Live with Lisa: Week 48

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Live with Lisa: Week 48-Plymouth Cards



Hey there. Happy Wednesday. I am Lisa DiVasta here from Plymouth Cards. And I hope you're doing well today. Hopefully I have a good signal. If you can hear me and see me just say hi, let me know. We've got some great things -- We, listen to you like there are six of us here. It's just me. I have some great things to show you today. I'm excited to be here. And we're going to talk about wine soap and the April Collection. Let's see what else. Oh, custom ornaments. So I've got some great things to show you all. And I hope that works out with you. 


Okay, let me get on track here. So it's Wednesday. We had a great weekend, I hope you had a great weekend. I know. It's kind of weird to talk about the weekend in the middle of the week. But we had Luke here over the weekend. He's our oldest. And we had a really great time with him. So that was really fun to see him. I hadn't seen him in person since August. So that was really, really nice to have him here visiting. He lives in DC. So that's what we did this weekend. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend too.


Let me show you what I've got for you today. So I wanted to quickly mention... Oh, if you're here, say hi. Tell me where you're from, I'd love to know. I'm here in Tampa, just outside of Tampa, Florida. And it is very warm today in a good way. Sun is shining, so I'm happy to be here. So it's much better than where we used to live just outside of Plymouth Mass where it's still cold there. 


It is still April. So I wanted to let you all know that the April collection is still available just until the 30th and then that collection will go away. It's a special collection we do every month. We do a special collection every month with just color combinations that we don't typically sell. We have a lot of collections that we sell year-round but then starting in January, I introduced monthly collections, just to add some fun to it. So I just wanted to show you real quick because I know I showed you at the beginning of April. But I wanted to show you one more time since we're almost at the end of the month. 


So this is the April collection. I'll hold it up here. It's not fanning as well as it looked in. There we go. Alright. So it has soft pink, peach. It's all our pastel colors. Soft yellow, pale green, pale blue and lilac. So those are the six colors. And I'm going to pop a link here to the collection. The collection is $31.99. It's about a 10% savings over if you'd bought the cards individually and picked and chose the ones you wanted. So that's the link to the April collection. And like I said, you only have until April 30, which is Friday to buy that and then on Saturday, it'll be gone, so you miss out. And then you have to buy the card separately instead of in this special set. And the cards work with both horizontal as well as vertical photos. That's how all our cards are designed. And so it has our small logo on the back. That's about the size of a quarter. And the great thing is we put the logo on an angle, so it will work with vertical as well as horizontal photos and you won't feel like it doesn't work with your picture. Years ago, we used to only have the logo on the back in a vertical format. And yeah, we got a lot of feedback from customers that they didn't like that, that they felt they couldn't put a horizontal photo in. So that's why we have redesigned the logo. We redesigned it so that it works on either orientation, which I think is really cool. And like all our cards, they're blank inside. You can choose to have custom printing, but yeah. So that's the April collection. Just get it before it's gone. And I'm sorry, I have to take a drink real quick. There we go. Alright. 


So I don't know if Mel's here. If you're here Mel, tell me hello. So I can tell you. I know last week you asked about wax melts. And I wanted to let you know that I did find some from the candle company that we're using. So I would love to know what scents you're interested in. And anyone else that's watching please don't be shy. Let me know what scents you like because then I can get them for you. And it makes me feel not so lonely if you're actually -- Not that I'm lonely or just maybe lonely isn't the right word. Makes me feel less awkward just talking to this computer screen if you say hi and whatnot. 


But I wanted to show you the Wine 'n Shine soap that came in. So look at this. So it's Wine 'n Shine and it's made with red wine, it is smells so good. But I wanted to show you the front of that. Look at that. Isn't that fun? So all our soaps are $6.50, they're made with goat milk by a small company in Minnesota. Oh, she's so nice. And I'm going to pop a link here to them. 


But I wanted to also mention that we do have some gift sets, where we've combined the soaps with the candles to make pairings so that if you want to get a gift, and you'll save $1 if you buy the two together. So we have the wine 'n shine soap.  And let's see sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil, goat milk, water, sodium hydroxide, red wine fragrance and oxide. So that's what it is. It's an all-natural goat milk soap, so I just wanted to show you that. 


And then we have the Summer Sangria candle. This thing has been selling, everyone seems to love it. I love it. So Summer Sangria. I love our tins that they come in. 


So someone commented, and I don't think they actually purchased from us. But they did bring up a point. And their comment was that the candles get too hot. She thought that the wood wick was too sooty. So I wanted to let you know that I actually test every product before I buy in bulk to resell. And so what I've done is these candles, I actually burn them for three hours because it says you should burn it for at least two hours per burn. That's how we should do it with a wood wick. So anyway, I burn the candle for three hours. And then I pick it up and touch it, because I'm worried. You know people have kids, and you don't want to burn yourself either. So what I did is I let it burn for three hours and then I was able to pick it up. And I didn't need an oven mitt, I didn't need anything special. It was warm. It wasn't cold, it was warm, but it wasn't even remotely hot. So I just wanted to make sure if anyone read that comment, I did respond to her. But I just wanted you all to know that these will not burn you. Obviously, if you touch the flame you'll get burned. But touching the tin when the candle is going you will not get hurt at all. So that's it Summer Sangria. It smells so good. But I paired that with the wine 'n shine. 


