Live with Lisa Week 9: Brown Cards & Picture Frames

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Live with Lisa Week 9: Brown Cards & Picture Frames-Plymouth Cards


Hi, happy Wednesday. Lisa here from Plymouth Cards. I'm going to get this all set, if don't you mind waiting for me, for one minute while I get that going. Then we can talk all things Plymouth Cards. Welcome and happy Wednesday. Today I want to talk about I know, we're still going through the rainbow of colors for Plymouth cards, all the card color. So, we're in two rounds this week, which I can't believe we're almost done with all the colors. Then we'll get on to other fun patterns and designs exciting, etc. I have some other really exciting product that I'll be working on. I received feedback from you, the beginning when I first started this live and now, I can't believe this is week nine that we've been doing this together. I'm so glad you're here. If you have any questions or comments at any point throughout, just feel free to type them, put them in the comment box and I'll respond either while I'm talking or at the end, when it's over. If you have a question and you're not watching this live, please leave that in the comments too, and I'll definitely respond. I'll also put all the links to all the products that I mentioned in the comments after this gets posted after it's over.

So, browns, this is what we've got. We have a bunch of different brown shades. You can see that we have so I just want to go through each of them and learn about the different browns that we have. This is tan, nothing exciting about it again, blank inside our logo on the back. So, that's tan. Then we have latte, I love latte. It's from our coffee collection line, and what that means is that it's made from jute and sisal coffee bean bags. You know those bean bags that you're getting your coffee in. They take those I'm going to turn off that light for a sec. Hopefully that's not too distracting, maybe that's better.

Okay. All right, I'm back. I think the lighting looks a little better right now. I'm in my office today instead of them out in the other room. So hopefully we don't lose signal today. Okay, so here's latte is made from jute and sisal coffee bean bags. So, what they do is they crunch it all up and make paper out of it. It has a really great rich texture. I wish you could see it. But I'm going to put it up a little close so you can see the different flecks in the card. It just yeah, it's just a great thick, nice cardstock then we have mocha. Yes, you guessed it, it's the coffee line as well. Same thing, nice rich texture. This has our traditional back we don't have it in our modern back. This is the modern back with our logo just down the size about a quarter. This is our more traditional back so that's what it looks like. You can put a car on your photograph in horizontally or vertically. It works either way with the cards, and so that's the mocha it's a medium brown. Then we have cinnamon, and cinnamon is darker. It almost looks like a cinnamon stick. I think that is why we named it cinnamon and our logo on the back. It's blank inside. I'm going to put it up so you can see the texture. It has a Muslim kind of pattern on it, so you can see that. Nutmeg is another brown that we have. Lighting is really off today, I apologize. We'll work with it.

Then our last one is dark roast and no coffee collection again. So, it just has the really rich can see the flex in it. Hopefully, you can see it I just love the I love all the cards but just think the texture makes it so unique with the coffee collection. And what I will do for you now is show you so here's our three darkish browns. Then we have our three medium browns. So, you can just see all the differences in the colors, and the cards are $1.49 each. If you buy a 10 pack, they're $13.90 and if you buy a 30 pack, they're $39.99. Which getting a card for that price, customizing them yourself and citing them to someone whose weight in my opinion, of course, I'm going to say this but of course it but in my opinion, it's much nicer than going to the store and buying just the Khans card. So, I'm going to plop the picture in one of the cards so you can see what they look like. I'm not doing it the right way; there you can see. It customizes the card, I love that, you know, you can take a picture and send any picture to anyone with meaning and I really like that about the cards. 

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So, everyone had a good Fourth of July, we actually just stayed home and had a little barbecue just with Jared and his friends, and it was nice. It was only the four of us, and hopefully you had a nice time because the weather's been really nice here.

Now, back in week one or week two, I asked everyone about picture frames, wanted to get some feedback on the picture frames and see what you thought you know which one you liked, which one you didn't like. Let's see, I've got them there in stock. Now granted, we got small quantities, like a dozen, or six depending on the colors and stuff. So, you should if you are interested, the links will be in the comments later on, and you can buy them buy them quickly. If one of them says out of stock, what you can do is enter your email address and when it gets back in stock, we will send you an email to let you know. Alright, the picture frames are here, and I'm excited. I love them so much. So, this is our rustic. I have four different ones, maybe there's eight different rustic colors I'm going to show you four right now. So, this is weathered gray. Look at that. So that's an inch and a half thickness, which is really, it's really substantial. This right here is an inch wide, and then the depth, which is called a rabbit is three quarters of an inch, and it's really thick. I like it, it's made with real glass. You can use it horizontally and vertically, and it works great. It stands on the table. I don't know if I can, I can't really show you that. I'll put on my hand, and you can see it just stands it doesn't need any support. It doesn't need the back to it, and it's great. The back of them. That's just a sample one. So, I wanted to show you the weather gray. 

