Live with Lisa: Week 53

June 02, 2021 0 Comments

Live with Lisa: Week 53-Plymouth Cards

Hey! Happy Wednesday. I'm Lisa here from Plymouth cards. I hope you're doing well today. I know it's June, can you believe it? It's already June. I am here in the new space. So I said alright, let me try out the new space. I'm really excited to finally be here. It's not perfect by any stretch. I go through a box or so a day, it gets a little overwhelming sometimes. And obviously, we're trying to get everyone's orders out. So I have some great things to talk about today - Father's Day, and some new things. So I'm glad you're here. And let me figure out why I can't see if you're saying anything. There we go, comments. So there we go. Perfect! I can see comments now so please say hi, let me know where you're watching from what you're doing right now. I'd love to hear from you. It makes me feel better, it's always great to know that someone is here watching. So say hello. Don't be shy. 

So I hope you had a great weekend. My parents were in last week visiting. It was really fun seeing them, hadn't seen them in a long time since Christmas. So that was really nice. 

So Father's Day is almost here. It's June 20th, we are in June. So I wanted to show you a new candle line we have. I've put pictures on before. Let's see. It saying I'm only just live now, so I don't know if I have or haven't been live this whole time I'm talking. So anyway, I'll say hi again. Hi!

So Wednesday, Happy Wednesday. And let me see what else did I say? My parents were here. We have fun, visiting some new spots that I hadn't visited here in Florida. And Father's Day is coming up, it's June 10th. And well, I have this... Oh, let's see. Hi, Monica. How are you today? Let me put this up. Hi! I'm so glad that you're here. Thank you for saying hi. So I have these new great candles. They come in little paint cans, I thought these would be perfect for the dad or the guy in your life, or someone that likes to paint. I actually like to paint the walls because it feels nice to have it a finished product. So not sure if you feel like that or not. But anyway, these candles are really cute. They are eight ounces, and I have 11, maybe more, 11 scents that I'm going to show you. But this one is Movie Night and it honestly smells just like butter popcorn. Now these have cotton wicks, they're 100% soy. And I don't have them yet, but these little pink can openers, I actually found another style. These are made in China. This one I had in our workbench from years ago. But I actually just sourced this morning because I've been reaching out to different companies asking them if they had paint can openers made in the US and a company just responded to me this morning that theirs are made in the US. So I'm buying those and I'll be able to add those on as an addition, which I think will be really cute. So I'll go through the different scents. And I haven't set up my second monitor yet, so I will post links to every product that I mentioned after I get off. So I hope that works for you. And I really appreciate you being here. So Movie Night. 

Okay, so there's one; Fishing Pier - now this one, it just smells like fresh air if that's possible. And these candles because they are smaller, if you have a big room you're only going to smell them if you're sitting right next to it. So just think smaller rooms or a small area. So I just don't want you to be disappointed thinking this little candle is going to throw off enough to do a 20 by 20 room. It's not going to happen. But I love some of these names, Whiskey. So there's that one. Fireball, let me know what you think of them as I'm showing them. Do you think these are cute or if you would take a pass? Oatmeal Stout. I'm going to open this one because Jason, who I buy them from he says this is their family favorite. Hmmm, that one smells really good. It almost smells like warm oatmeal cooking. Oh, wow! Okay, oatmeal stout. There we go. There's that one. They're just so fun. I just think these would be great for dad; Rum and Coke, Gun Oil, Moscow Mule. My neighbor is obsessed with Moscow Mules, so I had to get the Moscow Mule scent just give him one.  Campfire, oh my gosh, this really smells like a campfire. But not the bad part of a campfire. Sometimes campfires can get too smoky. This just smells like burning wood in your campfire. Oh my gosh, it smells great. I've been using this one at our house and I really liked it, Campfire. Last but not least, Coffee; and I think I showed Hard Cider, I'm not sure so I will show it again. So those are all the candles, they are $16.99 eight ounces and we are fully stocked with all of them. So you could you know, I will post the link. I just don't trust myself without the second monitor to not disconnect this without -- to post the link. So I'll post all the links afterward. So there's that I'm really excited to add those and we have some really other great candles coming. It's been really fun. I love shopping for everybody. I know I say that probably a lot. But what else was I going to show you today? 

So in the whole Father's Day theme, because everyone's thinking it's a few weeks away, but everything has to get shipped to you, so we want you to have time. So that's why I'm talking about it now. I'm going to show you some new Father's Day cards that we have, some are old designs, some are new designs that we've just added and I just love them. They're all our vintage cards. One thing we've gotten some questions about our cards and I just want to point out again that they are from the early 1900s.  

