Week 43 - Live with Lisa - Candles!

March 31, 2021 0 Comments

Week 43 - Live with Lisa - Candles!-Plymouth Cards

Hey! Happy Wednesday. Lisa DiVasta here with Plymouth Cards. I hope you're doing well today. It is Wednesday. Every week I come here and it just goes so quickly. It's crazy. I hope you're doing well. I have some great new things to show you today. It's spring! I hope it's starting to feel like spring where you are. Let me know where you are and say hi. I'd love to hear from you that would be great. 


So today, I wanted to show you... Oh, so I'm going to show you the candles. But before I do that, I wanted to show you a collection that we have. What was I going to say? I don't know. Oh the hat. I know my hair's a mess today. So I figured I'd just throw on a hat. I'm sure everyone's had one of those days as well. Just kind of crazy. We're a mess, well I'm a mess. 


Thanks for being here, thanks for joining me. And if you're not watching this live, feel free to pop a hi in the comments later, and we can chat. I'll definitely touch base with you. So we've been introducing every week the 2021 colors, the new colors that we have. And I wanted to show you that we have a collection with all of the colors so that you... Let me find it. So I just wanted to show you.


So here is the collection. It's 18 cards and white envelopes. I'm thinking as I'm talking here, sorry. So yeah, I was just trying to post the link. Should have had it, alright, there we go. So it's our 2021 collection. And so it comes with the twine and the tag just like all our collections. If you just want to test out all our new colors and you just don't know what they're all about, you can see them all. So I will show you all the 2021 colors; there's nine of them. So in this 18 pack collection you'll get two of each, so you can try them all.


So we have gold. Hopefully you can see that okay. So this collection is $24.99, which is a savings of about 7% over if you bought them singly. Oh, that's silver, I should tell you what it is. I love it, you can see the metallic, the light is going off of it. It has that iridescent-ness to it. Then we get into the bright family. So there's cyan, there is lime. And let's see, there is magenta. And then we have dusty rose, which is a purpley-pink color. So it's kind of like when you have that pair of black pants, when you put a navy blue shirt on the pants look one way but then when you put on a black shirt, they look the other way and you just never know what to wear with them. So that's what that is. I know that doesn't sound like a good selling thing. But it's a really cool color. It goes purple or pink depending on what you're putting in it. So you have pecan and wheat. And you know all these colors have been really popular. It's been really fun seeing all the orders. And then this is a little one, it's a little bit different. So instead of our usual, I don't know if you can see the border, it's an embossed border right here. See that? So that's how all our cards are with the exception of this new one. Customer John requested that we do one with just a solid black line. And man, everyone seems to be loving this one. So it's not embossed, it's just printed on there but it gives the photo a different feel. So there's that. 


So like I said, say hi and let me know where you're watching from. I'd love to say hi back. I'm here in sunny Florida. I'm just outside of Tampa, Florida. Yes, we started in Plymouth, Massachusetts and that's where the company name came from. But we just got tired of snow and cold, so when everyone finished with high school and we... Hi Donna, how are you today? Oh, look at this. I'm going to do this.


Hi! I feel so professional. Let me tell you. So I hope you're doing well. So we were just tired of winter after everyone was done with school, so we moved here. 


So now the thing that I've been dying to show you is I know last week I touched on it, is the candles. They are amazing. And first I'm going to put a link so I don't forget, I'm going to put it right here in the comments.Alright, so I'm going to go through them all. Did it post? It posted. Yes, I think it did. Yes. Okay. Alright. 


So there are six different scents that I started with. I will talk about some other scents, but I only got a limited supply to start because I didn't know if people would love them. But the response has already been amazing and I haven't really even talked about them that much. So that's been great. 


So Bookworm - Bookworm is one that Beni wanted. Oh, I should probably tell you what they say about them. So Bookworm is... Let me show you. The candles all have these wood wicks which makes them burn warmer and makes the smell, smell better. They are amazing. Our house now smells like a candle shop which is so phenomenal. But I'm going to have to take over one of the kid's bedrooms for the candles. So yeah, so that's funny. But anyway, so Bookworm, I love it. I'm trying to think of what it says. So it says that it is teakwood, cedar, leather, sandalwood, patchouli, something that I can't say, amorous and dark musk. It's amazing. It's not perfume-y, it just smells like a... I don't know if you want to go into your library and sit and read a book. That's what it kind of reminds me of. It's so good. I love that one. 


Fraser Fir is our next one. So Fraser Fir, it smells like Christmas. So you have to have a Christmas candle. And I didn't know. I already had someone buy ornaments in January for this upcoming Christmas. So I thought well, I should probably get some a Christmas one just to have and see if you like it. 