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So, this is the real black. So, it's black. It's a black foam board, it has four clips that you just pry up or down, depending on which way you're holding it, you just and then if this back will pop out and then you can put your Plymouth Card in or any other 5" x 7"  photograph into it, and then close that back up and you're ready to go. Let's see. Okay, so this is the weather gray color. This is I love this color. Oh, the hanger, which you see on this one is here it's installed, what we're going to do is when we ship on, we're going to ship it uninstalled so that you can decide if you're going to use your frame vertically or horizontally because that would be a bummer if we put it on one way and then you actually wanted it the other way. Alright, so weathered gray, love this. It just reminds me of Cape Cod, the fencing along the beach just really reminds me of that. Whether gray has little hints of blue in it here and there. One thing I want to tell you too, is that every frame is different. They're all handmade by a gentleman in Maine, I got them custom made. So, everyone is handmade, and they're all going to be slightly different. So, if you're looking for something that is perfectly the same, this is not the thing, but I personally like things that are different and have quirks to them. So, right now we have black, and again it's the weathered if you can see that and it's the same thickness. So, there's black and then I have Riverstone, which is a bluish color, more like a grey blue, and we have white. So, those are the four rustic colors that I'm showing you right now. There's also on the website, green, red, natural in blue. So, you can see all those on the website and they're $19.99 plus our $5 shipping, no matter how much you order, feel free to order a couple and then we'll make your shipping better. So, and Okay, we have a few other frames so wanted to show you this. So, this is another hand painted frame. These are made in Massachusetts, glass again, instead of the plexiglass it has this is one and a quarter inches, and this isn't three quarters the rabbits are you got the mirror on. This is three quarters of an inch and then it's about a quarter of an inch thick deep to see you know that the difference with this frame it's $21.99 and it has a velvet backing with the stand. So, this one comes with a stand already attached, and you can use the frame horizontally or vertically in the standard will work in either orientation.

All the frames I'm showing you today are 5" x 7" images. Or as you know, the Plymouth Card is a 5" x 7" and it holds a 4" x 6" picture, but it fits a 5" x 7" frame. So, we have frames that would hold Plymouth Cards, or you can use it for one of your other pictures. So, let's see the last picture frames I wanted to show you were the we got some these ones are solid, they're machine made so and painted that way so they won't have the same kind of distinctiveness between them like the other frames have. These are more if you want something that is going to be used across all if you wanted to get six of these then or you've needed six frames then this would be the frame to go if you wanted them all to be uniform. This is just solid black, which is three quarters of an inch. The rabbit is a quarter of an inch. They hold they work with both horizontal and vertical photos as well. They have a little clip here and this clip is movable. I'll show you so when you open the back here really quick. It might be better on this one, because you might want to see how I have it horizontally and vertically here. I'm getting my orientations mixed up today. But you just pull these four clips down, pop it out. There's the clip and then you can just move it to the other orientations so then you can put it back in the frame, like that. These are $5.99 each. They don't have glass, and this is Plexiglas. I want to give people some options if they you know need a frame but don't want to spend the $19.99 on the individual custom-made ones, or handmade ones. So, these are the machine-made ones, and I have two color options in that with black, then white. These are pictures of my grandparents. So, that's the frame. 

Let's see, I think really that's all I had for today. I do. Oh wait, there's one more, one more. So, we want to show you this one. This is our pallet wall mounting to stand back a little bit so you can see it. It is made to look like a pallet which I love. It has a bulldog clip which is two inches wide now this one is 10 inches by 10 inches and it's just over a half an inch thick. I like this because you can use it with you just clip your picture in or your Plymouth Card in. I like it because you can change it by the seasons and or whenever you get a new card or a new picture so it will hold it this version critically, I know this isn't a horizontal picture I should have had one but I'm not perfect. There we go. So, but you can get the idea that it will work with either orientation. These are $14.99 on our website today. Then this is the back, and we can make these. We will get the clips and put them on for you. It hangs on the wall; it will stand but it won't stay standing you'd have to get a stand for it. You know one of those plate racks or something if you wanted it not to be hanging on a wall because it's not thick enough to stay sturdy with you know, one child runs by and boom, it's over.

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So, these are today's items. If you have any questions about them, I would love to answer them for you. I will put all the links in the comments, and I hope you have a great rest of your week and weekend, and I'll be back next Wednesday, three o'clock with some more fun things. I just got off the phone with one of our manufacturers and we have another exciting product coming in for next week. So, I will see you then. Talk to you later, bye.