Live with Lisa - Week 69a

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Live with Lisa - Week 69a-Plymouth Cards


Hi! Hello! I am Lisa. And I know I had so much trouble doing a live video on Wednesday... Let me start again. 


Hi, I'm Lisa here at Plymouth Cards. And if any of you were here with me on Wednesday, you know how much trouble I had doing the live on Wednesday. So I wanted to just pop on and see if I could get this to work today. Instead of all the chaos on that I had on Saturday, it left me very frazzled. So I am trying to just figure out why things are or are not working. So basically, I'm just going to do a little test here today and see if I can get this to work. 


I am going to talk about snowmen today because I figured that is something -- who doesn't love a snowman? And then we can do that. I'm going to just get my other device up so that we can make sure that everything is working as it should be. I want to make sure I'm really -- Okay. Let's do this. Okay. Hopefully I'll be able to respond to comments. I'm trying to just learn this whole system. So if something looks strange to you, or you can't hear me, or you have a question, anything, just pop it in the comments, and hopefully I will be able to see you. Again, I'm just testing after my debacle on Wednesday. I was so so stressed that it was just chaos, sheer chaos. Maybe it didn't look like it on your end but I assure you on my end, it was utter chaos here trying to get this live going. I'm doing a new software that lets me put the products on the screen, so I thought that would be fun, but it added some extra excitement over here. So I just thought I would do snowmen. 

Check out ALL our Snowmen products here:

I honestly cannot believe how many snowmen things we have. And if you like snowmen, here's the place to be. We're leaving early today, we're going to go out and have a family night but I thought I would do this before. So hopefully right now, you can see I have Clarence. 


This is the original Clarence. He has the turquoise medical blue mask and he has a toilet paper scarf. And that's our original Clarence. He comes in, I think we have about a dozen or so different masks colors that you can choose from. The scarf is completely white on all of them because toilet paper is white and it's supposed to be a toilet paper scarf. Let me hold it up again, maybe you can see the little lines, the perforation lines that we put on there. My brother-in-law Allen he's in Massachusetts still and he makes all my pewter products for me. And then the back. So like I said, he's in Massachusetts. Okay, so there's that. I showed you him. Then I don't know if you've seen -- and I'm going to keep popping down a little bit because I had more things for my cart than I could hold.


So we have all our glass wine bottle ornaments. I don't know if you've seen these yet. A woman in West Virginia she makes these for us. And she uses wine bottle bottoms. I made a video recently, you can look back in our videos here to see them all. But she makes these. They're so amazing. The quality is, I don't know if you can hear me tapping on it. These are solid. Of course, if you drop it it's going to break. But these are really really nice quality. And I have several different versions which I will show you as we go through.


Because this is another test, I would love it if you could just say hi to me. If that's possible. Let me know where you're watching from, what time is it where you are? I'm in Florida and I think it's about 1:30 here. So where are you? Is it morning? I don't know. It's so fun to have people throughout the country watching. So I thank you for that. So that is another snowman product that we have. Let's see. 


Then, I don't know if you knew, but we have gift tags. And we have a snowman gift tag. We use this gift tag if you choose the box option for any snowman ornament, we use this. Oh, hi Isabella! Thank you for saying hi. You're in Maryland. Oh, same time zone as us. My son is in Virginia, just over the border from DCHe works in DC. But I know sometimes we fly into Baltimore when we visit him. 


There we go. So these are the snowmen gift tags. We sell them by the dozen. We sell all our gift tags by a dozen. They are for $4.99 each for a set of 12. And the cool thing with our gift tags is we can make a custom. We have hundreds of designs, I can't even begin to go through them all. If you want the red truck, a teacher's apple, not that an apple is just for teachers, I'm just thinking we made them for back to school. So that's why I was thinking of teachers. But we have Christmas trees. Hey Kristin! Oh, let's see. Oh, you're in California. Awesome! Two miles from -- Oh, that's amazing IsabelSorry, I have to put on my glasses to see. So I thank you both for being here and watching. 


