Live with Lisa Week 29: 30% off Code inside...

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Live with Lisa Week 29: 30% off Code inside...-Plymouth Cards


Hello. Happy Wednesday. It is Wednesday, December 9th, I can't believe it. We're getting so close to Christmas. And I hope you're all doing well. My name is Lisa DiVasta, the owner here at Plymouth Cards. Welcome, nice to have you here even watching live, not live. It's always great to know you're there supporting me and I appreciate that. So today I wanted to just address some questions that people have had over the last week just so I can maybe help you so that you'll have the answers. 


So shipping, starting November 29, any order that we received... no, November 27th, 

I'm so sorry, November 27th. Any order we received will ship no later than December 16th. We are definitely working as fast as we can. Vinny and I packing all these orders, it's just taking some time. And I appreciate your support, your kindness, your patience. So if you do have a question about your order, I've been getting a lot of emails about that, which is is great. I understand everyone's excited and anxious and wants to get their order and I totally get that.


So my... sorry, I lost my train of thought there. So when you do send me an email, it would be great if you could include your full name and your order number. Because a lot of times, people are just sending it through through their phone and it doesn't have your name. So then it's just taking some time trying to figure out like who you are. So it'd be great if you communicate about your order, if you would include your name and your order number. Those are both things that would make the process easier than me having to email you back to say what's your name and order number blah, blah. So it'd be great if you could do that. But like I said, all orders will ship by the 16th, except the ones that are pre-ordered colors.


And on the website for each Clarence mask color it said when it went into the pre-order status. So if you look at that page, it will say as of December 1st, December 2nd, December 7th, whatever the date is. So you can see that we are shipping your entire order at once. So if you did decide to choose one of those pre-order colors and didn't do two separate orders, the whole entire order will ship in January. If that's not what you had intended, please reach out to me and I can send you an additional invoice for another $5 shipping and we can get the other items out. So I think we spelt that out. So if you see that all on your order confirmation, it will say everything's going to ship at once. And we had that on the pages too. 

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Anyway, it's been a day, I guess so I'm a little distracted in my head here. So what I want to say is, December 16th is when we have all the in-stock items out and in the mail. Any mask that said pre-order and it will say right on the page if it was in pre-order. We had it at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page right before you clicked add to your cart. So if you're unsure about the colors you ordered, you could go back to the website and take a peek and it will show you. And then you can compare it to when you ordered to see if maybe you missed it. We had a couple of customers that missed the pre-order notices. Anyway, feel free. The email, if you have any questions about it or you can private message me here.


Just so you know, we are getting flooded with... well flooded for me because I'm not used to getting this many emails from customers asking questions. So please give me a day to respond. I would greatly appreciate that. I understand everyone's excited and anxious. I totally can relate to that. But please give me a day to respond. I'm not ignoring you and if I don't respond within a day that means I didn't get your email. Maybe it got typed in wrong. Maybe it went into cyberspace. I don't know, sometimes that happens. But I would never intentionally ignore an email. I'm just doing the best I can with them all to respond. But just to help make it easier remember to write your name and order number if you have a question. So that's everything I had about shipping. 


Oh no, actually, I wanted to say once your order does ship, you will get an order confirmation with a tracking number. And at the bottom of the page. There's a link that you can click that will actually bring you to see the status and you can track it and see when the post office projects that it's going to be delivered and it even shows you where it is. And if you're like me, sometimes when I do orders, what I do is from that link you can go to the post office website and sign up for updates, which is really cool. So then every time it gets scanned through the post office system, you get a notification. So I like that. So then I just know where my packages are. I have a few that are in limbo, of my own personal orders, not your orders. So that's to be expected. 


Our mailman Tim, is quite amazing. I cannot say enough great things about him. He's just an awesome person. He comes here twice a day to pick up our orders, even though he really only needs to come here once a day. But he is just so invested with us and our business. I feel like he's really a part of our team and our family, just because he's so excited to see the packages going out. He really wants to help get all your orders out. So he does, he comes here in the morning for the regular route. And then at the end of the day he swings by to see if we have anything extra which is just like... I can't even say enough good things about him. He's amazing. 


