Live with Lisa Week 11: Christmas in July!

July 22, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 11: Christmas in July!-Plymouth Cards


Hey, happy Wednesday. Lisa here at Plymouth Cards. You know, it's a little bit earlier than usual, but I want to get on today and talk about Christmas in July. Just have a lot of fun things to talk about, and I hope you're all doing well. So today, I am doing both Facebook live and Instagram live. So, hopefully I am doing a decent job of this. We'll see four key here, learning how to do all this. So, if you have any questions or comments, please, I'd love for you to just write them and I will do my best to answer. If I don't answer while we're talking live, I will make sure that I comments afterwards.

So, Christmas in July. Really excited about it. What we're doing this week through Sunday night, we're giving 20% off on everything in our holiday line tab. If you go to our website, you'll get 20% off, but you have to use this special code which I typed up, to make it easier for everyone to see. So, July 20, very simple. Just put that in and you will get 20% off everything that's in our holiday line tab. So that's including our holiday tap cards, gift tags and get backs. Hopefully, I'm doing okay with the two devices here for you. 

Ready, week 11. So, we're ready for it, here we go. I have all of these lovely, beautiful holiday cards, printed cards, and I'm excited. We have a few new designs this year, which I'm introducing today. So that should be fun. All right, so the first one is buffalo plaid. Buffalo plaid. It has buffalo plaid on the inside as well, and all the cards have our standard, I'll put it up close so you can see it's about the size of a quarter. It's our logo on the back. The great things about all every single one of our cards is that they're designed to be worked used either vertically or horizontally, it doesn't matter. You don't have to decide on your picture now, because they work either way, and I think is a really great feature. We have candy cane, and it is back. So again, Christmas dots is back, and our brand-new design is our dog bone treats. This is our Jake, but I'll pull it up a little bit so you can see. I'll hold it for a minute as well. Then I'll go over to Instagram, as I do that, so you can see it all too. But I just love it. It has the really cute little dog bone. Some of them look like candy canes, they have little paw prints. The interesting thing about the dog bone one is it's the same where is it as our ornament which isn't on my tree. So, anyway I guess I'm not perfect. Now the gingerbread one. The gingerbread man, and I will show you his ornament that matches. So, the ornament matches the card, and hopefully you can see the card in a second. Here's the gingerbread ornament, and they're all about an eighth of an inch thick. They're made from pewter, which I love. They all weigh about an ounce, so they're very substantial is what I'm I guess what I'm trying to say. So, that's the gingerbread car. You know all the car well not all of them but most of them are blank inside with and they all have our logo on the back. We put green in because who doesn't. If you don't want one of our printer patterns, we have green in the holiday sale this week, and that's exciting. Holly, this is green with a red border, and the great thing about this one is that it has a message already printed in it and I will read it to you let me put on my glasses. Wishing you a festive holiday season in New Year. I'll show you that. This is designed so that it works either vertically or horizontally as well. Every single one of our cards works so that you can use whichever photo you have. Okay, here's our Oh holy night, and it just says oh holy night there. The inside is blank for you to put whatever message you would like on there. That's a really nice blue color. The navy blue, and this is another one of our new designs. I just love it so much. It says peace, hope, and joy, which is really fun. It says peace, hope, joy in the top left and in the bottom right-hand corners. It has the oh holy on the inside, all the away. This card matches our hope ornament. So, it's the set, and it's the exact font as our whole ornament. All the ornaments are made from pewter. They're made in Massachusetts by my brother in law's company, and they're $10 each. You can get custom; you can get personalization on the back for an additional three. So, season greetings. This is an oldie but goodie and has the pinecones in the corner. This one's message inside says, wishing you joy this holiday season. I will show you that. So, I think we have a great palette of options for you. No matter what color your photograph ends up being, we have a card for it. So, this one says it's the most wonderful time of the year, our red truck card says it in the top left-hand corner. But again, you know the see how the orientation it works either way, the red truck has its matching ornament, which is awesome. So, look at that it's the exact red truck from the card, and if I learned how to do this mirror thing better, it would be good but that's okay. That's an example of some personalization on the back that I've mentioned a little bit ago. 

