Live with Lisa - Week 69

September 22, 2021 0 Comments

Live with Lisa - Week 69-Plymouth Cards


Hi! Welcome friends. Major technical difficulties here. Hopefully, you can hear me, you can see me, please let me know. I'm going to see if I can find the comments section. This has been a mess today. I am so sorry for being late. I get anxiety about being late for things, my family will let you know. I'm sorry that I am behind. I don't even know what was going on with my computer. So I think I've got everything fixed now. So if you could say hi, in the comments, or that I can hear you, or where you're from, anything at all to let me know that this is working, I would greatly appreciate it. And I am trying to figure out where I can see everything on my end. Let's see. Hopefully, you can -- I'm sorry, this is just such a mess today. I guess I'm going to have to do some more things here, but now my screen has shrunk on me so I can't see anything. This is terrible. Let me see what else is going on so I can get this resolved. I hope you're doing well. I am just going to phone a friend to make sure that they can see me. Okay. Well, thank you. They messaged me while I was just about to pick it up and say something. Unfortunately right now, I can't see any comments. Hopefully, I'll get that figured out in a minute. I'm not sure why. It's supposed to let me see things and it's not letting me see anything. Okay. Alright. I see comments now. Hi Sherry, thank you so much for letting me know. Thank you Vin, I really appreciate it. He probably knows that right now I'm probably freaking out to figure out what's going on. So hi! We're getting there. I really appreciate your patience while I figure this out. This was supposed to go so smoothly. Sunday I had no trouble. Sunday was the test day on this and it worked seamlessly. And for some reason today it did not. So now I'm trying to find all my products so that I can show them to you right here on the screen. I think we're getting there. Ah! It should be up on your screen now. So what I'm going to do is -- Hi! Sorry, I'm a little frazzled after this. Like 15 minutes of tech difficulties is just way too much, especially when you test it. 


I'm Lisa, thank you friends for being here. I'm really excited because yesterday, I got all the new holiday cards for 2021. We've been designing them and I did ask for feedback a couple months ago, whatever. But it's just always exciting to finally get the real thing in your hand. So without further ado, here's the first one. 

You can find our entire holiday line here: 

Here is Rustic Holidays. And hopefully you can see that. It's a whitewashed barn wood with some rustic looking greenery with some presents, some ornaments, some balls. Let me know what you think about that. I'm loving it. 


Again, the comments have now officially disappeared. So I don't know if -- I'm going to see if I can pull this up on my phone too. I feel bad if you're saying something to me... I am going to try to see if I can work this out because I just don't want you to think I'm ignoring you if you're asking me a question, so I'm going to pull this up. I'm getting my phone on here so I can see.


But the rustic is really cool. 


Okay, I apologize again


So here's the rustic one, the white barn wood. And then inside is the same pattern. The left side of the card -- I'm sorry, I have to get my wits together here. Okay, I really love it because the left sides of our cards are blank with the exception of three designs that I will show you in a little bit. But the cards work with vertical or horizontal cards. I love that feature, that all our cards are designed like that. I had a lot of fun today going through family pictures. We always wanted to have that perfect picture. Well not we, I should say I. I will own this 100%. I always thought like the perfect picture was my kids sitting perfectly, looking angelic, and now I regret that because there's so much personality that was missed in what I call the perfect photo. This was the picture that we actually used that year. My kids are older now, this is from 2004. Hopefully you can see that, okay. But I'm going to show you some of the ones that didn't make the cut. What I ended up doing is, my kids, I love them so much. But they were always so fresh when I was trying to get them to take a picture. So I ended up having to call my sister Toby. She's amazing with my kids. She's a teacher, she speaks their language at times and she gets them going, to do what they needed to do. Hence this, what I felt was the perfect picture. But here's another one, this was cute too. But look at this, I'm going to show you this new design. And the prices of the cards, for some reason, I think it's showing higher prices. The cards are $1.59 each, they're $14.99 for a 10 pack, and then $43.99 for a 30 pack. You'll see different prices and that means that it's for the more expensive envelopes. So that's where the difference is.


