Week 44: Clearance Cards!

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Week 44: Clearance Cards!-Plymouth Cards

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Hey! Happy Wednesday. It's Lisa here at Plymouth Cards. Hope you're doing well. I have some exciting new things to show you, some new photo stands but I just wanted to say hi and see how you're all doing today. Let me know where you're watching from. It is toasty here today but there's a cold front which makes me laugh here in Florida, they said there's a cold front coming in so it's going to be in the 70's the next few days. But today it's really warm which is really nice. So I hope you're doing well but please pop in, say hi let me know where you're watching from. I'd love to know where it is. It's so cool that we're working on where people who have purchased from us where they live. And we have people that have purchased from Plymouth Cards throughout the whole entire country which is really cool and exciting. So I'm working on a list to see where the Class of 2021 Ornamenthas gone because that's really fun to see. We enjoyed doing that with Clarence just to see where he went. 


Today let's see some new things. Well, first I wanted to mention that we've added some new products to the clearance section on the website. And anything I mention today I will post links in the comments after we're done so that you can have easy quick access to it. So we've added some new things to the clearance... Oh my gosh and I bet... I did I left one of them, I'm going to be right back, sorry. I haven't forgotten something in a while so let me just...Here we go, I'm back. I forgot something. I can't remember everything I guess. 


So what I wanted to show you was some of the clearance cardswe have. So we have this white card. This one has an imperfection that I wouldn't sell but let me... Oh there I fixed it so you wouldn't... So we have some white cards with an older style paper. I don't know if you can see the texture on that. So we put these in clearance and reason one is just trying to move so we don't have you know three different kinds of textures and stuff. So that's the texture but one of the other things is they have -- I don't know if you can see that but they have a slight curl to them but nothing that's horrible but I just want to make sure that you know that so when you use it you just have to basically just doing this, that flattens it out but yeah. So that's one of the cards, we have a white one. We also have a white one without a logo on the back that I put in clearance and also we have ivory with and without the logo on the back. So when you go to the clearance section you'll see it says white, I think I wrote slightly curled and then when you get in there you can select if you want it to be with or without the logo on the back.


So there's that and some of the other colors we have in the clearance section that we added, we have some turquoise left and that has a back. And these are all first quality cards. Basically I'm getting rid of the cards with the old logo on the backs. We have a couple of different old logos so that's why we're just clearancing them. Latte - latte is one of the cards from the coffee collection that has that rich texture and little flecks in it. It's made from the coffee bean bags. So there's that. But if you're here and you want to say hi, I'd love to say hi. Here's dark roast, let's see we have the barnwood. Barnwood was really cool it works either way but it just gives you that rustic feel and has... But again you know all these clearance cards are first quality and they just have our old logos on the back. So I just want to clear out some things, so we just wanted to draw your attention to that and if you're one of those early bird Christmas people, so that has this and our logo. So we just wanted to point out that those are there but the exciting thing that I wanted to show you is our new... well we don't have them yet but I've ordered them and I hope you like them as much as I do. 


So we have some new photos stands and I just grabbed a quick card so check out this one. It's a tree. They're going to be two different sizes this is just the sample size that they sent me just so I could make sure. But there's a slit in the top and this is a real salvage wood that they have found. So they didn't cut down any new trees this is already fallen wood that they've reclaimed. And look at that, the card fits in perfectly. So how cool is that? I just love them. So those are going to be oh my gosh let me look at my notes again since I don't have them on the website yet those are going to be $10 but they're really nice and like I said they're two different sizes. Oh I should probably show you. I think you should be able to see behind me. Good thing I'm not a professional right. Can you see that? So it's just standing there, I know it's really far away. And yes that's a real phone booth. So there's that, the wooden tree which I love and then we have these... I'm not sold on the colours yet, we're going to come up with our own colours. So if you have any color suggestions for the next thing I'm going to show you, put in the comments, I'd love to know. 


We have these wooden houses with little hearts for the windows, to hold your photo too. Aren't they adorable? So this is the large size and the large size will be $18 I think and then the smaller size which is only going to have two sets of windows, it'll be this big, so that way you can pair them, that will be about $16. But once we get them in and figure out what colors and everything. So the ones they sent me, these are just samples. There's some character to them, there's knots and.... But these are the colors they sent me as their samples but I'm not sure if you have a suggestion for another color. I would love to know. I'm thinking maybe we should have like one of those redwood ones that would be cool, you know that barnwood red color I like. Do you think, I don't know should we make some of them fun and be purple or pink or something. I don't know, I think that might not look great with a wooden house. Oh just to tell you about the wood that they're using they are using scrap wood from projects that they have. So they're not going out and buying wood which I like. I like the fact that it's a family in Pennsylvania that is doing this for me. I found them and I'm really excited to support another small business. So let me know what you think about these wooden photo stands. Just look at that. Can I? Yeah.


