Live with Lisa: Week 54

June 09, 2021 0 Comments

Live with Lisa: Week 54-Plymouth Cards

Hey everybody! Happy Wednesday. I'm Lisa DiVasta, here at Plymouth Cards. I hope you're doing well today. I have some fun things to show you, but I just wanted mention to make sure that you know that today, June 9th is the last day that you can order for it to ship before we go on vacation. So otherwise, if you order after today, June 9th, your order will not ship until the week of June 20th. So that's a little bit away. So I just wanted to make sure you know that, so you keep that in mind. A lot of people have been placing orders today, so I'm glad. Today is the cut-off so that we can get everything out to everyone as promised. I would hate to disappoint. So I hope you're doing well. I hope you had a great weekend. I'm doing good. I got my hair done yesterday, so that is great. I'm really excited to go to the wedding and see all the family. And I'm just really excited about that. 






And so I'd love to know where you're watching from. I am here in Plant City, Florida. And it's farm country, there are so many amazing farms. I love driving through seeing all the cows grazing, it's really amazing. And then I'm in this little pocket of a downtown or a little city area of the town, which is great in this new space. I know I gave a tour a little bit ago, but in a few weeks, I'm going to give another tour because we're about 75% put away, I would say, so that's really great. 






So today I want to show you -- oops, I just dropped something, of course. I wanted to show you that I got some new state ornaments and I know everyone was asking. So I only got so many at the beginning and then went with customer requests. 






So I want to show you some of the new state heart ornaments that I've got in, they're all in stock. We got Alaska, and they're all wooden, really solid ornaments. Hopefully I remember all the states by their shapes. Arizona, and if I don't have your state, please let me know when we can add it for you if you're interested. Colorado, I love Colorado because basically, Colorado is a rectangle, very boring. So she put the mountains on it, which I love, that just add some dimension to it. And Oregon, and Idaho, Maryland. I know we got a request from Maryland, so I have that and I love them. They're just really cute. Red for Christmas with the heart in the middle. Missouri, that's tough to remember. Rhode Island and Hawaii, which I think is so cool. Look at all the little islands and then the heart is on the Big Island. Let's see, what do we got? Oh my gosh, so this is Iowa, and then last but not least Vermont. So those are all the new ones that I got in. And so if you're interested, I'm going and actually what I was going to do next is I was going to do a screen share so I can show you on the website where all the state ornaments are, how you can find them quickly, and then also show you the new Clarence. If you haven't been on the Facebook page to see the new Clarence I will show you that as well. 






So let me just get my page ready and you can see. So here I just went to Plymouth Cards, and then I went over here to ornaments. It's right here to ornaments, and if you click on ornaments, it brings you to this page. And sifting through them all I know can be time consuming. So what I did is I set up categories. So here you can click and just go down to state ornaments. And then it brings them all to you the ones that we have in stock at this moment. They're all alphabetical so you can just scroll through and pick the ones you like. And if, like I said just a minute ago, if there's a state that's missing, you would love to have, just let me know. Pop me an email, post a message on this Facebook, give me a call, any of those and I would love to add them for you. 






So now the new Clarence, let's see about that. So Clarence 2021. So I have to put a category for the other Clarence but all of them are under snowman. But if you want to see just this year's 2021 Clarence, here you go. And they're alphabetized by color name, the color name is at the end. They are all pre-orders, they won't be here until the week of June 28th, that's when we're going to start shipping. But let me pop it in here blue, so you can see. So customer feedback, we got a lot of requests last year for the year to be on our special annual ornaments, so we now have the year on it. So I hope that is agreeable to everyone. I just love it. And then if you can see my cursor right here, he has a bandage on. And here is his Snow-vid card with his name, to show that he's been vaccinated. So we just try to capture what's been going on in the world for the year. And that's what that's all about. So that is Clarence.






So that's where it is, I will post the links after I'm done with this live so that you can get the direct links to everything too. So I talked about that, that and that. I wanted to show you --  because sometimes I neglect to mention that we do do custom printing. And I've been working on this one right now. So we can do custom printing on the front of the card, we can do custom printing on the inside of the card. And the great thing about the custom printing, it's 50 cents per card per side. There's no setup fees, there's no minimums, that's what it is. You get up to three proofs per your order. So that just means the first time we send you one proof, and then you can say no, I want this to be positioned this way or that way. Or actually, I want this to be on the top and not the bottom like you've done it. Or I want a different font, a different color, ink, all that kind of stuff. But you get up to three proofs, so that's how that works. But you know, we can actually print -- I should have brought it, I didn't bring an example. But we do printing on the back too. And we do that for a lot of photographers and artists that are selling their art in photography in the cards. So that's that. Not all the cards have this in the window we are doing away with this printed in the window that's blank. I would say about half our cards now just have the logo on the back. But eventually, none of them will have anything here. The way you can tell if the card --  if this offends you, maybe that's not the right word but if you prefer not to have this in the window, when you look at the card colors, each card color shows the card open, it shows the front and the back all on one picture. And on that picture, you can see if it has printing in the window, it will show you that. So it just want to make sure you know that. So that's -- we can do the custom printing. I'm just looking to see what else I wanted to tell you. Oh my gosh. 






So the Facebook secret sale over the weekend was amazing. I thank you all who participated and watched that was really fun to do. Something I'd never done before. I love all the feedback. It was overwhelming. People loved the wineglass ornaments. So I am going to be getting more of those in to satisfy demand, which is really exciting. I love them too, I think they're a great thing. I think they're going to be a nice addition to the line of products we have. And if you're new here, I just want to make sure you know that everything that we sell is made here in the US by small businesses like myself. And so that's been really great. And let's see what else. 






So the new Clarence will be the same size as last year's Clarence, there'll be no difference. This is last year's Clarence, I always put them in my hand, so you can see. I don't have the new one in yet. But I can tell you that we're -- everyone knows we're going on vacation. And we're going back to Boston and I will be going and getting some Clarences to show you then. So maybe I will do a live next week, see if I can work it out from from the shop up there where Allen is, so you can see what it's like in there. 






So that's what I've got today. But just a reminder, if you need if you would like to place an order and you want it to get shipped this week, you need to place it by today, the end of day. Because tomorrow, we are going to pack all orders that we received through yesterday or not yesterday through today. So tomorrow, we'll pack all the orders we got through today. So we can get those all shipped before we leave. Otherwise, don't worry your order will ship the week of June 21st or 20th, that day, that week, and we'll get them out as quickly as we can but I wanted to stay the whole week. So if we just get slammed, I don't want to promise it day and then disappoint you. I'd rather you be pleasantly surprised than angry at me because I set a certain date. But that's the story.






If you have any questions at all feel free, you can always post a comment here. You can email me, you can give me a call 877-830-3405. And I think that's all I got for today. Just a quick one, I know not as long as usual. We're just you know, busy getting everything, all the orders out so that's been the priority. But I hope you have a great rest of your day and week and I know we will be gone next week, but I may do a live next Wednesday just to pop in and say hi, depending on what we are doing. So just be on the lookout for that. And I will talk to you soon. Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you.