Hopefully the features are working, so right now you should see, Fa-La-La-La-La, which is another one of our new designs. And on it, can you see that? I'm going to hold that up. Hopefully you can see that okay. It says Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings, Happy Holidays. It also has Fa-La-La-La-La, Merry and Bright. So I just love it because it's -- I have nothing against Christmas colors but I feel like this is just a fun seasonal way to highlight your picture. Not everyone has red and green in their picture. So I thought it would be fun just to have a different color palette, that's also for the holidays. So hopefully you like it too. And in this card, I've put a horizontal photo in so that you can see that picture. So here's another one from that same day that we took. I say we, I'm sure it was my sister Toby. And then inside the pattern is on the left side of the card, and then the right is for you to write. And again, you can use it vertical or horizontal. And I should point out on the back in the size of a quarter is our logo. And we put it at an angle so that it will work with horizontal or vertical pictures. So there's that. The photos slide in really great. Really easily. I'm going to slide them... I've got myself in a frazzle from my whole tech issues. So now I have to get that. So the pictures just slide in and out. 


Here's another one of our new designs called Merry and Bright. And you can see it's Christmas lights. I thought that was a fun addition. They're small, they cover the whole frame. Yes, but they are, you know, they're not huge. So I apologize if you can see the ring light too, but check out this. I guess this is tips. If your kids are younger, I'm going to see if I can get this to not glare on the picture. If your kids are younger, the best way to get them to -- if you want that angelic picture, let them have some fun pictures too. Tell them to be silly. And this is perfect, what she did, she had them be silly. And then if you let them do that, then in a perfect world they'll sit well and show you and maybe they'll do what you want, I guess. So we have some of the silly ones too, I'll show you in a few minutes. But yeah, but that photo shoot was from 2004 which it just blows my mind. That was 17 years ago, where did the time go? 


Last year we introduced a dog pattern which I'll show you in a few minutes, but this year we have The Cat Toys. It says meow, it has mice, the fish, the ball of yarn, I just thought it was a really cute addition. We had a lot of cat lovers last year that wanted to see that so -- Oh, you know what I think I'm behind on my screen. There we go. So I just showed you Merry and Bright, sorry about that. And here's the cat one. I have to be better about that. 


So there's that and, you know, say hi, I'd love to know where you are, where you're watching from. I'm in Plant City, Florida. I'm originally from the south shore of Massachusetts, right near Plymouth. And that's where I was born and raised. And a few years ago, we moved here to Florida to escape winter. We were tired of winter. Do you like winter? Are you looking forward to fall? Today is the first day of fall, are you looking forward to that and winter? I like summer, I like heat so I'm fine with anything. This is our cat Lily. She was 17, we had to put her down last year, she got sick. But I thought that was a really cute picture. We were moving and we had her locked outside in our lanai. It was safe. She's an indoor cat, but she liked being out there. But she did not like being out there against her free will. She liked to be out there on her terms. So she was very angry but we had to leave her out there because we had the door the front door open and we didn't want her getting out. But I love this little cute picture. So I think this will look really cute. I do have a lot of customers that send pictures of just their pets. And I love that I think it's so fun. But if your cat is part of the family, I think this would be a great picture card for the year. So there's that one. Let me know what you're thinking of these new designs. I'm really excited to show them all to you. I have one more new one and then I was going to show you all the other ones because a lot of times you forget what we have, I forget what we have sometimes. We had so many, I had to go through and make sure and count everything up today. 


So our next one is Buffalo Plaid. So we do have buffalo plaid with red. But we got a lot of requests for a white one. So here we are, white. These are not my children. So this is the buffalo plaid and like all our cards, they work either way. Let me know what you think about that. That's really great. And the great thing I think about some of what we deem the holiday collection, this can be used year round. No one says you can't use this for any event. If you have a rustic wedding, you could use this for thank you cards. Trying to think of what else. You could even use it for an Easter card with your kids, if you send Easter cards. You could use it for Thanksgiving. I have some corporate customers that send out a thankful card to their customers every year at Thanksgiving time. I think this would be great. You could you could put a picture of a pie in it or some fall flowers. I think that would look really pretty too. So there's the buffalo plaid. And I know the prices are showing really weird. 


Like I told you at the beginning, I've had some serious tech issues here today. So the cards are $1.59. They're $14.99 for 10; $43.99 for the 30 pack. We charge $5 shipping, no matter how much you order. And I'll give you a hint. If you sign up for our email list, there's something coming in the next couple of days. So you might want to do that if you're not on our list, be on the lookout. 