So if you are still looking for a fun Mother's Day gift, or something different, I am going to put the link here to our gift sets. So we have Summer Sangria with the Wine 'N Shine, we have it also with a Freesia soap. And then I have Lilac City with our Spring Bouquet Soap and the Spring Bouquet Soap smells just like Lilac. Oh my gosh! They're so good. And then Plymouth Son of a Beach, of course. That is so fun. People are loving that set. So I just wanted to point that out. I posted the links to all that as well. So that's what we have.


But Mel, I know sometimes you watch after the fact. If you are, make sure you let me know what scents you like so that I can make sure I get them. I've been putting them in my cart to place the order but I wanted to wait and ask you what you're looking for. And everyone else, what scents do you like? Because they have some other great candle scents other than the ones that I have. Well, maybe I should put all the candles. That might be a good idea. So then you can see all the scents that we have and let me know what you'd like. So don't be shy people, let me know. I love hearing from you. So okay, that's about the candles. 


I also wanted to talk about the graduation ornament. Now, people have asked about making the mask a different color than the cap and that is a custom offering that we do. That is $1 more per ornament and you have to order a minimum of 25 in that color combination. But I wanted to show you, we have an order here. So this is crimson with a black mask. Now I will have a few of these left over. And I will post the link as soon as we know. We're bagging these up for this customer and making sure that we can fill their order. We did get extra, every time we get a special color order, we order extra so that we can offer it to everyone else. So I just don't know how many I have left after because I'm kind of picky sometimes, I've heard. And so I just want to make sure we have enough without any damages. Sometimes they -- yeah, it's a bad habit. There's nothing, sometimes it just happens, little dings happen. So I want to make sure we have enough. But I will post on this page. Assuming I'm going to do it tomorrow with any leftovers we have of this color combination, which is so cool. And it will be in a special page, it won't be with the other class of 2020. I want to keep this one separate. I just wanted to show you in case you are interested. So it's a minimum of 25 and then you can pick the two colours and it's $1 more per ornament. So instead of $11.99, it would be $12.99 for the special color combination. So I just wanted to point that out. Let me know what you think about that. I think it came out so great. I was so excited to open the package today. We get shipments almost every day from Alan. He's the best. 


What else did I want to talk to you about? Oh, photo selection. So I got a few, I know, I've been behind on that I'm trying my best to get that all done. Through March, we had people send in images for our catalog. And I've been behind and haven't had time. I want to sit down and actually, you know, I don't want to rush it. So we are going to print those out. Look at them all. Again, we got a record number of submissions. So that's probably one of the other reasons why it's a lot harder to go through them all. But my goal is to announce the winners next Wednesday but if it's really going to happen, because sometimes your goals don't always happen, I will post throughout the week before the Facebook Live so that you'll know to definitely be here to watch that, because that would be really fun. Because I won't to announce it until just then I'm not going to give anything away. So that'll be fun. 


I think that's what we got going on. I have some other great things in the works, just don't want to share it with you. Oh, one other question I had is because I've been getting the request not only from Mel but from other people for wax melts. About wax melt warmers. So I've been doing some investigating on that. And I have not been able to find any that are made in the US. The only wax melt warmers that I can find are made in China. So if anyone has a lead of a place that actually makes them here in the US, I would love to know. I'm struggling here because I want everything that we sell to be made in the US, but I can't seem to find any. And I'd love to be able to offer you. So I'm just not sure what to do about that. So that's my struggle right here. So if you have any ideas or suggestions of where I can look to find them, I would so appreciate that. I did sign up to get a wholesale account with a place but all their warmers, they said they design them here in the US but they're all made in China. So I don't know. I'm trying to... It's a tough decision to make. So we'll stay tuned with that, but if you have any input. 


And while we're on that topic, if you have any other made in the USA companies that you would love to recommend to me to reach out to, to see if they can be a good fit for our company, I'd love to know that too. I love working with smaller companies like ours. Because right now, you know, Benny's room smells like a candle - soap shop. Good thing, she's not living here right now because she would not enjoy that at all. Well, that's why we have the flexibility to do that. But we have some really fun and exciting things happening behind the scenes that I can't wait to share with you. So get on that April collection if you're interested because there's only a couple more days to get that and if you want to do anything for Mother's Day, I would get on that by Friday so that we can get that out in the mail to you so you'll have it before Mother's Day. We have a great, ooh I should put that there too. I love it. You can just follow my train of thought here. 


I know I showed a bunch of them last week but we do have a nice selection of vintage Mother's Day cards. So if you want to get your mom something special or I know I mentioned that last week also. But a customer told me that she just sends the mother's day cards to her friends that are mothers just to tell them, hey, you're a great mom, I appreciate you. So I think that's a fun idea too.


 I appreciate you all being here watching. And I guess I will see you. I was just thinking that's everything I want to say. Yeah. So I will look forward to seeing you next Wednesday. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free. You can post a message here on this live, comment and I will see that. You can private message me I don't see those as much I don't get alerts a lot. But I try to get in there every day to check those and that you can call 877-830-3405. You can always reach me by phone. If I don't answer just leave a message and I'll call you back. We have just that one phone line, so if I'm on it with another customer I can't answer. And email So I think that's everything., I gave you the 877-830-3405, private message me, comment on a Facebook post, I think that's it. So I so appreciate you being here watching and I will see you next Wednesday. Have a great rest of your weekend and good weekend. Thanks for being here. Bye!