Live with Lisa: Week 27

November 25, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa: Week 27-Plymouth Cards


Hello! Happy Wednesday! I'm Lisa DiVasta, owner here at Plymouth Cards and I've been busy working here. And I wanted to just hop on real quick today because I know tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I wanted to wish you all happy and safe Thanksgiving. I hope everyone is doing well. We're going to be just the three of us this year. Jared, our youngest and Vinny and I will be here. I hope you're going to have a good Thanksgiving, I'm not sure what you're going to be doing. Let me know what you're going to be doing. Are you doing anything? Our neighborhood is doing... every year they do a turkey trot, which is nice because it's outdoors, we can all be socially distant and get some exercise in the morning before we start the day. So that's what we're going to be doing. 


I just wanted to hop on in to show a few things that I have. I found this new... our bag supplier, they ran out of one of the designs I really liked but then I found this new one, it's called Evergreen. And look it has a little -- oh, see this mirror image messes me up every time. And I try, I say I'm not going to make a mistake, but I do. Anyway, so it's a new bag. So that's going to be on the website. We have it in the medium and the small sizes, they're really cute, 100% recycled craft brown paper. So I really like that. And they're all made in the USA just like all our other bags and products. And we're adding... with the Clarence or any of our ornaments that have... masks that have like divots in them or just imperfections, things that are just beyond typical little, little character. So what we're doing now is -- I'm really excited about this-- we've been blinging them out. [Shows sample ornament] So these are the same price, they're going to be $10, they're on the website. I've put some on and I'm working as fast as I can to get more on. So if you're dying for one of these, just keep checking back. These have snowflakes... so we have snowflakes, the designs will change. It's a snowflake, every snowflake is different. So you'll get different snowflakes. And then we have a Christmas tree. But we have about four different Christmas tree designs, I'm not going to put every single design on. But if you pick Christmas tree, you'll get a Christmas tree. And then you have this little Santa. So we just thought that was a fun way to add to them. Because you know everyone else, when you look at people's masks, most people have designs on them. So I just thought that might be a little fun little extra to have. And it's a nice way to... you know, nobody's perfect. Nothing's perfect. So the masks that have these little imperfections, this is a nice way to make them look fun. 

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And what else did I want to talk to you about? Tomorrow, Thursday is Thanksgiving. Obviously, you know that. We have an email coming out. If you're not on our email list please join. You can join now, you can go to our website, scroll to the bottom or wait for the pop-up if you haven't been on our website in a bit and sign up. We have a Black Friday special email coming out. So if you join, you'll get the special code and you can be part of that. 


And I just hope you all have a safe Thanksgiving. I know it's an unusual year. It's an unusual Thanksgiving. We're not doing the traditional Turkey. There's just three of us to share. So what we did is years ago, when the kids were younger for Thanksgiving we drove to Ohio and went to the biggest indoor waterpark - Kalahari Resorts, I believe it was called. And we went there. And we did turkey roll-ups, which is just turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayo, all wrapped up in a turkey roll-up. So Jared who's our youngest, he's 22 now, but anyway, he requested that we do that again for dinner. And so I know that might not be the most traditional dinner. But it is a tradition in the sense that we did that when the kids were young. And it was fun. So I guess that's what we're going to do. I hope you all have a great big feast.


We're actually going to be packing orders for everybody. So we are shipping 3-6 business days. We're trying to get them out even faster. It's just the demand has been surprisingly excitingly great! So we're just working on getting your orders out and I appreciate your kindness about it, your patience. The Camou is supposed to be here on Friday but I'm not sure, the tracking for it seems a little strange. So I'm wondering if I'm not going to be getting it until Monday. So anyone that's ordered Camou, please be patient with us. I'm definitely working on getting those out as soon as we get them in. So we have them all lined up, and they're ready... we're just waiting for the Camou to come and then we'll get your orders out right away. So definitely this upcoming week they will be sent out. And I may have a few extra Camou's. So if you're interested in the Camou, go to the Camou page now and sign up to be notified because what's going to happen is if we do end up getting a few extra... See, what I do is I order more than I need because sometimes they come in damaged. So I want to make sure -- or just not in the condition that I would like them to be because sometimes the paint dries funny and stuff. So I always order more than I need. So once I see what we end up with, I think I'll have some extra. So if you are interested in those Limited Edition Camou Masks, sign up. On each of them you can sign up to be notified. And once I know the number I have I will send out an email to those people on the waitlist first and then after that, I'll update the website for any additional. So that's the deal on the Camou. 

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But if you have any questions, anytime, please, you can:

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And I will do my best to respond right away. So I hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and I will talk to you all soon. Thanks so much. Bye