Live with Lisa Week 2: Ivory Cards, Custom Printing

May 27, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 2: Ivory Cards, Custom Printing-Plymouth Cards


Hello again, sorry, I really was sideways when I didn't think I was, so I am back. Sorry about that. Now we know which way to properly hold my phone. I don't know why it was. Anyway, sorry about that I'm back. I think I'll just start again for anyone not sure who's out there. I'm Lisa DiVasta from Plymouth Cards and we're going to talk about some of our different whites today. I have some other new products I was going to ask questions about. I'm still learning how to do all this technology on this on Facebook live. I apologize, a mess with this. I can't read people's comments for whatever reason, I don't know why they're not showing up when I'm doing this. I have to keep practicing. But please leave comment. If you need to, you know, ask any questions about any of the products if you want links, just ask and I'll as soon as I finish, I will go and put it all out there for you.

Okay, back to the cards. We have many different shades of white and ivory's. I want to go over them because I get a lot a lot of questions about what's the difference between all these different whites and ivories. So, I want to just share with you, so you all knew. So, we have snow is our brightest white. Like I said, I'm a mess. Anyway, snow is our brightest white, and it has a felt like texture, it's an 80-pound cover stock. It's blank everywhere except for the back where we have our quarter size logo, and your photos just slide right into the front plate.

After snow is shimmer white, which is absolutely my most favorite white we have it has this glittery sheen to it, it's not glitter, but it just has that you know, iridescent next to it, which is really makes it nice, and again, just our logo on the back. So, get that going. Then we have pearl, pearl white is slightly less white than snow white. Snow is our brightest, brightest white. So, if you want that pure, pure white, then that's the way to go, and then we have pearl. Pearl has our writing still on the inside, this is one of our cards, but most of the cards don't have that you can ask if you have a particular desire. Let us know if you need it to be blank, I guess a few people there. They just didn't want it there. So, we've gotten rid of that some customers had, they use the cards to do artwork, and it was interfering with their artwork. So, we made that change, which is great.

White is our very first white, it is slightly off white, and it's made from 100% post-consumer waste. That is why it's not 100% bright, bright white, because they're not using bleaching agents when they make this paper, they're using the regulars. I'm not sure because I'm nervous. I don't know why anyone is going to come in and hit me or something. But anyway, there we go, there's that. Okay, now we have moonlight. Moonlight is another one of our whites, it has a blue undertone to it, which is really nice, and that's why we called it moonlight. It has little flecks in it which add to it, and I don't know if you can see that here. So, those are the five whites that we have. If you ever have a question, when you're placing your order, you can always call, send an email, or send a message through Facebook, and I will respond right away, typically. So, those are the different ways then we have two in our ivory family. 

We have ivory, which is a felt like finish. It's really nice. It's very nice, and all the cards have a ruled border, it's about a quarter of it is a quarter of an inch around which just add a little bit of emphasis to your photo which is kind of cool. Then we have seashell. Seashell is similar to moonlight in the sense that it's smooth and it has little flecks in it too. It has you know that creamy color to it. So, that's seashell. We are in the process of finding picture frames because when I did that survey a few weeks ago, a lot a lot of people wanted picture frames, which makes sense because our cards all fit into a five by seven frame. So, we did some research and I found one and I just want to ask people feedback on the picture frames, because I just want to see what you're thinking. So, I have this one picture frame is really, I love it. It's nice. It's real glass. It's made here in the US. I think I forget where he's from. But it's made here in the US. It's drift, you know, old reclaimed wood. Look at how thick it is. It's an inch and a half thick, and I love everything about it. But I'm just concerned about the back, I just didn't know, you know, for this frame would be $20. So, is that acceptable for $20 price point for all of you? Or should I go up and I got this other frame that has this kind of a back with the easel back? You can't doesn't have the hanger on it, though. So that's a negative as well. But this, this particular frame were actually $25. So, I don't know if it's worth $5 to have the pretty back or doesn't matter. So, leave a comment, that would be great. So, I can see you know, where everyone's what everyone's thinking so you can get the right frames. But it's just an amazing frame. It's I wish you could see how gorgeous this was. I just love it. It's so nice, you know, like I said, an inch and a half thick. It also has a nice depth here, the real glass, which is nice. He put a hanger on the back. So, there is that which was cool. So, let me know which frame you think would be best. Because I'd love to get some and yeah, that would be awesome. 