So here is our Red Buffalo Plaid. So hopefully the little thing is not in the way. I thought this feature would be fun, so that if you just wanted to click on anything that you see you can just click and go. But I'm just learning/testing, so here I am.


So I'm just going to keep going through all the different designs. We have probably another handful here and let's see what else you've been up to. Last night we haven't really done anything so much, but Vinny and I went to Disney last night in Magic Kingdom. It was really -- like I wasn't nervous, I will admit and I was happy with their protocols and everything. So we had a really nice time. We went and it was called The Boo Bash, I don't know if you've ever been to one of their after parties, but it was at Magic Kingdom. 


This is our Christmas DotsSorry, I digressed I'm telling a story. So that's our Christmas Dots card, which is one of our bestselling cards. We've had this design for many years. And it sells, people love it. Inside is the dots but again, the right side is always -- not always but, in all but three of our cards it's blank. When I get to the ones that have the writing, I'll show you those as well. 


But we went to the Boo Bash and it was crazy, in a good way. We walked on rides, the Seven Dwarfs ride. I don't know if you're a Disney goer, or if you go, but it was crazy. Let me know if you like Disney. Maybe we're the only ones, Vinny and I, we enjoy just going, something different. But with the Boo Bash, you paid to get in after hours. So they close the park and they open up to just certain people that buy these tickets. And so we went but it was crazy. Usually the Seven Dwarfs ride, we used to get excited. Instead of 45 minutes wait, last night we just walked right on. We just had to go through the queue of all the twists and turns but then we were on and we're like, oh my God, that was amazing. And for other rides, they were just like do you want to stay on? Which was really, really cool. We liked that. 


So let's see, we have Peace, Hope, Joy. This one was just our new design last year. And you can see right in the corner it says peace, hope, joy. The cool thing about this is it -- I know I always do this. I'm like, oh, I forgot about that. We have the ornaments. So we have the hope ornament. We also have hope as a keychain and a pin. And we have peace. Ooh, excuse me. This year, we introduced Peace as another positive word ornament, and we have it as a pin and also a keychain as well. And if I remember, I will remember later on, I will put links to those products, because I didn't put those in, I just put the cards in for today. But that's the peace, hope, joy. I love it. It's these cute little holly leaves with berries. 


So here's another one of my kids hanging out, doing their thing. All from that same day photoshoot. Looking at this picture, I think this one's fun. I'm like, why didn't I use this one? There's so many that you look back at and you're like why didn't I use those pictures? But anyway... 


Did I not click on that? Okay, I did. Dog Bone Fun, this is another new one that we introduced last year that prompted this year's cat one. I'll hold it up real close. And what we did on the website is we put pictures, obviously of all the cards. But then we took a little snippet and put a close up view so that you can see them close up. I thought that would be a nice way for you to really get it because it's hard when you're shopping online, you want to know what you're getting. So we are transparent, we try to tell you everything. 


If there's something that you don't know or that you can't find on the website anywhere, there's many ways to get in touch with us. Now, at the beginning of the week we added a chat box. So in the bottom right hand corner when you get onto the website, either on your phone or on your computer, whatever device, it says chat with us. If you click on there, it will give you some frequently asked questions, but it will also give you the ability to send us a message quick so you don't even have to think about it. You don't have to look up the phone number which is 877-830-3405 and you don't have to look up our email - info@ or, either one is perfect. But I love the chat feature because then you just click and go. You can comment here and I usually get notifications but every once in a while I don't. So if I don't respond to any of your questions within a day, please send me another one saying Lisa, hello, we're asking your question and you haven't answered. But that's it. 


So I love this, Snowman Fun. Of course, we have the ornaments to go with it. We have Clarence, we have George and Mary, we have Benny and Louise this year, they are our new ones that we've introduced. And I'll do ornaments, maybe I'll show them all to you next week. So snowman fun is one of our cards that actually, we have two options. Last year we introduced it, we have it with a message in -- Oops, here we go. Hopefully there we go. Yep. With a message inside, but then we also have it without this message. This is on both versions but on this one we have it with and without the Happy Holidays. So let me put that up real close so you can see that. Isn't it adorable? I love our snowmen so much, you have no idea. They make me smile, they make me happy, they're so cute. So in there, it looks good. 


I'll have to figure out the light situation too, why it keeps showing such a glare. So we've got that. So I showed you that. 


