May Made in USA challenge

June 07, 2021 0 Comments

May Made in USA challenge-Plymouth Cards

This project is so much harder than I anticipated. My goal is to find products that are 100% made in the USA (all ingredients, pieces, assembly, packaging, etc). I’m learning that you need to do more research and ask the correct questions. Here are my hits and misses for May 2021.


Toothpaste – Last month I wrote about my toothpaste error and that I was going to search for a made in the USA toothpaste that I like. Well I didn't get a chance to start shopping when I received a Mother's day gift from Beni.

In the box was toothpaste from a company I had not heard of, Hey Humans. I'm hooked, the toothpaste was minty fresh and I love that is it not only made in the USA but it comes in plastic-free packaging (tube is made from infinitely recyclable aluminum except the twist off cap with is made from recycled plastic). Regretfully I didn't take a picture when it was brand new but at least you know I really like it. I did some research and you can only buy it at Target right now so I used my Redcard to save 5% and stock up. And they offer Fluoride and Fluoride-free toothpastes as well as Clean Mint and Wintermint Chill. For 



Cell phone case – I am the person that NEEDS to have a durable phone case. I drop my phone more than I care to admit. It was time for a new case as the rubber to help lessen the impact on contact with the ground was disintegrating. I have been buying the same case for years. It is not only drop-proof, it is also waterproof, which is 100% needed in my case. I'll save the phone in the soapy water bucket for another day. I scoured the internet looking for a comparable version and I hate to admit, I was unsuccessful. Although I did buy the case, my search continues for when I need the next one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I’ll report back next month with more hits and misses. Thanks for reading along. And if you have any great Made in the USA (bonus points if eco-friendly too), comment below so I can check them out.

 ~ Lisa, 

All opinions are my own and I really use these products. I was not compensated by any company. They don’t even know I am writing about them.