So I did want to plug. I don't usually, I guess I did that a couple of weeks ago I plugged someone. But his daughter, she's a college student. And she's sweet. I talked to her on the phone, she had some business questions. She's starting her own business, which I think is really cute or cool, not cute. Her products are cute. And so her website is full, F-U-L-L, Herizon, H-E-R-I-Z-O-N.  So this is one of the things she does. She has hair scarves and they're just over $10 and that includes the shipping. Here, let me turn around. But she has about four or five different patterns, and she has fun earrings and stuff. So if you're looking for a little stocking stuffer for someone that isn't crazy expensive, I would love it if you would check out her site. Just because, well, I can't really give Tim money or anything because that's against the law. So if I could help support his daughter, that would be amazing. Or if we could all do that, that would be great. Because I can't even tell you, people... just the post office. But seriously, he's amazing. And he's a credit to the post office. I just... It's just more than I could have wished for. So that's... it's full... And I'll put a link in the comments when I get off Facebook Live to do that. 

Link to FullHerizon

If you want to say hi, please say hi. Let me know where you're watching from. I'd love to know. I'm here in sunny Tampa, Florida, even though it's chilly again this week. Originally, we're from the Plymouth Massachusetts area. And in 2017, we decided to give up winter. We were done. So here we are in Florida. No more snow, which is... I don't miss it. People ask me all the time, do you miss Boston? And I say no, I don't miss the snow. Sure I miss the food. I miss my family and friends. But I have new family and friends here. And we do get back time to time to see everyone and my kids live in different places now. So it's not like they're all there without me. So there's that.


The cards I just wanted to show you... I wanted to do a special Facebook-only Facebook Live promotion. And I'll post that actually on Facebook too. But just for Facebook, my Facebook followers and friends here. We have our Santa Sleigh card, and all our cards work with horizontal and vertical orientation photos. So I just want to show you some, but here's the Santa sleigh and see if you can see that. So what I'm going to do is give you 30% off your entire Santa Sleigh order. It's for the cards, I think there's one gift set on there that is not included in this offer. But you'll get 30% off in the code that you get to use is SANTA. I thought I'd make it easy, S-A-N-T-A, just Santa. And you'll get 30% off the Santa Sleigh cards through Saturday. Saturday, midnight pacific time. So I just wanted to show you. And the cards work really cool. You don't have to just do a picture of your family. Sorry, the light ring is glaring in there. I just wanted to show you some fun pictures that... I'm going to turn off this light ring. Now I look darker but you don't get to see that weird glare. But there's this one and all the cards are blank inside. We have the design on the left side just to make it more appealing and then the right side is blank. Our small quarter size logo is in the back and it's at an angle too so that it works with any orientation photo which is how we design our cards. But here's another card just so you can see, with humans in it too, what that looks like. So that's the Santa Sleigh card. And Santa Sleigh is one of our designs. It's been a very, very popular design. We've had it for about three or four years now. And so 30% off through Saturday, midnight Pacific time. And the special code is S-A-N-T-A. And I will post that in the comments when I get off.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to write them in the comments. I do check Facebook. I haven't been checking it as regularly as I did last month. I've just been trying to get your orders out, to be quite honest. So I try to get on Facebook in the morning when I wake up to answer any questions that are there. And then at the end of the day, in the evening, probably I try to get on and maybe once when I'm eating lunch, I try to get on and answer any questions or comments you may have. So that's that.


And I'm just really excited for this journey with all of you. I appreciate all your kind words, your support, it's been really fantastic. I'm sure you see some of the hate on there. But overall, it has been the most amazing experience with the kindest people I've ever met in my life. And it's just been great. The phone calls I get from people and they're so nice. It makes me so happy to know you all. But if you have any questions, post them in the comments. If you're shy and don't want your comments out there in the world, I totally get that. You can private message me on Facebook. You can actually send me an email You can also call me, the number is 877-830-3405. We're on Eastern Time Zone, so I typically only answer the phone from 9 am- 8 pm eastern time. So I just want to mention that because someone called the other day at 11 but I didn't answer. I was tired. So that was a little late for me to be chatting with a customer on the phone. So I just wanted to mention that we're on eastern time here. And so that was all I had today. 


I just wanted to do an update on the shipping, everything will ship by the 16th. You will get an order confirmation. Questions, just make sure you include that info, order number and your name so that I can look you up easily. And S-A-N-T-A. So get your cards. We are shipping cards. And I just love that design. So I just put it up real close so you can see. So in each of the corners. And I think that's all I have for you this week. And oh, well I guess I should just say it. If you want to check out Tim's daughter's company,, that would be fabulous, too. She has some great stocking stuffer items. 


So anyway, I hope you're doing well. And if you don't have any questions right now but you think of something later, just reach out. I am available. Alright. Have a great rest of your day and I'll see you next week. Bye.


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