So that's what it'll be and like I said I'll have the two different sizes so that you can pair them together which I think will be really nice and we're just going to make some colors, so let me... Oh is this live? Yes, it is. Who just asked that? John. Yes it is live, I am here live. Hi, how are you John? Thanks for being here. So those are the stands that we're doing. Let me know what colors. You guys always have the best suggestions for me so yeah, I would love to hear them and let's see. 


Okay so I showed you all that and then I talked about the clearance okay. 


So I wanted to give you all sneak peek for tomorrow which is our April collection. I thought you'd like to see it. I know every month we've been doing a special collection with the cards, so this is our new April collection. So it's all our pastel colors which I think you'll like. So it's our soft pink, our peach, soft yellow, pale blue, lilac... Ooh thank you. Sorry. So every time the phone chi-chings I say thank you so if you ever place an order know that I'm saying thank you instantly. Anyway and then pale green. So that's going to be the April collection and it'll be live on the website first thing in the morning because it's not April yet and so today is the last day to buy the March collection. The March collection has the shimmer gold, barnwood, the decaf and pearl white. So those are that and that's a great collection too, so I wanted to bring that to your attention.


I forgot to mention a couple of other things that are in clearance. We don't have a lot of them we just have a few little oops on our ornaments. So on the class of 2021, I just wanted to point to your attention. See how a little bit of the letter is missing, so we have these in our clearance section for $10. And this one just has a line here. So there's that. So those are in the clearance. We have black, purple, red, green, I don't know if we have any other colors, and then obviously the blue. So those are all in there, you can get onto the website. And like I said, I will post links to everything as soon as I end this live, so that you can shop if you so wish. And then we have some Clarence left with the decals on the mask. And basically the decals on the mask are covering up some of the imperfections on the mask. But they've been really, really popular. So we do have a handful or so that you can get on the website as well. So if you're interested, these are $10, as well as the oopsies on the 2021. Those are all clearance marked down $10. So that's those ornaments. They're all just they're the same ornament that we sell, you know, they're the one ounces of pewter made by my brother-in-law Allen up in Massachusetts.


So like all our products, everything's made here in the US and I source it from all small businesses throughout the country. And if you have any ideas of other products you'd like me to carry, let me know. I love adding them. I know last week we talked about the candles. Those are amazing. Oh, let me grab one just you can see. This is mine that I got as a sample. We don't have this scent so I am going to cover my finger on it. But we did the contest and I'm waiting to hear if they can definitely... I'm waiting to hear back from them. But it's going to be the Plymouth Son of a Beach is the one that one. So we should have that in mid-April. So I'm excited to get that new scent in for our candles.  And I think that's what I've got going on. You know, we've just been hacking all your orders, we've been shipping most orders within two business days of you placing your order. And that seems to have been going really well for everyone. Trying not to pack orders on the weekends but that doesn't always happen. So you know we do pack them. 


So I hope you're all doing well. And yeah, like I said, we've got all the new things coming in these houses are absolutely adorable. I think they should be here Friday or Saturday and then we'll get to pick some colors for them. So please don't be shy. Let me know. And if you are shy, pop me a private message or send me an email. Email is orders@plymouthcards.com, and it's cards with an s. You can call me at 877-830-3405. You can Facebook message me or Instagram message some people do, I'm not as good about checking that as I am email and the phone. If you call and I don't answer just leave a message. We do just have the one phone line still right now. And so just leave message and I'll give you a call back. It just means I'm on the other line. And I hope you're enjoying your day. And I will see you next Wednesday, if not sooner. I've been getting some messages and emails about doing another cooking episode over the weekend. So we were just going to get Vinnie to get me that KitchenAid mixer right? So not that I can't buy for myself but I'm really excited. I did check into the KitchenAid mixer and I'm not sure if you've all been following my 2021 challenge. It's not a resolution, it's just a challenge to only buy products that are made in the US. And I discovered that the KitchenAid mixer is made here in the US, so that's really exciting. So that's not a deterrent of not buying it. So I'm looking forward to getting one of those and doing another cooking show. But anyway, I hope you have a great rest of your day and I will chat with you soon. Thanks so much for being here and watching. I appreciate you. Bye!