Unfortunately, one person asked me about male nurse cards. Unfortunately, I don't have any right now because -- I love this one to my dear grandfather. Sorry for being interrupting my own self. But we don't have any male nurse cards because I haven't been able to find any because they're from the early 1900s. And in the early 1900s male nurses were in the minority and they didn't make cards for that, even postcards or anything. So I am still searching for that, please know that. I'm not excluding male nurses by any stretch. There just isn't anything, there are only female nurse cards. So that's what I have. I only have what I can have. I like to stay true to our theme of -- And look at this one, Happy Father's Day. This is a brand new one we just added it. I think that was so perfect for what dad is. So there's that one. And this one says On Father's Day to my Husband. And here is the last one. It says To Dear Father, this little card I send you to wish you cheer. May health and wealth attend you both far and near. I just love the way they spoke back then because I don't think anyone would ever say may health and wealth attend you. But that's what I love about them, they're just older vintage. So that is our Father's Day cards. There might be one or two more that I didn't print out. They will all be in the link. I will put an exact link to all the Father's Day cards. So you got that, and let's see what else?

Once a year, non-holiday and after Christmas, we do take a few days off after Christmas because we need to recuperate. But once a year we take a family vacation and this year it's coming up. So any orders placed after June 9th will not ship until the week of January -- no listen to me about January, we're not taking a six-month -- Oh my gosh. It will not ship until the week of June 20th. So anything after June 9th will have to wait until the week of June 20th. That way, it gives us time to pack all the orders through June 9th before we leave. We're really excited, our nephew is getting married. He's the first one to get married. Hopefully no one in the family is watching, but he's my favorite nephew. But I just say that, he's the oldest, he's the first. Before Vinny and I got married, we used to take him out and play with him, bring him to the park. And it was just so fun. He was like our toy doll or something, I don't know. So I just love them. And he's getting married in a few weeks, so we're going to go back for the wedding. And then we thought we'd spend some time up there visiting with everyone. And I'm really excited because all the kids are coming. I haven't seen my daughter since August and my older son was here last month visiting, but it'll be nice to see him again too. And Jared lives with us so we'll see him. But I'm really excited to spend some time with everyone. I will be putting it out there more just so everyone knows, so you're not surprised. So any order placed after June 9th, will not ship until the week of June 20th. Last year, I made the mistake of saying the exact day that I thought it would ship and that didn't go so well. So that's why I'm saying the week of June 20th. I'm hoping it'll be earlier in the week than later. But I just can't predict what our orders will be like when we get back. So I appreciate you working with me on that. So I'm really excited about that but I'll mention it again throughout the week, just so everyone remembers. 

I'm just looking at my notes here because a lot of times what happens is I have all these things that I want to tell you. And then I get off and I'm like, Oh, I forgot to say this and that. So I'm going to be better about taking notes. So that's my deal. 

The special June collection has been posted, I actually forgot to pull it out for you. So I will show that next week but I will post a link so you can see it. And I did post a picture of it the other day on Facebook so you can see that. And for all the Facebook watchers, I'm not going to post this anywhere else other than on Facebook. This Saturday at 12 o'clock Eastern, I am going to do a special sale. I'm going to show you products, there will be special links and only you will be able to buy them. It will only be open for a limited amount of time. So if you're interested, be sure to watch and get all the details. But I will be posting I'm just not sure if I'm going to do it through Stream Yard which I'm using right now or if I'm going to do it directly through Facebook, I'm not sure the best way to do that because I've never done something where like -- This is our fun thing. So there's some things that are not on the website at all. Other things are, so I just wanted to let you know about that. I hope you join me. So Saturday 12 o'clock Eastern Time, put it on your calendar. And then once it gets posted you'll be able to save it that you're interested, so you'll get a reminder. So I hope that works out for you. I'd love for you to join me. I thought noon would be a good time noon, Eastern because then everyone on the west coast, it will still be a reasonable hour, 9 am. I didn't want you to feel like you'd have to get up early or just miss it altogether. So that's the special sale, it will be Facebook; Facebook only. And like I said, I'm not putting it in our emails, it's only for Facebook fans, people that are watching. I thought that would be fun to try. That was my older son, Luke's idea and I think it's a great one, so I'm going to go with it. So that is this Saturday and just be on the lookout for more details this Saturday at noon. And there will be a special, I'm not sure if it's going to be an event or if it'll just be through Stream Yard or how that'll work. But I will be letting you know more details there. 

So that is all I have today. I hope you're up -- Oh, let me just step out of the way so you can see, those are the gift bag wall that I've been working on. So you can see some of our designs. Trying to get them all up there. So that'll be nice to have everything organized. And that's all I've got today. If you have a question you can always just comment here. I will go back and read your posts, your comments. If you need to call me 877-830-3405; you can email and I'll get your email. I think that's everything I've got today. I so appreciate you being here and watching. Thank you Monica. That's where Beni lives my daughter, she lives in Philadelphia. So that's awesome that that's where you are. And I will see you on Saturday at noon. So I hope you can join me. And if you can't, watch the replay because like I said, there'll be a special sale only for Facebook users watchers, only for a limited time. It won't be one of those 6-day things so I will -- sorry, I think I just moved my table. I think I'll sign off now before I break something and have a great rest of your day and I will see you soon. Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate it.