Live with Lisa Week 47: Greetings from the Past & Mother's Day!

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Live with Lisa Week 47: Greetings from the Past & Mother's Day!-Plymouth Cards

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Hey there, Happy Wednesday. I am Lisa here from Plymouth Cards and I have some great things to talk about today. I'm going to talk about Mother's Day, and Nurses Week, and I have a cool 50thanniversary card to show you. So that's what I was going to just chat with you about. 


I just wanted to pop in on our usual Wednesday. Hope you're doing well. I'm doing great here today. It's been a busy week and I'm really looking forward to my oldest son Luke, he is coming home tomorrow night to visit for a long weekend. So I'm really excited to see him. I haven't seen him since August. And so I'm really, really looking forward to that visit. So I'll be a little busy with that, so hopefully, I get all my work done so that I can spend a lot of time with him.


I don't know how it's been for you, and when the last time you've seen your family was, but I'm so looking forward to seeing him. So let me know where you're watching from, I'd love for you to say hi. I am here in sunny Florida. Originally from the Plymouth Mass area, that's where the company got its name, but we escaped winter about four years ago and I haven't looked back since. Let's dive into what I have today. 


So Mother's Day is coming. So I just want to show you some of our Mother's Day cards that we have from our vintage line. And what I'm going to try to do is I'm going to try if I did this well, I'm going to try to pop the links in as I show you things that you can see them right away, and not have to wait for me to finish. So that's why I'm in my office today because I have the two screens here. So here is a link to all the Mother's Day cards. I'm just going to show you a few. 


This is one that we've had for a while for several years now but I've put it in our cactus card. It's a new color that we introduced this year, so I thought that looked really great, just the pop of color. We also carry this card in gray, but I just liked the cactus with it too just for a different look. We have this one 'LOVE TO MOTHER' and this one is in our Hurricane Gray Card. And the great thing, I love it when I get to talk to customers because I learn so much and so many fun things. And I talked to a customer the other day and what she does, is she sends... Mother's Day she bought 10, and she sends them to all her friends telling them what great mothers they are. And it actually brought tears to my eyes, I guess I'm a little emotional at times. But it just made me think about it. Like you don't just have to send a Mother's Day card to your mom or your mother figure, you can send them to anyone. So here's a new design. This is brand new for this year. I'm going to pop it up close so you can see. It says Happy Mother's Day on it and this is our Melon Card. But this will be perfect to send to a friend that's a mom to say, you know, you're a great mom! I think sometimes we need to do that more, you know, uplift each other and say positivity. It just makes people happy and smile. And here's another one 'TO DEAR MOTHER.'  


So there are several options that aren't just geared to your specific mom that just say Happy Mother's Day. So those would be perfect for you to give to your mom, or your friend that's a mom, or your neighbor, or anyone. I think that would be fun. So those are just a few but I did just put the links in, so if you're interested, you can see them. 


All our greeting cards are $2.99. And then we charge the $5 shipping no matter how much you order. So you can buy one card, you can buy a hundred cards, that makes it easy. 


Ooh, let's see. Thanks, Monica. Hope you're doing well today. Thanks. I thought it was such a great idea too. I had never thought about doing that and like I said, it was really cool that she said, You know, that's what she does. So I love sharing good ideas. 


So, Nurses Week is also coming up. It is May 6th and I think the nurses and the whole entire medical staff has gone through a time for sure. So I wanted to show you some of the cool cards. Oh gosh, look at me. I'm thinking, what did I do now? And as my usual oh no, yes, as usual. I always forget something, misplace something. I am an organized mess, is what I call myself because I'm yeah, always I know where things are but sometimes they're not exactly where I thought they were. 


Okay, nurses week. So one of the things I wanted to show you is, and I can't remember, unfortunately, if I've talked about this before, I have to take better notes. And I'll be honest, I really hate watching these videos after the fact. I don't really like seeing myself on  Facebook Live or any type of video. But I probably should go back and watch to see but I figure I can't hurt to show them again, even if I've talked about it before. 


So we have these really cool cards that I found from World War I time, the Red Cross and look at this one 'Everybody Loves a Nurse.' So in my research, I have discovered that there are a dozen images that are part of this vintage postcard line. I have procured five of them. So I'm on the hunt for the other seven. If you know a source, you know where I can find them, I would greatly appreciate it. But they're just so fun and cute. I just love them. So this is the second one, and you could buy one of them and send it to a nurse, you could buy the set as well. So I just wanted to show them all to you. These are all our nurses cards for nurses week. And there's two more, 'The Red Cross' our most popular ally. So there's that one and here's the last one that I have. So like I said, there are 12 in the series, but I only have been able to purchase five of them. So I am on the hunt for the rest. If you know a source, let me know. 