I've showed you Snowman. So now we're on to Holly. If you're looking for the bestselling card, this is it. This is our bestselling card. Most popular card is Holly. I'm hoping that Rustic Holidays gives it a run for its money this year. Because I'm in love, I'm obsessed. Here's the rustic holiday one that I'm telling you about, that I told you about the beginning. I just love this one. I don't know if the picture of my kids that I am going to use this year is going to work with it. That's the only thing that might keep me from using it. But this is Holly, and this one also has a message inside that says wishing you a festive holiday season and New Year. And the great thing about our messages I guess I didn't mention is that the messages are designed to work with horizontal and vertical cards isn't that amazing. So you don't have to know in advance which picture you're using. If you want to just work your picture around the card, this is a great way to do it or great thing that we offer, well not offer, this is how our cards are designed. Everything is designed to be used with either horizontal or vertical images. So I love that. And the pictures, they just slide in and out, just like that. I'm not doing a very good job. We recommend using the rubber fingertips, what are they? I have them right here, I'll show you. Oops! So these are little rubber fingertips. They're really old school, you can use these, I find these to work fantastic when you're sliding the pictures in. It just makes things so much smoother. If you don't have these, we do sell them for $1 a pair, a set of two. If you have latex gloves, they work just as good. So if you have Latex gloves at home, I use latex gloves at home when I'm painting because I don't want to get paint on my hands, so we have some of those. But if you have those work just as good. So there's that. 


Now let's see. Now we're going to get on to Season's Greetings. Season's Greetings, is a cream based card, it has some greenery, pine cones. That's why we call it pine cone Season's Greetings. So if you got married this year, look at how great you know the pictures go in. And then one thing, I guess I haven't mentioned yet today is that the cards do fit into a 5*7 picture frame. They hold the 4*6 picture and they fit into a 5*7 frame. So this card says wishing you joy this holiday season. So this is the last of our cards that have messages. 


So the three cards that have a pre-printed message is the Snowman Fun, The Holly and the Season's Greetings Pine Cone. Those are the only three.


We do offer custom printing for a nominal fee. It's getting updated on the website, so it's not there yet, it will be there soon. But there's that, maybe I'll just show you. I'm obsessed, I think I've said that about the card. This is my favorite picture frame. I just love it. I love just the old things, reclaimed, repurposing, reusing. Many of you know that I've been doing my USA challenge. I have been trying to only buy products from the US. And it's been a struggle. And I've been blogging about it every month, I write about my successes and failures and it's been interesting learning about the whole process. So look at how great it looks in a frame. So you can send your card to people, and then they can frame it. So I love that. So that's the Pine Cone Season Greetings, and then I know you're probably thinking, why is she showing Christmas cards and holiday cards? It's only September. But I cannot tell you how many customers have already bought their cards this year. So I thought, well, I guess I'm behind the eight ball, I should probably be showing them to everybody. And plus, I was really excited that the new ones came in yesterday. So there. 


So now we have our Snowflake Card. So there's the snowflakes, hopefully you can see that. And look at how cute it looks with this little girl. So there's the snowflake. And then inside is the snowflakes and then the blank side. So I love them. Let me hold it up a little bit for a second. Hopefully you can see there's different colors, two different shades of blue, two shades of grey, just to add some interest.  I think it's a nice card when you're not wearing the red and green, it's a nice one. 


Oh boy, here's another one of the kids. So they were doing their craziness. So this is our Gingerbread Card. So the gingerbread man. We do have a gingerbread ornament that matches that gingerbread man, in case you're interested. We're going to be making some sets this year. I don't know, if someone has tips on how to make it so the ring light which I need so that you can actually see everything well, doesn't glare on it. I would love a tip. 


And again, I'm trying my best to see comments but if you're asking me a question, please feel free to ask a question. I will comment afterwards if I don't see it. I'm trying, I actually had to put my phone up so that I could see. I don't know why I'm having tech issues today but hopefully we'll get it all resolved. 


So there's the gingerbread one and then you have to have Candy Cane because you just have to have a candy cane card. We call it red and white stripe because actually we have a lot of people that use it for Fourth of July, because you know the flag. So we don't call it specifically candy cane but we have both names in the name of the card. And it works with both orientations. Here's another one of the kids. They're just -- Yeah. I do take a lot of pictures. I did take a lot of pictures all the time. They know when I whip out my camera there's not a choice. 


