Live with Lisa Week 10: Black, Gray & Christmas Ornaments!

July 15, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 10: Black, Gray & Christmas Ornaments!-Plymouth Cards

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday. Can you believe that this is week 10 of me doing these Facebook lives, and I'm now double digits. So, I'm just going to get this other device all set up, and then we are good to go. Okay, perfect. So, I hope you're all doing well. I'm Lisa DiVasta here at Plymouth Cards, and I'm the owner. One, I want to talk to you about all the shades of black and gray that we have. But the other thing that I'm super excited about is this brand-new product line that we're introducing today are Christmas ornaments. Stay tuned, you definitely want to see them all. I just love them all. Okay, so we'll jump right in. I hope it lasts. But right now, a thunderstorm just passed. So hopefully, you won't hear it. Yes, hopefully you won't hear it. 

So, these are all our different shades of gray, and we have a couple of shades of black. I want to show you all that you can see the ball. So, we have mystic gray, which is very, very light gray. It's white with a hint of gray, and I'll put that up real close. So, you can kind of see the texture of that. That's mystic, and then we have gray. Now, our gray has a hint of brown in it. Gray's can go with blue, yellow, brown, and green. So, our gray tends to be on the brown family. So, if that's helpful, I hope it is. Then we have hurricane gray in hurricane gray is leans towards the blue side, and I'm going to put that up so you can see the texture of that. Hopefully, I'm holding it up well enough for you. So, that's our hurricane gray, then we have pewter, pewter is a little bit darker than hurricane gray, if you can see the difference. Pewter is our new is a new color, and all our new colors are going to have as we do new printings and manufacturing of new cards, we're going to make sure that this is blank in the front, we didn't realize it but we had some comments from customers saying that when they have light colored photos, it is bleeding through. So, we want to rectify that problem for them. In all the cards are always blank inside with our quarter size logo on the back. So, this is pewter, and it's one of our brand-new colors that we just introduced last month. Charcoal is also another new color that we introduced. And that's a darker gray. It's our darkest gray that we have and blank on the back. And that one's a smoother texture, but it just has like a little bit of toothiness to it. So, it doesn't feel like a smooth piece of paper. It has a little bit of texture to it, but it doesn't have an embossed pattern of any type in there. Then we have two blacks. We have black, and then we have espresso. The difference, black is from our color classics line. It has our traditional texture, if we can see that on there, and that is our black and espresso. I bet you can guess is from our coffee collection line, which is made from the jute and sisal coffee bean bags. So, that one has that really rich texture to it, and hopefully I'm going to hold it up so you can see you see all the little particles flex in there. It's really cool and I love it. It's my most favorite color, or papers, the coffee collections. That's the coffee collection and it's great. If you have any questions throughout this video, please comment and I will answer them if not during the live afterwards. So, if you catch this after the fact feel free to comment, as well. What else are they going to mention? Oh, also we'll put all the links in the comments after this video is over so that you can find everything quickly. 

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Now I want to introduce the Christmas ornaments which I am excited about. I just love every single one of them. Yes, so I'm going to just move the camera a little bit. Yes, it's Christmas in July here. So, I want us to see let's see. There are five different colors of ribbon that we offer, and I put a different color of ribbon on each one of them so that you could see the different colors but you can pick when you buy your ornaments so all the ornaments are $10, plus our $5 shipping, so it's a flat rate for our shipping. So, you can buy one ornament, or you could buy 100 ornaments, you can buy ornaments and cards, and it's only going to be that one $5 charge. There's no extra, which I think is a great deal. So, red truck, how much do you love this? This is the red truck ornament. My brother in law's company in Massachusetts made all the ornaments. He has a pewter company in Massachusetts that he makes them all for us. So, I gave him all the designs that we wanted, then he made them come to life, and man, they're amazing. I want to point out, it's the red and the green. I want to show you the thickness there an eighth of an inch thick, which is bigger, it's thicker than a coin. So, if you look at them on the website, you'll see the thickness, I took some pictures and put them on there. You can see the that they really are thicker than the coins, which is great. All of our ornaments can be customized.  So, I just did one so you could see put DiVasta on there. We have white available right now. But we will be having other colors available soon, so check that out. So, that's our red truck. This is the same exact red truck that we have on our red truck, photo insert holiday cards so you could match it up or you could give the set of cards to somebody for the holiday gift. whatnot that would be great. Or this is great for hostess gifts, I think to for the holidays, but and let's see our dog bone. Our dog bone is here we go. Hopefully, you can see that pewter, and they come blank on the back and it's well not completely blank. It says made in the USA. All of our products are made in the USA, and I was excited to be able to find ribbon. Look at how cute that is, and I love the dots and the pawprints on it. All the ribbon I found, the company makes the ribbon in the USA, which I was excited about. Stick to our philosophy of the company so but you can get like I said any of the five different colors. 

