Live with Lisa Week 12: Printed Cards, Selling Your Photos?

July 29, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 12: Printed Cards, Selling Your Photos?-Plymouth Cards


Hello, happy Wednesday. I'm going to make sure the camera is okay. Here we go. So, we've had a ton of new followers since last week's live. So, I want to introduce myself. I'm Lisa DiVasta from Plymouth Cards and I'm glad to have you here.

Today, I have a big question I want to ask everyone. Then I want to talk about all of our different printed cards that we have our everyday life that's pretty much the last of the cards I know every week since week two, this is week 12 and I've been going over the different colors of the rainbow of our different cards and just to give everyone an in live, close up of the printed cards. Their everyday printed cards and they're really great for parties and special events and that kind of things. So, I want to show you some of them.

So, here is our first one. This is the printed fun dots. So, I love fun dots. It has four different colors, and they are magenta, chartreuse, cyan, and orange. It has the aqua like cyan. It's more of an aqua turquoise, I guess I should say. And an orange interior border. This is really great for birthday parties. The great thing about our cards is that you can use them vertically or horizontally and there's just a close up of that one. Our next one is the buffalo plaid. Buffalo plaid is great for your winter and fall photos but it's also wonderful for your Christmas cards too. So, if you're looking for something different than just the traditional green or red, this is a really nice addition to our line and this one is blank inside. All of the ones I'm going to show you today are blank inside and they all have our quarter size logo on the back. Let's see, vintage flair, and this is a great picture of one of my most favorite pictures of my in laws on their wedding day, and they're in their getaway car. So, this is vintage flair. These are reminiscent of the old photo corners that used to look and stick to hold your pictures. I'm sure you see him in your grandpa I see him in my grandparent’s photo albums. So, that's what those are but they're not raised, they're smooth. They're printed right on there. All of the parts, the picture can fly right out. Or I can slide, well this is not the recommended way to put your picture in. 

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We do recommend that you put it on a flat surface and that you use either rubber fingertips or latex gloves because that helps you grip the photo. But it also protects the photo from your fingerprints. So, there's that and I want to show you the card, see how it was just in and out. I want to show you the inside, and you can see the nice color. All the cards fit into a 5" x 7" picture frame and we do carry these really nice picture frames on our website as well as your $19.99. We have many different colors and styles available. So, rustic hearts is great for every day, of course but also, it'd be fun for Valentine's Day, wedding engagement. So, I want to mention that Beni was over the last few days took some time and put a close up of each pattern on the website so that when you actually so if you went to rustic hearts, you could get on there and there's a close up now so you can see that which is really nice. This is our barn wood card, and it reminds me of an old barn, in Vermont driving on the roads and it goes vertical and horizontal. It's a nice rich wood color. Then we have our blue stars, blue and white stars and this one has a white interior border. So, hopefully you can see that. We have chevron, and chevron is really fun.

Greek key is a deep purple. I don't know if you can see that up close. This one also has the white interior border, and it has a nice transition from your photo to that from the card. So, vertical and horizontal and this one has the pattern inside. Then the last one is our printed line, which is our houndstooth, of course, roll tide, because our son went to Alabama. So, this was our Christmas card, the year he graduated. I want to show you what that would look like, the houndstooth. So, some people have asked questions about the back, you know, the quarter size, and then they see on our website in our clearance section, we have traditional back and they wanted to know what the difference was. So, I do get that question this week. I want to show you that the difference here, houndstooth, so here's the house two weeks ago, modern back, and then here is the houndstooth traditional back. The only difference is the information on the back, we've shrunk it down to just a quarter size right here in this bottom left-hand corner. But other than that, the quality is exactly the same as all the other cards in that room, the reason why they're in clearances is for inventory purposes, we'd like to just have one back for all our cards. I know a lot of people that purchase our cards, re-sell them in stores, trade shows, and craft fairs. I know that right now, that's difficult to do, and it seems like things aren't opening as quickly as we would like them to. So, they're trying to think of a way to help all our customers that do sell their cards in these locations. 

I'm wondering, just let me know in the comments, or feel free to give me a call or message me privately if you feel uncomfortable leaving a message through Facebook, on the actual comment section. I want to know what you would think about what my idea is. Would you send us the pictures that you want to be in the cards, you tell us what colors match up with the cards, and we would set up a section on the website with your name. So, if your name is Lisa DiVasta, there would be a tab Lisa DiVasta. When you click on that, all your pictures and cards would be there for sale. We would do the printing the packing the shipping, and send it off to your customers, and then we would give you a portion of the funds, they wouldn't be the hundred percent because we're buying, you haven't bought the cards in advance. That's what so it would help you with inventory, you wouldn't have to know which cards to keep at all times. Then thinking it would help people that don't want to go into the stores, or now that we don't have all these festivals and craft fairs. You know the Fall is a really big time of year when people are buying these things. So, I thought that might be a great way for your customers to be able to buy your product easily without having to be with you face to face. So, I'd love to know what your thoughts are on something like that. I just it's a work in process idea. I would love to be able to help all of our great customers who have been affected by COVID. 

We want to get your beautiful photos and artwork out there. We have cross stitchers and needlepoint and machinery. There's so many different things that people use the cards for. I want to help you be able to sell and maintain your income that you are getting from selling all your cards. So, hopefully that'll make sense, and I'm not rambling on and on. But I'd just love to know what you think about that idea. Right now, the Penn State Watershed is doing a fundraiser where they came up with an artist donated designs to them and we made cards and we have four sets for sale on the website. Then 40% of that money goes to the Penn State Watershed, which was one of the things that got me thinking like maybe we could do this for all our customers that had been affected.

Check out the Penn State Watershed Fundraiser here. 

So, I'd love to know what you think about that. You can reach me, but the phone number here is 877-830-3405 or you can always email Lisa at You can message me directly right here through Facebook messenger and leave a comment. I'm very accessible, except for next week because we will be on vacation. I would love to know your feedback and that is all I have for this week. I thank you for watching, and I'll see you maybe next week if not the week after. Talk to you soon, bye.