Live with Lisa Week 28

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Live with Lisa Week 28-Plymouth Cards

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Hello. Happy Wednesday, Lisa DiVasta here. Let's see. I hope you're doing well today.

Got the red apron on for Christmas. I got a question the other day about why I wear an apron. And I know I've mentioned it before, but I wear an apron all the time when I'm working because I've ruined every shirt I owned prior to wearing aprons. So moving all the boxes and packing the cards, it ruins your clothes. This way it protects them. And then I have pockets to keep all my stuff, my pens and everything as I'm working. So that's great. 


I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We had a very quiet one and today, I don't know what it's like where you are but I've become a baby I've realized. And I can't take the cold anymore. After living in Boston our whole life, we moved just outside of Tampa, Florida now. And we've been here for three years and this morning I woke up and it was 44. And our house was 68 degrees inside, which is what I used to keep the temperature on. In the winter my kids will attest to when we lived in Boston, I would say put on a sweater. And oh my gosh! It was 68 in our house and I thought I was going to die. It was so cold. So I went and turned on the heat. And so Vinny and I rationalized it. We're like, well, you got to turn on the heat every once a while to make sure it still works. So I don't know. It's funny that we're babies now. We can't take the cold, oh man. So I can't wait for it to get back in the 70s here and the 80s with the sun shining. 


So anyway, I've been getting a lot of questions about shipping, shipping times. So I thought I'd just hop on and give all that information. I will be sending out an email, I think tomorrow --  later on today or tomorrow with additional details so that you can have all the information you want. So the ornaments, we are getting shipments in every day. We're packing and shipping every day. It's first order in first or out. That's how we're doing it so that it's fair to everybody. A few people, I made an inventory issue with we're having some growing pains, which is a great thing. But just the volume we didn't anticipate. So I did make some errors with the inventory. And I've been sending out emails to all those customers affected, apologizing for their delay. So some people said they didn't get it, so that worries me. Feel free to reach out if you're concerned. We are getting another shipment in tomorrow and Friday, and we'll be working all weekend. So please reach out. But do understand that by sending an email, it will take me at least a day to respond to it. We've been getting so many emails, which is great. I love working with everyone. I love hearing from you. I love your stories. I've been having a great time getting to know so many fabulous customers. 


Today a customer called, an older gentleman. Actually he called last night, but I returned his call this morning. And we had a lovely conversation. He was buying cars for his wife for Christmas because they were on her Christmas list. And I just thought that was so sweet that he had no idea what these were and he just wanted to get them for his wife. And I just thought that was so sweet. And we had a great conversation. So that's it. 

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So shipping times. Let's see, I made notes today so I wouldn't forget anything. Custom - if you are getting custom cards the deadline to get your order in to get it shipped by December 16th. Obviously, if you get your order in sooner you'll get your card sooner. That's a given. But I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew that if you want to get custom cards before Christmas, you need to have your order in by December 11th, which is not this Friday, next Friday. 


So examples, I grabbed a few examples so people will see what I mean. So see how there's foil. These are just samples... not samples. These are proofs that didn't cut the mustard. So if you see something that isn't exactly perfect, it's just because I don't have any perfect ones with me. But season's greetings, I think that came out really cool. That's in silver foil. So we have... This one I'm working on right now, The Cook family and that one says Home for the Holidays, but the H in holidays is lowercase when it should be uppercase. So that's why that's in the... It didn't make the cut. Whatever, you know what I mean.


So the foil is 75 cents a card. And we also offer custom printing on the inside of the card. So that's why the custom printing deadline is December 11th. And we'll work with you. You get up to three rounds of proofs included in the price. So you don't have to be worried that you're going to get it in the mail, sight unseen and hate it. So we go back and forth via email. I make a proof, such as this one. And then we just make changes as you need them. And I love this one. He hasn't done it this year, unfortunately, because of COVID. But this was from last year. And what he does is he puts his business card right here and gives them out at his annual events. So that's a bummer. But I just wanted to show you this. There's more than one. They're very versatile cards, so you don't have to just --  you can do whatever you want. So that's the great thing. So those are some examples. And let me see, here's another foil we do. And then we have... just saying, you know if you just want to say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings, we have all those too. So the foil is 75 cents a card. If you want just ink, black and any other color ink that we have, that is 50 cents a card. And everything is per side. Foil, we can only do on the front. Ink we can do on the front and in the inside and on the back. So those are the options with the custom printing. 


