Live with Lisa Week 41: Graduation Announcements & Patent Cards

March 10, 2021 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 41: Graduation Announcements & Patent Cards-Plymouth Cards

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Hey! Happy Wednesday everybody. I hope you're having a great day. So today I'm going to talk about some graduation things and some other new products that I have in the works. And I'm so glad that you can be here to join me for that. So I don't know where... It just feels like spring here today. It is so amazingly gorgeous that after I finish this live and post some things, I think I'm just going to go for another walk. You know, we walk most mornings. Vinnie and I walk four mornings a week, five and a half miles. And then I walk with a neighbor friend in the morning and then I do more in the afternoon. But today, it's just so gorgeous, I just want to go out there and walk even more. 


I am using StreamYard now so that way I can see your comments when you do post them and then I can actually show them on the screen, it's real fancy. So I'm just going to post here. So in order for me to see your name when you do post a comment when we're live, I need you to -- you don't have to, but if you'd like me to see your name, then you need to post it in the comments. What am I talking about? I just posted in the comments how you would let me see your name. So you just have to give StreamYard permission and that's how that will work. So let me show you everything that I wanted to show you. 


So graduation. I know the kids have had a hard year this year. And some of them may not have a traditional graduation or even a graduation party. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't celebrate them. And one of the ways that we can celebrate them is graduation announcements, and we've had a lot of moms. It's moms because I can see their names and they call me and they are placing their orders for graduation announcements now just to get ahead of the game so they can get them done and out early. So I wanted to show you some examples of graduation announcements that we've been doing for customers. And so I just wanted to show you. Hopefully, the glare -- there we go. 


So this is foil, this is an option. You do not have to get it on the card, that's just an added feature. And the photos just slide in there. And inside you can get custom printing. And we have grad caps in all different combinations. There's no extra charge for the grad cap, but you just can add it. I'm going to show you right here, I'm going to pop that in there. What was I going to say about the graduation caps. Yeah, so you can just pick your school colors. If your school colors are not available on the website, don't worry about it. Just write me a note when you're placing your order, there's a spot during the checkout that says Note to Plymouth Cards. And in that section, just write Hey, I really want a purple cap with a yellow tassel and I'll make that happen for you. Assuming that we have those colors. The only color I can't do is white. I know that sounds strange, but I don't have white ink. So therefore it doesn't show up on the white card if I chose the white, so that wouldn't look good. But other than that we have... So that's one example. Here's another one where they picked the red. And we can do different fonts as well. Just to show you. Oh, and we have cream. So we have a white and a cream, just so you can see the difference. And here's another design that we can do with the crest, I love that too. I think that looks really nice. 


So we can do the back of your envelope, I'm going to just do this but you can see the back of the envelope. So I showed you that we can do the foil on the front but where is it, where did it go?  Here we go. You can do foil, but a less expensive option is ink. So this is just one from 2020 that I grabbed real quick just so you could see. I couldn't find one from 2021, I didn't file it properly. So I just grabbed this old one that I had just so you can see. So you have the foil option which is 75 cents a card or the ink which is 50 cents a card.


So there's the graduation and then to go with that, you could also give the ornament as a gift to your graduate. I'll just put that up close so you can see them. You can see the thickness, it's about 1/8 of an inch thick. It's solid pewter. My brother-in-law, Allen makes them in Massachusetts at his shop. And one thing I did want to mention about the ornaments because I've had a lot of calls and emails and requests. Yes, we can do the mask a different color, if you so choose. We can make that mask, we can make the cap one color and the mask a different color. However, there is a charge and a minimum. So in order for that to happen, we need to have a minimum order of 25 ornaments. And it's $1 extra per ornament for that option. And then other people wanted to know what else, what other options?


Yeah, so just two colours, that's it. And then for ribbon, we have red, white, black, gold, and now purple. So all the ribbon is made here in the US. I've searched and searched for ribbon. Oh, and I also found orange. And I'm slowly putting that on the website just so you can see. And what other color did I find? I think I may have found silver. So that's all that on the ribbons. So those are all the different options on the ornaments. We have nine different colors. And I don't know what color you think, that is selling the most, but  I was very surprised the blue-white combination.


