Live with Lisa Week 5: Father's Day Cards, Yellow and Teal Cards

June 17, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 5: Father's Day Cards, Yellow and Teal Cards-Plymouth Cards

Hello, Lisa here from Plymouth Cards. Let's see, today is Wednesday, and it's our weekly time to get together and talk about Plymouth Cards off the instrument cards. I hope everyone's been having a good week. Just want to say hello. Just have to wait another minute to start everything. For our next week five, it's my fifth week doing weekly live. So, every week gets better deal.

Today I was going to talk about I know every week I've been doing a different color card. This week, our color family, but this week, I'm going to do two because one only has a couple in it and I've just thought it would be nice to just add some more in. So, I'm going to start with yellow and then we're going to go to the teals. First, we have four colors in our yellow palette right now. You know, we're always adding new color changing so if you ever have a request, please feel free to message us through Facebook message, email us anyway and if you have a specific particular call that you really want, you can send a sample via email or snail mail. That would be great too because if we have something that we can match it up we can try to add it on if it's something that is available at this point with our paper suppliers. 

So, this is soft yellow, it's really nice light yellow, buttery. You can see that it's half yellow. Then we have harvest gold, which is just a little Richard deeper yellow to it. Oh, I should probably put them next to each other so you can see the difference between the two yellows. So, there's that so this is the harvest gold and then this is the soft yellow. Then we have Dijon. So, Dijon is my next color, and it is very mustardy that's why we call it a Dijon. It's kind of fun coming up with the names of the colors. So, that's Dijon. Then the last color is yellow, and in our yellow family is sunshine. The neat thing about sunshine is it is white on the inside. Some people prefer that so that they can write with their colored pen, and so that way you won't have any distortion. So, sunshine. 

Sorry, I don't know why I'm going crazy with the camera today. So, this is sunshine, our brightest yellow. Then we have Dijon. I'm going to put them all next to each other so you can see them all. Then we have harvest gold. Lastly, we have yellow, soft yellow. I think that way you can see them all next to each other in a line and you can see the varying shades. If you ever have questions you can always email or call us. Our number is 877-830-3405 you can call me, and we answer from Monday through Friday even on the weekends a lot of times we answer to then happy to talk to you answer your questions. also wanted to just go through the teal family there's only two we have turquoise.

Then we have teal, they're really close to each other. You can see the different shades right there, and I will show you all the cards are blank inside. Hundred percent blank inside which is really nice. That way you can write letters messages to people. We do have a swatch book available there $5 and then the $5 shipping but it shows it has every single color in our palette. So, we have over 50 colors in patterns and designs so that way you can if you if color is really important you should get one of these so that you can match it up with your photos and artwork. So, I want to talk about Father's Day to a lot of people don't know but we have a whole vintage greeting card line, which is really cool. They're made from reproduction 1900 postcards, which is really great. I want to share with you some of them there. To my dear father, this is one of them, and they're blank inside as well so that you could write your own message. 

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However, this year, we introduced a new program where if you just want to order a card, one card to send to someone, and you know, I understand everyone's really busy, we actually offer a service where we will print the card message that you want inside for no additional charge, and thanks, Christja, I learned how to read comments this week. We'll custom print this at no additional charge will actually mail it for you for free. All you have to do is use our special code, which we've sent out in emails, but I'm going to show it right here. It's greetings from the past ship. If you enter that code, I'll hold it up, I'll say the rest of it. If you hold on, enter that code, when you place your one card order, just put your billing information in, and then your shipping information is the person that you want to receive the card. We'll take care of custom printing whatever message you want; you write the message in the notes at checkout, there's a little box that says special instructions, write everything you want there. I get it all printed up and it goes out in the mail. The next day, you don't have to pay anything, you just pay the cards or $2.99., and that's all you'll pay.You don't even pay for shipping or anything. I thought that was like a really cool program to check. I know everyone's so busy. We have one for grandfather's. Again, blank inside. The last thing I want to show you too about our vintage cards, is it's maybe not the best for use for this, but I wanted to show you the cards, they just slide out but the back is a postcard. So, if you send someone you know, if you buy one of our birthday ones, and send it to them, then they could send it, take it out and then send you a postcard, you know when it's your birthday, which I think is really cool, and we have it all lined out. This is total postcard stamp is all you would need to mail this postcard.