Yeah, so we have all the gift tags. What I think I was saying is, if you choose to have your ornament gift boxed, we will put this little snowman tag on any snowman one, which is really fun. You ever have a Sasquatch gift tags, which I bought for my niece? We do those... Kim, we do those. Oh, we even -- Oh, I thought you said -- See, look at me not even reading correctly. We do have Sasquatch, aren't they so adorable? I love making the tags. We have so many requests. And it's so fun when -- not that it's not fun to make our standbys but it's always fun when we get a challenge. Oh, hi Kathleen! How are you? Yes, I know. You see you miss the snow. I really literally, I can't even stress enough how much I don't miss the snow at all. We have fun coming back at Christmas but honestly, I pray every year when we go back that it does not snow so I don't have to deal with it. I don't even have winter boots anymore. When my daughter graduated from college and moved to Philadelphia, I gave her my snow boots. We're very Florida here. So yes, they are awesome. She said she's -- Oh, that is such a cool idea Kim. I love that. I think I'm going to have to do that and demonstrate it for others to see. Watch on Wednesday. I think that's really cool. Because we have all our different color twines. And yeah, I think that would be so adorable. I love that idea. And I bet she could do it -- Oh, I bet another thing she could do is use Christmas lights and put them in between the little lights. I know a lot of kids do that in their dorm rooms, they hang the Christmas lights in their dorm room. So I bet you could hang it on that wire too. I think that would look really cute. I love it. I love chatting with you all. I'm never going to get through all these things which is awesome. Keep sharing your ideas and what you're doing with everything. It's just so fun. 


And then we have the gift bags, snowman. So if you're just joining now, today I'm testing to make sure this new live system that was a complete fail for me on my end on Wednesday, is working. So that's why I'm asking everyone if you could just say hi, let me know where you're from where you're watching from. I'm here in Plant City, Florida. I'm originally from Massachusetts, just outside of Plymouth. And I'm sure you might know where that is, so that's where the company name came from. But now the business is now in Plant City, Florida because I really don't like winter and I don't like being cold. I don't know if you like being cold. I know people love the winter and they love to ski and it's just 100% not for me. When we lived there when the kids -- 


These are the gift bags, I'll just hold it up. We have two different sizes of the gift bag. I apologize if that crinkling is distracting, I'm trying to do it quietly. 


When our kids were younger, my husband would get a season's pass for them to go to Pat's Peak. It's in New Hampshire. It's a ski slope. It's I guess, relatively easy for younger kids. And he would buy a season's pass for him and the three kids. And on Saturday mornings, he would wake them up and the four of them would go off and I would actually have Saturday's to myself for about, I don't know, five or six times in winter. And oh, it was so nice. I got work done and I could just -- Yeah. And they all had fun with him and it was great. So I understand people do enjoy skiing, but I have never enjoyed it. They actually made me go once. And I say maybe, they sold me on going. They said Mom, it's so great. There's a lounge, you can sit by the fire, and I got there and it was benches like school cafeteria tables. So I sat at a school cafeteria table the whole day, which, you know, it was fun seeing them because they kept popping in and out telling me about how they were doing on the slopes and all but yeah, I haven't gone again. I don't know if you like skiing, but I guess it's been cold up north. 


So that's our snowman bag. I am not looking forward to that. 


And then we have Mary. Mary is kind of our -- And then we have George also. I'll hold them up together, and then I'll pop George up in a second. So George and Mary, if you're not familiar with our snowman pewter ornaments, they are -- I'm trying to hold them up, this is a fail. So I will just ditch this and go back to here. So here is Mary. We named her Mary. We have George and Mary because we named our first ornament Clarence and Clarence we named just because our family loves the movie It's a Wonderful Life. So then we thought, oh, it's only appropriate to name the first two snowman friends after the other main characters in the movie. So here's George. And Allen, my brother-in-law, if you didn't catch this from the beginning, which is perfectly fine. Allen, he makes all of the pewter ornaments for us in Massachusetts. All our products are made in the US, with the exception of maybe two things that we just couldn't find high quality products that are made here. But everything else is made by a small business in the US. I like to work with other small businesses like ours, it just makes me happy to work with other people like me that we all understand our things -- what it's like to be a small business. 