Oh, Hi Sarah. Oh, look at that. Wait, I'm going to be all fancy here. Hi, Sarah. How are you today? Yay, I learned how to do something exciting. I'm so glad you could be here with me.


And so the blue with white was one of the biggest color combinations. I'm going to put my glasses up here so that if another one pops up, I can see you. So I'm so glad you're here, Sarah. I'm so glad for everyone else that's here to watch, I'm glad you're here.


That's all I got about graduation. So I wanted to show you something else really cool that I got. This is not for sale but I'm just really excited about it because I think it'll take some of my pictures that I've been posting to a new level. So let me know what you think about this. Okay, so look at this. These are flowers and they're made of wood. Is that not the most amazing thing you've seen? And this is in an antique drawer. So I found it on Etsy. I'll admit or I'll tell you where I bought it. But isn't that fabulous?


So you will start seeing pictures with my wooden flowers. And then I loved it so much that I will admit that I bought a few other ones online. Yes, today actually. So I can't wait to get them all.


Another thing that we've been doing is I've been adding, let me see -- did I put... let me just put the links. So I told you how to give yourself permission so that I could see your name. So that's exciting! And so here -- if you're interested in the wallet cards, there's the link for that. And if you're interested in the ornaments, I'm just going to post a general link to all the ornaments we have. And right at the top is the grad cap if you're interested in that. I think it's really cool what people are... I've had people calling to tell me that they're using the grad cap ornament as an embellishment on a gift. You can give it obviously as a gift. But some people are using it as a tag or an embellishment on the gift and I think that's a fun idea too. So I just posted links to all that. So I'm today I'm in the office where I have the dual-screen, so I'm able to do that without too much effort. 


So the other thing that I've been working on getting on our website is all the different patent cards, we've had some requests. So I had requests for medical patents. So I'm like, I think we can do that. And here you go. 


So I just printed out a few just so you could see. So these are scrubs. The thing that's so fascinating to me is that you don't even think about when a product is made, everything it entails. Who would have thought that there's a patent for scrubs. But just the different things. So that's really cool. So these would be really cool for a medical friend. And look at this, this is the nurses pin. And this -- Let me put my glasses here. This is from October 8, 1912. So that's how long this pin has been around. But just check it out. There's a patent. I think this will be such a great fun card sent to a nurse in your life. I think they would really appreciate that. These are in the works, they'll be up soon I have a whole film camera line of patents that I've found. So we'll put those up. Household items, laundry items. 


So all the patents are the actual patents that I'm just reproducing. I'm going to have fire firefighters, billiards or pool if you have a billiard or pool table, and then the back -- Oh, let me show. I don't want to pull those out but let me show you. The back of the cards are all postcards. So that therefore if the recipient of the card wanted to pull it out, they could then take this and write on it and mail it. How fun is that? Because everyone loves getting mail. Here's a typewriter one. 


So slowly over the next week I'll be adding. The medical is there, oh I should post that right now for you. So the medical patents are there. I've gotten those all on there. There are baby items, there are kitchen items, there's beer. So if there's someone in your life that collects beer, there's beer... There are so many things, it's just so amazing how many items you can find that have patents that you just don't realize. I have Disney up there. So we've got all that going up. But if there's something that you're like, oh, I collect I don't know, whatever, bottles or something like that, just let me know and I'd love to try to see if I can find some patents and get them up on the website. All the cards are $2.99 and they are blank inside for you to write with. And you're like, oh my gosh, it's black inside, what should I do? So we have white [inaudible 11:59], the silver pen is my absolute favorite. But we have black, I mean, we have white and gold and all kinds of other metallic pens which are $3.99. We have all the cards, so you don't have to get a black. I know I've been showing a lot of black, but you can get the cards in one of our many colors. If the color you want is not shown when you go to buy the patent cards, just let me know. It does take time to add them all on there. So I haven't gotten a lot of our newer colors up, so there's that. 


And oh, look at this! Hi, Cindy. How are you? Look, it feels so fancy and professional here with my new StreamYard here. So this is exciting. Let me see. I want to just make sure I didn't miss anyone else. Okay. No, I did not. So look at that. It's so cool to have that up there and being able to say hi to people when they say hi.  I hope everything's going well with you up in Ohio. And I just wanted to show some more cards. There's Cindy. 


