April Made in USA challenge

May 03, 2021 0 Comments

April Made in USA challenge-Plymouth Cards

New to my project? My 2021 goal is to find products that are 100% made in the USA (all ingredients, pieces, assembly, packaging, etc.). I’m learning that you need to do more research and remember to check every package. Here are my hits and misses for April 2021.


Shoes – Wow, this was much harder than I expected! My nephew is getting married in June and I did not have shoes for it. When we moved to Florida in 2017, I ditched the dress shoes and haven’t need a pair since. After many days searching online for shoes to match my dress and style, I finally found a company in Virginia. Johansen has been in business since 1876 and I must say I was very impressed with the quality of the shoes I received. They will definitely last. I love them as the style I chose can be worn with a fancy dress or a pair of jeans. And my order shipped five days after I placed it. You can check out Johansen, they have women's and men's shoes.




Toothpaste – Funny how I just grabbed my usual Colgate toothpaste and did not check to see where it was made. When I got home, I checked the package and discovered it is actually "Made in Mexico". I was disappointed in myself for forgetting to check before I bought and also disappointed that what I thought was a US company makes their products elsewhere. I completely understand that manufacturing in the US can be more expensive at times but I am willing to spend the extra. I believe the reduction in the carbon footprint is worth it. Now the search is on for made in the USA toothpaste that I like.


I love supporting USA made companies and hope you do too. Next month hopefully I will have more hits than misses. Thanks for reading along. And if you have any great Made in the USA companies (bonus points if eco-friendly too), comment below so I can check them out.

 ~ Lisa, PlymouthCards.com 

All opinions are my own and I really use these products. I am not compensated by any company. They don’t even know I am writing about them.