Our holiday cards this year are selling earlier than ever. So I think a lot of people are getting ready to do do their card. So I just wanted to share, we do have a snowman card. Yes, those of my children when they were younger, they were being very silly. So our cards, they're made from an 80 pound cover stock, they're a nice quality. The picture slides in. And the great thing is is the cards are designed to -- 


Are their names on them? Oh Kristen, no, we don't put names on them. I guess you could write them on the backI didn't want to be so specific. We've named them George and Mary but if someone else wants to get one and then they wanted to call it Joey, we didn't want to limit it that way. But that's what we like to call them. But if you're adopting one of our ornaments, you can name it whatever you'd like. So good question though, thank you for asking. And if I miss any questions and comments, I will answer them after I'm done. 


So the card works with a horizontal or vertical picture. The snowmen are all designed to work in each orientation, or all our cards are. And with this snowman card we do have -- I'm having trouble. Here we go. With the snowman card we have with the message Happy Holidays inside and it has all the little snowmen on this side, hopefully you can see that. I'm going to hold it up close so you can see. Oh, you're welcome Kristen. I really appreciate you asking questions. I never know what I'm missing, so I think that's great when people ask me questions. And then we also have it as a blank also. So if you want to write your own message; we do do custom printing, if you wanted to have us do that for you. And they do work with both. And the back of the card does have our small logo on it, there we go. It's about the size of a quarter and we put it at an angle so that it works with either photo orientation. So that's our snowman card. We do sell them $1.59 each, $14.99 for a 10 pack or $43.99 for a 30 pack. And those are one of our many holiday cards or Christmas cards. Oh my gosh, I think we have 15 or 16 designs now, it just keeps growing so maybe we're going to have to retire some soon. 


Let's see what did I have next? Oh my gosh, this is a project, a labor of love, this next item. I think we spent six months working on this product. This is our -- oops, and here I am dropping it, I guess that one's mine. Nope. It's not damaged. It's a notebook journal. For those of you that have not met me before or know my daughter Benny, she is a lefty. So this is lefty approved. We put the spiral at the top because when you're a lefty, if the spiral is on the side, it's really hard to write so we try to make everything lefty approved so that you know she can use it and not yell at me. Not that she yells at me she doesn't, she's the best. On the front it says a snowman is love and laughter all rolled up into one. And we found that cute little saying, I thought that would be adorable on it and we put all of Clarence and his friends. And then the pages inside -- Oh, I should talk about this cover. It's a 50 pound chipboard. I am pressing on this and I don't know if you can see but it's not -- it's going to take a lot of effort for you to actually crease this. It's high quality. I worked with our printer and manufacturer and got several/more samples and they probably wanted to give me but I just wanted to make sure it was perfect and a great quality, something that I would be proud to use. We settled on this, not settled, we found and decided on this 50 pound. That was the best, that was the highest chipboard that that we could get. And then the paper is not white. If you've seen our seashell card, it's the same color as our seashell, so it's an off white color. And then we have lines on it, the paper does have flecks on it because it is recycled paper. The chipboard is 100% recycled and this paper is 30% recycled. That's the best that they had. But it's an 80 pound paper weight, which is really thick. The pen shouldn't bleed through unless you're using a crazy Sharpie or something. And what we did is we chose to not put the snowman on every page; the backside does have lines as well. So what we did is every third -- so three pages and then a snowman. So every three pages, you'll see one of the snowman and they alternate. They'll be in the top and then the bottom over here. So that's what we did. I figured you wouldn't want it to be snowmen all over the place, that would be too much; I guess maybe it was too much for me. So I kind of gauge it on me. If I like it and I would buy it. I just try to make things of things that I would use. And then the very last page, we just have our logo way here in the back so that you remember when it's time to get a new one, where you got it from. But that's it; the back cover is blank just like that. So I love these. I can't tell you how much I love these. They're $19.99 and these would be great for the snowman lover in your life. 


Again, today we're featuring snowman. We have so many snowman things. As I was getting ready to do this, I kept walking over and I realized as I'm sitting here talking or standing here talking, I forgot one thing. So I'm probably going to have to do my usual run and grab something, so I apologize in advance for that. So that's that. 