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Let's see, what else do I have here today? Okay, so now that everyone's finding out, like what's going on with their, their children's graduations, whether they're having a online ceremony, or they're just doing, they're not doing anything at all, we've been getting tough, you know, lots and lots of orders for graduation announcements. So, I want to show you that we can actually do anything you want for your wallet photo. So, I have a few examples here of ones that we've done, you can get the front blank, you can get the inside blank, but I just want to show you all some options in case there's something you're interested in. So, this is one I just finished this morning just says congratulations graduate. It's in a nice navy blue because the school color is navy blue, and that's the thing too, we can do any kind of inks colors that you want. Hopefully, this is all helpful to you. You know we get all these questions phone calls all day asking, can you do colored ink, can you do different colored gaps, can you do these kinds of things. So, I just want to show you and then on the inside they we did this really nice crest for them with all his information, they are actually having an online ceremony for their son's graduation which is pretty cool. Then this one just do simple class of 2020 we have foil, so we did that one in foil. This her picture is vertical I mean horizontal so we can do horizontal too. You don't just have to do it for a wallet size photo this family does it for our usual size the 4" x 6" photo or our most popular size, I should say. But and then on the inside I want to show you know you can put as much or as little as you want this this family just wanted to put his name and just that he's graduating no future plans which is totally fine. You know, it's that's the beauty of the cars as I tell parents whenever they call us, we can do whatever you want whatever makes you happy because that bottom line is your card. I want to show you that. You know this is our copper plate font and they had a crimson in grey Captain tassel which is kind of cool. Then this is Edwardian script font a little more formal. Some people like that. Okay, this one is our monotype font, and I want to highlight this one because we can do multi colors so they want a black but they wanted their son's name in red to highlight that he's his name they thought that would be nice. So, this is our Times New Roman font, and I don't know why. I think maybe by the fourth time I'll feel better about this. But you know, it is what it is though. thanks for bearing with me.

This is Times New Roman to classic black, and again we can do horizontal. It doesn't just have to be vertical. Some people have that, and you can a lot of people did it in the snow white but we do have that wallet card in the cream. You know we have pretty much any color cap you want any color tassel, we can make it for you. The only thing we can't do is white because I don't have white ink to print on white. So, that's the only drawback with that. So, yeah, please be sure to leave comments about what picture frame you like. I don't know, if you saw that, I can show it again at the end before I finish. Then I want to show you this really cool thing that we just got, I just got out in the mail yesterday, she has a hair salon, and wanted to do something for the first baby's haircut, and we have that, which was really fun. So, in the front window, we custom printed their name of their studio, the information about the card and then you know, at the bottom, my first haircut, and then inside, which is my favorite part is we put you know, the information about what the child's name is, you know, what is what how old they are their name, had my first haircut on and then we can, you know, we put in the salon, that this is the best part is look at this little envelope, we include a little baggie for you to put the little lock of hair, so it's just not going everywhere. But it looks so cute in this little envelope that holds it for you. Then you can display it in one of the frames, which I think is really cool. So, there's that.

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So, the story of the phone booth. I don't know if he got that before I had to cancel when I was sideways. But the phone booth we got when we were living in Boston still, we brought it with us here to Florida. Yes, and we got it at Logan airport. Well, we didn't get it at Logan airport a nine-x worker who was working, I guess they were getting rid of all the phone booths. I just thought it was so cool that I needed to have it. So yes, we have it. It did work at one time. However, the children, it hasn't worked for a while. So, we're working on that, we'll get that fixed.

See, so we're here every day, taking your orders turnaround time, a lot of people call and ask about turnaround time. For example, if you order your if you place an order today, non-custom printing, it will ship out tomorrow always goes out the next business, not always. But non custom printed in stock product typically goes out the next business day. Then if you have custom printing, what I like to say is if you place the order today, you get approved by tomorrow, typically within no less, no more, no more than 24 hours you get approved. Then once the proof is approved, then it prints and ships the next business day. So, instead of the next day, it's typically two days for your order to get out. So, that's another very popular question that people call and ask a lot, just want to do these lives to ask for your feedback on what you think about things, but also share. I'm hoping to answer questions. I wish I could see your comments. But please feel free to leave them. Like I said, I promise when I finished this live, I will hop on and and answer them. Don't be scared, you know, if I can be here doing this, because this is very scary. You me, you can leave a comment. So, I think that's great.

I just want to show you the frames again, because I'd love to know your feedback on that. This frame is just my favorite. I love it. It's great. But like I said I'm concerned about just didn't know. Would this upset you if you pay $20 for this frame. On the back is foam board with the clips versus $25 for this frame with the nice valor’s back and easel. So, just not sure about you know which way to go with that and would love some feedback. Like I said before, both have you know, they all have the glass, which I think is important. I don't want anything plastic, and I think that's it for today. If you have any other questions, you know, feel free to reach out at any point in time. We want to point out my apron. Hi, Dana. I just see that pop up. But my friend Dana made these she has generally boutique on Etsy and she can custom print anything so I figured out this week's project was figuring out how to do mirror image so that you wouldn't be reading this backwards. So, now you can see a Plymouth Cards. Feel free to check her out. She does all kinds of baby onesies and to these aprons and t-shirts, so that'd be cool too. I think that's everything for today. If you know again, feel free to reach out anytime.

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Our number you can call us 877-830-3405 and you can always email orders at and if you need links to anything that you saw that you'd like me to pop links, comment and I will message you the links so, and thank you so much for watching my second live. I'll be better next week, same time, same place. We'll get there and I really appreciate you all watching. Thanks so much. Bye