Live with Lisa Week 4: Catalog Contest Winners Announced!

June 10, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 4: Catalog Contest Winners Announced!-Plymouth Cards


Hello, Lisa here. I'm getting set up, and then we're going to start today's live. Hi, happy Wednesday. I hope everyone's doing well. My name is Lisa DiVasta, and I'm the owner at Plymouth Cards. I want to pop in today for our live with Lisa and answer a bunch more questions and show you some new products.

Or actually today's exciting because I'm going to be announcing the winners of the contest for the catalog. So, let me start out with card colors. I guess that's been a theme for the last few weeks of today's color of the week is orange. So, I wanted to show you all the different color oranges we have.  So, we have five different colors in the foreign shades. So, the first I put pictures in today, I thought it might be nice for you to see what the cards actually look like with photographs in them. Next week, I'll try to get some of the artwork and needle point that customers have sent me. I think that'd be fun to see that too. The first color today is peach, you can see peach is just that peach, it's really great for summer photos, I think it really adds a lot to them in spring. So, that's peach. Then the next color in our article, I'm going to do it light to dark, so that way you can just get out of the full range, this is melon, you can see how pretty it really brings out the butterfly in this picture.

So, that is melon. Again, all the cards are blanket size, and they hold 4" x 6" images. They will fit into a 5" x 7" frame which is really great because then you can frame them, and I love it that you can take the picture out and swap it in and out. So, if you have a color that you really like that goes well with your room, then you can just keep swapping the pictures in and out. So, that really works well. This is both pumpkin spice, and I love this. It's the reflection of pumpkin spice. The thing with pumpkin spice is it's made from our coffee collection, and what that means is this paper is made from recycled jute and sisal coffee bean bags where they actually chop it all up and make paper from that those coffee bean bags which is really cool. It has this really great texture to it feels very substantial. I just love the way it feels. So, that's pumpkin spice. All the cards are $1.49. They come with a standard white envelope, and you can buy them in 10 packs for $13.90 or 30 packs for $39.99.

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This is burnt orange. This is a newer color that we just oh, I'm putting it sideways. There we go. Burnt orange is a smoother felt like tech felt like texture, it's a new color, and sometimes that's hard to tell what colors are. So, if you're into college football, which my family, some of them are. So, I'm learning things about college football that I never thought I'd know. But this is the University of Texas at Austin's color the Longhorns. So, it's if you're a fan of that team, this would be the great color for all your sports photos. Then we have orange burst, and this is a bright orange. This is Oklahoma State University. If you like that, and again, in all the cards are made so that you can put your picture in either horizontally or vertically, which I think is great. So, you don't have to decide in advance what you're doing with them. So, I like that about them.

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Every week, I send out an email to our email database, you know, just our wonderful customers telling them about new products or asking questions, getting information, which is really great. Everyone is very helpful because they tell me things that they would like us to add or change and I love getting the feedback so that I can do those changes for you. So, a lot of customers were asking for a cream-colored envelope. So, today we introduced it this week. I want to go we have four envelope options. Now, we have sorry, getting used to the camera today. We have cream, and it's not the same color as ivory. Our ivory envelope is cream, and it's a little bit more yellow than the ivory, but I think it's a really nice addition to our envelope line. So, this is a felt like texture, and it is a little bit more money. All the cards do come with the standard white envelope with this, which is completely smooth wife envelope. Then we also have a white felt envelope, which has that white, that feels like texture, like the cream that I was just talking about. So, that's a bright white. Then we have Kraft Brown. So, those are our four envelope options that we have now. So, it's exciting to introduce a new one. So, the creeping in you'll see that when you click on the cards on the website, when you're placing your order, it will ask you which envelope you can, there's a pulldown menu, and you can pick them.

