Live with Lisa Week 42: NEW Candles & Gift Bags!!

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Live with Lisa Week 42: NEW Candles & Gift Bags!!-Plymouth Cards


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Hey there! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Happy Wednesday! I hope you're having or had a great day. Lisa here at Plymouth Cards and I'm just here for our usual chat. And if you give StreamYard permission to use your name, then I'll be able to see your name when you write a comment. Let me know where you are. 


So today, I have a special that I'm going to talk about and some new products. And that's what we've got going on today. I hope you're doing well. 


So St. Patrick's Day, I hope you had a good one. I was missing my mom's boil dinner, so I got it from a local restaurant and I shouldn't have got it. I'm sure it was delicious, it just wasn't the way my mom cooked it. So, it was kind of a bummer. So the next time I go home, I'm requesting boiled dinner. And that was that.


So I'm excited to show you some new things today and talk about what's been going on here. Okay, I'm just looking at my notes here, I got myself all discombobulated. 


So first off, it's been a year since we've been home. And I just wanted to thank everyone for your support. Because last March and last April, we weren't sure how things were going to go. And I'm just really thankful and appreciative that you all stood by us and supported us. So thank you, thank you! And what we're going to do is, we're offering a free shipping code, M-A-R-C-H-F-R-E-E, spell it all out and that's on any order of $49 or more through Sunday. So I think that would be just our way of saying thank you. So it would be MARCHFREE, M-A-R-C-H-F-R-E-E and then anything $49 or more, and that doesn't include taxes, and obviously it doesn't include shipping. So once your total hits that $49 mark then you can use that code and get free shipping. So we don't give specials very often, so I just wanted to give that one to everyone to thank you for this long year. Thank you! Thank you!


So we have -- and I don't even know which order to go in here. So I think I'm going to show you this. I had a customer reach out and she wanted to do a special gift for a doctor that's retiring. And she wanted to do something and wanted to see what we can put together for her. Although this isn't the image that we settled on, I just wanted to show you how cool it looks. 


So this is in one of our rustic frames, and I picked out the Vintage Flair card with our skeleton patent. So she's actually going with the stethoscope but I just love how... I hadn't paired up our cards -- well I have, but I just didn't notice how amazing it would look in one of our frames or didn't think about that. So the Vintage Flair card has these photo mounts, they're printed on there, they're not glue and stick. They don't stick up at all, they're printed right on the paper. So that way, it just gives it that old time flair. I just remember my grandparent's photo albums having those photo corners and even some of my parents from when I was younger. I just want to show you the Vintage Flair card. So it works either way. And so there's that and then the back and it is blank inside. So that's why I love our cards because they do fit right into a 5*7 frame. So it makes a really nice gift. Well I guess I should mention that we have real glass in the frames, and so we should be careful, I did not break it. And that is the picture frame. It's really thick and chunky. This is the rustic one, the farmhouse is much thinner. I like them both but I like the rustic one because you can... I'm going to just set it down on my laptop. But you can just set it down anywhere and you don't need a stand. You don't need a hanger, it can just push sit flat, flush right on your shelf, wherever you want it to be or you can hang it of course. We include a hanger; the hanger, you'll have to mount yourself because we don't know what orientation your photo or your images that you're going to be putting in it are. So we don't want you to be married to it being one way or the other. So therefore we let you decide. It'll be included with your order. So these frames are $19.99 and the card with the patent is $2.99. So I think that's a really nice gift for under $25 that you can get for somebody. So that's what she's doing. So I just wanted to share that, I just thought it was a really great gift idea, something different. Anyone can buy someone a pen, nothing bad about pens, but just get something just a little bit more meaningful, I guess is where I'm going with that. And patents, obviously, you can see I love them. 


So oh my gosh, our spring gift bags just came in, we got two of the patterns. So I wanted to share those with you. We got two different sizes and they... Oh here it is, my gift tag. So they come -- Isn't that adorable? The red truck. So I have them in two different sizes. This is the small, and look at the kitten sitting on top of the... because obviously that is definitely what will happen on a farm. And then we include a tag. And this one will definitely be a red truck to go with the whole theme, and then a piece of tissue paper. So for the small one, it's $1.49 and you get that whole setup. And then for the large one, you get the tissue paper too. Just let me swap it out of this other one so you can see it. And this is the medium size. And look at the kittens here now, the milk and the flowers, I just think they're so cute. So this is the medium size. And again, it will come with the tag as well. And if you're watching, feel free to say hi! I'd love to say hi back and know where you're watching from today. I know I'm not usually here on a Wednesday evening, but it just worked out how the day went. So that's what we scheduled. 


