Live with Lisa - week 71a

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Live with Lisa - week 71a-Plymouth Cards



Hey there! It's Lisa. I hope you're having a good day friends. I just got some new shipments in and I was really excited. I think you're learning that I just can't wait to show you the new things as they come in, instead of waiting till every Wednesday. I just enjoy sharing it with you sooner. So I hope you're doing well today. And I'm ready here to show you some new things. 

Let me know where you are and what it's like. I'm here in Plant City, Florida and right now it is raining buckets. And I have everything organized to go and hopefully, you won't be able to hear the thunder and lightning in the background. But I'm here anyway, I'm going to do this. So I just wanted to show you some of our new things that have come in. 


So I think you can see our flour sack towels. We just got a new shipment in. The response has been amazing to all our new products. So I just wanted to -- but I've had a lot of questions from customers that when I'm showing some of the things live, they want to see more. So I wanted to pop on and show you some of the other things. So there's that.

Flour sack towels -

This is our pumpkin flour sack towel. I have a few that are a little bit different than the Clarence one, if you've seen the snowman one. This one the pumpkin pattern is on the entire flour sack towel, the entire towel. So I know a lot of people were asking, they wanted to just see all the different other towels. So here I am showing you. The pumpkin one has pumpkins, which is really different from our other ones. So it has it all over the entire towel, it has pumpkins. I think this is great right now for fall. You could use this as a hostess gift, if you go to someone's house for Thanksgiving or a Halloween party, wouldn't that be fun to bring? So there's that one. I just wanted to share that one. And let's see what other ones we have. 


So is this the -- I can't even see if that's the dog or the cat. Oh, it's the dogs. There we go. Okay. So this is another one of our flour sack towels. It is the dogs, check them out. So we just got a new shipment in. All the flour sack towels I just got a new shipment in today. So I wanted to share them all with you before I get them all packaged up and ready to go. So check it out. So they're all little dogs, except for one who has a Santa hat on. Isn't that so cute? So this is more like a traditional one where the pattern is just on that 1/6 of the towel, unlike the pumpkin one I just showed you. So we also have this dog one without the Santa hat too. So if you want to just have it; so you could use it every day instead of just during the holiday season. You could get that one. So these little dogs just make me smile. Oh my gosh, and the cats too. And what's really cool is sorry, I'm just putting that out of the way -- with these with the dogs and the cats, we also have coasters and notepads and trying to think what else? Oh, oven mitts and potholders that all match the same theme. So if you're a matchy-match type of person, you want everything to be the same, you could get all those items to go together and make a big set. So I am going to be making some gift sets. Hopefully in the next week, you'll be able to see them. I'll be posting about those on the website, too. 


So if you're watching live, feel free to say hi, I'd love to know where you're watching from. So here is the cat one that has the Santa hat. Like I said, just like the dog one it has all cats, except for one that has the Santa hat. And they open up but they are blank everywhere except for that one little section. So I'm just trying to see if I can show you. So that's everything I wanted to show you on the cat and just like the dog one we have the -- Oh hi, mom. How are you? Thanks for being here watchingWho is it? Hi Donna. You're in Rhode Island. Great. Awesome. Oh, it's from Beni. Oh okay, Beni, you tricked me. Hi Beni! Thanks for being here. So Beni is my daughter for anyone that doesn't know


Yeah, so with the Santa hat, the cats and the dogs, we have them within without the caps, which is really cute. And we have the oven mitts, the potholders, the notepads and the coasters, and they all match, it coordinates. So if you're looking for gift sets, we will be having those in the next week or so, we're working on getting those organized. Who's that? Hi Marian, how are you today? Thank you for being here. Appreciate it. It's always nice when everyone says hi, so I don't feel like I'm just talking to my phone on my own. Oh, who's that? Oh Donna. Still my collector 05:52 from last week. Well hi, Donna. I appreciate you coming back and watching again. So yeah, I appreciate it so much. 