Then to match the notebook journal, we have little notepads. These are 4.25 x 5.5. So it's a fourth of a sheet of printer paper, just to give you a good idea of what it is. So you're thinking, oh my gosh, well, that's going to be crazy to write on. Nope! What we did is we made it fun. These notepads are unlike any notepad you will ever buy because every other notepad I've ever seen has the same image on every page. It's kind of boring, in my opinion. So what we did is we made a cover. So you could use that to write a little note or put it in one of your kids or grandkids, lunchboxes or something, and then the pages alternate. And I don't know if you can see, we have these faded snowflakes on the page and then the snowman is in the corner. And then on the next page, it's a different snowman and they alternate top bottom, top bottom. [Technical glitch 20:34]. That's what makes our notepads different. They are $5.99. The paper is 100% recycled, 70 pound paper, if that means something to you. It's a smooth paper and I love writing on them. I'm very fussy. I am learning. Vinny will tell you, I am very fussy. I'm learning, I guess I just have high quality standards. And so this pad is just different. I would love for you to show me another notepad that has the design being different on every page. Every notepad I've ever seen has the same design; not a notebook, like our journal, you know, they do have changes, but I've never seen a little notepad that you keep in your purse or in your car, that's where I keep them, in my car, where it has the alternating pages. And we just thought it would be fun to put a full color of all of them on the covers. So you could just use that as a special note. So I don't know, what do you think about that? And then it has a chipboard backing to keep that. 


Sorry, I'm just going to have to get a drink of water. I don't usually talk so much at length, at once. I know Vinny might say something differently. 


But there's that so I don't know. I think they're really cute. And let me see. I am just going to run and grab -- I just forgot one thing. So sorry, I am here. I'm just going to grab one real quick so that you can see. Sorry about that. How many pages are included? Oh my gosh, thank you for asking Kristen, 50 pages. There's actually differences. The little notepad has 50 sheets. The notebook journal has 70 sheets, but they call it 140 sheets, because you can write on the front and the back. Not that you can't write on the front and the back of this, I don't know why the printing industry does it this way. But I just want to be very clear so that you know. So this has 50 sheets of paper, this has 70 sheets, but you might see 140 because the way it's designed, they call it 140 but it is 70 sheets. So I hope that answers the question. Thank you. Thank you for keeping me on my toes. 


So let's see, the next thing I was going to talk about... snowman, snowman, snowman. I just love them. They're so cute. 


The pins, so we have snowmen pins that match the snowmen ornaments. Three months from today is Christmas and this is putting me in the spirit. Oh, that's so awesome! Thanks Isabel. I have honestly started my Christmas shopping because I don't know if everyone else has been reading the news, but they're saying it could be worse than last year with shipping with online purchases. But then in addition to that, they said we're going to see a lot of out of stocks, which kind of freaks me out. And thankfully my kids are in their 20s, so they're not going to be mad if I give them cash. I'm sure they'd probably be happier if I just give them some cash. So I am worried. So anytime I think of something I buy it right on the spot. One of the things I do for my kids, I've been doing since they were babies or since they were old enough to know Santa, is in an effort to get them to not wake us up or give us a few extra minutes of sleep... Oh right. Okay good. I'm not the only one Isabel. Yeah. So what we do is every year we would leave them a book on whatever they were interested in that year and Santa would wrap the book and leave it outside their bedroom door. So when they open their bedroom door Christmas morning, they would have a book/a present to open and sit and read quietly until everyone else was up. So that's been a family tradition forever. And I know they're in their 20s but every year, I still buy them a book. I don't know what other traditions do you have? So far I came up with ideas for two of them and I've already bought the books for them. I don't know some traditions you just have to have to have. I don't know, hopefully they enjoy it as much as I do. But it's always fun just finding a book that they like, and they always seem happy about what I've picked. So it's been fun. So like I said, I've bought two of them. I'm getting nervous. Me too. I've already bought this year's Clarence. Oh that's so awesome. Thank you so much Kim. I love it. I love him too. He's so fun. So I appreciate you. Thank you. 


We have the pins too. These are not to be worn on your winter jacket, they will not stay on your winter coat. And I just want to be very clear about that so that you're not upset with me thinking that it's going to work on your thick winter coat. But it does work on your handbag, your book bag, I wear them on my apron. So I have this year's on my apron, I'll take it off so you can see it. You might ask why I'm always wearing an apron. I ruin my clothes here packing orders, moving boxes, etc. So I bought a bunch of aprons and had our logo put on them. And now we wear those so that our clothes don't get ruined. So here's this year's version. He has the little Band-Aid on his right stick and he's holding his COVID card or his Snow-vid card. 