And I think these are absolutely adorable. They're little gift tags, and they are a Nurses Cap. Yeah. So those are so cute. And we sell gift tags... 


Are they on the website? Yes. Are you talking about all the nurse’s cards? Because yes. Thank you for reminding me. See, I get myself sidetracked. Here we go, I am posting the link right now to all the nurse’s cards. Perfect. I just posted the links first to the Mother's Day Cards and now those are the links for the nurse's cards. So let's see, it's saying error occurred. But we'll get through it. I appreciate everyone watching me and my wackiness. I try. 


So those are our nurse's gift tags. Thank you, Monica. I appreciate you asking. I just love this. Such a techie, a lot of little features of being able to show people's comments. So thank you. Alright, so there's that. And then what I was going to do next is show you -- I am going to copy and paste the tags in case you're interested. Now there is a nurse's cap, but there's also medical scrub top. So if you're interested in that, if you want to do the medical scrubs, that's fun too. So that's on there as well. So I just posted the nurse's gift tags. And let's see, what else do I got here? I got to close that tab out, this will keep me hopefully on track.


So in addition to that, to those adorable nurse’s cards, we also have medical patents, and I'm going to show you these. So this is one, this is a nurse's pin. Let me read when it's from. This is from 1912; so it's a pin, a trained nurse pin. Isn't that so cool? So I just think that would be a really great card. You could actually, I think not only would this be great for nurse's week, but this would also be a great congratulations card for a new nurse. I just think that would be really cool. I had put them together in another card, but I'm just going to look for a sec. Nope, I have no idea, where I put them. But anyway, so there's that. But I can show you actually another option would be is our vintage flair card, which I think looks really cool. And I'm going to just put up with this image into the vintage flair card. I don't have my fingertips, I'm a mess. Here we go. Sorry. I so appreciate you all being here with me. Okay, so this is what our vintage flyer card looks like. I love it because it has the old fashioned corners, those aren't the peel and stick or lick and stick those are actually printed on. This was a design I came up with on my own. But I just wanted to show you, that's another cool thing. But I think those would be really good. Oh, hi, MelThanks for being here watching. I appreciate you. Yeah, but I think that would be another great option as well. 


So a really great idea for a new nurse, congratulations. And I know so many of them are graduating next month. So those are $2.99 and I am going to pop, I don't think I've put the patent cards in yet, did I? Let me look. I did not. So let me put those in too so you can see all of those. If you're interested in the patents. We don't just have the nurse's pin, we have a stethoscope, we have the cuff for blood pressure, ironically, there's a face mask. So there's a great assortment of different patent cards for the medical professionals if that's something you'd like to do, instead of doing the nurse's pin or the other cute cards.


This is a great project that I worked on with a customer and I've changed... She said I could use her picture but we decided that we would change her name and information so that it's not on the internet, so the world doesn't know when she's having her party. So anyway, this is a 50th wedding anniversary celebration and check out this card. I love it! So what they did is they took one of their wedding pictures, look at how fun that is from 50 years ago and we made a custom card with it. 


So this in our cream color wallet card, so this is another great thing. You know, the wallet cards are great for graduation announcements, but I thought that was great when she came to me and said, Lisa, I would love to use this picture. Can we do an invitation? So I said, absolutely! Let's do that. So she sent me the picture and then inside we did the whole information about what the party is all about. And I just think that's so fun and great. Look at how cool --oh, let me see, another message. [Reading Comment] Here, I'm going to put this up here so everyone can seeThe lilacs smell so good. It's like I'm in my grandmother's backyard. I just love it so much. And I'm actually having a hard time selling them because I want to keep them all for myself. 


But look at this. So we were able to just put all her information on here. And again, like I told you, this is not real. This is all fake information. I printed off a dummy one so that everyone wouldn't be showing up to her party. But yeah, so that's just another great idea. I love our customers because you all come up with the best ideas. You just challenge me, which I think is so fun. So that is the wallet card. And I'm just going to put that here, so it's not just for graduation announcements, anything that you can think of. Like how great is that? And I actually wished I could see all her family and friends getting this invitation in the mail. Because how fun is that going to be? Look at that, that's from 50 years ago with the tree. I don't know. It just makes me smile. They're a great picture. So there's that. 


The candles have been selling really quickly. So if you want them, you should order soon. We are going to be getting more in but -- Oh, I should probably post... We put together some gift sets for them so that you could get a combination. So if you like the Summer Sangria, we got the wine soap, I think I showed that to you last week, or did I talk about it? But we have the wine soap now, so that's really great. So with the gift sets, you'll save $1 and so it's the candle and the coordinating soap. And yeah, I love them! The candles just smell so good. 