So, let's see, I also want to share. I was excited to get this. It's really exciting to get cards back from customers that let me know how you how they're using the cards because you mail them off, and you never know what's happening to them. I love that this is created by Kathleen, and she hand painted daffodils. She sent these out to healthcare workers to thank them for everything they're doing right now. So, I thought that was really great. I don't know if you can see all the detail, but it's really amazing. She sent me this back and just, you know, told me about how much she loves the cards and how much everyone loved receiving the cards from them. So, now the moment that we've been waiting for is I wanted to talk about all the catalog openers. What happens is, every year we have customers, we announced that they can send in their pictures, and if we choose their picture, they not only receive a $40 gift card to shop at Plymouth Cards, they also have their photo featured in our catalog, we pick the color card, and where it goes in the catalog, but you actually get featured in it with your name, city, and state are listed there with your picture. It's kind of exciting. I love being able to each year introduce and show highlight other people's work. So, without further adieu, I'm going to show you oops, and I just dropped over. Okay, so let's see, we have oh my gosh, we got so many entries, most entries we've ever received. It was a really, really hard decision to go through. We had them printed all out all over this big table and going over them in you know, just going through them. It's a lot to decide. I wish I could pick everybody, but unfortunately, I couldn’t. We only have so much room in the catalog. So, our first is Deborah, and Deborah is in Texas. This is a woodpecker, and what will happen is some people send us the their photograph of the photo in our card and we end up getting the actual photo file and then we match it up with a picture that goes in the catalog page, which is great. So, Deborah is our first one. We do have several more here to go. 

Let's see. We have Mary Jane, and she is in New Jersey. So, look at that, and I love this one. It's a glass bottle with a glass bottle says Boston, which is kind of cool. So, our next one is from Maria and Plymouth, of course it's the Mayflower at sunset. I'm sorry for the glare, hopefully you're not seeing the glare that I'm seeing. So, that's why I love this picture. See, now we have Duffy in Florida. I love getting a range of photos. It's great you don't want to just focus on nature or just people or anything like that. So, it was really great to get the variety we got the share was outstanding. So, this one is from Lynn in New Jersey and it is an actual painting, that is so good that I don't know if you can see the detail of it. It's just really pretty. So, there's that one and every customer that is has been chosen will get an email later on today with their $40 gift card thanking them for entering and congratulating them so okay, how could you not want this to be in the catalog. This is from Lisa in Florida. Not me another Lisa, and this is fun. That's all I can say about this photo is that it's fun. Diane in New York, I love how pretty that picture is. So, that's another gorgeous photo. So, Diane in New York got that. 

Then we have another Diane who is from Colorado, and this is actually a needlework so you could enter you can either email us at info at Or you could have tagged us on Facebook or Instagram, and then we would get it from there. So, there's this one, and that is needle work that she has done, which is pretty amazing. Then our last winner that was chosen is Josh in Maine, and I love the reflection of this photo, I just think that's really, really cool. It's just a really nice picture. So, if you have any questions or comments, please put them in the make a comment, and I will be happy to answer any questions or comments that you have. If you are interested in any of the orange cards that I mentioned just right. Please provide links or links, and I will get you a link to those cards because what there's five different shades of orange and what else?

Okay, so people have asked me about the apron. The reason why I wear an apron, I know it's not messy, cards aren't messy. I had a customer call this week, and she wanted to know why I wear an apron. I said it's because I was ruining all my clothes. What happens is, when you're packing cards or unboxing cards and moving boxes all day, it just ended up ruining all my clothing. So, I got these great aprons, and now it's covered. I don't ruin my clothes anymore, which is really great. Okay, the phone booth. We got a question about that last time. I guess I didn't explain it well enough. So, I'm going to explain the phone booth. We got the phone booth when we were back in Boston still, and it was on one of those sites, you know, Craigslist, I think it was Craigslist or freecycle, and someone was giving it away for free. So, my husband, he's so amazing. I just said I need this phone booth. So, he went to my parents’ house picked up their truck with his mom, and the two of them drove you know, half an hour away and picked up this phone booth, and we've had it with us ever since. Yes, and it did work for a really long time. You know, the kids and all their friends would make calls from it, and it was really fun. Unfortunately, it broke but we're going to get a fix someday. But right now, it's really fun to have, you know, who doesn't love having a phone booth. I love nostalgia and everything about nostalgia. So, that's the story of our phone booths. So, hopefully that answers the questions on that too. I don't think I have anything else for today. But I'd love to hear from you. I appreciate you all. Thank you for watching, and again, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them on this video and I will respond. Thanks so much. Have a great week. See you next Wednesday. Bye.