Live with Lisa Week 26: The Story of Clarence and Greetings From the Past

November 18, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 26: The Story of Clarence and Greetings From the Past-Plymouth Cards

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Hello, Happy Wednesday. I am Lisa DiVasta owner here at Plymouth Cards and I wanted to welcome you here today. It's been a busy Wednesday for us. And I just wanted to do my usual to-do. I hope you're doing well. It has been the most beautiful day here in Florida, I can't even tell you. It's just the most beautiful day. So it just makes you smile. So I hope it's nice where you are. Let me know where you where you're from if you're watching this live or even not live, I'd love to know where you're watching from. 

It's been really exciting seeing the orders come in because we've sold throughout the country, we've sold our cards. But just over the weekend, we officially sold...Clarence has shipped to the entire country, every state he has gone to. Which is really cool and fun. So I'd love to know where you're from. So feel free to say hi. And if you're not watching it live, I encourage you to say hi.

So I wanted to start with this exciting news, exciting for me anyway. And I hope you feel the same way for me. Our card, the Charcoal Card is going to be in a subscription box. And it's never been in a subscription box before. So I think that's really cool. An artists...There'll be some artwork in the card. So I'm not going to show you that because that would spoil it because it's a surprise box. But I'm just really excited that our card is going to be...and it's going to be...the name of the website is beadorable and actually it looks like be and then adorable. So it's put all together beadorable. And I love it. I found her because she has some really nice inspirational shirts, T-shirts that I buy, wear a lot of T-shirts. I'm working packing orders, I need to be comfortable all the time. Oh, I should actually show you. I have one on right now. So she has one that spoke to me when I first saw it, it says human and then there's a dot and then it says kind  [Human.kind] and then underneath it says Be both. So I bought that. And then we had a conversation and now our cards are been featured. 

But here's another one that she has it says Be Someone's Sunshine. So I really like them because one thing about me is I do not like V-necks. I mean I don't like the crewnecks, they feel like they're strangling me. So now I buy V-neck shirts. And it's hard to find V-neck shirts that have nice sayings. So that' her name is Molly, the store is Beadorable. And so she has a whole section of T-shirts that are V-neck with inspirational messages such as that, one says Be Loved, but I really like them because they're that really soft material and they have V-neck. So it's just really cool how things work out, you know, I'm buying t-shirts and then all of a sudden I introduce the cards to her. And now the Charcoal Card is going to be in her December color club. So what she does is every month is a featured color. And so I think that's a really cool concept. So if you like getting surprises in the mail every month, you should check it out

Check out the BeAdorable website here. 

Today, we actually...Beni is watching live, I hope. We're doing it at 5, because she gets off work at 5. So then she can then come work for Plymouth Cards, the joy of being part of the family. So she was going to try to post links of everything as I talk about them. So yeah, so that's all about Beadorable and I think, you should check her out. She's a small business based in New Hampshire. And I love supporting other local small business -- not local, but other small businesses. No. It's not local, I'm in the Florida, she's in New Hampshire. But I just love supporting other small businesses. So give her website a check out. I highly recommend her t-shirts. I feel like they're true to size. So this one that I'm wearing right now is a medium. 

So it is Christmas here, full force. Christmas cards have been selling like crazy. We've been packing your orders as best we can, in addition to getting Clarence out. So our shipping time is anywhere from 2-5, 6 days now, depending on what you order, if you're getting custom printing or you want something special. So that's where it is.


So the other thing I wanted to mention is some people prefer not to send a photo of themselves at Christmas time or any other time. So I don't know if I've ever talked about it before but we have a whole vintage card line called Greetings From The Past. So I wanted to show you some of them. We have them for every holiday. So we have multiples for Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Year's, Birthdays, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day. So we have the whole season or the whole gamut of occasions is what I was going to say. And so the cards are $2.99 each, they come with an envelope - a standard white envelope, and they're all blank inside. And there's many different colors and options. And so that's one of our Thanksgiving ones. And then we have...I just pulled a few of our Christmas ones. This one says, 'Hearty Christmas Greeting. May the joy of Christmas as you pass along, blend life's many murmurs into our sweet song.' So there's that one. This one's featured in hurricane gray. I just wanted to show you that. And then we have the Christmas Santa. We have a whole variety of them. There's a lot. 

Check out our Greetings from the Past here. 

So you can go to the website, under shop go to greeting cards, and then under greeting cards you'll see Greetings From The Past, click on that. Then on the right hand side, you'll see view all with a little one of those triangles, and click on that and then it will have a whole pulldown menu for all the occasions that we have available. So that makes it easier than having to scroll through pages of cards. One cool thing about the Greetings From The Past Line is that I'm going know how our pictures slide in. When you slide this out, the back is a postcard. So the recipient of the card can then take this image if they don't want to frame it themselves in a frame, and then they can then make it a postcard and send it to someone else, which I think is a really cool thing. So that is our Greetings From The Past. Think that's really cool. 

What else I wanted...oh my gosh! I don't know if you saw Sister Evelynn. She is one of our octogenarian customers, she's awesome. And I just love her so much. And I have great conversations with her. And she has done some YouTube videos on how to pick your card color and how to put your photo in the card and all kinds of things like that. She sells the cards and it goes to them. She's in Kentucky. So I wanted to...I know earlier today we posted one of the videos that you could check out, so give her a checkout. And I think tomorrow we'll post a link to her page, where if you're interested you could support them, leave a comment and get some cards. So she sells her photos in the cards, it's really great. I really enjoy her and the videos I really enjoy too. So you take a peek at them. 

Check out Sister Evelynn here. 

And we've been getting a lot of requests from people wanting to know if we include something in the ornaments that explain the meaning behind Clarence's name, why we chose his name, if there's anything in the ornaments. And unfortunately, we do not because we really wanted to keep the ornaments at $10 a piece. And every little thing that you put into the mix adds postage, adds cost, the paper, the printing, etc. So we did not do that even though I would really love to have done that, I think it's a fabulous idea. But what we've come up with instead is we now have a printable version on our website. And we're going to post it here. So it'll be in a JPEG format, a PNG format, we have a PDF format, so whatever format works for you, then you can just take it and print it. Shrink it if you need to, whatever you need to do. So I just want to show that to you real quick. So this is what it looks like. And this will be on every one of the Clarence ornament pages also, so that you can just get it. We're trying to make it easy for you to get it. And then I will read it to you. I have to put on my glasses sorry. 

Check out Clarence's story here. 

It says The Story of Clarence. His name comes from one of our all-time favorite Christmas movies - It's a Wonderful Life. Where George's guardian angel Clarence brought hope to him in his moment of despair. He is a reminder that we went through these times and persevered. We are resilient and together we can get through anything, even an unexplained toilet paper shortage. Made in Massachusetts by our brother-in-law Allen of all-American pewter, proudly sold by So that is now -- Oh, I see Benny just posted it, thank you Benny. You are the best-- And so we've got that going for you to print if you so choose. Obviously, you don't have to, but we wanted to make that option available because we've had so many requests for that. And we thought that would be nice for people to be able to print it if they so choose. And I think that's what we've got for this week. 

The Story of Clarence

If you have any questions, as always, you can private message, you can post a comment here. We're very responsive. Call us, the number is 877-830-3405. You can also email orders at Any of those ways, you know, I'm happy to... you know, reach out to me. Oh, and if texting is your thing, the texting number is 813-422-9629. So those are all the ways to get in touch with myself. And I'm happy to answer any of your questions that you may have. I appreciate you. I appreciate you watching and all your support and kindness. And I hope you have a great rest of the week and I will talk to you next week. Thanks so much. Bye.