So next one is Lime In Da Coconut which is such a fun name. All the candles are $19.99. They are three and a half ounces of 100% soy wax. They're made in Washington State by a small business. So that's what I like and I love this. It's a tin, it almost reminds me of an old rustic barn roof that's weathered over time. I think it will look perfect on your shelf so you don't have to have the label sticking out if you don't want to, you can do it like that. But Lime In Da Coconut smells just like that. It smells like a coconut, like a pina colada. It smells very, very nice. 


Lilac City smells just like that. It smells like a lilac bush. Oh my gosh. I love lilac. I think I told the story a few weeks ago about my grandma who had an amazing lilac bush in her backyard, it smells so good. And then my mom took a clipping of it and grew it in our backyard. So it was amazing. In Florida you cannot have lilac. It just doesn't grow, not that you can't have it, it's not outlawed; it just doesn't grow here so I can't have that. So I was really excited to find this the lilac city scent and it smells just like lilac. The great thing -- I don't know if I already said this, the wood wicks makes the scent smell longer. 


So the next one is Farmhouse Streusel. Jared was like it smells like a cinnamon bun and it does, it smells so... If you like that cinnamony, warm, red smell, you will love Farmhouse Streusel. They're so good. 


And then this last one, I got on a whim - Summer Sangria. It just smells so refreshing. And I should have been better about describing these words or scent, but let me tell you what's in Summer Sangria. I can do that for you. Let's see Summer Sangria has raspberry, lemon, orange plum, freesia, red wine, vanilla and sugar. It is so fabulous. So I have another order coming. So we have a limited supply on the website right now. I think I got half a dozen of each scent and you can see what's left, but they're all there. And if we sell out, what I'm going to do is take pre-orders so that you'll be able to get them and Oops, sorry about that. That was a spam call, we get those all day. And so that's all the candles. So if there's a scent that you're dying, you know... Actually I was talking... This is the funniest thing I find. Anyway I was talking to Tim our mailman, he was picking up today's orders. And he's like, you have candles now. Oh my gosh, I want a vanilla one. I'm like, Oh, I didn't know you liked vanilla candles. Well, how would I know that? But he is just the nicest guy. And yeah, so he wants me to see if we can find any vanilla candles. So if there's a scent that you're interested in, yeah, please let me know. And I will see what they have. And I may end up finding, I'm not just going to get run of the mill candles, they're going to be something unique like this. You know, I love this. This is what first sold me, it was the vessel that it comes in for lack of a better word. And then when I saw that there was a woodwick. How amazing was that? I just thought that was so cool. So yeah, so that's the candles. So yeah, please let me know what you think. 


Everything else is just busy with... Lots of graduation going on right now. We have the class of 2021 ornament. We have that in nine colors available. And we have five ribbons or six ribbon colors now, and if there's another colour that you want, let me know. I've been searching and searching for more mainly USA ribbons. So that would be cool. Let me know what you're thinking, if you need something and the ornament... I think that the great thing about the ornaments are they're made by Allen, my brother-in-law up in Massachusetts. So it's supporting two small businesses, which I love. And the ornaments they're made from solid pewter and I think they're reasonably priced. And so we have nine different colors. If you need to do... I had a customer recently, she was sad that we didn't have brown. I'm sorry! We didn't think brown would be a school color, so that's why we didn't get it. But if you want to do a custom order, a custom request for colors, we can do custom colors. So if your school is teal, or brown, or I don't know hot pink, I don't know, I don't even know if that's a school color, but we can do it. We just need to 25 order minimum and they are $1 more than the current listed price. So that you know if you do need to have or if you do want to have that, that'd be a good thing to do. You can just get some of your friends together or some of your other students/classmates. Yeah, so there's that. 


But if you have any questions about anything, I'm just going to look and see. I just saw Donna say hi. But if there's anything else that you'd like or need, just feel free to reach out. I'm here you can always reach us. You can private message me through Facebook. My preferred method is email or phone, I know it sounds old school but email orders@plymouthcards.com or you can call 877-830-3405. I answer the phone. If I don't answer the phone, that just means I'm on the other line. So just leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Or maybe I stepped out to the warehouse, we have some product there. I hope you're having a great day. I love that spring is here, it just feels so nice. I know I hate the whole daylight savings time thing I wish we stuck with one timezone but it's so nice right now at night with it being light out so much later. So I hope you're enjoying yourselves and I will be back next week, if not sooner and I hope you have a great rest of your day. Thanks for hanging out with me. Bye!