So the pink ones, I should mention, the pink ornament and pin, for every pink one we sell, we're donating to breast cancer Mass General in honor of my mom who is a six year breast cancer survivor. So that's pretty amazing. Breast cancer runs in my family, so we've had several women on my mom's side of the family with breast cancer. So we are giving a donation for the any of the pink - that pink mask, the pink scarf, we'll make a donation. Last year we donated a total of over $2,500 to that which I was really proud to do. And so that was exciting. 


Other donations that we're doing I should probably just mention since I'm thinking about that is the orange ones, we are donating to a scholarship fund. Allen's mom died of cancer also. I shouldn't say also, my mom is still alive. That sounded strange, his mom passed away from cancer. There is my Boston accent, oh my, what a day, I guess I'm getting tired. So anyway, she passed of cancer and she went to Oklahoma State University as did Allen and his sister. They're very involved in the university. So Allen started a scholarship in his mom's name at Oklahoma State and OSU's colors are orange and black. So we picked orange; so any orange mask or any orange scarfed Clarence, we are going to donate in honor of Kathy, in memory of her to her scholarship. The scholarship is pretty amazing because it gives money to a non-traditional student. So someone who maybe dropped out of high school or didn't start college the traditional way, like graduate from high school go to four years of college. It's for non-traditional student and that's what his mom was and she became a teacher. So the scholarship is designed to go to a non-traditional student who's going into teaching, which I think is really amazing. And last year, we donated $1,000 to that scholarship, which I was really proud to be a part of. 


I digressed. Hopefully that's not boring you all too much. I'm just really proud to be able to give back. So those are the Clarence pins. Oh, thank you Cam. Yeah, it's really nice to be able to give back and especially to things that are so meaningful. The scholarship is amazing. I think the scholarship has been in existence -- she passed away eight years ago, so for seven years. And it was really great to be able to give to that. 


And let's see. Alright. I have another wine glass ornament to show you. It's our cowboy snowman. Oh my gosh, I did not realize how popular this guy would be, he has become our bestselling wine bottle ornament. And they are hand painted. She lives in West Virginia, they are hand painted and they are amazing. Each one is a little bit different. They have these wire hooks on them. And the cool thing about these is that you don't have to just keep them for Christmas. They can be used as sun catchers, which I think is so cool. So hang them in the window and let them let the sunlight shine through which is really cool. So there's that. 


Okay, so I did a picture of this -- Ooh, where's it? Yesterday, I posted a picture of this. Oh my gosh! A soap rest with none other than our Clarence. So I had these custom made by the soap rest company that we're using. And I think it came out adorable. Absolutely adorable. I don't know what you think, let me know. So it's about -- let me think. I'm trying to remember the dimensions. It's about a quarter of an inch thick. It's about just over four inches tall and three inches wide, just to give you some dimensions. I'm going to put him in my hand so you can see what he looks like. So there's that. And I just think it's so adorable. How can you not want a little soap rest with a snowman? Perfect for the winter as we're getting there. So these are $5.99. This was a special custom one, so it is a little bit more. I'll bring it up closely so you can see. It's made from BPA free plastic and it's recyclable. And the really cool thing is -- To use a wine bottle. Isn't that such a cool idea? Sorry, I think there's a little bit of a delay. But yesI think it's a great idea. Well thanks, Kim. It wasn't my idea. I'll tell you, the woman who made it told me so I'm just passing on her good idea. I won't take credit because it's not mine. 


But these soap rests are really cool because -- this is in a box but the custom soaps fit right on top of it. And they're really cool because they don't get -- I don't know a lot of soap dishes, I find, get lots of soap scum. They get, for lack of a better word, gross in my opinion. So these are really great because when I'm in the shower, all I do is I hold it up to the showerhead and it cleans it all out for me. And it never gets -- My mom bought me one in May before I knew about these soap rests, she was the one that introduced this kind of soap rest to me. And so I got one in May and it's still like it's brand new, because I just keep rinsing it out every 3-4 days when I'm in the shower, and it's perfect. And there was my Boston accent again, I apologize. Not that I'm apologizing, it just makes me laugh every time I hear it. I don't know if you're hearing it today, but there you go. So, soap rest. There is Clarence.