Oh my gosh, look at this the baby pram, baby carriage, with the little umbrella and everything. That's an old one. So there's... I put a teapot in our Shimmer Gold, I don't know if you've seen our shimmer Gold Card yet, but doesn't that just look amazing? I love the shimmers. They just have this metallic-ky, but I don't feel that they're tacky and overpowering. They just add to the card. So there's that. 


Whoops! I don't know what just happened here. I get all excited that I am technically savvy, and then I mess up stuff. So there's all that. Oh, and here's one last one that I printed out for you. So the patent cards, I just posted the links in the comments. And I'm adding in more and more. I have the film and other categories are being added over the next few days. So check back if you don't... And like I said earlier, if there's something that you want to see that you don't see in the patent section, let me know. I love searching. Oh my gosh, wait, and I didn't even show this one yet. That one just makes me laugh and think of last year. So yeah! Who would have thought that there's actually a patent for toilet paper? Again, I don't know. Those kinds of things just make me laugh. 


So I think that's what I've got for today. I hope everything's going well with you and -- oh actually, there was one more thing! Where is it? Oh, okay.


So I'm working on these really cool -- seguing from patents on to notepads. I'm working on some really cool notepads with patents. And I just wanted to throw out, I'm going to pop them up on the screen, and maybe you can and maybe you can't see which one looks best for you. But let me know what you think. So I have printed out in different transparencies - different darkness of ink, I guess, for lack of a better way to describe it.


So I'm just curious what you think. And so what I did is I wrote 'Thank you for visiting' on all four versions. And I would love to know which one you like best. You have an opinion. Because I really appreciate everyone and you're always giving me such good suggestions and advice. And I do really love it and I take it into consideration. I'm just going to call them what they are. This is... Let me see. Can you see that?


So this is 70%. So there it is where I wrote right here. Thank you for visiting. So that's my 70%. And if you want to pop in the comments which percentage do you think is best? This is 75%. So I don't want it to be too faded, but then I don't want it to be too dark. So you can't see what you're writing.


No, wait a second. Oh my gosh, scratch all that. I just made a huge mistake. Alright. Let's start over. Alright, so here's -- and that's why I should really put my glasses on. 


70%, alright. So there's 70. And then here is 75%. See how it's a little bit lighter. Here's 80%. So I feel like you can see it. And then here is 85%. So I'm not sure which one you think looks better, where you can actually see the coolness of the patent, but also your notes that you've written on there. So let me know after you see them. So this one is 85% and this one is 80%.  85%, 80. Let me see. Let me put them like this so you can actually see, I put little numbers in the bottom corner so that I wouldn't make a mistake. And now I'm covering them up with my hands. So there you go. Can you see them? Yeah. Alright. I know I'm peeking out. This will be another one for my kids to laugh at a video. But oh, well, it's all good. You guys appreciate me.


So that's 75% and 70%. I feel like 75% and 70% are a little bit too dark where it's a struggle to see my writing, I wrote with a blue pen because I felt like most people have a blue pen that they would write with. So I guess I'm leaning, me personally, I'm leaning towards 80% or 85%. Just not sure if you have a preference of which one. So those are the notepads that I'm working on. There's going to be some different designs and patent. And I think they're going to be really awesome. 


So that is what I have for you today. I posted all the links for the patent cards and the graduation cards and the ornaments. So I've got all that there. If you do have any questions, you can always reach me at 877-830-3405. If I don't answer the phone, it just means I'm on the other line. So please leave a message. And you can email if you prefer to do that And cards has an ‘s’, some people have asked that. It's So you can email me there or if you like Facebook, you could send me a message through Facebook or you can just post right on Facebook and I will be sure to message you back. I think the best way to reach me is probably email. I guess they're all... I check them all on a regular basis. But I'm so glad I got to test out my fancy StreamYard and post messages. So it'll be great for people to leave messages. And I hope you have a great rest of the week and a great weekend. And I really look forward to seeing you next Wednesday, if not sooner. And hope you have a great rest of your day. Thanks so much for being here and watching. I appreciate you. Bye!