So the other one is our summer plaid. No, not summer, sunshine plaid. And I think that just says spring and summer all over it. And look at this tag that I found that we're going to include with it. So this is the cutest tag. So it'll come with a tag, the twine to attach it to your bag; we don't attach it because we want you to be able to do that, because we don't know how you want it to be. You might want to tie this up together, you might want to just let it dangle, so we let you decide. So we have this in the small and the medium size as well. The thing is the small bag will hold one of our collections perfectly. So if you buy one of the collections as a gift, and you get the bag and you're all set, you don't have to even go to the store, everything's all done for you. And the medium one holds a few collections, it holds up three comfortably, maybe four, if you want to hold the bottom just to make sure that you know... The handles are in there very strong. But the more weight you put in it, I'd just be worried if you put more than three collections. I feel like if you put the fourth one in, hold it from the bottom. So those are our gift bags. So those are the two spring-summer gift bags we just got. They're on the website now and I will post links after this live so that you can shop and get them. 


Another customer request. They have a friend that is going through breast cancer and she wanted to get her a hope ornament. So I actually sourced... I'm so excited I found this, this is pink, darker pink, breast cancer pink almost. And I found it, made in the USA. So that's where my struggle is. If you're new to Plymouth Cards, all our products, with very few exceptions, are made in the USA. The ingredients or the materials are from the USA. We feel strongly about that, that since 2005, we've almost been in business for 16 years. Isn't that amazing? So the company started in May of 2005. And we've always sourced and got made in the USA products. That's just been one of our missions, and then eco-friendly as well whenever humanly possible. Ribbon is kind of hard, however, I say that but one of our ribbon suppliers is introducing a ribbon made from recycled plastic. So I'm really excited to see if they come in. They don't know the dimensions or the width, they're going to make. We need one eighth of an inch so I'm just not sure if they're going to make that, I really hope they do because that would be really amazing to have not only made in the USA ribbon but also that it's been recycled. So I'd love to get that from them. But we just have to wait and see, it's been delayed because of COVID so they're not sure when it's going to be ready but I just wanted to show you. 


So hope with a pink ribbon is now available on our website. All our ornaments are $10.99 right now. And if you want pink for one of the other ornaments and it isn't listed yet, please just ask and I will take care of that. And I also wanted to show you, I now have... I forgot to do an ornament. Oh actually, I have one. We have orange ribbon too, which is so exciting. We had so many people ask for black and orange, and blue and orange, which is this. And I was able to find made in the USA orange ribbon too. So that's really exciting. If you don't see the pink or the orange on the ornament that you're buying, please just write me a note and say, Lisa, I really want this color ribbon. Could you please do that for me? And I will take care of that. Absolutely! I just haven't had time to get them all on the website, all the options. So that's just where we're at with that. And so I just want to go through my list and make sure I didn't forget anything. 


So we've talked about the bags, and then I started in January or for 2021, I started not really a resolution because I don't really like resolutions so much. I never finish them. So that's why I'm calling it a challenge and I'm calling it my 'Made in the USA' challenge for my personal life. And just really looking at everything that we buy and see where it comes from. So I've just posted the February blog, and I'll post the link to it here as well. But I posted the February 'Made in the USA' personal challenge blogand it was really cool, because I found out that some of the things I thought were made in the USA really weren't, which was such a bummer. But now I've found solutions or substitutions. So the toilet paper we're buying, I thought it was... well not that I think, I guess I thought it was either made here or in Australia because the company is Australian based where we... I like buying things in bulk so I don't have to keep buying it. I like subscriptions so I don't have to worry about it, it just comes to my door every so often as scheduled. So I actually found a new company that makes recycled [Audio break 12:21] and it's made right here in the USA. So I wrote about that in my blog post for February, I was disappointed with... I have actually in my pocket, I love this lip balm. It's so cool. It goes on really smooth. And I really like it. And the company says that it's handmade and Cumberland, Maine. So I was so excited. So when I reached out to them though, the bomber was is that only one of the three ingredients is from the US and this tube is from China. So it's kind of a disappointment because I was really looking forward to having some more made in the USA product. So I'm not giving up, I'm going to keep looking for lip balm. I'm addicted to lip balm. If you know any made in the USA lip balm, let me know. And I would prefer it to be in a cardboard tube so that it's eco-friendly. I just love this. The one thing you just have to get used to with it is that you actually have to put your finger to push it instead of twisting like regular lip balm or lipstick, you just push your finger in and up it goes. And yeah, you can see just goes up like that. So it's really cool. So I think it'll be a great option once I find one that is 100% made here in the US. So yeah, check out the February blog, and if you have any products that you know of, that are made in the US, and bonus points if it's eco-friendly, let me know. I'd love to check them out. And I'm not doing this, I don't make anything I'm not you know a sponsor of any of these companies. I just like finding them and supporting, them small businesses. So I'd love to find out some more. And that leads me into... This is coming next week. But I'm really bad with surprises with the exception of pregnancy. I never found out what my three kids where but other than that I just can't even stand the suspense of waiting for things. So I don't know why I never found out what my children were until the day they were born. But that's just how that is... I guess I can't explain strange things. 