We have so many cards now I love all our designs, I think the Dog Bone one is adorable. Peace, hope, joy, I guess this is a spoiler alert. That's the one I'm using this year for my family card. Maybe I'll show that to you all next week. I think that'd be fun. We went with a different kind of card because our family's all over and we can't get together right now. So that's what we chose to do. We've come up with our own idea. 


Beni actually wrote a blog. So if you're looking for a creative idea or you're stuck on what to do this year, because it is a hard year to come up with what do you do for a card. So Beni did write a blog, it was posted back in October. So if you go to our website, on the far right-hand side, it says blog. You can scroll through and look for that. And you know, what I'll do. I'll also post a link in the comments after this is over and let you all know the link to that. That'd be great.

Blog for 2020 Christmas Card Ideas

The cammo came in. We've been busy packing it out to everyone that pre-ordered that. I thank you all for your patience. That took a little bit longer than we anticipated. But it came out amazing. Here, I want to show you. We did get... So what I usually do, oh, that's not the good one. Well anyway, close enough. What we usually do is... What we always do is we always order a little extra. So that if there's any imperfections or just things that are wrong, like something just didn't come out right, so we always order more so that we have enough to fulfill everyone's order. And then if there are any extras we put them on. So I ordered extra of the cammo. And last night, people had signed up to be on the waitlist to be notified if we got more cammo. And so that went out last night and we still have a few extras. So if you're interested in the cammo then you can see those on the website under you go to shop. Second one down is ornaments and then you click on that and it'll bring you to all the ornaments. And so we have pink and... that one's pink. And then the other one, the green, the traditional I guess is what we could call it. So we have both of those in limited supply. So if you're interested in those, please jump on and get those. 


And let's see shipping deadlines for everything else. I know I talked about shipping deadlines for custom is December 11th. You have to have your order in by to get it. The final proof has to be reproved by December 14th. And let's see, other deadlines. You have to have your order in by December 15th for first-class mail. So that's anything 12 cards or less, 10 ornaments or less. Priority mail is December 16th. And that's anything 12 cards or more, 10 or more ornaments. Those would all go those methods. And then if you are last minute and wanted to pay for express, you can contact me for express shipping information. And we can work out a quote and show you the different... What I do is I put your address in and it gives us all the options of how much it would be if we sent it through the post office or through UPS and then it would show us like 2-day, 1-day, 1-day first thing in the morning. So you get to decide what you would want to spend. So we can do that. But that deadline is December 21st. So I have to have everything by then. So there's that. 


So I hope you're doing well. Got to start thinking about doing some of my Christmas shopping. I don't know if anyone has any ideas for 20 somethings, I have three of them. And yeah, kind of like stumped this year. So if you have any good ideas, boys and girls. Two of them live on their own, one lives at home. So if you have any great ideas, feel free to pop me a message. So that I would love to know what people are getting their 20 somethings. And Beni also wrote a great blog on... She wrote some gift idea blogs, I don't know if you've had a chance to take a peek at them. I think I'll post some of the links here because she did one on Made in the USA products. Top five, Made in the USA products, which we actually vetted these companies before we recommend them. I don't like recommending things that we don't actually consume. So we tried them all out, which was kind of fun between the two - Beni and I, the two of us, we did that. So I'll post the link to those made in the USA. And I think that's all.

Made in the USA Holiday Gift Guide

If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments. And I will get back and answer the questions. Maybe not instantaneously. It's a little crazy here. But other than that I will get back to you. And then you can always call. The number is 877-830-3405. If I don't answer, leave a message. We have one phone line. And so that would be ideal if you just left a message if I don't answer. And let's see. You could always private message me through Facebook, leave a message on Facebook. I just appreciate everyone's support and kindness. It's just been overwhelmingly... It's just overwhelming and positive and I just really appreciate you all for being here. So I will be back next Wednesday, if not sooner, and I hope you have a great rest of your week. Thank you so much. Bye