Live with Lisa: Week 52

May 26, 2021 0 Comments

Live with Lisa: Week 52-Plymouth Cards
Hey there! Happy Wednesday. Hi, Lisa here. I just wanted to share with you like I said, I was going to give you a tour. We're still not 100% done yet but we're probably about 60% done, but I just didn't want to keep you waiting because everyone's been so a part of this journey with me. So if you're here watching live, say hi, love to see you. And let's see, here we go.

So when you walk in the door, I have a desk. This was a casualty, it was 100% my fault, I will take complete ownership. We had another desk that looked exactly like this, but I was impatient and pulled it the wrong way and the desk fell apart. So now we have to get another desk. But we have this really cool pegboard wall that we're going to use to hang all our things, like the bags because they have the cute little handles on them. So that's really great. And that's all our pens and stuff. We're going to fill these two shelves with all of our picture frames that we have, so that'll be great. And then here is just the pile of stuff that we still haven't put away yet. And let's see.

So my parents just arrived, which is very exciting. I haven't seen them since Christmas. So we have a bookshelf here, which has ready-made collections. And then when you come in even further, you have our workstation. So we set up two workstations; one for where we pack and wrap ornaments and cards and stuff, and then over here is our ribbon station. So this is where we're going to put the ribbon on the ornaments.

We have 21 ribbon colors as you can see, we made a little chart that has them all. And let's see from there, we have all our ornaments on the shelf. And that's our ornaments. And then on the bottom shelf down there are some of our fun candles. And then we have all our soaps and excess twine. And that's our new state wooden ornaments and giving a little sneak peek, you can see something that's coming very soon. So those are all our soaps. And then hopefully I'm not going too fast. Hi, Mary, how are you today. Thanks for watching. Let's see...

So now we have all our cards, and I put them in rainbow order, it's easier for me to remember that way. So we have all the whites, then we have the reds, the pinks, oranges. These big white boxes are all our envelopes. We buy them 50,000 at a time just to keep them in stock so we don't run out. And so you keep walking, it's a C. It's really really great to have everything in one spot, finally! So now I can see what I have and what I don't need. There's a plethora of items here.

So you can see all our Christmas cards. Getting ready for the holidays, we do have more coming, new designs, which will be really cool. And then back here is our boxing station. So now we have all our boxes nice and neat. And all my aprons, you see them all. But we have all our boxes and bags, all organized. And that's all our newspaper that we get from our local newspaper that we pack and everything in and our envelopes.

So that is a tour then we have our printers, and our cutting machine, our foil, machine shredder, etc. And that's the table that I sit at every once in a while when I take a break. So I hope you enjoyed today's tour. As it gets more and more organized I will definitely give you another tour. But I just wanted to give you -- we haven't put anything on the walls yet because we're not sure everything's 100% where it's going to be. So that's what the situation is.

So I hope you have a great Wednesday and I just want to let you know on this Saturday, I'm going to post the time soon. I'm going to do a never before sale, live sale on some fun products. So be sure to watch out for that. And if you didn't know, today is week 52 of me doing these Facebook Lives. So I so appreciate you being here with me along on this journey. And I'm going to go enjoy the rest of the day with my parents and I will talk to you soon. Thanks bye!