number one seller, so we keep the most of that available. 

I just love all the colors. Hopefully I don't trip, that's something I would do. And now I'm going to flip you around so you can see. This is our packing table. And on the packing table you can see all the twine colors that we have, there's the cardboard wrap, the instructions, some of the newspaper. What we do is we keep the newspaper folded the way we get it from the newspaper, Osprey Observer but what we do is we spend, you know, half an hour to an hour, we open up a bunch of it. So it's ready to just grab a few sheets and do that. We use that just to be eco-friendly, we try not to add any additional plastics into the world. And it's great to use their brand new papers that just never got circulated. They had extra so we can get to use those. So that's a really cool thing. 

Let me see, what else am I going to show you. But if you want to see something special, please leave me a note. I'm reading, I'm looking for comments so I will definitely put those on there. Okay, so here's our printing station with our printers, and then it has the foil machine. And we have all that ready to go. Now I'm going to move you along. Let's go back. And I will show you, all our card inventory is in all these boxes back here. But first we'll show you real quickly, we have all the boxes. We have to keep that all in stock. So I'm not sure if you can see all that, those are all our boxes in the little bags. And oh yep, there's all the aprons. I have all the different color aprons, so we have those hanging there. And then yeah, we have a shelf filled with all the different picture frames we have. Check this out. 

So now it's so nice being in this space because everything is together. Before we had some stuff at the house, some stuff at storage, in the garage. So it's fabulous having everything in one spot. So now I know exactly how many of the different card colors we have. So that's all our -- and now we're going by the clear bags. That's the only plastic that we buy for customers is the clear bags that you can put the one two up to 10 cards in them. So that's the only, like I said plastic thing that we purchase. Everything else is recycled, redo, reuse, repurpose. So here's more card you can see all the colors. 

Let's see! What else we have to show you/? We now have the ability we have our swatch book already, those are some clearance cards and now I'm going to show you, I don't know if you can see down there, that's all our ribbons waiting. And behind me is our ornaments, our glassware, our candles. So we have it all here. I hope you're enjoying this as much as I'm enjoying showing you, maybe you're not, but I'm being a little geek here. 

Let's see. And this is the other station right here. And this is where we do ornament assembly. So we have all the ribbon colors hanging there, and then you saw the excess over there. So that's all that, so that is our new space. And one of my most favorite features of this new space is that we have this amazing garage door. So that now when they deliver, he can just wheel a pallet in off the truck and I don't have to help unload pallets, which is a -- it's a good workout for sure, but not the most exciting thing to be doing in the middle of the summer.

So that's the tour. I hope you enjoyed seeing that. I/m going to show you our new comments. Hopefully I'm going to see if I can get into a better lit spot. Sorry, I'm still getting used to this cart and everything. 

So we just got the glitter Clarence’s in today. So I'm very excited about that. So I just wanted to show you, here's the red glitter one. And so, look at how sparkly he is, I love that. And then we also have the green one as well. So don't be shy. Let me know where you're watching from, we'd love to say hello, and see what you're doing today. Here's the green one. That's oh, I'm sorry, it looks kind of dark in the picture on the screen right now. But I assure you -- Oh, there maybe there, that's good. Do you see that? It's so cool. I love the glitter ones. They are a little bit more money because they do cost me a little bit more money. It's a more time consuming process to do the glitter, so that's why. But I think you won't -- Well, I know you won't be disappointed with them they're just amazing. So those are the two Clarence’s that just came in today. And on Friday, I know I've talked about it before, but about the different words that we're going to be adding for this year. Last year, we had hope, and we will continue to have hope because it was so well received. Customers use it for so many purposes. So next Wednesday, I will be revealing the new word.

So I hope that's something exciting that you'll want to watch with me and see. And I think that's what we've got for today. I just wanted to show you I'm just really excited to have the space organized and neat and tidy. And I really like things to be organized. But I will admit that I'm usually not the most organized with my personal life. But I really like the business to be very, very organized because that way we can get your orders out to you quickly.

So if you're watching this as a recording, not live and you have a question about anything that you saw in the video that I didn't address, feel free to ask I will definitely pop in and answer the questions. So I hope you have a great rest of your Wednesday and a good upcoming weekend. And I will see you next Wednesday. I really appreciate you being here and watching. Thanks so much. Bye!