Live with Lisa: Week 49

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Live with Lisa: Week 49-Plymouth Cards



Hey! Happy Wednesday. I am Lisa DiVasta. Welcome! Welcome to Plymouth Cards. I have some new things to show you today and talk about some other things. So I hope you're all doing well. I hope you had a good weekend. I had a good weekend. I had a little fall sorry. So I can't wear a short sleeve shirt right now. Vinnie and I were walking and I was not paying attention and totally tripped over. The sidewalk was raised by a good two inches and it just took me off guard. And so I've got my face, and I've got my shoulder. So yeah, I'm a little mess right now. But it's all good. It'll be fine. So I just thought that was a funny way to start a morning. So yeah, so there's that.

So I'm excited to show you some of my new gift bags that I got. So I called them Lemons. And look at how adorable these are. So I have two sizes. I have the small size, which can fit on one of our collections in it, if that's what you so choose to put in it. And all our gift bags come with a sheet of tissue paper and a coordinating tag and then the twine to tie it on. It's not all assembled like this. When you get it everything comes flat, just so you can then write the tag, put the tag where you want it to be. So that's the small size, and that's $1.49. And then I also have the large size, which is $1.99. So yeah, I love this bag. It's so cute. So I just wanted to show you that one. That is our new version. So the new lemon bags, we have them in small and medium. I don't know if I just said large a minute ago, but it's actually medium. So I apologize if I said the wrong word. So those are new on our website. And I will pop those on right now so that you can see them. Let me see.

So I have everything pulled up so that I can just plop it in. So here are all our gift bags, we have so many great bags. The cool thing about our bags is they're made from recycled paper. And they're recyclable and like all our other products they're made here in the US. So I really like that. And so those are all the gift bags we have. We have so many fun spring ones. We have red trucks, we have sunshine plaid. The red truck is really fun, because it's a summer-looking one. So I like that. So that's really cool. So that's the gift bag. So I hope you like the new version, but I wanted to show you the other spring ones too. I know I just mentioned them verbally. But this is our red truck one. Isn't it so adorable? I love it, a little cat sitting on the truck. So that's cute. And we have all our bags available in the small size and the medium size. The large size is just too big for our products anyway. And this is Sunshine plaid. Here you can see this is the medium one. So that and that. And then again, the lemons which are brand spanking new, just in, just put them on the website. So those are really cute.

What else did want to talk about? I hope you're all doing well. Let's see, I got the bags. Oh, so I've been getting a lot of requests for different ribbon colors for the ornaments. Especially the grad cap, because there are so many different school color combinations. And we're trying to do as many as we can. So here's black with the purple ribbon. And we have everything in stock and we're shipping within a few days, sometimes sooner. But I wanted to show you, I had a little kindergarten project. I took my scissors. And I cut out all the ribbon colors and made this grid for everyone to see. So now you can see and I've posted this on the grad cap page so that you can see all the ribbon colors. I'll put it up a little bit closer. And I'm hoping that covers all the school colors that we would use or need. Yeah, so that is now posted. So when you go onto the grad page...

Oh, you know what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you my screen, so then you can see what it looks like. So here we go. Where are the grad caps?

So I'm going to go to ornaments, I'm going to go to the grad cap right here. And then what you'll do is you'll just pick your grad cap color. So I want black. And then here, you select all the ribbon colors. So there are 21 ribbon colors now, they're all here. So I want red. And then whether or not you want a gift box. If you don't choose a gift box, that's perfectly fine. Because what happens is the ornament will come in this cute little bag. And we have four different options you can't pick, we give one, it just depends on what we have in stock at that moment. And then this is what the gift box looks like. So you can see, it comes with this cute little card tag on top that you can write a little message on the inside. We do not write messages for you. We let you do that yourself. So I just wanted to show you that. There was one other picture I wanted to show you. But oh, what else? Oh, sorry. Here we go.

People have been asking about personalizing. We do not do personalization. But we do sell this really cool Sharpie that works on metal. So you could do that. And I've given you an example of what that looks like. And then here, here's the grid right here, of all the ribbon colors. So before you select your ribbon color, you could go here and look and see which ones you like that you'd want to be on it. So there's that whole section of the grad cap ornament. So I will just put a link to that here as well so you can see those as well. Maybe I should write grad, let me do this. I hope I can, let's see. I hope everything else is going well. We are busy here, which is a great thing. Everyone's loving this ornament, which you never know when I come up with a design how it will be received. So it's been really fun.

So we just got a brand new shipment in of the hope ornament and the hope pin. So I wanted to just show them to you again real quick. And I'm going to put together it gives that to them. So I know it's a little late for Mother's Day, but maybe someone's birthday is coming up. So that's the whole ornament. And there'll be many color ribbon options. If there's a ribbon, because I just showed you all the ribbon options we have on the grad ornament. If the ribbon color you want for the hope ornament isn't listed yet, please just write a note to me and say, Lisa, I'd like teal or I want yellow. I'm happy to switch it around, I just haven't had time to put them all up there. But here's the hope pin, which I absolutely love. It does have two pins on the back because if you only have one, when ends up happening is the weight of the pin flips it. So this is what it looks like when you're wearing it. So you actually need the two pins on the back to make it sturdy and stay. But here's the hope ornament and the hope pin. And I just love these.

