Live with Lisa - Week 99

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Live with Lisa - Week 99-Plymouth Cards

Vintage 1920s Seed Packet greeting cards

The Sampler

Love ornament

Welcome. How are you today? I am Lisa here at Plymouth cards and I know it's been, , oh, I miss last week, my sister was visiting from, , backup home in Boston. And so I took a week off from my weekly lives, so I missed everybody and yeah, say hi, let me know where you're watching from. I have some great, , I'm going to show you a brand new card line.

I know I teased it or talked about it, , probably a few months ago and it's taken me a little bit of time to get it all together. But it's now on the website. So, , I was going to show you that and show you a few other mother's day ideas and yeah, so I just wanted to see how everyone was doing. I'm doing great.

I had a wonderful visit with my sister last week. It was so nice having her here. And, , I actually took two days off from work last week, which I don't usually do. And we just did some exploring. It was really fun. The weather was beautiful. So let me know where you are today, where you're watching from what it's like there.

Right now, I am in plant city, Florida, which is right in the middle, , in between Tampa and Orlando. And it's warm today. It's in the mid eighties. I know. And so that's, what's going on. So. As the usual, I have some things they're going to show up on the screen. I literally never know what order I tell it, what order I want.

And then the shopping feature, shuffles it and decides what it would like it to do instead. So just bear with me as I show you things. And if you have any questions while I'm, you know, talking, feel free to ask, even if it's not what I'm showing, if you wanted to see something else that you're interested in, feel free.

Let me know. What's what's your, what you got, what's your interested in. I am here to answer all your questions. And in Chad, I love chatting with everyone too. That's always so fun. So I'm going to just run and grab. Cause of course I forgot one thing, the one thing I needed, so I'm just going to go grab it just so you have a true visual of what exactly I did.

I think it's helpful to see that. , yeah, so that's what I'm going to show you. , just grab everything so, sorry. I know. It wouldn't be alive without me doing this. I always feel like I'm ahead of the game. Hi, I'm back. I always feel like I have everything together and then there's, I don't know. A lot of it is.

Yeah, my brain just, oh yeah, let me, what about that, Lisa? So, oh my gosh, I love, I know I talk about this all time, how I love vintage old retro. And when we were shopping one time, I found these amazing seed packets. They're from the 1920s. They're original. They've never been used. They were just surplus that they found in a.

, storage. And so I bought them because how can you not, they're amazing. Look at the colors. They're so, and the condition is amazing for being made in the 1920s. And then my wheels got turning I'm like, what can I do with these? What can I do with these? So what I did with them is I scanned them in and made them into.

And of course, I love showing you these ideas and they are for sale on our website, but I love giving you ideas so that you can then maybe create your own spin or your own card. So, so we want to show you what I did is there's I think seven or eight different card calls that I chose, that I felt looked the best with the seed packets.

But of course, if there's a call you're wanting, let me know. Cause if it matches better with your decor, feel free. Yeah. I want to show you, this is in cactus. So there's CA and this is what I did is each seed packet. You can buy as a card separately, you can buy them as six packs, or that I made this special sampler set, which has six, , different ones.

Hopefully that'll make sense. It made sense to you as I just said it, but all right. So in the six pack is carrot and it's featured in cactus. I think cactus is amazing. It looks great to me. Does that yet. Okay. I just looked backwards to me for a second Bush beans, , just seeking cucumber and let's see what else we got squash and cauliflower.

So I thought that was a good combination of, for a six pack. And so those are a little bit less. If you buy the six pack versus if you buy six individually, it's a little bit cheaper. So there's that, but in addition to that, I did, , spent the last few nights getting this all up on the website for you to see, let me know what you think about this with these seed packets.

I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy. I think they're amazing. And I'm just trying to figure out who I'm going to send them to. My sister that was visiting is a Gardner. So I have a feeling she's going to be getting some, , but the unused. And I just wanted to show you some of the card colors. I chose lettuces and soft yellow.

Oh, I should tell you that the onion is in. He can, and that soft yellow, then let's see. What else. What's next? What do you think? Okay. This is my big question. Cause I haven't had time to look it up. Salsify what is it? It looks like a cow. That's why it looks like a white carrot, but does anyone know what Salsify is and what you use it for and how, you know, how would you consume it?

Because doesn't it look like a carrot? I just a white carrot. So I dunno. I'd love to know. I know I can probably Google it, but I just didn't. Yeah, didn't do that yet. So maybe one of, you know, And going other ones. Oh, squash, this is a Hubbard squash, but I think pumpkin spice looks so amazing with these seed packets.

It really, really brings it brings out the colors in them. So let me know what you think I've looked in this kale. I'm not going as fast as there's kale. And so this is in, , Well, I figure some people might not have, or for their home decor, if they're going to frame them and hang them. So that's the great thing about these cards is they fit most five by seven picture frames.

So if you have a gardening shed, you can get these in frame them and put them in there when they look cute or in a mudroom, I think they would look adorable. Sweet fennel. I think, yeah, a room and the last color is we'd just turn up. So, so those are all the card colors that I chose to. But again, if there's, you know, if you really wanted Marsala.

Just hit me up. I am, you know, send me a message and I can add that on for you, but those are the card colors. And I think, I think they're nice earthy tones to go with these seed packets. I love them so much. So hopefully you like them as much as I do, or it sparked an idea. If it sparks an idea, let me know what you've, what you've decided to do with the cards.

I just think it's fascinating because you know, it's smaller than the card, right? So you're like, oh, but I didn't want to tape it in there. So I came up with the idea of scanning it and then printing it four by six. So that way I can preserve the actual original packets without getting them ruined and then putting them in.