So the candles I know I showed them to you last month and asked you what you thought. And oh my gosh, I love them. And they're coming and we'll have them here next week. I'm starting to take pre-orders, they're on the website. So I just want to show you one of them. And actually this one wasn't available when I placed the order for them. So it comes in this galvanized tin, which is so cool. We put this on your shelf. It's going to look nice. It's doesn't just look like a cheap old candle sitting on your shelf. And I've been burning it, so you can see the wick is wood, which makes it burn hotter and longer and makes it smell better, or the scent just spreads better. I love these candles so much, I can't even tell you. They smell so good. Even Vinny who isn't really a candle person, he's like that candle smells amazing. He's like, are we're going to get some of those? So I placed an order. And I'm going to tell you, I got six different scents to start so that we could just try them all. So they're all on the website under, oh my gosh, let me see where they're under. They are under gifts, and then candles. So you go to the website, gifts I think is third tab over and then go down and you'll see the candles. So the scents I got -- and next week, I'll describe them better because I'll actually be able to smell them. But in my head, you know how you visualize or you think about what it's going to smell like so I got Farmhouse Streusel, so I just think that's going to smell like cinnamon buns. And then I got Fraser Fir which will be a Christmas-y kind of scent - winter; Lilac City. I had to get that because my grandmother had this beautiful bush out in her backyard, and my mom took a clipping of it and then grew one in our yard. Growing up it was just... I love the smell of the lilacs. It's amazing. So I had to get that one. And then I got Lime in da Coconut, which is so fun. That's just such a fun summer sounding one. Who doesn't want that? And summer sangria, which also again, I just think that's going to smell very fruity, that's what I'm thinking. Let's see if I'm right. And you know, they give the ingredients but it is hard to determine what it finally smells like. You can read, like lime into coconut, it says lime and coconut so I assume that's what it's going to smell like. But well, I have a hint of something else. That's what I'm really excited to find out. And then the last one is Bookworm. So I just wanted to show them to you again. So I got a small order of each of those six colors. And they are for sale right now on the website, with shipping next Thursday, because they'll be here by Wednesday. So I figured that'll give us a day to pack your order up and get it shipped off to you on Wednesday. No, yeah, they're coming Wednesday, they'll ship on Thursday. There we go. So next week, there'll be here. So I'm really excited about that. And like I said at the beginning of the live, we're doing that free shipping offer through Sunday, where if you spend $49 or more, it does not include shipping and it doesn't include taxes. And then if you use the code, MarchM-A-R-C-H, FreeF-R-E-E you will get free shipping through Sunday night. And that will be great. So you can start using that now and you're free to share it with a friend. I really hope you get to use that, it's just my small way of saying thank you for supporting us over this last trying year for us for sure. And I'm just really thankful for all of you for supporting us. 


If you do have any questions, or if you come up with any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I will respond at the end, after I get off. If you don't feel comfortable writing a comment which I get that, you can also call 877-830-3405. You can send a private message or you can email So those I think are all the ways to get in touch with me. Oh you can message through Instagram. You can message through Twitter, I get on Twitter. But yeah, I can do all that. So that'll be all great. And I hope you have a great rest of your evening and I will see you next week. Thank you so much for being here. Bye!