How To Celebrate a Wedding in Quarantine

July 15, 2020 0 Comments

How To Celebrate a Wedding in Quarantine-Plymouth Cards

With the Coronavirus pandemic still prevalent, many couples are finding themselves in a tough position to either postpone their wedding, cancel it, or find a new way to celebrate. Here are our ideas on how you can still celebrate your wedding during this time of social-distancing!

1. Have a "Drive-By" Reception

If you still want to keep your wedding date as your wedding, consider having a small backyard ceremony with just a few friends and family members, and invite the rest of your guests to drive by afterwards to cheer you on!

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2. Send Announcements 

 Most couples who elope send out an "Elopement Announcement" card to share the big news with their friends and family after the wedding. If you have to have a very small ceremony, consider doing this and including a photo for all of your loved ones who could not attend.

3. Live Stream the Ceremony on Social Media

If you plan on having a small backyard ceremony, ask a trusted relative to Live Stream the ceremony on Facebook or Instagram. That way family members can still watch and send you love from afar!

 4. Consider Postponing the Ceremony to a Later Date:

You can always postpone your wedding to a later date, whether you get married in a courthouse now and renew your vows in a big ceremony, or just host an awesome reception-- all your loved ones will love coming out to celebrate you when the time is right. 

While these circumstances are certainly not expected, there are plenty of ways to still have the wedding ceremony you had hoped for, or even a fun alternative that you never expected!

Let us know if you or anyone you know has celebrated a quarantine wedding and how they did it!