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So, let's see Santa's sleigh. Santa's slate is black, and it has the white border. It will highlight your photo. It'll look nice like that, and you can see the inside is blank like that. Those are all that's the Santa sleigh. Let's see, snowflakes are next, and the colors are grays and blues. You know we really do have something that will work with every single photo you have. I want to mention one more timing in case you forgot or didn't get to write it down. July 20 will save you 20% off through this Sunday on every single thing you buy that's under the holiday line tab and I'm going to put a comment with the link so that you won't have to look for it and it will be easy to find. Snowman, this is our updated snowman card and we freshened it up a little bit. Inside is really fun with all the snowmen, and now there's three snowmen saying happy holidays. So, and you can use it either way. The snowman has his matching ornament. This one has a mask and a toilet paper scarf. So, if you haven't if you didn't see that last week, I just wanted to show this to you again. So, he's just it is love him so much he's really selling quickly, and then last but not least we have our star of David card for our Jewish friends. Those are all our holiday printed designs. I should have brought an example; however, we can put Merry Christmas, and we have a gold foil machine. So, we can do Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and any greeting that you would like we can do either vertically or horizontally for an additional fee. We can also do that on the printed cards. So, if you want to put your last name or anything there, that's all doable. We can do just about anything you want. 

Also included in our Christmas in July are our gift bags. So, I want to pop these up really quickly and show you that we have having a please stand back. There we go. Santa's bag. The bags are $1.99 or $1.49 for the smaller size. They come with a piece of tissue paper a custom gift tag, and the bags are all hundred percent recycled. We have pinecones for Christmas, and we have Santa. Here's one of our smaller ones, the snowmen, they're so cute. We have our green gingham, and these are some of them. We have many more on the website that are not holiday. So, if you have an event or an occasion that you need to give back for and we should have something for you. We have two smaller ones that hold the cards. So, if you're giving me just do a little example here just giving some cards to somebody obviously there are saying you would do something different, but they do hold the cards just like that. So, we have these gift bags, and we sell those in 10s, 50s, and hundreds. The ornaments all come wrapped just like this. Well, not exactly like this because the tag will match whatever is inside the ornament. Here's another example. So, here you can see these two examples. The great thing about the way we packaged the ornaments is you can use this for the gift wrapping. But I don't know, if you're like me, when I get an order package in the mail for a present that I bought, I want to open it up and check it out and make sure that it's exactly what I ordered. So, we came up with a way that you can quickly open this up just like that. One, if you saw that, sorry, I'll do it again. On this, I was focusing on that one. So, you can just pull it off just like that, and it comes just like that, open it up, I didn't pull an ornament inside right now. But then you can just put the string back and tie it back up. I think that will be really helpful. It's coming already wrapped, and you can see how easy it is. The last thing for Christmas in July, is our gift tags. So, we have gift tags we sell them. They're $3.99 for a 12 pack of gift tags, they come with the tags that are made from recycled paper. They come with the twine that is me from cotton and is biodegradable. Everything is made here in the US as well. 

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So, I was going to show you some of our fun designs, we have a little stocking. The great thing about the tags is just because you see one color here and say you wanted a stocking and black or red. I mean, this is red, in green or a different color, we can do that there's options on the website that you can pick which color tag you want, you know the shape, obviously is the shape. Also, the twine is interchangeable too. So, there's all those options on the website. I'll show you here for example. I pulled out a couple of the Christmas trees, and you can see that I have green. So, I did the white with the red, white, and green tag. Let me just show this over here. I'm not sure how this is all going doing two cameras at once. Here's the green with the green and white wine. Then quickly, I'll show you the Buffalo plaid, which is also an option too. So, if you want your Christmas trees to be buffalo plaid, I think that looks adorable with the black and white wine. So there, you get 12 of them for $3.99. Also, if you want something special, only on the whites in the iris, we can do custom printing on them. But that would be $12.99 for 12 of those. There is an additional charge. Here's the snowman, and it's going to go when you buy a snowman ornament. He'll be on your bag, and the gingerbread man will be on the ornament for the gingerbread man. Let's see what else I have. You saw the red truck Oh, the dog bone. In some of them, you know you could get the red and white wine on your dog bone and use it for Christmas. But then also you can use it year-round because red and white is you know, if you got the red, white and green obviously that would be more Christmas. But red and white would be to use it all year round. Candy cane, I put the candy cane twine on that. So, that is all our Christmas in July. 

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So again, anything you buy that's in the holiday line tab on our website, I will put that link below. You'll get 20% off through Sunday, the code is July 20 to zero. If you have any questions, and you're watching this after not living, if you have any questions or comments, just put them or message me, and I will definitely answer. I hope you have a great rest of the day. Oh, one last thing. We are leaving for our family vacation next week. So, the last date to place an order would be Thursday, July 30th, and I believe it's Thursday. Yes. So, Thursday, July 30th would be the last day to get an order in, and we will ship on Friday so that you'll have it before we leave. Otherwise any order placed after that will not ship until August 10th. All right. I hope you have a great rest of your day. Thanks for watching, bye.