February 2021 Made in USA challenge

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February 2021 Made in USA challenge-Plymouth Cards

This project is so much harder than I anticipated. My goal is to find products that are 100% made in the USA (all ingredients, pieces, assembly, packaging, etc). I’m learning that you need to do more research and ask the correct questions. Here are my hits and misses for February 2021.


Toilet paper – As I review the origin of everything we purchase, next on the list is our toilet paper. I have been purchasing from “Who Gives a Crap” as they make eco-friendly toilet paper. Plus I love the subscription feature so I never have to worry about running out…this was especially helpful during the 2020 unexplained shortage. Sadly, I discovered this brand of toilet paper is made in China and not in the US or Australia as I had thought. My research landed me on the Green Paper Products website. They had just what I was looking for, made in USA eco-friendly toilet paper. I bought a small pack of 24 and it is very similar to what we have been using. I will definitely purchase the large case next time as I like having each bathroom cupboard fully stocked. Also, each roll is individually wrapped as required by law for health and safety reasons.

Note: for Charmin lovers, you will not like this as it is rougher. And of course, Clarence had to be in the photo



Lip Balm – Confession, I love lip balm. I have a tube in every work apron, purse, jacket pocket and drawer. That being said, I am super picky. I like it to glide on and not feel or taste waxy. I decided to see if I could find Made in the USA lip balm that was not only organic but also eco-friendly. Those little plastic tubes have bothered me for quite some time. After some research, I found Maine Street Bee. They have lip balm that I thought met all of my criteria.

However, after reaching out to the company I have learned that only one of the three ingredients are from the US and the compostable paper board push-up tube comes from China. Therefore, if using the gauge as Assembled in the USA this is a Hit but I wanted truly Made in the USA. I will continue my search and let you know what I find.

T-shirts – Last month I mentioned t-shirts so I was thrilled when I found a v-neck t-shirt with a message I loved. I reached out to the company selling the shirt and asked where the t-shirts are made, they proudly stated Dallas. Woohoo, based on this I purchased the t-shirt but when it arrived the tag is printed “Assembled in Nicaragua from US components”.

I reached out to the actual t-shirt manufacturer, Bella & Canvas (not the reseller I had originally contacted) and they explained that although the fabric is made and dyed in the US, it is sent to other countries to be assembled. Therefore, I would not count this as “Made in the USA”. I’ve learned that I need to phrase my questions better. When the company selling the shirt replied Dallas, they were referring to the screen printing not the actual t-shirt manufacturing. An honest mistake but it did teach me a lesson to be more clear.

I’ll report back again in April with my March hits and misses. Thanks for reading along. And if you have any great Made in the USA (bonus points if eco-friendly too), comment below so I can check them out.

 ~ Lisa, PlymouthCards.com 

All opinions are my own and I really use these products. I was not compensated by any company. They don’t even know I am writing about them.