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Live with Lisa week 100-Plymouth Cards



Hey, I am Lisa and I am here to chat. I hope you're doing well. I'm here at Plymouth cards today. Plant city, Florida, if you're watching live or even if you're not watching live, I'd love for you to say hi. Let me know where you're watching from. It's always fun to hear where everybody is. And yeah, so this week I thought I would talk about nurse.

This is nurse appreciation week. So I thought I'd just show some of our nurse products or items that we have. And as I'm talking, I just realized I didn't pull out one. So my usual I will be zipping off to get something in a second. But yeah, we have a lot of. Cool cards. This is a series from world war one postcard series.

And it's really cool. I love it so much. I will show you there's so many different designs and I know, you know, that it's just going to do its own order from not what I want it to do. So we'll just, we'll go with it. So yeah. So this is the cards there. There's three options. Let me grab this now that I think about that, see, I'm always thinking about, I never know what I'm going to.

Oh, it's the wrong call I grabbed the wrong car. Yeah, so I did them all up and read. I forgot that you can actually have them in slate or want. Or actually there's another color. You know, if the person you want to give it to is in love with blue or purple, I can do that too. You just have to ask, I'm pretty flexible here.

So here is everybody loves a Marist. This is our number one selling in this collection, but I wanted to show you all the other ones because they're really fun. And you know, if, if you know, a nurse, I think these ones. I really fun gift to give them. And you know, or if you work in a hospital or a doctor's office, you could use these as decor in the lunchroom or the break room, whatever you call it.

I don't know. I'm just going to show you them. I'm going to hit the button. I don't know if I should just try to match it up with, see if I can do that, but this is another one. They're just so cute and they're blank inside. And just like all our cards, they fit most five by seven frames, you know, so that I liked that feature a lot about our cards and

hopefully you can see. Okay. Yeah. So I wanted to mention that in the next few days I'm going to be introducing a brand. Ornament. I love it so much and I would have been introducing it today, but I wanted to get some special ribbon for it and the ribbon hasn't arrived yet, so, oh, bummer, bummer, bummer.

But that just means I will get on Thursday or Friday as soon as the ribbon gets here, because I, I am so patient that I will a hundred percent be showing you this. So. There's that. So but as I show the cards, if you have any questions about the cards I'm showing, or if you have questions about anything at all, just pop it down in the notes and I will do, I will get it for you.

This is a patent, isn't that amazing that they actually made a patent for the nurse pin, the nurses pin, and. It's just so cool. And you could send that to a, this is a great gift right now for graduation. You know, if you know someone that's graduating and becoming a nurse, talk about an amazing card and different it's way different than all the other graduation cards that you see at the stores.

So all our greeting cards are $3 and 49 cents. That helps. So you know, that. Yeah, the price did go to, oh, thank you so much for the light. I just saw her like pass by. That makes me so happy. It's silly. It's little things, right. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah, so I got myself all broken legs or heads, these cards.

I don't know. They make me smile too. They're just so. Silly and cute. And I had gotten a comment once from someone that wanted to know why I didn't make these as male nurses and I didn't make these cards. And these are from world war one when there weren't as many males in the nursing industry then, so it was the artists just made them all women.

So I have nothing to do with that. I can't change it, unfortunately. So that's, that's where we have that's our nurse. So they're just so stinky. I just love them. I think they're so cute. And some of these would be great for you new birthday cards, or you use it for a Valentine card, or there were so many different things.

Like I said, at graduation card, you could get a series and, and put them on the wall at your In your office, you know, if you are a school that teaches nursing, this would be such a great thing to put out too, for your students just to like bring a little smile to their face. I know going to college is, is rough studying nursing.

I can't even imagine that's off. I don't even know which one this is. I just. Well, I don't see it. I don't know why I can't see it. Oh, here it is.

So it says more than hats off. It says first in peace, first aid in war first, always in the hearts of her countrymen and then hats off to the red cross.

Yeah. I just think it's a super cute series. And if you have any ideas, any other ideas of how people could use it, I'd love to know. So I could tell them I really liked that they just, that our cards fit into the frames and not just these cards, all our cards fit into the picture frame. So I just think that's really cool.

It's different than, you know, when you go to hallmark and buy a card from them, you know, people are just going to throw them out. Honestly, and if you saw my emotion, my video that I made with me, like getting all emotional about car, not everyone's like me. I hope I wish everyone, you know, loves cards as much as I do.

But yeah, I'm just, I guess I'm ranting right now. Let's see.

Okay. Can you still see me? I don't know what my phone is doing. It looks dark now. I don't know. Maybe you can, if you can't, there we go. Now it's bright again. Yeah. So there's, I know it's just takes a minute to scroll through all these but I am so excited about the, the new ornament that I designed.

It's my idea. I love it. When. Yeah. I just love this idea that I came up with and it came out even better as an ornament than I imagined. Alan is so good at a pewter. He's amazing. He's for anyone that doesn't know who Alan is. He's my brother-in-law, he's still up in Massachusetts. And he has a pewter company.

He makes all the pewter products that we sell. So how it works is I come up with an idea or a design or someone else in the family and we I give it to Alan and he makes it into amazing artwork. It it's phenomenal. So therefore this new ornament. I think in my opinion, the best ornament we've ever made.

I just love it. I'm not trying to oversell it. I'm just telling you, I love it a lot. And so I have the one sample in, but like I said, I wanted to get it its own special ribbon because it's just. Pretty, I really like it. So I'll be showing that if the ribbon comes in tomorrow, I'll show it tomorrow.

That comes in on Friday. I'll show it on Friday. So I am so impatient that, oh, if, if I could have paid full asleep, I could have paid five extra dollars to get it today. The ribbon, I would have done it for me. The $5 would have been worth anything over five. It wouldn't have done. But yeah. So that's, that's where I'm at with that.