And just the condition is amazing to me from 1920, they. It's amazing that person really get care, took great care of their things. So, yeah. And then I wanted to ask, did anyone catch me live yesterday afternoon? I was live with Bali from Pixar kludgy. She is a photo organizing. Amazing person. Oh, I love speaking with her and she gave some good tips that, you know, you can watch and I thought would be great to share with everyone that is a photographer or the family photographer, and just how to organize your photos.

If you're the one that, you know, inherits, you know, your family heirloom photos, you know, so she had some really good ideas and tips and, , I, , in the email I send out today, I will include a little bit of information. So if you want to sign it for her email, then you get a download that I printed in, obviously left out back, but it's really, it's nine pages.

It's super helpful. I've already decided there's, you know, there's, , information on a software program. Looks for duplicate photos on your device, which man, I am the biggest offender. You know, I'll download it, put it into Dropbox, then I'll download it again. You know, to, and I put that in Dropbox or didn't I, and so, , I think that that's going to be worth it just to, just to get that resource was amazing, but she's, she's really knowledgeable.

She has a whole YouTube channel with lots and lots of photo organizing tips for not only print photos, but also the digital. So, , if you want it's there from yesterday. , you can just scroll down a little bit on our Facebook page and you can see it there, or you can go to our YouTube channel and you can see that there too.

But, so there's that which I thought was really cool to have. That was the first time I've ever had a guest on the show on listen, to be the show like this is TV, but on Facebook. But I've been thinking about mother's day. And I thought the love ornament, which is one of our new ornaments would be amazing for mother's day.

It doesn't have to be just an ornament. You can hang it, you know, just have it displayed on a wine bottle. , if you have, you know, a spring display, you could put it there so you can put it on a card and frame it. Let me show you. This is not the best color. This is the one that was on top that I chose.

You put it like that on a card and just have it framed. So there's a lot of things you can do with an, with what I call an ornament, but there's so many things you can do with that. And I think the price is showing you the price. Yeah. So they are. , 1499. And that price you're seeing there is if you add a card that says that I don't have one, but I'll show you the blessed one like this.

We do, we do cards and we have this inspirational or motivating quote that we add in there's one for each of our different ornaments. And so for, for an extra $3 and 50 cents, you can get that card. To go with the ornament of your choosing and yeah. Or you can choose a gift box to, , other ideas for mom.

I just, you know, I thought I'd just give you a few other things. , if your mom is a hard to buy for person, does she, , if she is a writer, I love notebooks. I don't know about you. I. I am so much better with pen and paper than I am with my phone, putting it in the notes. And maybe it's just our generation because we grew up with pen and paper.

So it's harder for me. I remember it when I put it in my phone under my notes. I don't know. Am I the only one or, or is that, you know, am I just crazy? I'd be the I'm crazy. Who knows, but I love our notebook journals. This is the positive tree one. And you can see that it has all our, all our positivity words, you know, love, hope, all the words, all the ornaments.

And you know, what also has faith. , joy family. So breathe and it's really cool because they're blank. The lines. It's this really, , nice 70 pound paper. And then every three pages they'll be a design either here or. And it will be one of the branches with one of the words. Let me show you so you can see what I'm talking about.

So that one says joy and then see up here. Now it says that one says belief, but I didn't want it to be, you know, we actually, I actually designed this myself and I didn't want the artwork to be overpowering the page. I wanted you to be able to use the page. As you see fit. So, , that's why they're the designs are only on every third page, just to give you more, you know, you're buying a notebook journal to actually write, not to, you know, maneuver, you're buying it to look at the pictures, but I feel like you're buying it to use it.

So the other cool thing about our journals that a lot of other journals are not, is we are lifted approved because we put our binding at the top. So the lefties in your life will not. Irritated to have a spiral down the side because it's along the top. So it works perfectly for righties and lefties. Yes.

We have a lefty in the family, so that's why we, we make sure everything is lefty approved and we do have matching notepads to see, you can see and the notepad too. It does it alternates top bottom. And that's another thing that's unique to us because whenever you buy a new pattern or if you've noticed little notepads that, you know, Rip the pages off.

, they have th whatever design is on the front is what you see on every other page, but not for us. I thought it would be really fun to have, you know, alternating images. So that's what I did with our special notepads. So we have the notepad for the. The positive tree. We also have it for future. I love this one because it has Eleanor Roosevelt, , quotes.

There's 10 different quotes that rotate through the pad. So another great little, you know, mother's day gift. In that they're there. , inspirational, like this one says the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. And then what's another one. , be confident, not certain with the new, with the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

So that that's just to give you an idea of it. It just rotates. Yeah. So those are that. If you, , have any questions though, even if you're not watching this live, , oh my gosh, there's a bird he's attacking the window. Sorry. , and so, , sorry. That was very distracting. All of a sudden, just seeing a bird.

Attacking the window it's we have, , as I digress, but we have that photo window tinting on it, so it reflects, so I think they saw that reflection in the, in the window tinting. So it was attacking another bird, but it was actually just them in the window anyway. So I think the notepads, I really. To give us gifts.

And then if your mom is a artist photographer, a needle point, cross stitching, quilter, sower, you know, collect postcards. , the sampler is our number one, selling product 30 cards, 30. Amazing colors. Can't tell you what colors they are because they, they, , change. When we, you know, we make them in batches of 50 or a hundred, we, we make them all up and it's just based on what we have in stock at that moment.

So they always have different colors in them. Excuse me. So this that is the sampler and this seriously is our best-selling set. And it's a great gift because it's already wrapped in the wrap with the twine and it comes with a tag. So you can scrape love you moms. And.