Live with Lisa Week 13: Tips & Tricks for your Cards

August 12, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 13: Tips & Tricks for your Cards-Plymouth Cards


Hey, Happy Wednesday in case you don't know who I am, I'm Lisa DiVasta. Owner here at Plymouth Cards. So happy to be here, after taking a week off last week, so I hope everything's going while with all of you. Yes, last week, we took our annual family vacation, and we ended up going, we rented a house up in the Outer Banks.  It was really exciting because all the kids ended up coming. And so it was great to see everybody, we ended up having a really good time, my one thing I always have wanted to do is see those wild horses that you hear about in the Outer Banks, and we're able to see them, and it was really, really cool. I highly recommend it if you ever do it. When my husband called, he to make the reservation, they suggested that they do it at six at night, which I thought they were just trying to sell a slot. But actually, it ended up being amazing to do it at six at night, because we actually got to see the sunset, which was really pretty. So, if you ever go to the Outer Banks and do a tour like that, we did a private tour. So, it was great, because there was eight of us, we were able to do it private. And so that was really nice that we could feel safe that way. So, I hope everything is going well in your area. 

Yeah, so I just want to talk about a few things today and get your feedback. Hopefully, you know, I'd love to have you write comments. I'll respond as soon as I can, which is later on today. I think that'd be really great. I'd appreciate if you don't feel comfortable leaving comment, because I know some people don't like to leave comments on Facebook, I can appreciate that. You can privately message me, you can email me at any time by going on to our website and the contact page, you can always call to the numbers 877-830-3405 and I love talking to you all. So okay. So, I'm just looking here at my notes.

A couple weeks ago, I asked everyone what they thought about having a seller program on our page were you, the photographer or artist could have your cards or sold on our website. Just thought, because there's so many events being canceled that people sell at during, especially in the upcoming fall winter season, I wanted to make it available to you so that you could sell the cards on our website. So, how I think it's going to work. There'll be an email going out later today or tomorrow with all the details. But what I'm thinking is, is that you would send us the images that you want in the cards, we would work with you, you get to set the pricing that you want for your art of photography, of course. We can work together matching the photograph with the card color. So, we'll make it all work. We'll do the photography here in house and put everything on the website for you. The split would be you would get 40% of the sales price, and we would get 60% and that would cover that would cover all of our costs, our time our labor and materials of packing shipping, everything you would get 40% in the number would be on it.

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So, if someone ended up using a coupon, it would be after the coupon price, it wouldn't be before the coupon price. So, I made that clear. But all the details will go out in the email that's going out later today or tomorrow morning. And if you aren't part of our email list, please jump on our website, scroll to the bottom and there's a link that will say you know, join the newsletter, or they'll also sometimes when you go onto our website, there'll be a pop up that says join. So, you could join that way as well. So those are the two ways you can join. Or if you know, you can always privately message us, and we can put you on there too. So, so that's what I'm thinking. But if you have any other feedback or any other suggestions on how to work it, what you'll do is you'll get your own private, private special tab on the website, and it will have your name or whatever you wanted to say on that tab. When people click on it, it will have all your information and all your photography or art and there will be people to buy and  you know, we could do single cards, we can do four packs, six packs, 12 packs, and we'll package it all up in our usual cardboard wrap with cute twine and tags. We can work on all that together to decide like what you would and wouldn't like so I think that would be really great and Let's see.

The other thing I wanted to talk about today is, so Clarence, the snowman has been selling really well. We just placed a reorder. So, thank you all for that. The one thing I wanted to see is, what did you What would you think about doing different colored masks? So, my son is a University of Alabama alumni Roll Tide. And my husband Vinnie is a lifelong fan of Alabama. So, we thought we would do a crimson. So this is a just a picture of just a mockup of what we were thinking the Crimson Tide with a black ribbon, but then we thought, oh, maybe there's other people that would be interested in other color combination masks, because I've noticed, you know, people aren't just wearing regular mass nowadays, they're so specialized. So, we thought it might be fun to introduce other color masks. So, if there's a mask color that you'd be interested in buying, please let me know. Because we have to decide, in four days, what we're going to do. So, if you have a color in mind, I'd love to know, comment, private message me, whatever works for you works for me.

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So, that'd be great. But I'm excited. I think we're definitely going to do crimson, I am part of a group, an Alabama parent group. They're going crazy once I posted that on there. So, I think Crimson will definitely be it. And oh, and Alan, my brother in law whose company makes the ornaments, he makes pewter products. So, his company, and he's an Oklahoma State alumni. So, we're going to do OSU, orange, and that will be great. So, those are our two definite. So, if you have any other colors that you think would be fantastic. I'd love to know. Let's see what else I wanted to talk to you about. So, we get a lot of questions about certain things frequently asked questions there on our website, but I just want to go over a couple, and I'll do it every week. Just to give you more information sometimes, you know, and if you ever have a question, just let me know in advance.  Apron, I got a few questions over the last week. Why do I wear an apron I'm not painting. So, the reason why I wear an apron is that I have ruined all my clothes. So, the cards, moving boxes and cards all day just rips off and puts holes and all my shirts. So, I got the aprons in order to protect my clothes and it's also great because they have pockets, I can keep my lip balm and my glasses and my phone there at all times. So, that is why I wear an apron, and I know it sounds different, but it's there to protect my clothes and I can't keep buying clothes.

Our number one question is, what size is the card? Okay, so the card is a 5" x 7", outside final size, but it holds a 4" x 6" photograph. So, the photos just slide right in and out. It's better to do it on a flat surface not in the air like this, that will cause damage to either the card or your picture. The cards go horizontal or vertical. But they do hold a 4" x 6" picture and they fit into a 5" x 7" picture frame and a lot. Another question is people want to know how much of the picture is going to get hidden behind the frame, like right here because when the photo slides in, it doesn't, you don't use tape or glue, it just slides in, I'm just going to chemistry kind of like that. But I'm not doing a very good job because I'm not on a flat surface.So, 9/16 of the photo gets hidden behind this frame mount. So, what I tell people is in like in this picture, if you print the picture with a white border, you're going to the foot that ends up making the photo go smaller, shrinks it don't lose any of it doesn't affect your picture itself. It doesn't cut off any of it, but it just makes it smaller. So, therefore that's a quarter of an inch so that less than now only a quarter of an inch of your photo is going to be hidden behind that frame.

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So, I hope that's helpful, and the other thing I wanted to do was show you that we start planning for Christmas in March. I know that sounds so crazy, and have you ever thought about that when companies start planning ahead. So, what I want to do is show you that we just received our order in for Christmas and if I can figure out how to, then yes, we're working from home. We've been doing that for a while now. So, our what used to be our living room dining room is now Plymouth Cards. So, there we go. So, I'm going to just flip it around and I will show you There is Christmas. So, we've started to get all our cards in. We have everything from Holly to the dog bone, season's greetings, Christmas dogs, but look at look at all these boxes. So, we just have so many cards coming in, which is fabulous. That's peace, hope, and joy. That's our brand, one of our brand-new ones. We have the red truck and other fan favorite. So, those are all our cards. Look at that. Yes, that's giving you a little sneak peek behind crazy Plymouth Cards. Yes, it was very organized this room, but now it's just chaos. But we get your orders out next day. 

So, I think that's everything for today. But if you do have any questions, I'd love to hear them, and I will chat with you next week. Please let me know what you think about for the new photography section or artists section that we're going to have on our website where you can have your own tab. I'd love to know about that, and the email will go out by tomorrow. All right, we'll talk next week, Bye.