March Made in USA challenge

April 05, 2021 0 Comments

March Made in USA challenge-Plymouth Cards

This project is so much harder than I anticipated. My goal is to find products that are 100% made in the USA (all ingredients, pieces, assembly, packaging, etc). I’m learning that you need to do more research and ask the correct questions. Here are my hits and misses for April 2021.


Kitchen trash bags – We had been buying plastic trash bags which has been bothering me. They are not eco-friendly and when I called Glad, the representative told me they were not made in the US. This go me to start thinking of alternatives and my shopping habits. Then I hit me, why not look for paper grocery bags, I always ask the store to bag my groceries in them and use for trash bags. Now my search began, not only did I find the paper bags plus they are made in the US. Before placing my order, I did the math and it ends up being about the same to buy the brown bags over the plastic bags. But now I am getting an eco-friendly bag that is made in the USA. The bags I purchased can be found here or check other online stores if you want a smaller quantity. We had space in our garage to buy a big bundle. 


None – This is the first month since starting this project that everything I have purchased has been made in the US. I am excited with finding replacement products for things I need to replenish at home. And I have been more aware of asking myself if I really need something. So far the answer has been "no". 

Overall I know I am saving money by being thoughtful about my purchases and buying locally, whenever possible. Or if not, then buying directly from these online small businesses. 

I’ll report back next month with my April hits and misses. Thanks for reading along. And if you have any great Made in the USA (bonus points if eco-friendly too), comment below so I can check them out.

 ~ Lisa, 

All opinions are my own and I really use these products. I was not compensated by any company. They don’t even know I am writing about them.