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There's white, red, solid red, or red with the white pawprints, gold, and black. I think that's everything. We'll see as we go. All the ornaments weigh one ounce, so they're not this thin material, they're really thick. You know, you can see how thick they are. Which is great. Again, they're all $10. So, that's two so far. Now the gingerbread man. Look at that. He's so adorable. I just love them so much. I hope you can yours excited. The thickness, again, it's an eighth of an inch thick on this one. I put it red ribbon on him in the link back is blank. But they are so solid. I wish you could feel them, and you know, they're just a great quality with the color fill on them in. This is the gingerbread man, and it matches the gingerbread card. So, there's that one, all the ornaments are $10. Okay, two more, two more of the pewter ones, and then we have some other ones to hope. So, I just feel like this time of year we are this year anyway, we need we need some of this. So, it came up with hope, and we actually have a car that we're going to be introducing next week. Next week is Christmas in July, you're not going to want to miss that, and I think next week's live will be at noon instead of three. So, just so you have some advanced warning that I'll update the Facebook but in so it's just so this is the gold ribbon. 

Then this one is my most favorite one of our line, and this is Clarence the snowman. Check him out. So, Clarence has on a mask, and he has on a toilet paper scarf. I think how perfect that for this year is. It was designed by us this is exclusive all our designs are exclusive. There are designs so but check out how adorable he is, and you can just see the layers of the detail is just amazing. An eighth of an inch thick, and he weighs one ounce. Also, again, like all the ornaments. He's $10 His name is Clarence. We spoke about naming him and we love It's a Wonderful Life movie and we love Clarence from the guardian angel, and we thought that would be a cool name for him. So, this is our snowman and he's black in the back, but you can pick out any of the color ribbons that you want. So, I'm going to just show you that had put them in black, and now I'm going to put him in the red ribbon. You can see each color. It's interesting and it makes the ornament look a little bit different. So, we have this red ribbon also, that I just had ready. Now you can see how he looks with red ribbon, and I think these will be really adorable. To add to when you go to a holiday party, hopefully we can go to holiday parties, but I'm being hopeful. But you could put it on a bottle of wine or your gift, you could use this as the tag, you could get the family's name custom printed on the back, like I did on it on this one. So, I think you can put them on the cards that they go with. I think that would be really cute too. So, those are our five pewter ones they always want out there all $10 each, and everything is made here in the USA. Sure, you can see back here. We have some snowman one. Well, this is the starfish one. So the starfish ones we hand painted here. We got the ornaments; we got the starfish and then we made them ourselves. We made them I think they're just so cute to fun little nautical Christmas. So, we have a few of these designs with four different starfish designs that and they're also $10 each and so, but that's the snowman. Oh, I thought that might be important to show you. They're about three inches by three inches. Everyone is different because they are hand painted and starfish aren't all made the same, you know, when they come into the ocean, so they're all they're all going to be a little bit different each unique. Let's see. Okay, so we have Santa, and it is a little bit bigger. Santa is about five and a half inches by about five inches in that range, and they're $10 and the ribbons are attached already so they're ready for hanging or putting as gifts. This one's so adorable. Look at him. He's a reindeer and yet it's a Rudolph with the red nose and the pipe cleaner antlers. Our last one is, you have to have an elf. So, another one of our favorite Christmas movies but also Santa has elves, so we got green ribbon for that one. You can see that those are all our ornaments for right now. The other last thing, hopefully you like those as much as I do, seriously I've been so excited. You know, starting this Facebook live 10 weeks ago maybe so nervous. I was really nervous about starting this whole thing, but I honestly couldn't wait for three o'clock today because I was excited to share all those ornaments with you. So, hopefully you all like them as much as I do. I will put all the links in after this is over with all the links to all the ornaments and all the gray and black cards. One thing I did forget to mention on the gray and black cards is we actually have a collection called Shades of Grey in it has four different of six of each six cards each have four different colors mystic pewter no it's mystic hurricane gray pewter, no pewter, charcoal in black. No. Well, now I'm making it a fool of myself. So anyway, we can look it up on the website and I'll post it below, but we do have a Shades of Gray collection it has for its mystic pewter, charcoal and what else gray. There we go. How can I forget just probably gray. It's $30.99 for the 24 pack. So, that's a special collection. 

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The other thing I just wanted to mention really quick is the Mayflower club, and we've been getting a lot of interests. A lot of people have been signing up for that, and it's really exciting to see all the memberships that we've been getting. So, the Mayflower club, you will pay $39.99 for a one-year membership. Then you will get the entire year, and you'll receive 20% off every single order you place for the entire year. You can't combine the code with another code, but you will get 20% off. In addition to getting 20% off the entire year, we're going to do special offers for you. You'll also get a free gift inside every order that's worth up to $5. The first order you make will be a swatch book which will show all the colors, not the patterns, but all the colors there will be a sample of the printed card paper so you can see what that feels like but there's just the print cards we just couldn't include right now. I think that's everything for today.

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Thank you so much for watching and being here and being part of the Plymouth Cards family. You'll know when we will be back next week. I'll be back next week, but next week, I'm going to be back at noon instead of three. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to put them in the comments, private message me, or call. Oh, I should always give the number. The 800 number is 877-830-3405. Feel free to call, and I hope you have a great rest of your week and I will talk to you soon. Bye.