Yeah. Oh, and I wanted to show you, I just made these the other day we do state gift tags. So if you have, if you knew that. Oh, there we go. It's there we go. There we go. That's the state of meme and like all our other things you can get it made in all these different colors. You just, you know, so if you have an event coming up and you're celebrating something and you want a special custom tag, reach out, this is so fun for me to be making the gift tags.

I love them. They're so adorable. Right? So those are, oh, I should probably tell you, this is Dijon just in case you wanted to know what the colors are. Dijon. This is turquoise. This is plum and this is orange burst. And this color right here is. There we go khaki. So there's that. So hopefully that's helpful, but we do, we do all tags in all different things.

Oh, I should show you these ones to go along with our nursing theme. We supplied the twine. You just have to put the twine in. We put in a little bag. That's why we we've got to keep the price down and it would add more type R you know, the labor so that I felt like it was okay to not attach the twine.

But look at that one, a nurse's cap to go with our nursing and liquid. This one. I love them. They're so cute. And we can do the scrub top in any color, because I've recently learned that different colors mean different things in the hospital. I didn't realize that I thought all scrubs, I thought people were just wearing the color they liked.

I didn't realize the color actually symbolized something. So that's really interesting to know. Right. And let's see what else I got. I wanted to show you this.

Okay. You still there? Yes. I think I thought I had canceled my mistake as usual, but look it, I thought this was going to show up, but we also have a nurse or ornament. And the cool thing about the ornaments. I know I've told you about them before is that these are made from wine bottle bottoms. So look at how thick that is.

They are. Can you hear that? It's and she hand paints all the designs on our wine bottle ornaments. So each one is a little bit different obviously, cause she does hand painting, but I love it. And look at, she does these great, you know, coordinating jewels on them. They all come with that. And the size varies because you know, bottles vary.

So just being, keep that in mind and Yeah. So I don't know if you have any other questions about those, but that's, that's nurse's week and we have a lot of other medical cards. I didn't want to show you all of them. I thought that would be a little time consuming and wasting your time. And, you know, you can now on our website, in the search in the top right-hand corner, this.

Box you type in nurse that will show you every nurse item that we have. So that will be the best way to see them all. Or also I posted earlier today a picture of a bunch of cards of the nurses cards and that the link is there. That's probably the easiest way to do it. Just go scroll through Facebook and find it there.

But yeah, so I guess The new ornament will be here in the next or the ribbon for it. We'll be here in the next day or two. As soon as it's here, I will be going live to show you it. I'll be probably we'll be starting to take pre-orders for it. It'll be here in another week or so, so that's exciting.

And Ooh, I have to grab my water.

And then also the new word, you know, we added love earlier this year during Valentines. Cause I thought that would be a great, but we will be adding another word to our word ornaments. And I'm excited for that Clarence 20, 23, no, 22 I'm ahead of myself or my gosh, time-travel there. So we've got Clarence 20, 22 is in the wa like we're in the designing ideas.

He's working on that. I have a graphic designer who makes my visions come to life. He's so good to me. And what was I gonna say? Yeah. And then a lot of people have asked about the class. 2022 graduation caps. They want to know if we had them for 20, 23 yet? Not yet, but soon I I'm thinking mid summer.

We'll have those. We'll see. Yeah, so I, I think that's what I've got. We've got a lot of cool things. The holiday cards are they're, they've been ordered. We have three. We're four, I think four new designs this year. So that's exciting. It's like all these things are in the works, but I'm not ready. I don't have the products to show you.

So that's a bummer. So I don't want to feel bad teasing you about it, but be on the lookout, stay tuned. I'm trying to think of what else. Yeah, so I have, the holiday cards are in the works. The ornaments are in the works and. If you have any other ideas. Oh, I wanted to ask you and I will make a sample, just my own sample, but do you have a need for a card that would hold a square photograph?

So that's been a big oh, let me show you where, when, I mean Okay, so on this one, see how this window right here is for a wallet size photo. I don't know if you can see that, would you want it to be, you know, four by four? So it would hold a, a square picture. So you would have, there would be white space, white space on the top and the bottom and on the sides.

Probably not as much not, it would be more white space than, than it is on our. Cards like this. So I'm just curious what you think about that. And are you okay if the card is not square? Because if the card is, is a five by seven it's it will only cost one stamp, but if we make it a us card, that's five inches by five inches that will cost extra postage.

I think that's. I forgot 78 cents in that range, so we don't costs extra. And so then that's going to make the card more because then we'd have to get new envelopes as well. So yeah. So let me know if you think a square card would be in the, in something that you would use, what I think I'm going to be doing in the next.

Week is a survey you may might even go out and tomorrow's email survey where, and you would get Plymouth card, money, gifts, gifts to figure you know, promotional money for Plymouth cards for answering all the questions. But I think that will be in there. Yeah, that I think that will be one of our survey questions.

And I think that's, that's what I've got for today. If you ever have any questions, don't be shy, please, please, please just, you know, write a comment. Underneath this video or on Facebook, on the Facebook page, you can, you can always private message through if you're, if you don't want someone to see, you know, some people send me private messages cause they're like, oh my friends follow me.

And I don't want them to see me asking this question because it's a gift for them. So I totally get that. So you can do it through Facebook chat. You can get onto our website and there's a chat with us on the right hand side. You click that and ask questions there. You can always call me the number of. 8 77.

I almost gave you my home phone number. You wouldn't want that? 8 7 7 8 3 0 3 4 0 5. So I thank you for being here. And if you're watching this not live because, or even if you had watched this last day, I'm about to say hi chat. All right. I'll talk to you soon. Thanks so much for being here. I so appreciate you.