And we've picked the three words, from everyone's suggestions. We got so many suggestions on Facebook, through Messenger, private emails, phone calls. So it was really fun. I love getting everyone's feedback. So we have picked the three words. And Alan is busy designing them right now for me in the same font, because I absolutely love this font. Not sure how you guys feel about it. I think it's really, really nice. So the hope ornament is $11.99 and so is the pin. So here, I will put that here for you too. So just to make it easier. I'm working on getting on a software, so that you can just say that you want links or you want today's links or something and then all of the links will come to you via Facebook Messenger, which I think is a really cool feature to offer. So yeah, so there's that. So there's the hope ornament and then the hope pin is really good, I love that too. I wear it too. I have one on my hat and I wear it. I have it on my walking hat, so I've got that with me all the time.

What else do I have for you today? So I've been working on... I have this really cool new patent card. It is for graduation. So I will show that to you. It is the mortarboard cap. You know, it's funny, like, I don't even think about these things. And there are so many products in this world that have a patent on it. Who would have thought that a mortarboard cap has a patent? But it does. So I thought this would be a really fun graduation card. Only for a graduate. And I like it because then you can write your own personal message inside. The cards are blank inside, it just has our small logo on the back, it's about the size of a quarter. But I thought that would be a really fun graduation card to give with your gift, so I will put a link to that as well.

And then I wanted to show you, what else did I want to show you today. Oh, actually, I'm going to put a link to all our patents. The mortarboard patent is the very first one you're going to see. But I'm also going to show you all the patents. We have a lot of medical ones. So if you have a loved one that is graduating from medical school, or is becoming a nurse, we have those as well. And they're really cool. And I'm going to just switch back to my screen again, to show you how to find them. So it will make it easier.

So hopefully this works. Well, maybe I should try and I'll do the big screen. Okay, so here we are. So I went here to Greeting Cards, and then I went to patent cards. From patent cards, you'll see it just lists them all pretty much alphabetically, except for the mortarboard one that I put at the top. But if you click over here to view all, you can scroll down to medical patents. And then all of our medical patents will appear, which is really cool. So then you can pick one of them and use that as your graduation card instead of just a regular card. So I think that would be really great to give someone one of those really personal cards, very different. I like giving different kinds of cards, not just the usual card - Happy Graduation. So that would be, I think a really cool option. So we wanted to show you that part of the page.

Hopefully, you know that it's working okay, with me showing you the things right there on the screen. I just thought I'd try that today. And if you're here watching, just don't be afraid to say hi, I'd love to know who you are and where you're watching from. It makes it feel better than just talking to a computer screen.

So the Patriotic holidays are coming up, Memorial days at the end of the month. And then we have the Fourth of July. And so I just wanted to show you some of our really cool Greetings from the Past cards that are patriotic. So I just printed out some of them. I didn't do all of them. But they're all on our website.

So this is one for Memorial Day. And this is just a fun one. He's our buddy Uncle Sam, just cute. And then some flag ones. So I will post a link to all this in a minute. And also, maybe I'll show you on my screen too, how you can find all these cards. So this is just, I'm not going to keep them up forever. So here's a really cool, this is a newer design, it says thank you on it. So I like that. And the cards are available in the design that I'm showing you. But there are usually two options for each different card. This is a new one too that we just came up with, it's a happy birthday one. That was nice, it says Happy Birthday up here in white. So the cards are blank inside. So Our Emblems of Liberty. So I love this star, the white stars blue background with these patriotic cards, I think it adds a little bond to it. So there we have, there are so many cards I know. It's hard probably to decide which ones to pick. But this is another Memorial Day one, My Country 'tis of Thee. So I just think they're really fun, I love them. And the cool thing is that all our cards fit into a 5*7 picture frame. So that's really cool too. So some of them reference Fourth of July, many do not, so don't feel like you can't get any. So those are all the cards and I will show you right now. I'm going to hop over to my screen and make sure it's up and ready.

I'm going to show you how to find the Greetings from the Past and then you can get them yourself. So here we are on the homepage And you go over here, and just hover over on Greeting Cards, and click on Greetings from the Past. Then it pulls up all our Greeting Cards. There's a substantial number of them. So what you can do is go over here again, to this view all. Hopefully you can see my little hand cursor, to view all click on that, and then just scroll down to patriotic. And then it just takes a second, and then boom, there you go. You can see all of our patriotic options. There's that.

And then again, I did say we have medical patent cards, but we also have a whole line of nurse cards too, that are vintage. So you could get one of those as well as a card for a loved one who is graduating from nursing school. Just a fun little thing. So I just wanted to show you that. So here are all the Greetings from the Past.

So I'm working on... I know, I've gotten some requests for wax melts. I think they should be here in June. If not, by July. But I'm hoping they'll be here by June, so we can add those. So if you're watching now, I can still add on some scents. So if there's a scent that you would like, let me know. And also with the candles, oh my gosh, they're amazing. Someone asked why they're not going to be here at the end of May. It's because they take a bit to get here. And sales were just great. And you know, being a small business, you just don't know how much to order and so demand exceeded what I expected. So that's a great problem to have. But they will be here at the end of the month. And I am ordering enough so that in the future, we should be able to ship your order. We shouldn't have to do pre-orders, we should be able to just ship as soon as it comes. But those people that have done pre-orders, I thank you so much. We'll get your order out as soon as it comes in at the end of this month. So thank you for that.

And that's all I've got for today. Well, actually, one more thing. I'm thinking of doing something different over the weekend. So stay tuned for watching announcements here on Facebook for that. I will do some announcements before it happens. But I think it sounds like or think it's going to work out for this weekend. If not, it'll be next weekend. So there's that. And if you're a mom, I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day. I really do. And I will see you very soon. Thank you for watching and being here. I appreciate you. Bye!