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Now, I know everyone's seen the ornament. But another thing we are just I'll just show it really quick. All right, we have some new ones coming at the end of the month for the holidays and such, but this is our class of 2020 ornament and is currently blank on the back. However, we're very exciting with the help of a friend. I've learned how to now customize the back. So, the back is to get any name, or you can get a school whatever you want. On the back, it's $3 extra to do that. I think that's a really nice addition to our ornaments. The ornaments are made at my brother in law's company, he has a pewter company, so he makes these for me. They're really, really durable, really great quality. In Massachusetts, that's where they're made so you can see that and the other cool thing about the ornament is, this is how it comes so it's already wrapped for you and you don't have to do anything. How easy is that? It comes with a little graduation tag. So, there's that the ornaments are $10 plus our $5 shipping $5 No matter how much you order. So, feel free to shop.

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Let's see what else I want to talk about today. I know a few weeks ago I mentioned our silver pens and I got a note from a customer because she had bought one of the silver pens because of it and she wrote highly so love this pen you know love how it looks on the dark cards. So, I think that's a really a great testament that the silver pen does work on the dark cards, and she's a believer now.

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Last thing I want to talk about today is our collections. We have sometimes you just don't want to buy cards individually or buy 10 packs, which I completely understand and you it's hard to decide. I know I have a hard time because there's so many colors and like which ones should I buy. So, we have a bunch of collections made up already for you so that you can just pick the collection and they're also actually really great gifts too. So, our bestselling collection is called the sampler. The twine and tags rotate seasonally so that you know it's right now it's spring, summer so I thought that would be it's a little butterfly with our pink and mustard colored twine, and the great thing about the sampler is look at that it's 30 cards and 30 different colors. That is with the standard wide envelope and it's $35.99. In the grave, I'm going to open this up so you can see how it all works. The twine is awesome because you can hold on to that and then we Use it, when you cut out our eco-friendly tags that come right in it. So, you can use the time when you're doing the tags, the cards, they come like. So, it's just all the different colors. We do have more than one envelope option. So, some people prefer the file the felt, or the craft Brown, just going to show you really quick. So, you can see how that works. That way, if you have a bunch of different photos or projects that you're working on, you'll have a card to match everything you're doing, which I think is a really fun thing, and a really great gift for those budding photographers or artists that are just starting and there, you know, not sure what to do with their images. So, we have the nature collection, which is also one of our most popular collections. The difference with the nature is it is made from ours. It's a smooth paper, I guess I should have said that on the classic, the sampler that has the majority of that is our textured papers, which they're in a run 70 4090 pound paper, and that meant nothing to me when I until about five years ago. So, now I understand it's just a thicker cardstock. 

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The nature collection is four colors. They're seashell, meadow, nature, well not nature. I meant seashell, meadow, and blue stone. So, it's a soft palette of colors, they look really nice with all your outdoor photos, your birds, your nature. I love the ocean scenes, though, they look really nice with all those cards. So, it's 24 cards, six of each of those four colors with the 24 white envelopes, and that is $30.99.

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So, in every order comes in our wrap like I showed on the sampler with the tags on the inside, and it also comes with you know the twine in the coordinating tag, we leave the tags blank now we used to write on them. But now we leave them blank so that you can reuse them think that's more fun for you. Every order comes with the instructions on in case you've never bought the cards before on how to insert your photo into the cards. It's not hard, you just need to make sure the most important thing is doing it on a flat surface. Then having something we use rubber fingertips we sell those for a pair for $1. Or if you have latex gloves or something like that at your house. That helps prevent fingertips fingerprints from getting on your card. But it also helps you grip the photo, and it slides in. But it's really, really important to make sure you're doing it on the flat surface and not holding the card up in the air like this won't work. You'll get frustrated and angry and we don't want that.

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So, that is my, my live for today. You know if you have any questions, if you're not watching this live later on, feel free to write them in the comments and I'll be happy to answer them, and if you have any questions about any of the products that I spoke about today, pop that in the comments too, and I'll be happy to answer them put links in for you direct links so that you can see it. I thank you so much for watching and I hope you have a great rest of the week and I will see you next Wednesday. Bye