That wood wick! I never knew about wood wicks until I started searching for a candle that I felt comfortable reselling. And I came upon them and -- Oh thank you. I'm sorry, I think I explained -- I'm sorry. I think I explained before, every time we get an order my phone does that chi-ching like a cash register and I get very happy and say thank you so that you know that I'm appreciative. Not that you actually hear me say it but you can know that if you've placed an order I say thank you to the universe. I don't know so anyway, that's one of my wacky things I guess. 


But, what was I saying? Oh the woodwick! So the woodwick it just makes the candle burn longer or warmer so the fragrance just is stronger and it's just amazing. I am sold, like I will never use another candle that isn't a wood wick. And yeah, so there's that. I don't know what you all think about that if you've ever used wood wick candles before, but I just think they're so amazing. 


So let's see, I think that's what I've got for today. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments. I love answering questions, if you have any special requests, pop those in there too. I love to try to make things happen like.


Oh, this is a great idea. Let me show you. Oh, it's over here. So we had a customer reach out a few months ago that they had this great idea for us to have a card with... Ooh, I've never used a wood wick. So excited to get it. Oh, I'm so glad you are. I can't wait to hear what you think. 


But this is an example of customer requests. This is printed right on the card. And the customer just said, you know, I think it would be great if instead of your usual ruled border, that's just an embossed line, it's not color. He said he would love it if we could do a printed border with a black. And I thought, well, that's so cool. I'd totally try that. So I listened to you and I love your customer ideas. All your ideas are so cool. So look at that. Now we have a new card. There you go. I love my Sun of a Beach candles. Oh, I'm so glad, that makes me so happy too. It smells so good. Oh, it does. I know Karen, I just love it so much. Thanks for stopping in.


Have you ever done wax melts? No, I have not. How do I use them? That's a question I have? How do you use wax melts and would you just buy them as themselves? Do you already have a warmer or whatever it is that you use them with? See, that's something I need to learn about, wax melts. So if you can enlighten me, I would so appreciate that. But I can see if the company, if you all like the scents of the Plymouth Sun of a Beach, which is amazing, Lily of the Valley, it just reminds me of the cape so much. Tell me about this so that I can see if the company has wax melts. Because if you'd like them, I'm happy to find them. 


So they have again, a great variety of products so I can see but I really like this company because they're another small business like me and I love working with small businesses. Let's see what Mel has to say. 


I have a warmer and buy from places. Okay, so you need a warmer, so I wouldn't need to sell that I would just need to sell the wax melts and everyone would be responsible for their own warmer. Okay. I think you've given me a mission. I will work on that. Thank you for suggesting that and commenting with that. So thanks, Mel. 


And I think Karen, who said she likes Sun of a Beach candles actually asked me the other day about lotions. So I don't know if anyone else is interested in lotions. My only hesitation right now is that the company that I buy the soaps from that are amazing, she puts the lotion in plastic bottles, and I'm really trying to reduce my life of plastic. So I have a message out to her to see if we can come up with metal bottles or glass bottles or something that isn't plastic. So let's see. What did you say? Lotions? Yes. Oh, okay, fun.


I can't tell you how much fun I have doing shopping for everybody and how much I end up sampling for myself. So that's okay. It's all good. I want to make sure it's good. I  guess the thing is I don't want to sell something to everyone. Okay, usually six maybe in a pack. Good information. Thank you, Mel. I really feel strongly about testing everything before I sell it because I have high-quality standards. And sometimes that's a blessing, sometimes it's a curse but anyway...


Alright, so I have a mission I will be working on lotions and wax melts. I will see what I can come up with. Are there any other, let's see allergy things that I should be looking into or you know, with the lotions, I'm just a little concerned. Is there something I should be hesitant about? I have sensitive skin, so I guess if it works for me, it should work for most people. So let's see. Thanks so much. Thanks, Mel. I really appreciate you being here. You too. Karen. Let's see where's Karen. [Reading comment from Karen]  Oh my gosh, you're too funny. Too funny. Well, I wish I lived close enough to you like I used to do that I could drop it up, but so sorry. But that bologna. I know you're full of bologna, that's for sure. Anyway, I so appreciate you guys all talking with me today. It's been so fun. I love it when we can interact because it makes it feel so much better than me just talking to a computer hoping that someone is listening to what I'm saying. 


I hope you have a great week I am going to have a wonderful weekend with my son Luke, and my son Jared lives with us but it's just fun when you haven't seen someone... I haven't seen him like I said since August. So I'm really looking forward to seeing him and spending the weekend doing some stuff with him. So I will see you next week. And I hope you have a great weekend. And thanks so much for being here. I appreciate you all. Bye!

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