Live with Lisa Week 1: FAQ's Answered!

May 20, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 1: FAQ's Answered!-Plymouth Cards

Okay, looks like I'm live. If anyone can hear me, it'd be great to say hello. Lisa here from Plymouth Cards, and I'm doing Instagram and Facebook at the same time. But I would say if I go back and forth between the cameras, I apologize. Okay, I have the green light, the red light. So, I'm going to go. I'm Lisa at Plymouth Cards, and we did a survey with our customers and flew there, unlike you. I don't know why I'm so nervous, but I am for whatever reason. There were a lot of questions that people had on this survey, and I thought it might be really a great idea to do a Facebook live and Instagram live.

A lot of the questions people had been products that we already set up, we need to do a better job of promoting what we have, for people to know. One of the things that a lot of people are asking is they were saying that they don't like the logo information on the front of the card. Great news, all the cards we're printing will now just be blank on the front and on the inside. So, our logo will still be on the back, let me see. Our logo will still be on the back, just about the size of a quarter. See that about the size of a quarter. So, the rest of the card will be completely blank, and I think that will make a lot of people happy. I guess we didn't realize that. The printing that was on the inside here, that photo or artwork covers was actually bleeding through if you had a light-colored image that you were putting there. So, I apologize for that. We didn't think of that. So, we are now getting rid of that.

Let's see, oh, a lot of other people were saying that they don't like the dark, they love the dark colors, but they don't buy the dark colors because they have a pen to write with it. But the thing is, we have silver pen here, we sell them all on our website under other products. We have gold silver, and I'll just show you how great it looks. Just going to write with the silver pen. So, you can see it looks really great. It shows up really well on the dark cards, and I love it because it flows really nicely. I will show you the gold so you can see what the gold looks like. There's the gold right underneath as well. So, those are the two different colors that we have that would look really that look really great on the dark cards. We also have other color pens for the lighter colored cards, red, black, blue, so they're all under the other product section of our website.

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Let's see, what else do we have here. Boxes, people were saying, oh, we'd love it. If you sold boxes. Well guess what you do, we sell these little craft brown boxes, they hold up to six cards, which I think is a perfect amount for when you give a gift, you know during the holidays, Mother's Day, and Father's Day. They just fold up they're already made, you just have to fold in the tabs on the sides, and it holds up to six cards and the envelopes slide right in. I should have put a picture in didn't think of that until just now. But if you have a card with a picture in it, which means if I can find one. Here we go. Sorry about that. So, if you have a card with a picture, I'll show you how great it looks. These little boxes that we sell and shirts. Ah, of course, the pressure of trying to get them in when doing a Facebook Live. See how perfect for a gift during the holiday. So, that was another question people had in our survey.

Next question, people said we'd love it if you gave discounts when we bought a greater number of cards than just a few unit customers, and great guess what we do. So, in our catalog, quantity discounts, it's on page 26 of our catalog. It's also on our website, and if you go to commonly asked questions, click on that, it will bring up a grid. I think there's nine to 12 little icons that you can click on. They each show different things. on it, one of them is quantity discounts. So, you can just hop on and see. So, when you buy 125 cards or more, we will box them differently. We put them in big white boxes, and it works out really great.

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So, let's see what else why we use newspaper when we wrap our send our cards, the newspaper because we're an earth friendly company, and we do everything we can to use recycled products. We try not to use any plastics; we try to make sure everything's made here in the USA. So, the great thing is, is I contacted our local newspaper called the Osprey Observer, and ask them if they ever had newspapers that had never made it into circulation, and they said yes, we do, we just usually recycle them. So, they were more than happy to give them to us. So, I pick up these unread, unused, and uncirculated newspapers once a month.

Then we use those to wrap and protect the cards and tissue paper first so that they don't get newspapers. In the cards first, they go into our cardboard wrap. Then we put a piece of tissue paper on, and after that we wrap the newspaper on to protect them during shipping. A customer asked, they thought that we didn't need the newspaper for shipping, and I can assure you we do.

What we do is before we change any shipping methods, we test it with family. We send packages to family members throughout the country and different with different packing materials and say, Okay, how did the cards arrive today, and they will let me know whether or not they've arrived, damaged or undamaged, and you know, what we could do to improve? So, that's how we came up with four pieces of newspaper rolls squished on the sides, and it protects the corners of the commons, which is the thing that gets damaged the most during shipping. So, that's why we use the newspaper. But it has I assure you it has never been read it is just you know; they have overruns at the at the newspaper. So, those are the ones we use those newspapers.

Okay, let's see what the next question from the survey is. The survey is great, and I really appreciate it. We had over 70 responses, which is really great. I was really excited to get that much feedback from our customers. So, if you haven't taken this survey yet, you will receive a $10 Plymouth Card gift card. So, if you haven't sent us a message, you can dm us, you can email us info at and we can get you the survey. We love getting everyone's feedback as we're introducing. Let's see, I talked about the pens.

Oh, retailers, we do have retailers across the East Coast. There's some I believe is in California. But they're on our website. Also, if you again if you go to FAQs under there on the right-hand side. Third one down I believe it says it will show you where all of our retailers are that carry our cards granted right now. They're not open but when everything gets back to stores, don't reach out to those retailers and see if they have the colors, you're interested in. If you don't if they don't have them feel free to ask them to carry those colors. I know they like getting special requests and they want to carry our cards so that's Yeah, and I love supporting other small businesses, so it'd be great if you know if you live in the area. I know hunts camera and oh my gosh. Not Malden, Melrose carries them and Newtonville camera in Waltham carries them. So, just to name a few that I should go through and read them to you, but we do have them about 15 stores that carry the cards.

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Hopefully, this is okay because my nerves are settling. I know it's kind of crazy. I'm not used to doing this kind of stuff. I like being behind the scenes and not in front of the camera. So, hopefully I'm not flubbing up too badly here. Yes, we sell stamps, and we have postage stamps, we sell them in books attend just like the post office we charge $6.90, and this is how it gets packaged up. How adorable is that? So, you don't even have to wrap it because it comes just like that, and the ornaments are $10. Thank you for asking that so they're $10 and shipping is $5. No matter how much you order. So, if you want to order 100 ornaments or if you want to order on a....