Next we have our Star of David Card, which I think is really great. It's not just for Hanukkah, you can use it for a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. I think it would be really great for a Thank You card. You could use it for a Wedding Thank You card all so. So that's the Star of David Card. And I'll hold it up so you can see the stars. I think it's a really nice card and it has multiple uses, so I like that.


The Red Truck, who doesn't love the red truck? I think it's awesome. It says it's the most wonderful time of the year and I don't know about you, but as soon as I hear that I start singing the song in my head, not out loud, I'm not a very good singer. So we do have a red truck ornament and I have some other red truck things coming that will be posted here. So hopefully you watch the page etcetera and hang out and see what we're adding. I am not good at keeping secrets when it comes to new products. I just want to show you all right away. 


So here is It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. And this one it just has the wood grain going on the inside too. So there's that, I'm almost done. I have a few left. And I did want to mention and I don't know if it's going to show up or not. There's a holiday sampler. So if you can't decide which ones you want, because it is hard. It's hard to see things online...


Okay, this is called Oh Holy Night and there's that card. But it is hard to decide. So we do have a sampler pack and I will post it here on the Facebook page after this video is done. So there's that one, Oh Holy Night. And let's see -- Oh Holy Night, I should have shown that one. I mean I showed it but I didn't click it on the screen. I'm trying to -- this is a new feature, you have to take the good and the bad. Now I can show you the products and not have to type the links when I'm talking because that's a project I can just click on a feature. But now when you ask me questions, I can't pop it up on the screen, it's not as easy. So hopefully this is working for everybody. 


Santa's Sleigh is one of our very popular cards. We get this one. And inside is that pattern, I'll hold it up so you can see. It's really fun. But I think it's a really cute card. It works in either orientation, just like all our cards. 


And last but not least, is our Fun Dots. And our fun dots is another one that has multi-uses. You can use it at Christmas, you can use it for a party, a thank you card, it's endless. So these are the kids now, they're adults now. I know you saw a lot of pictures of them when they were little. But now this was taken in June at my nephew's wedding. The kids, we all got together, so that was a nice time. Oh, I didn't show you, I didn't put Santa's Sleigh. And then, so here's the Festive Fun Dots.


So all the cards, like I said, they're $1.59 each, or if you want to buy them in a 10 pack, they're $14.99. And if you want to buy them and save even more money, if you buy them as 30 packs, they're $43.99. And then you're going to see some interesting prices along the way as they pop up on the screen. And that's because we do have the standard white envelope that comes with every card, but then sometimes people wanted a textured envelope. So we have white felt and natural felt. And then we did get requests for craft brown. We don't have envelopes to match every single card in every color. That would be just too much, we wouldn't be able to do that. We have over 60 card colours, I don't know if you can see some of them behind me. There's is a significant number, we just can't have that many envelopes. So we felt like white goes with everything. So that's what we decided to go with. So I hope that works for you.


We're having fun getting everything together for Christmas. It's been really great getting everything, all the new products and all the new cards. I just love them so much. I'm just trying to see what else is going on here, we'll just turn that down. I'm not sure what it's doing now. Let's see if I can get it to just -- There we go, there's Holly.


But let me know what questions you have. I'd love to know. We're working on the catalog too, that I'm hoping is going to go in the mail next week to everybody which will have a significant number of things that we sell, which is really great. I don't know about you, I like a physical catalog. I like being able to touch and feel and see what there is. I like flipping pages, I guess I'm an old soul, because I'm definitely not old right. But if you are unsure if you're on our mailing list, you can pop me an email or send me a message and say please, here's my name and address, make sure I'm on the mailing list. We are sending it to anyone that has made a purchase within the last year. So anyone that's made a purchase in 2020 and then this year as well, will be receiving the catalog. But if you're unsure, please email me or call me at 877-830-3405 or you can also hit that chat button on the website that I told you about. That's pretty cool. It just says, chat with us and you can pop a message in there. So I like that feature. I think it's the easiest of all options because you don't have to remember anything, you can just click and go. So that's what I got today. Hopefully I won't have tech difficulties next week or if I get on again, this upcoming weekend, I will work on that. I appreciate you all being here and your time. If you're watching this not live, feel free to put a question in the comments and I will respond. Alright. I thank you so much for your patience at the beginning, I know this was a little chaotic and for bearing with me and being here. So thanks so much. Have a great rest of your day friends, and I'll see you soon. Thanks, bye!