And we're almost through our snowmen things. Like I said, I just can't believe how many fun snowmen items we have. Okay, so this item we do not have in stock yet. It will be here mid-October. But man, the pre-orders have like blown my mind. I can't even tell you. So get yours while you can, is what I can say. It's our flour sack towel. They're about 28 inches wide by 28 inches. So it’s a square-ish. The fabric does have some give to it, so the dimensions they do say vary, but it has our snowmen on it and it just like our notepad it says a snowman is love and laughter all rolled up into one. So see, it matches our little pad. These are $12.99 and I'm going to open it up, I don't know if you can see how big it is. So the design is on 1/6 of the towel. And these are absolutely adorable and like I said I just didn't -- I never know what you all are going to like. And it was just really cool that everyone was so excited to see this towel. They're 100% cotton. Oh, they do have a little hook thing here. Oops, let me show you, there we go. The little hook, you see that? So you can hang it on a cabinet knob or inside cabinet hook. These are 100% cotton like I said. The fabric is made in India, the printing is done here and the finishing is done here. So I just want to be upfront about that; I just didn't want you to think -- I couldn't find any flour sack towel fabric blanks that were made here. If you know a company, I'd love to know. So feel free to share. So this fabric is made in India but they are finished here. Let me hold it up again, so you can see the hook right here. This little hook, you can just hang it like that on your knob. So those are our flour sack towels. They are really nice, here I'll show you. You can't even see me through it. They're a nice quality is what I'm trying to tell you. They're not thin, they aren't terry cloth so I hope you know that because flour sack towels are not terry cloth. Terry cloth is the thicker kitchen towel that you know you use to dry all your dishes and you can use these to dry your dishes. The beauty of these, the flour sack towel is that they don't leave lint on your glasses, they don't leave lint on anything, they're nice to dry up a counter. And when you do get them if you do like to iron your towels, I know some people that do, I am not an ironer I will confess. But if you do, do not iron the on the actual front of this design/printing, iron on the other side. Because otherwise you could mess up the printing and we wouldn't want that to happen. So those will be here in mid-October. But we are taking pre-orders, if you order the towels and any other products that are in stock, everything will ship when the towels come in. If you want your other items now, as soon as you order, then place two orders. Otherwise we hold everything, so that way you only have to pay shipping once. We try to be mindful of your money. So that's the towels. And let's see, what else have I showed you?


I don't even remember if I even showed you the fireman yet, so I'm just going to keep -- Yeah. Isn't he so cute? The little fire hydrant, perfect for the firefighter in your life. I'll just show you. And if I miss your comments, I apologize. They go through fast and it's funny. Just so you know, the screen is blank on my end and all of a sudden, a bunch of things will flash through and then it goes blank again. So if I do miss your comments, I will respond when I get off.


So there's that one. And they're blank. I think that it just looks so fun hanging. I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to box one up and bring it over to my local fire station. Just to tell them thank you and I thought maybe they could hang it in one of their windows and just have like a little nice thing in their break room maybe. I don't know something to know that I'm thankful for them. And I think I will do the same with the police as well. I'll show you that one in a minute, when I get there. I just don't know what order everything's going to pop up on my little screen. 


We have the candy cane guy. Look at that one, he's holding his candy canes. So these range anywhere from 2-4 inches. They give -- Oh, thank you so much Isabel. Could you please share the cowboy for me? I missed it. Oh, absolutely. I'll show that, let me scroll back. Thank you. So there's this one. Let me scroll back and find the cowboy. There you go. I know your first name started with a C, so I apologize. It just -- oh there it is, Cindy. Okay. Here you go Cindy. Here is the Cowboy Snowman. Isn't that adorable? Look at him. He does have a little sticks, I'm not sure if you can see it in the lighting but he does have sticks. There's the back. So we've got that going on. And I think what I was saying is they range 3-4 inches. She says two inches but I have not seen a two inch one. The ones I'm getting are three to four inches diameter. Every glass wine bottle that she uses, they are handmade so every single one is different. They're hand painted, she does the cutting of the bottle. But I did mention it, I did post a video, and maybe I'll put a link in the comments to the video that I made. She gave me all the different clips of her making the ornaments, which was really fun. And her dog Sarah is with her at all times, which was really cool too. So that's that. If there's anything else you want to see that that you may have missed, please let me know. I'm happy to show you. 