The wax melts are in now and -- it's momOkay. You guys are messing me up, the two of you. Is it Beni? Is it mom? Is it both of you? I'm not really sure who's watching and who's not out of the two of you. You're funny. So we just got a new shipment in.  Now I officially have all our wax melt scents. So it looks like it's only going to let me show you one, the pop up on the screen. So I'll keep that up. But I will put a link after I get off and show you all the other ones. But Santa baby is one of the most amazing scents. It smells like wild berries and champagne. And it will be amazing for the holiday season. I will actually use some of them now. So there's Santa baby and I wanted to show you, we also have a handful that matches our new candle line. So we have Wicked. Wicked is pumpkin. If you're from Boston, you understand. Oh, it's both of you. Okay, so you're watching together. Thank you. Thanks for being part of the shenanigans here. We have Hope and we have Chasing Lilac wax melts. So that's lilacs. 

Wax melts -

For those of you that don't know the story, my grandmother loved lilacs and she lived on Chase Street. So hence the name Chasing Lilacs, we named it after her. We have Blessed. I should probably show you, there are six squares in each pack of wax melts. And so it's two and a half to three ounces of each and they do match. Here, let me show you. They match our candles, so if you get the Wicked candle, it's pumpkin, oh it smells so good. I can't help myself, when I touch one I have to smell them; and it matches with the Wicked wax melts. We got about eight different candle scents in a wax melt option. Believe is the most amazing Christmas tree smell. I love it. I'm trying to see what else we have here. I don't know if I showed you them all. Peace, Family and then It's a Wonderful Life. It's a Wonderful Life is cinnamon bons. So if you like that mom's baking in the kitchen, baking the apple pie that cinnamony smell. It's amazing. So that's what -- I keep getting off-screen, sorry. That's what It's a Wonderful Life like. So those all just came in today. And we're fully stocked for the holidays. I know so many businesses are out of stock so soon because of all the delays with things, products and their components being delayed, but I've been planning ahead. And so we are we're fully stocked. 


I just got more Clarence in today, and so this is Clarence, this is the 2021 version, which it does say 2021 on the scarf. And so he's fully stocked now too. I think that one says $14.99 but they are $11.99, that must be one of the glitter ones that's showing up on the screen. The glitter is $14.99. I can show you, this is glitter. This is the last year's version but the great thing about this one is -- well this is one we introduced last year. This one does not have the year on it. So you could definitely get this one. And it has the toilet paper scarf, if you can see the little the dashes here instead of the straight lines, and he has his mask on and that's the glitter. That's a more time-consuming process so those are more, but all the ornaments are $11.99 -- all the pewter ornaments are $11.99. And then the $14.99 for the glitter version. So we just got another shipment in of those today. So that's been fun unboxing all that. 

Clarence Snowman

Let me see what else we got. We got the hope ornament too. This one surprised me, you know, hope. I wasn't thinking of cancer patients when we came up with this. I was just thinking, you know, we need to be hopeful and all. But so many people -- that's why we have it with a pink ribbon. We have so many different ribbon option colors, but that's what a lot of people are buying it for, they're buying it for people that are going through treatment. And I think it's such a really such a nice idea. We have this in a pin also. I just got a new shipment of the hope in. So that's why I just wanted to show you how those look. So there's that. 

Positivity word line -

So yeah, I was just having fun opening the boxes today. I love it when UPS and FedEx come they're always bringing me goodies. So I thought why not just hop on in and say hi to everybody and show you what I'm doing. And then if you are -- I didn't even pull them. But if you're sending Halloween cards, we still have time to get them off to you and you can get them off to people. Hi Kristin! How are you today? Thanks for being here. So if you are buying Halloween cards, we still have a good supply of them. So you can order and if you order today, they'll definitely go out tomorrow or early next week. So you have plenty of time to get them. And even if you order next week, you'll still get them. They did say that the mail is going to be getting slower but so far, I have not had any impact. None of our customers have been impacted by that, everything has been getting delivered as expected. So don't let that stop you from ordering because we are shipping very quickly. So that's what I've got for today. That was what UPS and FedEx delivered for me. So that I wanted to share and I will see you again; if I don't see you before, I'll see you on Wednesday and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for being here. Appreciate you watching. Bye!