Live with Lisa: Week 51

May 19, 2021 0 Comments

Live with Lisa: Week 51-Plymouth Cards


Hey there! Happy Wednesday everybody. I hope you're having a great day. I am here. I'm going to be announcing the contest winners in a minute but I just wanted to say hi, see how you're all doing. It is Wednesday here, the sun is shining, it's been a great day and we spent the weekend moving into the new space. I know I've been sharing a few lives as we've been doing it. I was hoping to go live today from there, but unfortunately, I've been waiting for UPS all day to deliver something that can't sit outside in the Florida heat. So I couldn't go live from there. And I bet, oh my gosh, like literally, as I say it he pulls up. But anyway, so there you go. UPS is here now but I may have to pop out for a second and grab that box, but I just wanted to... 


Yeah, so the winners! So what we do is every year we have our catalog. Every fall, we come up with a catalog and it just shows a sampling of some of our products. It never has everything because it would be like the old-time Sears catalog if we had everything in our catalog. So this catalog is 32 pages of products and it just features different customer's photos that they send in every year. 


So this year, wow! We got, I think I've said it before we got a record number of entries and it was really hard to go through them all. Because honestly, I would have loved to pick one from everybody. I know I sound like a parent, but I do. Everyone's pictures are so good, so it's so hard to choose. But I did pick some, we went through them all and you're going to see them in some cards. And these may not be the cards that they'll show up in in the catalog. But I just wanted to show you some of them. 


So our first one is from Pat, she's in New Hampshire and this is her picture. So this will be in our fall catalog. We start working on our fall catalog, believe it or not, in March, it takes a long time. So this is our first entry. If you're here today live, say hi. Let me know where you're watching from. And if you're not live, still say hi and let me know where you're watching after the fact from. I do check back and read the comments. This is the second one. This is from Beth in Indiana, and it's funny that I just feel like I could get lost in this picture. I don't know if that's how you feel but it's really great. So this one is number two; they're not in any particular order, just how they stacked up in the pile. This one is from Connie in North Carolina. Aren't those beautiful? I love how talented everyone is and everyone just has such different likes of what they photograph and it's just so cool. This is from Richard in Utah. And I put it in two different cards just so you can see how the card actually does change it too. This is in our dusty rose, which probably isn't coming up very well with the lighting, unfortunately. Let me see if I can get it a little bit better. I don't think that's going to help. So that's the dusty rose. But then I also put it in our dark roast card and that's really cool. Look at that picture, look at how close. I'm assuming he has a really great zoom lens because I'm not thinking he got that close to a bear. But isn't that -- I don't know, I just think it was a great picture. So there's that. So we have two more to show you. So this is from Monica in Pennsylvania. I guess we had a couple of Pennsylvania's this year. Oh, maybe I haven't announced the other one. So this one, look at that. Just looks like the sky is on fire. Isn't that beautiful? 


So each photo that we chose, you get a $25 gift card to shop at Plymouth Cards and this year for the first time we are going to be sending a little something to everyone who didn't get in the catalog. So please don't be discouraged, check your email. So this is the last one. This is from Rita in Pennsylvania and I love this picture too. So those are the pictures that are in. And then I wanted to show you how different the picture looks in our Shimmer Silver. It just adds a whole different feel to it when you're looking at the two different -- here I'll put them side by side. It just really changes the picture. 


So those are the pictures that were chosen for our fall 2021 catalog, we only do a catalog once a year. And people are like why do you do a catalog? Well, we like getting catalogs, I like getting catalogs but I don't like getting them all the time. And just so you know, we do use recycled paper in our catalog. So it's not virgin paper, it is recycled. So that's important to me that we use recycled paper and it doesn't come in a plastic bag, it just gets popped in the mail. So sometimes the outer cover might get a little janky. I don't know what the right word is, crushed. But it's still a good catalog. So that's that.


I know we talked about the words that we're doing for this year. And you know, we had hope last year. I showed you the hope ornament, that's the hope key chain. But actually, this is just a prototype, I'm not sure, I'm not really loving the chain part, I think we can do something different. So then this is what Allen sent me. This is one of the words, one of the three words that we're going to be introducing. Earlier this year, I had people send me comments or send me emails and private messages about what words they would like; I had put a list together. So this is one of our winning words. So it will be rolled out soon, probably in the next month or so. So we have the ornament. And if you like it, let me know. 


Or actually, I would love to know. So this is another option for the keychain. Instead of it being on that chain, just having it be on the ring. And I'm actually having him look at a different type of ring that might be a little fancier. I just think it might add a touch of class to it. So let me know, do you like the word or the layout? It looks really cool. I'm happy with it. It's the same font as hope so that they'll match. You probably can't see with my hands, but let me know what you think about the key chain though. Do you like it with the chain? Do you like it without the chain and just almost like a charm? What are your preferences? So that would be great. I'm going to just turn my phone off so that doesn't bother us again. 


And then we're also going to have a pin. So I think these are great. So what I'm planning on doing, which I haven't done before with our other, right now we have the whole pin and the hope ornament. But I want to do is do sets with a slightly reduced price. And I think they would look really cute in a gift box too. So let me know what you think about that too. So that is it.


I'm really excited for what UPS just delivered. It's something exciting. So we have that coming up in the next month or two. So there's a lot of fun products coming up in the works. And if you got our email today, you would have seen the email with the state ornaments. So I love them. They just say Christmas to me. I kind of got green, but it wasn't a true green, it was more like an olivey green, but I just thought that would blend in with your Christmas tree. So that's why I got the red. The red I think will look really great on a Christmas tree or just be that pop of color on a bottle of wine or gift bag. 


So if you missed all the contest entries and if you're joining late, which is fine, I'll just whip through them real quick one more time. So we have Rita from Pennsylvania, we have Monica from Pennsylvania and these will all be in our 2021 catalog. We have Richard from Utah, we have Connie from North Carolina, we have Beth from Indiana. I almost did them all from Indiana, Beth from Indiana and then we have Pat from New Hampshire. So those are the six card images that we chose and all the winners will be getting an email from me, as well as all of the people that entered the contest, will also be getting an email for me with a little something. So I thank you all for being part of it. 


It's just a quick one today. We've been working, getting everything situated in the new space. So it has been a lot. On Sunday we started at eight in the morning and I think I finally sat down at six o'clock at night. And I looked at how many steps because I keep track of my steps on my phone, and I'd walked 21,000 steps. I was just moving boxes, from the truck to the storage and then into where they went. So that was crazy. But it's been really fun and I can't wait to share with you all the final layout when it's all done. I'm actually going to be going there in a little bit. Every day I bring another car load of product to the new space. So I'm really excited to have everything in one location, I think it will be great. Thank you so much for being here and watching. And if you missed the contest winners you can watch the replay in a little bit. And then like I said, I'll be emailing everyone. 


And if you ever have any questions, feel free to always pop them in the comments. You can call me at 877-830-3405. If I don't answer just leave a message and I'll get back to you. And you can private message me, I'm not as good about that. And then you can also email me, which I'm trying to keep on top of. But sometimes it takes me a day or two to get back to you. And the email, would be great. Thank you so much for watching and for all your support and I will talk to you next Wednesday, but I bet I'd be on even sooner over the weekend to give you some more insight into the new space. Thanks, bye!