Let's see what I have next. I have this other snowman one. It has snowman with just a Santa hat on. Just classic, very classic Santa. So if you're new, if you're just joining -- Oh, the snowman is adorable [Inaudible 40:59]. Oh that's so nice. Oh I love it Cindy. Thank you. I love that story. Let's see if I can read it. Oh, it disappeared before I could hit see more, but I will read it when I get off. So I love that, the snowman.


What else was I going to show you? Let's see what we got next. Oh, so the pin, I was showing you. Here's the little Snow-vid, he does have a little Band-Aid on his stick and he's holding his Snow-vid card. And we have this in five different colors. And when you click on this one color, it will show you all the other colors, which is really cool. 


And let's see what else we got. Oh, the nurse. I had her make some special ones just for me. So she didn't have a police officer or a nurse and I said oh my gosh, I need a nurse. How can you not be thankful for the nurses for everything they've been doing? So now we have a nurse one and I think they're cute. And I wanted to just go back to the ornaments, the Clarence ornament real quick. I forgot to mention, they all come with this little card. The snowmen and this card, the front could vary. But the back does have a little story about Clarence and how he got his name. I won't read it to you right now but it does have that on every Clarence item. They have one of these that goes in with the ornament. And it'll be in the bag. We also posted it on each page. You should see it right there so you can see them. 


Yeah, so let's see, police officer. Oh my gosh, how cute? With his dog. Oh my like, adorable. So we have that and let me hold it up even close. Can you see he has a little badge even? It's so cute. So for the police officer, you can get that. And they are about 3-4 inches in diameter, all around hand painted, so she's does amazing work. And if there's something that you're like, oh, I wish I had this or that for either a snowman on a wine bottle ornament or even another item on another design, ask me because oh my gosh, she has hundreds of designs. I do have more than just snowmen wine bottle ornaments today. I'm just featuring snowmen because I just thought that would be fun but there are others so ask if you have any questions. 


And let's see. Now we have Benny. Benny is my father-in-law, he has passed away but he is the one that instilled our love of It's a Wonderful Life. He loved that movie so much. When Vinny and I were dating I bought him the VHS, just to give you the timeframe of when this was. The VHS VCR video of It's a Wonderful Life and he almost cried and he watched it over and over again. He just loved that movie and I had never seen the movie until I started dating Vinny and oh my gosh, I love it now. And so our whole family just loves that movie. I digressed. So when we came up with our next pair of snowman, we figured we needed to name them Benny and Louise. Louise is my mother-in- law. So she would have loved having something named after her. So that would have made her, she would have been so tickled by that. But here are Benny and Louise and all of the pewter ornaments are $11.99 with the exception of the glitter ones. The glitters are $14.99 but these are $11.99. And so that's Benny and Louise. So that's how they got their names, our new pair of snowmen. You don't have to buy them in pairs, you can buy them individually, however you like. But that's it. 


So if you have any questions, please let me know. I just wanted to test this whole system again and chat about snowmen because how can you not. But hopefully the volume was better today. I know the other day it was glitching out and we had volume issues, I had issues even getting the system running. So I feel like today went a lot smoother. Hopefully, it was okay on your end. If there were any issues I would so appreciate if you just pop a comment and let me know so that I can work on it before I go live again on Wednesday. And that's it. I hope you have a great rest of your day/afternoon. We are going to go to -- I have not been to a Tampa Bay Rays game yet, baseball, I'm not -- Listen to me, I have to tell you it's baseball because I'm not a sports fan by habit or just by the way it is. So much cute stuff. No issues. Oh, that's awesome. Thank you so much Kim. I appreciate you letting me know. Yeah, so I'm going to sign off. We're going to get ready to go to the baseball game tonight. I'm just going to go for the food basically and just to get out of the house, but you know, it'll be nice. I've never been to the stadium. So I heard it's different than Fenway. So I'm looking forward to it. Oh good Kristen, awesome. Thank you for letting me know. I really appreciate you all being here watching and chatting with me. And yeah, I hope you have a great rest of your day. And I will chat with you all soon. Thank you so much.